B.T.V.S.: Drusilla Vs Buffy


B.T.V.S.: Drusilla Vs BuffyBuffy the Vampire Slayer: Drusilla Vs. Buffy Originally by GoolCaptain ([email protected]) Please note, everyone in this fic is above the age of consent, whatever that is where you are.”One bright day in the middle of the night, Two dead boys got up to fight, Back to back they faced each other, With their knives they shot each other, Deaf policemen heard the noise, And came and killed the two dead boys”Drusilla rocked back and forth as she rhymed. Buffy lay splayed naked on the bed, her nightie ripped to pieces by Drusilla’s talons, her corpse soaked in bl*od. Her mouth was still smeared where she had willingly feasted on the bl*od her sire Drusilla had cut from her own breasts, gulping it down frenziedly. Soon she would awaken and begin her new life as a vampire love slave. And Drusilla could hardly wait.All those moronic monsters trying to kill the Slayer with their brute strength. Never sensing Buffy’s inner darkness, not realising that what the Slayer really wanted was to be one of them, to be a creature of the night like they were. Drusilla herself hadn’t been aware of it until the spell combining Buffy with the Slayer’s dark power, then she had felt it all the way in Canada. She smiled the devil’s grin, thinking how easy it had been to seduce Buffy, watching the Slayer beg for Drusilla to take her, to kill her and make them one.At long last Buffy’s eyes flickered open, her face morphing into a feral, anim*listic mask. Drusilla bent down and took Buffy’s head in her hands, gazing deeply into her eyes before kissing her. She revelled in the feeling of Buffy’s tongue and fangs tracing her own, her hands finding their way to Buffy’s jutting breasts, the newly born vampire returning the favour with gusto.”I have a little something for you” she told her new playmate, producing a large box wrapped in red ribbon. Buffy eagerly ripped the box open and rifled through the contents, a look of sheer delight on her face, now human in appearance once more.Drusilla lay back and watched Buffy dress. It had been difficult to obtain them, in the end she’d had to buy them from a Hollywood film company but she’d finally purchased for her a Victorian dress and undergarments to match her own. She looked on with interest as Buffy slipped on the lacy white pantaloons over her pert ass. Black stockings and white lace-up corset followed before it was finished off with a scarlet velvet dress, specifically designed to show the maximum of Buffy’s ample cleavage. She looked so ravishing that Drusilla could hardly resist taking her then and there.So she didn’t.They fell onto the bed together, tearing at each other’s clothes, licking and pawing at one another, biting and sucking. They finger fucked with gusto, pinching, stroking and squeezing nipples, toying with clitorises, thrusting fingers in and out of hot, wet cunny’s eternally tightened by vampire healing. They both came hard, shuddering and bucking, screaming in pleasure. Afterwards they lay for a few seconds in each other’s arms, enjoying the sensation of their naked bodies rubbing against one another. Buffy reached up and wiped her brow.”We still sweat,” she observed.Drusilla nodded “It’s just a leftover, like our lungs.”Buffy put her hand to her chest. “But our hearts don’t beat.”Drusilla shook her head “After a while you don’t miss it.”She decided to make Buffy forget all about her missing heartbeat by rotating herself around until her face was buried between Buffy’s thighs. She began to lap at her labia, tracing and teasing them with her tongue, lapping up the plentiful juices that poured from her cunny. She noted with interest that Buffy was a natural blonde.”Uhhhhhhh Mistress Drusilla,” Buffy groaned, arching her back, spreading her thighs and thrusting her pelvis forwards onto Drusilla’s tongue. Drusilla smiled again and began to dart her tongue in and out of Buffy’s most intimate places, deftly massaging her clitty. Buffy continued to moan and started to lick the drops of cum emanating from Drusilla’s own cunt, so close to her face that the soft, dark pubic hair was tickling her. She began to return Drusilla’s attentions in kind, enjoying the sexy, salty taste of another woman’s cunt for the first time, both groping one another’s breasts as they orally pleasured the other.The bliss of their shared orgasm left them both gasping in ecstasy, another leftover body memory from their time as humans.They helped each other dress again, taking plenty of opportunity to feel each other up as they did so. Buffy turned around and looked in vain for her reflection in the bedroom dress mirror.”I wish I could see myself in this,” she observed, running her hands down the length of her new dress. Drusilla rested her chin on Buffy’s shoulder, nuzzling their heads together and hugging her, linking her hands across her stomach.”You look beautiful,” Dru assured her.”I’m hungry,” Buffy replied. türbanlı çankırı