a surprise vacation


a surprise vacationwritten for hcosam-redasI woke laying on my back on a cold table my legs were in stirrups and bound spread open my hands were tied above my head I was completely naked and felt something hard being shoved inside me. As I looked i saw the guy i had come to know a fredrick pounding away at my ass like a a****l as i noticed a beautiful woman walking round me with a camera and several people watching me get ass ****d basically. I closed my eyes and wondered how i got myself into this as a painful moan escaped my lips followed by another i was orgasming from this. It all started when i met this guy on a porn site for bdsm we started chatting and eventually i flew out to meet him in amsterdam where he lived. A little about myself my names sasha im a 26 year old business professional im very athletic with 36dd breasts and very long toned legs with long straight black hair and grey eyes ya by the way im 6’2 kinda on the tall türbanlı batman escort end of the spetrum.So anyway i flew out to amsterdam to meet fredrick he was the perfect gentleman and at dinner things seemed almost storybook except when i had finished my wine my head started to spin and the rest is a blur from that point to now. As i lay there orgasming from fredricks anal assault i notice the room is very luxurious and the ladies and gentleman were very well dressed as was the woman filming, I looked and saw a line of several guys waiting to have a go at me soon i felt fredrick tense up as he came inside my ass i felt him pull out i saw his cock from pictures he sent but in person he looked huge with his 10 inch manhood. He then walked around me and the woman filming handed him a microphone he said ‘ ladies and gentleman tonights entertainment is my treat i give to you the beautiful türbanlı batman escort bayan sasha all the way from sweden’ with that i felt the table pivot and i was now facing the audience ‘She is beautiful now the price starts at $5,000 to own this beautiful slut for the entire week as your own personal fuck slave’ with that i saw biddng cards as i was untied and a dog lease was around my neck. I had told fredrick my biggest fantasy was to be auctioned off as a sex slave temporarily of coarse he then led me around the stage on my hands and knees if i didnt the collar would shock me so there i was naked on all 4s as i was led to a bed in the center of the room.The guys followed and i was tied up again in doggy position as the 1st guy entered my ass roughly and grabbed my hips, fredrick still held the lease as he shocked me every other thrust it was painful but also heightened türbanlı escort batman my building orgasm as i squirted all over the bed and the next guy took his place andthis continued for atleast several hours after 30 guys had fucked and came inside my ass and several knee shaking orgasms. fredrick the shoved his hard cock up my ass and said ‘very impressive after all that her assholes still tight’ he fucked my ass again as the woman with the camera was recording my face with errie enthusiasm. He thrust into me harder than before as he pulled on my collar and shocked me repeatedly i heard clapping as tears were starting to roll down my face and bidding signs were shooting up. Fredrick then grabbed my hips and came inside my now painfully sore and abused ass.there was a bell and fredrick said ‘ bidding is over mr f you can collect your slave after the show’ as he said that i felt the collar shock me again only this time everything went black. When i awoke again i was in my hotel room i was dressed in a very soft gown as i saw a pile of money with a note attached saying ‘hope i fullfilled your fantasy i told you you would be safe i ran the auction and the money is yours afterall its from your bank account i had a friend pose as a bidder hope to do this again in the future, fredrick ‘.

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