A Loving Niece


A Loving NieceI knew when my sister called me out of the blue; it must have been something important. Our usual form of communication was through the occasional email. My sister Amanda and I were very close when we were younger, just a couple years older than me we shared a lot growing up.As we got older, living so far apart from one another naturally eroded our relationship. After all these years she is still the dearest person in the world to me and I would do anything for her; my heart trickled with worry as I answered the phone.Any sense of worry was quickly vacated however as I noticed excitement in her voice. “Oh my god Jeffrey, you’re not going to believe it!” she exclaimed. It was definitely something big.“What is it, Amanda?” I responded curiously.“It’s Julia; she’s been accepted to The University of Edinburgh!” The joy in her voice touched my heart. “I…she just got the letter, the second she read it aloud to me you were all I could think of, she is so excited!!”My heart swelled at my sister’s words, the consequences of which hadn’t hit me. “I bet she is; what an honour for her, Amanda. You must be so proud!” “I am, Jeffrey. I’m so proud of her. She has dreamed about going to her Uncle’s alma mater since she was a little girl.” Humbled to hear this news; unaware I had such an effect on my niece.Suddenly the repercussions of this news were hitting me. My little niece Julia will be coming to live here in Edinburgh. As the thoughts went through my mind I realized that Julia is certainly not a little girl anymore as she was when I last saw her. A bright young woman she must have grown to be to gain acceptance to the most prestigious school in Scotland, ranking right up there with Oxford for the whole of the UK.My heart fluttered at the idea of having family around me for the first time in so many years. Living so far away has been difficult, and having my own flesh and blood so proudly coming to attend my alma mater, warmed my heart.On instinct I cut in. “She will come live with me, s*s. I insist on it!”“Oh, Jeffrey; really?” she exclaimed.“Absolutely, I’m a five minute türbanlı manisa escort walk from the campus; I live in this big old house by myself. It will be wonderful to have her; to share in her experience at school; to bond with my sister’s daughter.”There was silence on the other end. I continued, “That is, if she wants to. I don’t want to be a drag on her experience, make her feel forced to live with her old Uncle Jeffrey.” The silence went on. “Are you there, Amanda?” Still nothing.Shattering the silence, “Uncle Jeffrey, do you mean it?” The unfamiliar voice surprised me, youthful and exuberant.“Julia, is that you?” I responded“Yes, I’m coming to Edinburgh!! I can’t believe it; can I really come live with you while I attend University?”“I would be honoured if you did.” I replied.“Oh my god, Yes!” She yelled out. “I’m so excited Uncle Jeffrey!”“I’m excited to, Sweetie. Congratulations.” I sang out to her.I hear a modest commotion on the line. “See you soon, Uncle Jeffrey” rings out faintly in the background. A few moments pass. “Oh my god, Jeffrey, there couldn’t possibly be a happier girl alive!” my sister proclaimed.A smile slid across my face. “I’m happy to hear it, s*s.”“You were our first call when we found out. She wanted you to know so badly, she wanted you to be proud of her!!”A faint sense of tears formed in my eyes at her words. “I’m so happy. And I’m so incredibly proud of her!”“Ok, I’m gonna call Mom to let her know. We will talk again very soon to make plans.” Her words were so earnest. “You’ve made me so proud and happy, Baby b*o! Thank you for this!”The sincerity in her voice sent shivers through me. A kindness I had missed so dearly over these many years. My heart melted at the thought of rekindling a close relationship with my sister.A week passed without a word, but the excitement inside me had not tamed. Then my phone rang, and before I knew it plans were in motion. It was decided that Julia would fly up at the beginning of the summer to get settled into a new home and familiarize herself with a new city. türbanlı manisa escort bayan Before school started, her Mother would come up to visit her and join in on the celebration of a new chapter in her daughter’s life.As the day Julia was to arrive grew closer I found myself more and more excited at the feeling of joy that grew within me at the idea of being with family. I was spending a small fortune preparing her room and the house just perfectly for her arrival. Wanting to make sure the transition would be easy. With no k**s of my own, it would be like having a daughter, and I wanted to cherish her and the experience.The morning she was to arrive I woke early, I was ready to head to the airport by 8am and she wasn’t to arrive for a couple hours yet. My sister had called to confirm Julia’s takeoff, and I knew very shortly I would see my grown up niece for the first time in over five years. A smile came to my face as I thought of how far she had come since the 13 year old shy k** I remembered seeing when last I visited home.On my way to the airport I chuckled at how wonderful it had been the past few weeks getting a chance to reconnect with my sister and talk on the phone with her so frequently. The time that passed had fogged my recollection of just how much I loved my big sister.I arrived at the airport with a nice bouquet of flowers in hand. I checked the board and saw that her flight was due any minute. My heart rate grew in anticipation. Standing at the gate, the doors slid open and I knew the moment had come; family had arrived. A few bodies filled the doorway, and before long it was a cluster of people and faces. I realized it might be difficult to pick her out of a sea of faces based on a couple of pictures I’d seen in emails over the years.As the crowd dissipated my heart was sinking. A few people trickled through one by one, but not her. Finally, a beautiful young woman walked through the sliding doors and my eyes were in disbelief. She had grown into the spitting image of her Mother at that very age. I smirked türbanlı escort manisa at the thought I had had about possibly not recognizing her; I could have never missed her I thought.She walked with a little hesitation as she stared forward into the bodies. Nervousness cast upon her face. My heart went out to her as I sensed how difficult this must be for her; still very young and inexperienced in life as I was years ago in her shoes. It made me so happy to be here for her.As she drew nearer to me I finally caught her glimpse as she glanced through the crowd. She gave a double take upon me as she realized who I was. She smiled lightly and turned her gate in my direction. My heart thumped to see her smile; it was like I was a k** again looking upon my sister. As she approached me she worked her way through the crowd, skipping her glance around in shyness. My smile grew wider at how cute she looked, bashfully approaching her Uncle Jeffrey.As she stepped to me she was hesitant. I reached out wide with both arms to welcome her. She smiled joyfully at my reaction to her. She took her final two steps into my arms, sliding her face against my chest, and hugging me tightly. I squeezed her back, overjoyed to see her. As the curves of her matured body caressed against me, my body betrayed my thoughts as I felt her pert breasts pressing against me anxiously. The smell of her hair and the feeling of her arms were so comforting. My insides stirred against my better judgement.As she detached herself from our hug and leaned gently away from me I looked down towards her young face and instinctively leaned towards her to kiss her cheek gently. With a big smile I brought the flowers up to her, handing them over. Her face lit up at the gesture.“No one has ever given me flowers; Ever!” She exclaimedMy heart warmed once again at her reaction of joy. Smiling still, gazing into her warms eyes, “I wanted to give you the perfect welcome.” I confessed.Her eyes tearing, “I couldn’t imagine anything more perfect, Uncle Jeffrey!”Bringing my hand to her cheek, gently caressing, touched by her emotions. I rubbed my thumb across her cheek bone, wiping away a subtle tear. “Be happy my dear, the rest of your life begins today!”A smile lit up her teary eyed face. A slight giggle escaped from her mouth as I stepped toward her, taking her bag and sliding an arm around her shoulder all in one motion. She leaned her head into my shoulder as we began to stride away.

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