A Gender Bent- losing control.


A Gender Bent- losing control.”Nick was it” david asked as me Him and Kandi sat in the living room of Kandis Posh apartment in NYC. “Yea its short for Nicholas” I said. “I figured: he said smugly. “So Kandi told me you have a Nice ass, any chance you would let me fuck you?” David said happily. “I don’t Swing that way” I muttered. “oh come on” David said. Kandi Fucks me, I fuck kandi we all fuck each he other ” he laughed out. It will be fun. “Sorry david” I said.”Its ok Nick” He said. My head was still zooming from he d**g Kandi gave me in my drink earlier and David notcied its effect on my. “so david is like my pimp and daddy” Kandi smiled. “If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be who I am”. I listen as they talked about the past and how they enjoyed working together in the escorting. “I find the johns and she works” david said. Easy money. I noticed I was tired and attemped my escape. “I’m gonna get going” I said. I need to work in the morning” “Nick, man comon lets hang out. Call out or kocasinan escort something. Dont be a tight ass” he said and I sat back down. “I guess I can stay a few” I said slurred. Honestly I couldn’t stand up either. They continued to talk and I passed out.As I came too I noticed David talking to me “Hey wakey wakey” he said. I jumped up and noticed I had a wig on. “WTF” I said. “What are you guys doing?”. “Oh come on Nick. We was just playing with you while you slept” Kandi said. Take a look at yourself. Kandi said. I walked towards a mirror and noticed a blond beauty with make up caked on her face to look super slutty. I she had a latex red corset on and red fish nets on. She was amazing and beautiful. Just one thing tho… She was me. “Kandi this isn’t funny” I said. “Relax jesus… you was knocked out for 3 hours. its only 3 am.” Kandi said. “Nikki… I mean Nick. You look great” david said. I had to agree I was a bombshell. “omg Nikki… what a great name David” Kandi said. “She is a real keeper”. Kandi then walked up to me and smiled “You are a sexy slut… mind if we go round 2? not d**gs this time. what do you say?” I thought about it. Getting fucked by this shemale again wouldn’t be so bad. It was really hot and I almost came. “Ok but david can’t join” I said. “Oh fuck you guys then” he said. “Can I watch?”. “Let him watch at least nikki” Kandi said. “Alright” i said.Kandi started to kiss me. she ran her hands across my chest and then to my back to then my ass. “What A BUBBLE on this girl” She said. Her cock got rock solid and then she pulled my head to her’s and kissed me. She then Whispered in my ear “Suck my dick you slut”. I got to my knees and started to suck her off. I made love to that cock. I was so horny dressed up that I could feel myself close to cumming. “Ok lay down like a slut.” Kandi said. I layed down with my legs behind my head waiting for her rod.David was watching and laughing… “Wow two sluts going at it hardcore” he laughed. I didn’t care anymore tho. I needed Kandi’s Cock. “Kandi… feed my ass some cock please”. “good girl” kandi said and plunged her erection into my rectum. “HOLD THAT DICK SLUT” and I soon was getting slammed again by her 10 inch. “FCCCCUUKKK MMMEEEEE” I shouted as I felt her go deep and deeper. I saw david stroking his cock couple feet away from us fucking. ” I saw his cock and my eyes just couldn’t stop thinking about it. “CCCOOOCCCKKK” I slurped out from ahego looking face. “David… lemme taste” I said. ” I knew it slut” as david ran to shove his cock down my mouth. I was now getting split roasted for the first time and couldn’t believe how hot it was.Soon I felt both cocks become harder. I then could feel the sperm entering my body from both ends. Davids cock soon released what felt like a gallon down my wanting face as my ass was getting filled up by kandis sweet member.”Omg… what is happening to me” I said. “Your inner Slut is released.” David smurked. “We knew you was the we wanted” Kandi smiled. I then felt a rush of blackness cover me as i Knocked out.

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