Bad Santa: A Christmas Eve (Part 1)


Bad Santa: A Christmas Eve (Part 1)With best regards to my co-autor Jennie. [user][/user]Monika finished up her bath, ready for bed but not to sleep. It was Christmas Eve, Monika eagerly awaiting a special Christmas orgasm; her mound freshly shaven and she was extremely horny. It was as though Santa was going to bring her this tremendous orgasm that would cascade through her body in an ultimate explosion like nothing she ever felt before. She lay back on the satin sheets carefully, the bed freshly made as if was going to hold a virgin to be deflowered. She turned off the bright lights until only a small lamp lit the room, looking one last time at the corner of the room that displayed the Christmas tree, the lights still burning, her stocking hung neatly from the fireplace for St. Nick to fill. She even went so far as to leave out a snack for Santa, not milk and cookies but a shot and a beer. He must get tired of milk and cookies, and Monika was sure he would appreciate something a little bit stronger.She lay on the bed, a short button down top made of silk, a pair of dainty pink panties with ribbons tied at the side as if to entice her unseen lover tonight. She lay back on the cool satin sheets, spreading her legs slightly, teasing herself as her fingers slid up over the smooth silk top until she felt her hardened nipples. Silk always did that to her, sliding so sensuously across her nipples that they seemed to explode without touching them. And tonight was no exception. Her fingers moved over the twin tips teasing and tugging on them as they grew; Monika sliding the silk back and forth over them, moaning in lust as the excitement began to build between her legs. She could already feel the wetness, excited at the thought of what her fingers would soon find when they slid her panties off. First her silk top was unbuttoned, slowly and sensuously as her unseen lover exposed her firm breasts to his eyes, her brown-tipped peaks standing up and demanding to be touched. Her legs opened and closed as her fingers found her naked breasts, squeezing them gently; her fingers finding the tips, the slight pressure making them explode. She played with her breasts for five minutes, lying back in the bed; her legs spread slightly, eyes closed as she enjoyed the way her unseen lover played with her breasts so tenderly.While one hand continued to keep her nipples erect, her other hand slid down over her stomach, finding the edge of her panties, slipping her hand inside, almost hearing her unseen lover’s words, “Spread your legs for me, my love.”She spread her legs without hesitation, her hand sliding inside her panties and running over her smooth, shorn pussy, already wet with desire.“MMMMM,” she moaned in pleasure. She pinched her pussy lips together gently; her moans louder as one finger parted her lips and slid inside to feel her hot, wet inner lips. Her finger rode up and down her slit, her pussy lips curling around it affectionately. Her other hand neglected her breasts, slowly slipping open the bows on the sides of her panties until they fell to the side. Her hand became more insistent, pushing aside her panties, her ass rising up from the bed until her panties slipped to the foot of the bed, no longer needed. With one hand pulling back one slick pussy lip, the cool air of the room blowing on her superheated flesh; her finger began to work her pussy up into a frenzied state. Her hips began to move, first up and down gently as if she were trying to hide her arousal from her unseen lover. That changed as soon as two fingers found her pussy, sliding easily into the slick passage, Monika clamping down on them, her lips purring to her unseen lover, “Can you feel me?”Monika fingered her tight, hot pussy for almost a half hour, always wet but never even getting close to cumming. And the longer she went, the worse it got; her mind now just trying to reconcile with her inability to cum instead of trying to cum. She was so horny, but she felt desperate and impatient. She finally stopped, putting her panties back on, buttoning up her top. She flipped off the light, leaving the Christmas tree lights on. She slipped her hand into her panties, closing her eyes to fall into a fitful sleep. She began to dream, more like nightmares as her unfulfilled arousal overcame all else in her mind.She woke up with a start; the loud noise on her roof scaring her. It hadn’t snowed for a while so there shouldn’t be any snow up there that might have slid down. What the hell was going on! Her attention turned to the fireplace, sounding like a flock of birds were flying down it. Or maybe bats. Monika was sure she was dreaming, closing her eyes and then opening them. There he was standing in front of the fireplace, not a hair out of place as though he just seemed to vaporize onto that spot.“Who are you? And what are you doing here?” Even though she knew the first answer, she still asked it because it was as though her mind had already conjured him up.His voice was loud and demanding when he spoke. “I thought the red suit and white beard was a dead giveaway,” he said sarcastically. Damn girls were sometime more stupid than he remembered. Hot, tight pussies are what attracted him. And they would do anything for Santa. He took advantage of that and them.