escort Dru shook her head ruefully. New vamps were always ravenous. Well, she had a little treat in store for Buffy.She led her to the living room where Joyce sat in her chair, staring into space, deeply under Drusilla’s thrall. Without a moment’s hesitation Buffy plopped herself onto Joyce’s lap and bit deeply into her m*ther’s neck. Joyce gave a little chirp of pain but otherwise did not resist at all, her expression remaining unchanged. Indeed she actually circled her arms around Buffy’s waist in a loving embrace as her ch*ld fed upon her, perhaps remembering how she had once before nourished infant Buffy from her body?Drusilla sat down on Joyce’s lap and affectionately stroked Buffy’s hair as she fed. She had intended to keep Joyce as a warm-bl*oded slave to serve them in the daylight but she could not deny Buffy her first kill, one that would never come again. Joyce was already beginning to turn pale as her daughter drained her body of its lifebl*od.Drusilla was surprised when Buffy shifted her bite to Joyce’s left breast, ripping her blouse and bra off to do so. She was even more surprised when Buffy thrust one hand down the front of Joyce’s jeans and began to masturbate her, Buffy’s free hand groping Joyce’s right breast. Joyce came almost instantly, wailing like a banshee, her breath deep and laboured.Dru leaned in to suck on the bite mark Buffy had left on Joyce’s neck but instead found Buffy’s lips on hers, the intoxicating taste of Joyce’s blood trickling down her throat as Buffy shared her last mouthful with her. She watched with curiosity as Buffy gently pushed her away then staunched the blood flow from her mother’s wounds and covered her with a blanket, closing her eyes with her fingertips and kissing her lightly on the cheek as Joyce fell asl*ep.”I’ve made another” Drusilla thought. She knew she was different. She didn’t know why, maybe her link to the ‘Powers That Be’. But she knew, right from the moment Spike wanted to bring his mother with them, she knew she was different. Others had said the same, even the Judge knowing that the link between them was different to other vampires. He’d been able to burn Dalton because Spike had sired him. She didn’t know why but she retained some of her humanity and shared it with those she sired. She even mourned for her f*mily, something unthinkable for other vamps. Now Buffy was also saving her mother, just like Spike had wanted to save his.Buffy extended her fingers towards Drusilla’s lips and the dark haired vampire willingly took them into her mouth and licked them clean, unable to resist the potent mixture of Joyce’s bl*od and cunny juices. She tasted unbelievably sweet and was undeniably a truly beautiful woman, reminding Drusilla of her own mother a little. Perhaps keeping her alive to serve them was preferable after all?Buffy took Drusilla’s hand and raised it above her head, twirling herself around like a ballerina then hugging Dru close, her hand’s pinching Dru’s shapely ass making her squeak with delight.”Let’s go see d*ddy,” Buffy suggested, a look of naughty glee on her face.* * *”Giles, I’ve captured Drusilla. Can I bring her in?”Giles stared in shock at the sight of Buffy carrying the dark haired vampire lying limply in her arms. “Um…yes, yes, bring her in.”Buffy stepped forwards but then bounced back again as if hitting an invisible f*rce field.”It’s Dru,” she explained “You have to invite us in.””Oh…well then, I invite you in,” Giles wondered why Buffy had bothered to capture Drusilla rather than just dust her?Buffy broke into an enormous smile as she carried Drusilla inside like a groom carrying his bride over the threshold on their wedding night.”Why are you wearing that dress?” Giles asked her, far, far too late.* * *From a distance they looked like just another couple necking in the alley outside the Bronze. But Buffy could sense the bl*od from 20 metres away.She pulled the girl away from the vamp, pushing him effortlessly to one side.”Oh thank you, thank y….” the girl began before freezing in fear once again as Buffy vamped out and lavishly licked her tongue across her bare shoulder and neck, lapping up the bl*od still trickling from the puncture marks in her skin. She turned and proffered her to Drusilla who did the same, Buffy gently stroking her sire’s face with one hand as she did so.”Hey, she’s mine, GET YOUR OWN!” the outraged vamp shouted, pulling himself to his feet. Buffy pushed Drusilla and their victim to one side and smashed a nearby packing crate with her foot, creating a foot long splinter that somersaulted into her hand. In the blink of an eye she staked the irate vampire through the heart, his look of disbelief still on his face as he crumbled to dust.Dru surveyed Buffy curiously. The blonde vamp just shrugged türbanlı çankırı escort bayan at her. “Old habits die hard.”The girl took off like a frightened jackrabbit down the alleyway. Drusilla moved to go after her but Buffy restrained her by the arm.”Plenty more inside,” she pointed out, leading her into the club.