The Old Bitch

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The Old BitchThere was this woman that lived the road from me. She was always mean to me and my friends. Even my parents said she was a bitch. As I entered my teen years her husband died and she was all alone. One day she stopped me and asked if I could do some yard work for her. I said yes. But I did worry as I knew she was mean as all get out. She was not bad looking, medium height, nice tits, a little plump. She had dark hair with some gray. She was in early sixties. She helped me with the yard work and flirted with me the whole time. When we were all done she gave me some money and asked if I could help her something else. I said fine and she took me to the living room. We sat on the couch and she rubbed her hand on my leg. She told me that she had been with a man in three years. She said every body dis likes her because she is mean. As she talked her hand went to my cock and it got hard. She asked me if I would fuck her. She said I don’t have to wear a condom, just fuck her. I don’t even have to try, she just wanted to feel a hard cock inside her and some cum inside her. I did not what to say but I was plenty horny and looking for my first fuck. I looked at her boobs ankara escort and thought her pussy and told her I would do it. She knelt down and undid my shorts and took my cock in her mouth. As she sucked my cock I pulled her shirt over her head, she undid her bra, my first close up look at tities! I was afraid of cumming in her mouth so I pushed her away before I did. She stood up, and took off her shorts. She had a dark bush, but you could the pink of her pussy, she was dripping wet and ready to go. She asked me if this was my first time and I told it was. She layed on her back on the carpet and spread her legs and I moved in and slid my cock inside her splendid cunt. I did not last very long and filled her cunt with my hot sperm. She came too. My cock stayed hard and she got on top of me and rode me for several minutes and I filled her cunt again. She told me this is just what she wanted. She asked if I could come over once a week, help her with her garden and then fuck her. This went on for awhile. I enjoyed it, I worked with her in the garden for about an hour then we would go fuck for about two hours. She would let me do anything, anal, she would suck ankara escort bayan my dick and swallow, but most of the time I would just fuck her pussy and cum inside her. She was always wet. Then she wanted me to bring some of my friends over so they could fuck her too. The next time I went I brought two friends and we all took turns fucking her. The three of us liked getting pussy. When we were all done the bitch asked if next week she could have a couple of her friends join us. We were fine with that. The next week we showed up and the bitch had two friends there. Some tall skinny blonde older woman and a short chubby redhead. We each picked a woman and went after it. I had the blonde, she had shaggy small tits but that was okay as I just wanted to fuck my second pussy. Her old pussy was not as tight as the bitch’s but I enjoyed it anyway. I filled her with jizz. Then we all switched and I got to the redhead next and after I nutted in her I got to bust one off in the bitch. We could not believe we got to fuck these three women and were pretty happy about that. The next week we showed up and the three women were there with two more friends. We happily serviced escort ankara the five women, the week after that there was eight women. We did all eight but that was some work. It was an ego boost to have eight naked women walking around wanting our cocks. We knew the three of us had a good thing going but eight women was a lot and bitch said she a couple of other friends that wanted to join us. So we decided to invite three more of our friends. That following week we had six guys and ten old ladies, it turned into a orgy. The ladies were drinking wine and loosened up real good. We kept just the six of us guys and the old bitch kept plenty ladies ready for us. We started two times a week service. We had a lot of fun fucking these old broads. They just wanted some cock and to feel sexy and attractive. And we just wanted some hot pussy to cum inside. We kept this going for several years till I went to college. I know two of the guys stayed with it longer and I think they recruited some fresh cock. Whenever I go back to visit mom and dad I stop by the bitch house to get a poke. She is more than happy to open those legs and let drain my balls. Many times she will have a friend or two over and I get to hit several pussies at once. I never thought about that there is all this old pussy around just waiting for some young hard cock to fill it with hot jizz. I learned to always hit on old pussy as it is easy pickings.

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