“If you’re Santa Claus, I’m the Queen of England!” She looked at him. Yes, he was wearing a red suit, the collar lined with white fur, a thick leather belt around his middle and black boots. He wasn’t fat and jolly though; his body muscular, his waist trim, his arms thick with muscles. His beard was white, as was his hair, but it was neatly trimmed as though he had just trimmed in minutes ago. And it wasn’t long, no more than an inch. And the black belt looked more like a belt you would spank and errant c***d with, not hold up his pants. She looked down at his red suit, blushing shamefully when her eyes stopped at his crotch, the thick bulge in his red trousers unmistakably a hard cock.“The old man was right,” as he caught her looking at his cock. “Your Highness,” bowing to the Queen of England.She tried to make believe she wasn’t looking at his cock, but she felt the redness spread over her face and neck. “You’re Santa Claus? Jolly, jolly Santa Claus?”“There is a couple of Santa Claus. Are you that stupid that you think one Santa Claus could visit every boy and girl in one night? Don’t they teach you anything at that school you go to?” I hope she’s better in the sack than her head, he thought.“You don’t look like the type that would be good with little boys and girls,” she shot back sarcastically. This must be a dream, maybe a nightmare. She’d wake up any minute now and it would be morning.“Wrong Santa. That type visits the boys and girls that were good.” He looked at her as she sat up, her breasts pushing out the front; the buttons pulled back just enough to show a little naked cleavage, no bra and firm tits. That he liked.“So who do you visit?” As soon as the words came out of her mouth she caught the obvious.He chuckled loudly. Then he saw it in her eyes, the realization finally coming over her. “The naughty ones. Naughty girls to be exact.”“You mean Santa thinks I’m a naughty girl?”“Hey, I’m not the one with my hand in my panties,” his chuckle getting louder as she pulled her hand out, her face beat red in shame.She didn’t even realize it until he said it. It was as though it was the most natural thing for her to have her hand in her panties. “Lots of girls masturbate.”“Yes, but they cum when they do.” It was time to get down to business. And pleasure. The others would be here soon enough.“That’s not fair. pınarbaşı escort I don’t cum, and now I find out Santa’s not bringing me anything for Christmas.” Here she was, still horny and sitting up in bed in front of a really different Santa.“I didn’t say you weren’t going to get anything. I just said you were naughty. And if you obey, we won’t have to go through this again next year. The other Santa will visit you and leave you nice presents. A girl like you should get diamonds for Christmas.” He saw her eyes light up. What girl’s eyes didn’t at the mention of diamonds? Yes, Santa would give her diamonds, but first she’d have to ride that jolly belly and cock before he turned them over to her.She pinched her leg. “Eh,” pinching too hard. She wasn’t asleep and there was a handsome, young Santa in her room. Then she remembered his words. His exact words. Obey. “What do you mean ‘obey’?”“You just do everything I say, Monika, and maybe there’ll be a nice set of diamonds in those lovely ears next year.” His cock was rearing to get lose, but he wanted to see her naked body first.What was he going to ask me to do? Her eyes still couldn’t tear away from the thick cock that pushed out those red trousers. She wasn’t a virgin, but she wasn’t sure that he was real. He magically appeared. Would he magically disappear just as fast? “I don’t want Santa to think I am naughty,” Monika surrendering. “What should I call you?”“Nick will do.” He walked over to the bed, admiring the lovely girl that was sitting up in the bed, her silk top doing little to conceal her naked breasts beneath it. “Put your fingers in your mouth.” His voice was loud and demanding, not wanting Monika to mistake what he said as a request.She knew what he meant, her right hand going up to her lips, the sweet fragrance of her arousal wafting up her nose. He wanted her to lick the fingers that played with her pussy. She licked them eagerly not only because they tasted good, but she had this strange desire to please him. She didn’t really believe he was Santa Claus or that she was even awake. Maybe that is why she wanted to please him. He was only a very vivid figment of her imagination.