college lesbian experience


college lesbian experienceI was enjoying the college life and having fun with the usual group, as well as the new girl that had just joined our little club. She was introduced the week before by a friend of mine who had a class with her. Her name was Rebecca. She was definitely my type: shorter than me, chubby but with a set of tits you wouldn’t believe. Not a day went by that her tits weren’t a big part of lunch conversation, and she wasn’t shy about them either, always wearing low cut shirts. It didn’t take long before everyone noticed discrepancies in her stories. One minute she was a virgin, the next she was a lesbian with tons of experience with women, then suddenly the next conversation she would tell the story of this 3 way with 2 guys she had. Nothing made sense, and the group began running an unofficial bet on whether she was a slut or virgin. My bet was virgin. One night we were all enjoying some good clean fun, having a girl’s night, and as everyone began leaving and heading to their rooms. 3 of my friends shared a room next door, using the same wall as Rebecca. I rented a place off campus, and I had been drinking that night so everyone decided that I should crash in the dorm, but due to sleeping arrangements there was already no room. That’s when my friend suggested to Rebecca that I sleep in her room. She agreed and soon it was just the two of us.Being hammered drunk and the kind of person who doesn’t sugar coat anything, I called her out on her bullshit story. She countered poorly with the explanation that she had sex, but since she was unable to orgasm, it didn’t count. I have no idea how the next part happened, but an argument about sex somehow lead to a challenge, and before long she was getting undressed, ready to prove to me that I couldn’t make her cum. I was a bit confused at how we ended up here. After several minutes of me confirming that she was in fact challenging me to sex, I accepted. She stripped down and climbed on the bed. At this point neither of us had any idea that the walls were so thin that my friends could hear everything türbanlı içel escort that was going on. I began by putting my face in her pussy, licking her from her ass to clit. She claimed that I wasn’t doing the job, though I could tell from her voice that she was bluffing. I incorporated a few fingers in the mix, licking her clit and hooking her g-spot. She insisted that it still wasn’t working, sounding even more unsure. So I figured if 2 fingers weren’t enough, why not go with 3. Without warning, I began fucking her with 3 fingers and intentionally being rough. It wasn’t long before her composure fell apart and it was clear that she was feeling it. She made a complete change of attitude, now begging me for more. I managed to milk a total of 4 orgasms out of her, making her squirt each time. Finally she begged me to stop, exhausted and unable to catch her breath. I won the bet, but little did I know I also lost. She then informed me that she had fun, and she was going to bed. “Wait, what about me?” I asked.“Oh, you can use my bathroom shower if you need.” She said smugly. I was shocked. After giving her the first 4 orgasms of her life, which were clearly quite, fun…she flat out refused to even attempt to reciprocate the favor. She rolled over and ignored me. I was a bit irritated by her selfish behavior, but I was horny, so I went to the shower. At this point I didn’t really care about personal space or respecting other people’s things, at least not her things. So as I showered, I began looking for something to assist my own fun. I began looking for an impromptu toy. There were no good options at first; a shampoo bottle with an uninviting shaped cap, some soap, a few towels, not even so much as brush with a nice ribbed handle. She had no vibrator either, of course.Then I spotted it. She had a plastic razor, the kind with the little ring of soap around the blade, and the soft rubber shell around it all. I grabbed it and began rubbing the tip of the handle against my pussy. I was so hot now I could türbanlı içel escort bayan actually feel my labia throbbing. I slid the handle in and began pumping my cunt. Suddenly I felt extra kinky. I mean, I already got the tool, so I started shaving my pussy hair. The slippery soap made it feel pretty good. It didn’t take long to trim up what little hair I had, so I began rubbing the razor up my inner lips and just enjoying the soapiness. I could feel the sharp razor gently scr****g my tender strips of meat. I wet my fingers and rubbed the soap running the razor up my pussy at different angles. I jumped a little as a sharp sting ran through my pussy. I saw a little blood and realized I had just nicked myself a little. It burned white hot as the soap and hot water ran over it. I lost my composure and went wild. It was so sensual being cut just a little in such a sensitive area. Now I was totally shaved and I was just pushing the razor up my taint and into my pussy, halfway just enjoying the soapy fuck and half hoping to cut myself. My heart raced at the thought that any minute I could nick my g spot or clit. I became more careless and did more ramming and dragging than actual shaving. Pretty soon the shampoo bottle looked a lot more appealing. I tend to become more adventurous and less picky the farther into a sexual experience. I grabbed the conditioner, squeezed a big glob into my hand and lubed my ass. The shampoo bottle was not exactly a typical sex toy. It was bigger around than my fist and slightly thinner in the middle. The cap was flat which was good as a base to set it on. The bottom was nearly flat as well but slightly rounded and concave. The plastic was poorly cast and there was a clearly visible line up both sides where the plastic was kinda sharp, even on the bottom. It seemed very ill advised but I was too horny to think at the time so I lubed it and put the cap down on the side of the tub rim. Letting my ass down on it I realized it wasn’t going easy. I pushed out my asshole trying türbanlı escort içel to open up for it more but the blunt end was proving hard to insert. Pushing out was just sliding my asshole over one edge, not the whole end. It was just too big and not pointed enough to accommodate. Still rubbing the razor over my cunt I desperately looked for an alternative but there wasn’t anything in the small bathroom that was even remotely useable. I decided to hell with it, I was going to fuck my ass one way or another. I sat back down on the bottle and pushed as I let my weight down. I rubbed my clit to take my mind off the girth and the tension of it. It wasn’t quite in yet and I was already feeling moderate pain from the weight I was applying. I was plunge fucking my pussy so good I reached the point where I could no longer put more force on the bottle. It was too painful to go more so I took a deep breath and let my feet slide, spreading my legs and dropping my full weight on the bottle. It tore its way up my ass in what felt like an eternity until my ass cheeks hit the cold porcelain of the tub. The overwhelming pain and feeling of stretching was too much and I came where I sat. I struggled to stay upright as my body jerked and shook and I stifled back a scream just allowing myself to open my mouth and mouth it, letting out a little accidental squeak. I slid to my hands and knees and recovered for a moment, realizing I still had to pull that huge bottle back out. I grabbed it and pulled, unable to unclench my ass. It slowly slid every painful inch until the tip popped out. I dropped the bottle and panted on all fours for another moment, running my fingers around my gaping asshole. I could see little red lines running with the water down the drain. I was bleeding, but not severely. I don’t know whether my ass tore a little from the force and girth or I cut myself a little on the sharp plastic mold marks. My ass closed back up, feeling soft as butter and sore as fuck. It took a few minutes to recover enough to shakily stand up. Then I washed myself and dried off. Nobody ever knew the difference and by morning it was just another day…but I was a bit more upbeat than usual. She denied that anything happened between us, but the thin walls didn’t lie. Everyone else called her bullshit at breakfast, and she was so mad/embarrassed that she left the group. Everyone else gave me a series of jealous high fives.

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