* * *They danced to the pulsating music in the middle of the floor, the center of everyone’s attention, shamelessly bumping and grind against one another, groping and kissing unrestrainedly. Their open displays of affection soon gained them a leering audience of horny young boys and quite a few curious girls into the bargain.”Who shall we have?” Dru whispered into Buffy’s ear.”Oh, I think I have the perfect choice,” Buffy responded spotting Xander and Willow entering the room.* * *Buffy rode Xander’s cock mercilessly, bucking and thrusting her hips as she straddled him, pressing his hands against her breasts, fucking him relentlessly to a bone shaking orgasm. Much as she was a newly found fan of girl/girl action there was really nothing like a hard, pulsing cock lancing inside you.She watched him as he lay on the floor, gasping for air, flushed and dripping with sweat. He’d long since given up struggling, his blood loss so great that he wouldn’t have been able to resist even without Buffy’s incredible strength. A few more bites and he would be beyond the point of no return.So she stopped.She walked to the other rooms where she heard the clear sounds of Drusilla fucking Willow. She stood in the doorway watching them fuck, touching herself as she did so, stroking her clitty and rubbing her nipples with her fingers. She timed it perfectly, cumming at the exact same moment as Drusilla and the red-haired witch.She walked over to them and sat on the side of the bed, kissing Drusilla then a still stunned Willow.”Do you want to finish her?” Dru asked.Buffy shook her head. “We’ve already fed, there’s no need to kill.””WHAT!?””It would be wrong,” Buffy told her simply.Drusilla couldn’t have been more astonished if Buffy had sprouted wings. These were words she had never heard any vampire say. She placed her hands around Willow’s throat and began to twist it. Just a little more pressure and she would snap her neck.”I’ll show you what’s wrong,” Drusilla told Buffy venomously. Buffy made no attempt to stop her but just sat, looking at her serenely.Dru tried to complete her movement, seeming to will her hands to move but unable to summon the strength.She threw Willow to one side and retreated into the corner, gibbering. Buffy picked Willow up and carried her into Xander who was beginning to recover. She placed her into his arms as he came to then put a key into his hand.”When you’ve got your strength back go around to Giles’ place, we left him chained to the bed. He’ll be a little faint but I’m sure he’ll be fine after a cup of tea. And a trip to the bathroom.”Xander nodded blankly, Willow beginning to regain consciousness.Buffy made her way back to Drusilla who was shaking in abject terror.”WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME!?” she screamed.Buffy shrugged. “You made me into a vampire, I’m not really sure if I even have a soul or not. But you sensed the dark power within me that flows through every atom of my being. Slayer power’s not about killing it’s about saving. I may be a vamp but I’m still the Slayer. And you sucked all my bl*od away.”Drusilla suddenly realised why she’d never heard of a sired Slayer before.”What do we do now?” she despaired.Buffy led her into Joyce’s room where she was still dozing in her chair. She cuddled up on one side of her mother whilst Drusilla rested on the other.”She feels so warm,” Drusilla commented nestling into her.Buffy nodded and snuggled closer to Joyce. The first rays of the dawn started to play against the curtains drawn over the windows of Joyce’s bedroom.”I miss the sun,” Buffy lamented.”Me too,” Drusilla confessed.* * *Buffy closed her eyes in sublime joy as she felt the blood begin to pump through her veins once more. Her first breath felt even better, oxygen had never tasted quite so wonderful. She stepped into the sunlight and basked in its gentle caress. It felt nearly as good as having her soul restored. Mohra Demon blood was great stuff. If only it could have a better flavour?Her friends and f*mily flocked around her, kissing and embracing her from all sides.”You’re back, you’re back,” Dawn sobbed with happiness.Buffy stared at the beautiful young girl in her arms in wonder for a few seconds. Who was she? Wait a second, of course, she was Dawn, her little s*ster. How could she have forgotten? She figured it must be a side effect of the re-souling process.Willow produced another Orb of Thesala. Buffy got the hint and the pair walked over to Angel, waiting in the shadows with a second flask of Mohra demon bl*od. Further back in the darkness türbanlı escort çankırı Drusilla cowered.”I’m afraid,” she whimpered.”You don’t have to be,” Buffy told her, extending her hand.