“Very good, Monika.” Nick opened up his bag of tricks not toys like Santa carried. Nick’s tricks were for naughty girls only. The first thing he pulled out was his Christmas rope. Bright red rope, braided thickly; she saw that there were many ridges running up and down the rope. “Lie back on the bed and put your hands over your head. He stared at her, his lips curled, his look demanding her acceptance.She did it without thinking, putting her hands over her head in spite of feeling the fear when she felt the red, rough rope wrapped around her wrists. Nick tied it tight; she felt the tingling in her fingertips. He pulled her arms roughly to the center, holding them there until he tied her to the bed, the fear rising up in Monika when he stopped and moved away, staring down at her. She tugged with her arms, stopped before she could move them, the rope tightening more on her slim wrists. She looked up over her head, her arms pulled tight and bound to the center of the bed. “What are you going to do?” She shivered in fear, but she also felt something else. Her pussy was getting wet again.Nick moved over to her, sitting on the bed. His hand reached out and pushed her brunette hair from her face, his fingertip trailing a path along her face, over the soft skin of her cheek until he reached her mouth. A sexy, full-lipped mouth that would soon provide Nick with some delightful pleasure.His touch was soft, not what she expected. His finger touched her lips, running around them as if inspecting them, moving over her bottom lip, the tip of his finger sliding deeper. She didn’t stop him, even if she could, two fingers now entering her mouth, making her open her mouth wide, running from her lower lip to her upper lip until her mouth was open in a big ‘O.’ His fingers pushed into her mouth, running over her tongue while she submissively kept her mouth opened wide as if expecting something much bigger inside than his fingers. Would Nick do that? Would he make me suck the thick cock that bulged out his trousers? His fingers pushed in deeper, rubbing over her tongue until they went to the back of her mouth; Monika unable to do anything but accept them, her head pushed into the bed. “GGGUUUGGHH.” She gagged as his fingers pushed into her throat, tickling her tonsils until she gagged and her throat opened up; Monika suddenly finding herself forced to swallow two fingers. His whole hand was almost jammed into her mouth, her jaws aching as her mouth was opened too wide, all the while she choked and gagged on his fingers.Nick finally pulled his fingers from her throat, taking them out of her mouth, wiping the spit from her chin as she had drooled uncontrollably. “Good gag reflexes, Monika. I’ll enjoy that.” He didn’t let it set in, his hand reaching down to grip one of her tits, feeling the naked flesh beneath the silk blouse, squeezing it hard.“Not so hard,” she cried out when he grabbed her breast, his powerful hand squeezing the flesh. It felt like her nipple was going to explode, the blood pushed to the tip. Nick didn’t stop. In fact, his other hand manhandled her other breast with the same harshness; her lovely breast flesh feeling like they were caught in a powerful vise. He would squeeze them, release them for only a second before they would be pinched tight in his powerful fingers again. They hurt, but there was also a strange feeling in her nipples. They felt like they were going to burst, but they sprung up hard, the blood pounding in them. She wished she could touch them.“Nice tits, Monika, but you shouldn’t cover them up.” He took the two halves of her silk top and yanked them, the buttons flying across the room, the material almost tearing in his hands. He pushed the top aside, baring her tits for his eyes. The firm flesh was already laced with red marks where his fingers dug into the tender skin. Nice bronzed tits with dark areolas capped with hard brown nipples that begged to be bit and sucked. His hands returned to the task of pinching and squeezing the firm flesh.One minute he was feeling her up, the next her breasts were bared; his hands returning to m***** her naked flesh while she struggled on the bed. His hands were too harsh, looking down to watch as his powerful fingers dug into her lovely breasts until they were squeezed out of shape.“No,” she cried out in protest when his head dipped down, the scratchy white beard rubbing up and down her cleavage. She felt his wet tongue lapping her bare flesh, crying out when his lips clasped over one of her nipples and sucked it deep into his mouth.“AAAAGGHH,” she cried when her nipple was stretched by the powerful suction until his teeth bit down on the areola, trapping it in his mouth. “MMMM,” she cried when his rough tongue went to work on it, rubbing it, the erect flesh feeling like it would explode. She felt his scratchy beard work on her bare flesh, feeling like he was sandpapering her flesh. He bit harder on her areola, Monika arching her back to relieve some of the stretching of her nipple.Nick released her nipple, feeling her arching her back. “You like that,” misunderstanding her intentions, not really caring as he began to suck on her other tit, his hands and fingers pinching the wet tit his mouth had abandoned. She moaned and arched her back again, pushing her tit into his mouth, his teeth grinding back and forth over her nipple.If felt like he was chewing her breast and nipple, the other breast not doing much better, his fingers pinching the nipple so hard that she cried out. Nick looked like he was crazed, his mouth and hands m*****ing her breasts. He didn’t treat them softly like other boys did but crushed them in his powerful hands and mouth. He finally stopped, sitting back up, a smirk on his face.He looked at her breasts; his hand prints almost visible. But her nipples were swollen, dark brown, and Nick could almost see the blood pounding in the tips. He snapped each nipple with his fingernail, a cry from Monika, a hurt look in her eyes.