Christmas dreams


Christmas dreamsBeing a switch, I like to write from the subbie point of view. It helps me push the envelope more when I Top!Enjoy the dream of Christmas!~~~~~~~~~~Generally speaking, I am not a Scrooge.  My significant other was just being unreasonable.  It had been colder than a well diggers ass, the wind was blowing like a hurricane and there were two good basketball games and one football game all on TV that I wanted to watch.  She wanted to go looking at Christmas lights and displays. I still am not certain why she got that pissed off at me.  She won.  I went.  I drove her all over God’s back last acre looking at displays that ranged from thrown together things to elaborate things that disrupted air traffic control patterns  I even said I liked a few of them…. And I was not even sarcastic about the one! So when we got back to the apartment, a pillow and blanket were provided for my warmth and comfort as she none to gently shut the bedroom door and told me I could sleep out on the couch.  I said something about she should so she could admire the lights on our tree and I stomped down the hall and made myself as comfortable as possible in the blinking light of our tree in front of the window. I fell asleep muttering “Bah Humbug” and stared at the tree trying to figure out where I had gone so wrong…. She came out dressed in a red latex skin tight body suit.  She looked taller, stronger, more powerful and angrier than I have ever seen her before.  Sue is no shrinking violet at 5’8” and 135 pounds.   She works out every morning and can run 5 miles without even feeling it the next day!  But she looked like a hard body standing there next to the couch.  She had green garland d****d like a belt around her hips and a strand of lights in her hands. She told me to stand up and I did.  I did not remember taking off my clothes, but I was standing there naked when she handed me one end of a strand of lights to hold.  I did and suddenly she was running around me tying me up with all sizes and shapes of lights that flashed as she bound me in seconds to the point that I could not move a muscle!! Then she taped wrapping paper to me and began running it around me.  When I started to protest, she grabbed a glass ball ornament from the tree, put it in my mouth and tied it in place with tinsel!!  Suddenly I was completely wrapped except for my face and cock, which for some reason was sticking out from me like a crossing guard arm in a school zone!! Sue stepped up close to me and she smelled of peppermints as she whispered, “I am going to teach you to enjoy Christmas decorations and then I am going to rediscover why I ever took you as my slut lover.”  Then she bit my ear hard and I whimpered, but I could not move even to fall down!!!  Very Strange! She walked over to the kitchen table and picked up a pair of huge wicked looking scissors and walked back to me.  “What’s say we start by trimming your tree a little, hmmm?” she said with a wicked gleam in her eye.  She opened and closed the scissors a couple of times quickly and I wanted to scream, but yahyalı escort I could neither move nor make a sound and she laughed as she saw the fear in my eyes.  She knelt down in front of me and started cutting all of my pubic hair from my cock and balls (Had I always had that much?).  She would grab my cock roughly and yank it one way and then the other.  It should have had me in tears, but I found myself strangely aroused and even moaning.  She would slap it and tell me I was rude for pointing at her and how she was going to have to find a use for such a naughty piece of a man. When I looked again, my cock and balls were as clean shaven as porn stars and instead of scissors, she had an ornament in her hand that looked like Santa bending over a female elf and he was banging the hell out the elf!! Her blonde pigtails were swinging and her tits were swaying and it all looked so real!  It was all happening there in the palm of her hand! Then she pushed my cock up against the flat of my wrapped belly and she had this nasty hooked needle in her hand.  “This is gonna hurt like hell… I hope!”  And then she stuck the pointed end into the slit at the end of my dick and pushed it up my urethra and the suddenly stabbing it down.  That was when I saw it poke through the bottom of my cock and as she pushed it came out with a shiny string attached.  She tied it to the obscene ornament of Santa and his female elf (she was blowing Santa now!!) and then she let go and now I had an obscene Santa ornament swinging from the end of a perfectly pierced Prince Albert cock!!!  She laughed, smiled and cooed, “That’s MUCH better, don’t you think?!?!” Without waiting for a reply, she rocked back onto her heals and stood right in front of me.  She was stroking my cock and saying, “See, Christmas decorations can be sexy and they turn me on.  You need to learn how to enjoy them too!!”  She then turned my face and licked one side of my face and then the other and then she tongued my mouth all around the glass ornament and tinsel!!  It was truly intense and insane!! She spun around dancing through the room and she looked unbelievable.  The red latex reflected and shone with all of the Christmas lights.  Her long auburn hair with its red highlights flowed out away from her shoulders and breasts moved so seductively within the curve hugging material.  My eyes traveled down her hourglass torso and feasted upon the way her ass was lifted up and seemed to be pulled apart as if in preparation for a hard cock to ream it!  I was in pain; my cock ached so badly to be in her! She stopped next to the tree and looked back at me.  Somehow, it was no effort to reach to the top of the tree and pull off the ornate glass spire we had putt there the week before.  “I know where this needs to go, and I bet you do too, don’t you?  You are such a fucking freak I bet you want this rammed all of the way up into your ass, like a sissy pussy, don’t you?” I heard my voice say, “Yes, God yes, give it to me!” even as my mind was screaming “NO!!!”  She laughed and reached up by her neck and pulled down on a zipper that wound its way down over the swell and hills of her breasts, across the flat expanse of her belly and down to reveal her own shaved bare privates!  “I think it will need some lube before I jam it up your puckered sphincter, and I know just the place to get some. She leaned back against the window next to the tree and spread her thighs wide.  Then I watched as she slowly worked the widening spire up higher and higher into her cunt!  Her eyes fluttered and closed as she bit her bottom lip just before the last half inch disappeared between her soaked lower lips.  With one hand she began rubbing her clit very softly and fast as she eased the tree topper out just an inch before pushing it back in.  Over and over she fucked herself as I watch.  Her small cries and mews changed to moans and curses.  Her breasts popped out into the evening air and pointed accusingly at me as if this were all my fault.  They were so hard and a shade of darker red/brown than I have ever seen them!! It was not long before she screamed all of her muscles contracted in what appeared to be the ultimate orgasm!!  She gushed great floods of pussy juices over her hand and the ornament.  It ran down her hands, across her thighs and onto the floor as she let out a string of oaths that would have had sailors and pimps the world around standing up and cheering for! Then her eyes flew open and a wicked smile came across her face as she pushed herself away from the window and began walking over behind me. In the window, at first I thought I saw dimly some shapes moving and then they began to materialize into her three best friends.  They all work out together and have known each other since college and supported each other through everything.  They all stood there staring at us as Sue got behind me and pushed me just a little forward at the waist. One of the girls, Donna, a cute blonde with almost a boyish build squealed and pointed toward my still rigid cock.  I looked down and Santa and the elf were no longer on the ornament.  They had climbed up the hook and Santa was now reclining back on the top of my cock as the elf was lowering herself onto his wicked little pecker and she was impaling herself over and over again there!!! That was the moment I felt the spire touch, penetrate and begin violating my ass!  I have always enjoyed a woman touching my ass and even fingering the outside of it, but this…. This was full on physical assault on my anus!!  After the first bit slid in and she told me to relax, I felt her pushing slowly more and more of the ornament deeper and deeper into the cleft of my ass until I was about to faint!! I looked up and Donna, Heather and Melissa were all in the room.  Each were in erotic elf outfits and they were pulling big fat candy canes off of the tree and rubbing them in the most lewd ways possible across parts of their own bodies and the others there!  They were on the floor the next moment, daisy chain fucking and eating each other in a load heap of beautiful squirming flesh! “They look so hot, don’t they?  Have you ever thought about what we do when we go out for our girl’s nights?  Have you ever imagined how tasty Melissa’s big tits are or how wet Heather’s mouth can be as she tongues your mouth, neck and traces messages of lust and desire all over your private parts?  It is divine, let me tell you!  Almost as good as the taste of Donna’s hot twat when she creams on your tongue.  I know that oh so well!  Watch, she is about to cum right now on Melissa’s fingers!!” There were suddenly all writhing and moaning in orgasmic bliss as the twitch of one caused a spasm in another which led to a howl of delight in the next!  On and on it went to the point that I almost missed the fact that somehow the tree topper ornament was now a strapon dildo and Sue was slowly fucking my ass with long deep strokes as she told me to watch first this then that which the others were doing!!  She suddenly pulled out of me, whirled me around to face her and in her hands she held two ornaments; one red, the other silver.  My nipples were now exposed through the wrapping paper and without any warning, she jabbed first the metal hook of the silver ball ornament through my left nipple and then the hook of the red one through my right nipple!!  I howled though to be honest I was not certain whether it was more because of ecstasy or pain!  Both impulses overloaded my mind as I watch Sue laugh and pull a strand of popcorn string from the tree and tie them from one ornament to the other across my chest. That was when I felt the semen boiling in my balls and racing up the tube of my cock before erupting into a mind numbing eternal blackness of pleasure.  Everything ceased to exist except for the bliss that washed over my body and sensation of gout after gout of cum shooting through my body and out my newly pierced cock. Suddenly I felt a slap across my face and for a split second I thought the glass bulb certainly had to have shattered and I was afraid I was going to choke on the sharp chards of glass!  But as my eyes fluttered open, I saw Sue standing there in an oversized concert tour shirt she often wore to bed.  “You woke me up with all of your moaning and babbling!” “I don’t talk in my sleep!” I mumbled in protest as I tried to reconstruct and separate reality from dream. “Oh no?” she said with a smirk in her voice.  “Well I know why you have a gooey mess all over your belly and chest, and if you want to experience some of it for real, with will go wash up, then come join me in the bedroom.”  She turned and walked toward the hall and stopped and looked back at me as I discovered a large flood of cum indeed did cover my groin!  “I will be wearing a strapon that Melissa loves, so you may want to wash especially well back there!” she said before turning on her heel. I sat there stunned for only a couple of seconds before bouncing off of couch and down the hall to grab a quick shower!!  Merry Christmas to all of my horny readers.  I hope your fingers, thighs and “nether regions” are all wet and glistening like visions on Christmas Eve!!!If you enjoyed this little story, won’t you take a moment to let me know? Merry Christmas!!!

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