After hours in the office


After hours in the officeIt’s late one evening at work and everyone has left for the day. You decide to stay a little longer. Your radio is playing soft music. You begin to relax and take a break for only a moment. Sitting back in your chair with your eyes closed you suddenly realize that I have come up behind you. With my fingers…I massage your temples, slowly gliding them down your neck, to your strong shoulders……I stroke them firmly….working my way down to your chest. This massage would be much better without that shirt. Standing behind you…….I open your two top buttons……you sigh in anticipation, as I slowly rub your chest, you touch my hands…..holding them softly……and guide me around to look into your eyes……. I can’t help not wanting to feel your skin with my hands. So warm to the touch. Looking into your eyes trying to read what you want me to do. You come down closer and place light, soft kisses on my lips. The kiss becomes more intense. I can feel your tongue exploring the inside of my mouth and I return the kiss by doing the same. Breaking away for only a moment, I place kisses that travel from your neck down to your chest were I find your nipples hard and waiting for my mouth. Each one having it’s turn to be tasted, nibbled, sucked and teased until I hear you tell me to stop. But the only sound I hear is the sigh of pleasure coming from your lips. I’m trying my best not to let an inch of your body go un-touched. I can feel how your stomach quivers as I trace a line down it towards your navel using only my tongue. But I need to hear that akkışla escort sound of pleasure coming from you a lot more. I unzipped your jeans, your hard throbbing manhood is released, the head is red and warm to the touch. You laid back a bit, to give me all the room I need. I begin running my hand up and down your shaft, running my fingers over the head, watching as it twitches in anticipation. I kiss the head once, twice and then I put my tongue on the tip. Feeling my wet tongue you arch with pleasure. I open my mouth and allow you to go deep inside. You sigh, the pleasure is mounting. As I begin moving down your shaft to the bottom and then returning to the head, you begin moving your hips, letting me know that it feels so good! By now I need to feel you touching me. Standing up, you come to me. You slowly stroke my face and once again, pull me to you. I give you full control over me, to do what you want to do. Slowly you raise my top over my head, I feel your hand brush against my breast. Wow 42E’s and aching!! Just like a switch, you touch my nipples and they become erect. You drop my top to the floor, not waiting to remove any other clothing, You run your fingertips over each nipple. teasing them, kneading them, I feel the material touching my skin and it only heightens the sensations. I bring my breast closer together, you slide your tongue down the centre, tasting every inch of them, savouring the flavours of me. Reaching around , you unhook my bra, sliding it off you add it to the pile of clothes we’ve made on the floor. In one motion, you shove your work from the desk, as I slip out of my skirt. You come up behind me and begin caressing me, trailing kissing along my neck and down my shoulders. I feel your warm hands roaming over my body, not leaving any area untouched. Once again you assault my breast. I feel your erection against my back, I reach around to give you the same pleasure that you are giving me. Unable to hold off any longer…I bend over the desk, giving you full access to what makes me a woman. Spreading my legs apart. I don’t know how much longer I can wait. I need to feel your hard, warm cock inside of me. But what I feel is so much better. Warm and oh so wet, you tease and taste me, playing with the lips that hides my vagina. Licking and sucking bring me more pleasure then you can know. You turn me around to have me sit on the edge of the desk and once again you are giving me pleasure. I lean back, giving you more room. I feel your tongue playing with the insides of my thighs, circling my outer lips, pushing in towards the centre, tasting the sweet juices that is now flowing from me. I don’t know how much more I can take. I bring you up to my breast. you suck one of my nipples while you hand plays with the other. Sneezing it between your fingers. Rolling it around while your lips and tongue plays with the other. I pull your head close wanting you to suck harder, you seem to sense my growing need. Turning my nipples a loose, you begin kissing me once again, our tongues seems to have a mind of their own. You grab my legs and place them around you. I now can feel your cock, throbbing next to my thigh.I can’t wait much longer, I’m about to explode. I pull you closer, you grab your cock. You lean towards me, inserting your hard throbbing cock inside of me. At first your teasing me by only putting the head inside, but I bring my body towards you for more. You thrust deep inside of me, holding my hips, going so deep that I can feel your balls slap hard against me. I open my legs further so you can go deeper. giving you all that I have. I grab the back of your legs as you continue to pump harder and deeper. the sweat from your chest is dripping onto my stomach. You lean over me, bringing our bodies together, thrusting harder now, you begin sucking and kissing my nipples and breast, one at a time, not missing a spot. Putting one nipple in your mouth as you swirl your tongue around the other nipple. Our bodies ache for release. As we’re moving to the same rhythm, coming together faster, harder, and much deeper, our bodies about to explode. With one final thrust. I can feel both our bodies shake from satisfaction. Your filling me with your cum, so much so that I’m unable to hold it all. Once again another thrust of our bodies brings us to an uncontrollable orgasm!Wow, that was ecstatic. I bet your cock is rock hard and dripping pre-cum. Now satisfy my needs. Pump yourself and imagine this was all real. Would love to see that cum shooting from your cock. I can feel it DEEP inside me. I am so full and do not want to lose it so I have put a tampon in to allow it to soak into every inch of my womb. Loooooooovely.I have cum myself just writing this to you. I am scooping the juices from my thighs and licking my fingers dry. Mmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Love Sarah

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