“That’s what happens to naughty girls, Monika. Now let’s see what you liked so much in those panties.” Nick threw the blanket and sheet to the side, her legs together as if she could stop him from whatever he wanted to do. “Nice pink panties, Monika. And pink ribbons on the side to make it easy to take them off. Santa had you right, Monika. A real bad girl.”She kept her thighs tightly clenched, feeling the feathery touch of Nick’s hands on her upper leg. His touch turned soft, caressing her inner thighs until Monika felt her taut muscles begin to relax, lulled into a false sense of security. Her legs began to part on their own from the pressure of his hands on her inner thighs and the false sense of security by his gentle touch. His hands moved from her knees up to the vee of her legs, teasing close to her pussy without touching it. She couldn’t help the wetness that began to flow from her pussy.Nick could smell her arousal, wanting to not only smell it but taste it. Her legs were spreading nicely, his hands urging them out, Monika not fighting him. Yet. One hand went to the dainty ribbon on the sides, opening it with ease, the flimsy panty falling down.“Do you want to show me your pussy, Monika?” As if she had any choice, her arms bound high over her head to the center of the bed.She wanted to be touched, hoping that his touch would do what hers couldn’t accomplish, needing to cum so bad. “Yeees,” her voice trembling in desire, feeling the panties pulled off with ease, sliding from between her legs, Monika looking at his eyes as he started at her shorn mound.“Just as I expected from you, Monika. Shaved as clean as a newborn.” Nick’s hand reached for her mound, gripping both sides of her puffy lips to pinch them together. Her ass rose up from the bed, her legs spreading wider as he yanked her pussy lips hard.She thought she would cum when his powerful fingers pinched her pussy lips, yanking them until she had no choice but to lift her ass up. He twisted and turned her lips hard. He finally released them, her ass falling back onto the bed, her legs spread wide. “AAAAAGGHHH,” she cried out unexpectedly.Nick took the opportunity to slap her pussy, her spread legs leaving her open and vulnerable. The wet slap of his powerful palm hitting her mound rang out in the room, her legs pulling up, trying to close, only succeeding in trapping his hand between them.She couldn’t believe what he did. He hit her between the legs. She never even conceived of a man doing that to a woman, hitting her in the most vulnerable spot imaginable. She clamped her legs closed, but too late, only trapping his large hand between them, his fingers curling around to grasp her pussy mound with his large hand, one finger snaking beneath and rubbing over her perineum. His hand clenched tight on her pussy mound, finally a finger forced between her pussy lips, his other fingers crushing her lips.“Don’t hit me there,” she begged, but her hips began to hump back and forth on the hand that possessed her mound.“Open your legs for me, Monika. Real wide this time.” He goosed her pussy with his hand.She was afraid of what he was going to do, but her legs began to spread open submissively, not sure why, her body tense. “Pleeasse,” her voice quivering. “Don’t hit me there.” Her legs were spread wide, feeling Nick making her bend her knees, his hand pushing out her thighs until her legs almost hit the bed. The flat plane of her bald sex was open and exposed.“Naughty girls don’t have choices.” Nick looked into her eyes as his hand swung back, seeing the look of terror in her eyes as he swung forward, this time the palm of his hand hitting her fully on her mound. The loud, wet smack rang out in the room, following quickly by her cry.She saw it coming but nothing could have prepared her for it. Her legs were spread too wide, bent far to the side, her pussy lips pulled back from the wide expanse. His hand swung in the air, Monika following it. She heard it before she felt it. She cried out, but it wasn’t so much in pain as it was surprise. Her pussy was drenched, the hard slap hitting her inner lips with a sickening wet thud. Her body jerked in pain, but she kept her legs spread submissively. His hand returned, this time gently rubbing her mound, his fingers pushing between her lips to find her pussy drenched in her juices, Monika ashamed at what he was doing to her.