* * *Buffy let herself in and made her way upstairs. She checked herself out in the hallway mirror. So good to see her reflection again, such a simple pleasure. People who decried their normal lives really had no idea what they were missing.She pulled up her leopard skin miniskirt and studied her crimson pink ass-cheeks in the mirror, still aching delightfully after the morning spanking she’d received from Giles’. She could still taste his seed in her mouth from when she’d sucked him off afterwards as a thank you. Of course oral sex was like Christmas, you gave and you received. And Giles was ever the gentlemen, and a cunning linguist to boot.Even with Slayer healing her back still bore the scratches from her noon-day threesome with Willow and Tara, both witches developing a real taste for her 9-inch strap on. She’d just managed to squeeze in Xander and Anya after her afternoon classes, her ass still sore from the enthusiastic butt-fucking he’d given her whilst she’d suckled on Anya’s magnificent titties.Now she felt that good low-down tickle once again, her time as a vampire boosting her libido whilst conversely removing her inhibitions.Well, maybe things weren’t so normal after all?Riley was away at a basketball game until later and she just didn’t think she could last that long. She found herself wishing that Faith could get out of prison. Maybe they would allow her conjugal visits?The unmistakable sound of lovemaking was coming from Drusilla’s room. Perhaps there was no need for her to wait?She opened the door to the scene of Drusilla and Joyce fucking furiously. She touched herself through her clothing as she watched, letting them climax before walking over to the bed, shedding her clothing as she strode, peeling off her miniskirt and black lace thong, kicking off her 3-inch high heels and unlacing her corset-like strapless scarlet top.Joyce looked slightly concerned as Buffy slipped into the bed between her and Drusilla but rapidly warmed to the idea as she watched Buffy and Dru kissing, lightly stroking her hand down the length of Buffy’s body, exploring her d*ughter’s exquisite curves and caressing her soft, firm skin. Any reservations disappeared altogether as Buffy turned to her, pressing her naked body against her m*ther’s, kissing her deeply, deep tonguing one another all the way. The memory of what they had experienced together when Buffy was a vampire came flooding back, that they had already crossed the line before making it much easier to accept what was happening now.The trio lost track of time as they kissed and licked and groped each other without restraint, glorying in the warmth and softness of their shapely bodies, each enjoying countless multiple orgasms. Buffy and Joyce were only snapped out of their sexual reverie by Drusilla’s surreal interjection.”Such bright green energy.”Dawn was watching them from the doorway with an overwhelming curiosity. For some reason Drusilla often talked like this when the littlest Summers was around but no one really took much notice. They could restore Drusilla’s soul and make her human again but she was still slightly mad, her medication largely just to keep her mellow.Joyce blushed and tried to hide herself behind the sheet but Buffy beckoned Dawn forwards.”Dawnie, take off your t-shirt” Buffy instructed.Despite what she and Buffy had been doing for the last hour Joyce still looked shocked.”Buffy, we shouldn’t…” she began.The words died in her throat as Dawn paused for a moment then peeled off her plain blue t-shirt. She revealed a lacy white bra that struggled to contain her blossoming tits. It was Dawn’s turn to blush under the looks of undisguised lust she received from the naked threesome on the bed.”Take off your jeans, Dawn,” Joyce ordered.Buffy looked at her in surprise but Dawn obediently kicked off her shoes and shimmied out of her jeans, her shapely legs taking their breath away. She turned around and unprompted took her bra off, giving them an adorably bashful look over her smooth shoulder as she did so. Her skimpy white panties were covered in little red hearts and drawn up tightly in the groove of her nubile peach-like ass for the thong effect. She peeled them off with deliberate, artful slowness then turned around, her arms by her sides, exposing an awesome pair of breasts with swollen, jutting pink nipples and a dark triangle of chestnut brown pubic hair between her toned thighs.They gazed at her in stunned admiration at her youthful beauty.Drusilla beckoned her forwards and Dawn skipped to the side of the bed and into six outstretched arms that pulled her into a mass of welcoming voluptuous flesh, three willing mouths showering her with kisses all over. First Drusilla. Then Joyce. Lastly, the warm and inviting lips of Buffy Summers. Their lovemaking continued long into the night and resumed passionately with daylight the next morning.Life was so damn better than normal, Buffy decided. Life was for living and all the more enjoyable when it was finite and infinitely precious, something both she and Drusilla had ultimately come to realise.

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