blue balls


blue ballsMy wife is my best friend. I know that sounds corny as shit but in my case it’s the real deal. The reason I married her other than the fact she is a smoking little number at five foot four and one hundred pounds is that I can tell her anything without the fear of her judging me. Like when I told her that I thought it would be exciting to have her go out and have sex with other guys then cone home and allow me to eat her pussy . She said OK and that started my cream pie fun. It’s usally me that picks what day she goes out but every so often she will surprise me. Well one night she and I where setting at the house watching a movie. On the movie a young guy was saying to his girl that he had a bad case of blue balls. My wife asked me if I ever had blue balls? I said yes back when I was a k**. She asked if I could remember what gave me the pain? I said it had to be the same thing that always gives me a hard on. She said what is that? I said when I was young I liked seeing pictures of women in sexy underwear. Like I said she never makes fun of me. She said doesnt a naked woman do that too? I said yes but garter belts stockings and pushup bras do it best. And even the pictures in the Sears catalog of women wearing all in one long leg body shapers did it too. We spent the rest of the night just chatting. The next day was Friday and when I came home from work my wife met me as always with a kiss. She said she was glad I was home and she was acting extra bubbley. I noticed she was wearing a skirt and blouse with high hills…I asked if we where going out? She said no I thought we could spend the weekend here at home. OK I said , I was just wondering why you where dressed up. She pulled the skirt out on the sides and said I wanted to look nice for you. Is that pantyhose or stockings I asked her. She said Ill let you know after we eat. She had dinner ready and we sat down and enjoyed a great steak dinner. After which I was told to go shower and meet her back in the den. I had a nice hot shower and put on a pair if boxers and went into the den. When I walked in I saw one of the jitchen chairs in the center of the den floor. My wife greeted me and said have a seat honey. I sat down and then I felt my wife hand cuffing my hands together. Oh are we going to get kinky I asked keçiören escort her? Yes we are I was informed.After I was locked up she stepped around so I could see her. She took a hold of my boxers and said raise up your ass so I can get these off. She tossed them on the couch , there I sat butt naked with my soft dick laying on my nuts. My wife then started up buttoning her blouse. She pulled it off and tossed it on top of my boxers. I started feeling my cock move as I looked at her in a white push up bra. She noticed the sturing of my dick too…she kept her eyes locked on it as she undid the button of the skirt and let it fall to her feet. Oh man she was wearing a lacey white garter belt and her white stockings had a four inch wide lacey band at their tops. All that white stood out next to her tanned skin. She was wearing a pair of white see through lacey bikini panties. I could see her shaved pussy lips through the thin lace. After taking off the outer garments she stood with her feet about a foot apart and her hands on her hips. This allowed me a perect view of her body. My cock soon was at full mast. She watched as each heart beat caused my cock to bob up and down. I asked whats next? She said nothing. Then she said she was going to give me a set of blue balls. She started doing little chores around the house still dressed in her sexy underthings. After about an hour and a half my cock had started going down. She noticed that and said she thought that would happen. She left the den and returned with a butt plug , she explaned that she had bought a few things to help with her project. She then hooked her panties with her thumbs and pulled them down she turned her back to me and then after dipping the butt plug in her snatch to lube it she eased it all the way into her butt hole. Once it was in its design kept it in place. I asked it felt good? She stood up straight and pinched her ass cheeks together and said oh yeah. It feels sexy as Hell. That recharged my hard on and again I was rock hard. She kept up her piddeling around but now she included lots of bending over so I could see the end of the black butt plug wedged in her little brown hole. Again this hard on faided after about an hour. But by now a stream if clear liquid was leaking out of etlik escort the head as it lay on my leg. So now she goes in the bedroom and comes back with a liile white egg shaped vibrator , she turned it on and it starting buzzing very loudly. She rubbed it in her lady slit and then with a finger pushed it home into her snatch. Again she snapped to attition and sqeezed her legs together this time her eyes where closed. She let out a soft moan. My cock started raising for its third time tonight.She stayed in the den all the time I could hear the little egg working away inside her body. Again after a while my dick went limp. Now she said its time to pull out all the stops. She sat on the couch right in front of me she pulled the little egg out then she ipened it and changed its battery. Once again it came to ife buzzing very loudly. Then she pulled her feet up on the couch so that her now wet pussy was wide open for me to see. She pushed the plastic egg back into herself. After it was back home she let her legs fall apart. So now she is setting spread eagle with me looking right at her beautiful shaved pussy. My cock just lay there leaking its clear liquid. She said I know what will fix that. She picked up the phone and called a friend of mine. Tim she said I need you to come over and fuck me. Then I heard her say no he’s at home. She told him she wanted to make me watch while they had sex in front of me. Now Tim fucking my wife usnt anything new. But me watching like this is. After she hung the phone up she noticed my cock was once again hard. Oh its to late for that she said. He is coming over and you will be watching his fat hairy cock use my pussy all it wants to. She said you will get a birds eye view of his ass while he pushes his meat in me. We are going to fuck right here.When Tim arrived my wife met him at the door still dressed in just the garter belt stockings and bra. After a long French kiss he asked what that buzzing sound was. My wife went to the couch and sat down then pulled her legs up as before and told Tim to see for himself. He ran one of his fingers up into my wifes pussy and pilled out the still buzzing egg. He turned it off and tossed it in my lap. It was hot from running for the pasted two hours. He pulled down his pants and out sprang etimesgut escort an already hard hairy cock. It looked to be at keast as thick as my wife’s wrist. With out giving her a chance to get used to its size he stabbed it into her and on the second stroke he was all the way to his balls in her. She wrapped her nylon covered legs around his mid section as her fucked the living shit out of her. She was grunting and I could hear his sweaty balls slapping her ass cheeks. He said he was about to come , my wife tightened her legs as to hold him deep in her as he squirted his seed into her unprotected vagina. During all this I was rock hard. After he rested and his cock got soft enough to fall out of her he sttod up and got dressed and left. Never thanking her for the use of her body. My wife never moved she was laying spread wide open. Her pussy had a small black hole about the size of a quarter with a little whute cream leaking from the bottom of it.I think she fell asleep laying like that. I drifted off too. I was woke up by my wife shaking me. She said stand up and come over here I want you to eat my pussy clean. After I finished cleaning her my cock was again at full throb. She said it’s bed tine she she and I went to bed. She remained dressed in her stockings and I was kept cuffed. All that night I couldnt sleep from being so horny. The next morning my wife woke me up. She was dressed in a white bikini that she had cut the lining out of for a pool party last summer. The fabric is so thin its almost like her being naked. She helped me put on a pair of swim trunks. Then we headed to the neighborhood pool . At that time of day the only persons there was two teen boys that clean the pool. I was uncuffed in the car and we laid out our towels on two chairs. My wife wasted no time getting in the water so that the swim suit was just nearly see through. She pranced around with her nipples hard and the bottom of the suit stuck in her pussy lips. The boys where checking her out. And that made me hard again. As she came back to our chair I said I needed to get in the water because my nuts where hurting badly. She asked if I had blue balla? I said oh yeah thete us a gallon of cum in them. She said we need to go back home then. As soon as we where in the house she pulled down my swim trunks and squeezes my balls. Then I had to lay on my back and pull my legs up so I was looking at my own cock. She then started jerking me off and said when you come you had better eat it all. I caught most of it in my mouth and the rest on my face..

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