“Wet, naughty slut, Monika.” He pinched her lips, pulling one far to the side, revealing the wet, pink inner flesh. He began to slap her inner lips with two fingers, lightly tapping but increasingly harder; her body jerking each time he hit her insides.It felt like he was tearing her lip off, stretching the puffy flesh until it felt like it was going to tear. Then he tapped her pussy, not her lips, but the tender inner lips that were protected by her lips, his hands revealing it to his tapping fingers. Her body jerked as the tapping grew harder, Monika’s muscles straining to close.He stopped, his fingers soaked with her juices. “Time to warm up that ass, Monika.” He flipped her over onto her stomach before she could even fight him.She was on her belly before she knew what happened, his hands gripping her hips and flipping her over, her face smashed into the pillow. He wouldn’t do that. Spank her like an errant c***d. Yet he had just spanked her pussy, knowing that he would have no compulsion in spanking her ass. She rubbed her pussy on the satin sheets, wanting so much to cum.“Up on your knees, Monika. I want that ass up high.” He slapped one cheek, her body jerking in pain.Her ass stung, feeling the heat where his hand had hit her. She had no choice, submitting to him, raising her ass up until she was kneeling, her back arched down, her head on the pillow.“Spread your legs, Monika. Show me your treasures.” He slapped her ass again until she obeyed, her legs spreading, her pussy peeking out between her legs, but it was her asshole that caught Nick’s eye. A tiny dimple of a hole between her cheeks. “Ten on your ass to warm you up, Monika. Count them out loud.”Her ass already stung. How would I take ten more? She felt the cool, night air blowing between her legs, knowing she must be exposed obscenely. From her pussy, all the way up to her parted cheeks, her anus exposed like never before. The first came quickly, his hand finding her right cheek with a powerful blow that pushed her body forward. “OOOWWW,” she cried out, quickly adding, “one.” The next one followed to her left cheek, harder than the last, Monika crying out “two.”Her voice was breaking up by time she reached ten, her cheeks never such a rosy red, almost able to see his handprints on her flesh. He gave her one more for good luck, this one dangerously close to her pussy, her body rocked. “That’s what happens to naughty girls, Monika.” He flipped her over until she was on her back again, seeing her cringe when her beaten ass touched the sheet. Nick stood up, slowly taking off his clothes, the belt first, putting it aside; it might come in handy later to beat her ass or even between her legs. No matter how much she complained about him spanking her pussy, her wetness revealed her true feelings. He took his cock out of his shorts, his red suit piled neatly on the chair. His big fat cock stood out proudly in front of him. Santa’s were picked for the size of their organs as well as lasting ability. He could go half an hour of fucking before cumming, a delightful time when he was able to use the full measure of his cock, snuggled tightly in the guts of a tight, virgin asshole.She couldn’t believe how big it was, never seeing anything so thick and long. She must be dreaming or wishing. Will he fuck me with that monster? Of course he would, her body naked and bound, unable to defend herself.“I’ve got to taste that pussy first, Monika.” He began to kneel on the bed, his knees on the sides of her head. He rubbed the head of his cock back and forth over her tightly clenched lips, just the hint of her hot breath on his organ making it drip precum in his excitement. He spread her legs, slapping her pussy with his hand.“EEEEEWWWW,” she cried out when he hit her pussy again, but she found the thick, rubbery head of his cock pushed between her lips as she cried out. Once inside her lips she couldn’t do anything but accept the massive organ in her tiny mouth.“I knew you’d see it my way,” Nick grinning sheepishly. He felt her tight lips stretched around the head of his cock. “Lick it and I’ll do the same to you.”She didn’t have a choice, her tongue hesitatingly licking the head of his cock until she tasted the salty flavor of his cum covering her taste buds. “MMMGGG,” her mouth stuffed with his thick flesh, moaning loudly as she felt the first touch of his tongue on her pussy. Strong fingers peeled back her pussy lips, leaving her open and bare, the tip of his tongue snapping back and forth in her slit. Her hips shot up from the unexpected pleasure, finding Nick’s hips driving his cock deeper into her mouth, her cheeks bulging as her mouth was stuffed with thick cock. His hips began to pump his cock, her mouth used as a pussy, Nick fucking her.She was good, her tight lips sliding up and down his shaft, her tongue licking and lapping all over the shaft and head in her mouth. And Nick enjoyed the taste of her pussy, lapping up her juices, his hands pushing her legs out wide until she was exposed to him. He began to nibble on her pussy lips, his teeth biting lightly on them, pulling them out as his fingers began to explore her tight hole. Two fingers found her pussy drenched, sliding inside her, twisting and turning as he bit her pussy lips harder. He shoved more of his cock into her mouth, rewarded with the delightful gag as the head of his cock battered at the tight opening of her throat. Her head shook, but his knees kept her pinned in place, her mouth nothing but a hole for him to fuck.He pulled her legs open and back as he fucked her mouth, Monika afraid of the long cock, her mouth not big enough to make more than half of it. Fingers found her pussy receptive, clenching on the demanding fingers, wishing it were his cock that was inside.“GGGHHH,” the head of his cock pushed to the back of her mouth, Monika realizing what he was doing when he pushed his fingers down her throat. He was checking to see what would happen when something battered at the tight opening of her throat. And now his cock was going to test it further. She had never taken a cock down her throat, always in control, able to limit the penetration with her hands. Bound, she had no choice, knowing that she was going to have to swallow this monster.Nick’s wet fingers pulled from her pussy, feeling her trying to grasp them tight to keep them inside her. Nick ran his fingers along her perineum, sliding her pussy juices down her crack as he bent her legs back, opening up her ass cheeks until her tiny pucker stood out, pink and virginal. He pressed his cockhead to the back of her mouth, pressed against her tight throat, teasing her, making her gag, but not shoving it in. Yet.What was he waiting for? His cock teased at her throat, her stomach turning each time he made her gag but no attempt to breach her throat. “MMMGG,” she tried to cry out when his fingers slid up and down her crack. No, not there she wanted to cry out when she felt his wet finger teasing over her raised anal pad. She had refused to let any man touch her there, this being no exception. His tongue began to work over her pussy, sliding up and down her slit, her body jerking in pleasure when the rough flesh of his tongue passed over her hard and swollen clit. She was lulled into a false sense of security, the pleasure washing over her.Her hips were moving as best as they could, Nick keeping her spread and open. His finger felt the heat of her asshole, his hips ready, Monika to be dually impaled. He shoved with his hips, feeling her gag, this time pressing harder, feeling the head of his cock compressed into her tight throat, her muscles trying to force his cock head out of her throat, only succeeding in bringing the most exquisite pleasure as they rippled over the head. At the same time, he pressed his wet finger through her tight anal ring, feeling her virgin anal ring slipping over his knuckle as he passed his fingertip into her rectum. Her body struggled, but she could do little to stop him.It felt like a log shoved into her throat, her stomach turning as she gagged and choked, her throat rubbed raw by the thick cock that plugged her. She sucked in air through her nose, trying to fill her lungs with precious air as Nick’s hips drove the head of his cock up and down her throat, never pulling out far enough. And to make it worse, Nick had shoved a finger up her ass, feeling the stretching as the finger wormed inside her. It didn’t hurt as she expected it to, but she felt an unfamiliar fullness in her guts, the finger moving in and out, pushing against the elastic walls of her guts like a tiny a****l nibbling at her bowels. She was penetrated in both virgin holes, Monika’s mind reeling with the unexpected consequences as Nick’s tongue and lips sucked her clit from hiding and snapped back and forth over her pleasure button.Nick pressed his finger deeper into her asshole, feeling her muscles fighting every inch, wishing it was his cock instead of his finger that was snuggled tightly inside. He bit on her clit, trapping it with his teeth, his tongue lapping back and forth over the trapped tip until he felt her cum. As her body shook with her orgasm, he pushed a second finger in her asshole, fighting the tight anal ring that clung possessively to it. He pumped his cock in her throat, and then pulled it out, never leaving her lips but keeping it in her mouth as she sucked in air.All of her despair over not cumming was gone, her clit expertly worked over with his teeth and tongue until she couldn’t help the orgasm that spread quickly through her body. She felt the relief as his cock pulled from her throat, able to breathe again, her tongue working over the head of his cock as the tremors ran through her bound, ravaged body. Not even the two fingers in her asshole could stop the orgasm that rolled through her body. In fact, Monika thought it was because of the fingers penetrating her in such a place that prolonged the orgasm, her bound hands preventing her from doing anything but take all that Nick wanted from her body. The two fingers twisted and turned in her backside, exciting pleasure buttons that she didn’t know existed. The orgasm exploded in her bound body.Nick lapped up her juices as she came copiously, his fingers never leaving her hot, tight asshole, her tongue lavishing attention on his cock as she came. He wasn’t ready to cum yet, Monika had more to atone for before he would spill his cum into her body. The night was still young, his cock rock hard, his balls filled with his cum.

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