Cuckold fantasy scene.


Cuckold fantasy scene.This is one a few fantasy situations generated between myself and a couple who were exploring the possibility of a threesome or a cuckold situation!This was too good to be true; here, in the pub once more were Mike and Linda. I can’t say how happy I am to see them, especially after last weeks games!I blushed a little as I recalled my behaviour. I remember how crude my flirting became after a while, rubbing my stiff prick into Linda as we danced, and Mike was watching. Somehow, I did not think that was a problem, and he did not make any protest. I would have forgiven him if he had flattened my nose with a hard punch. Instead, they sat together and finished their drinks before leaving, Linda avoiding my eyes.I hid from them as they sat again in the same soft seats of the bench alcove and pulled the table close to them. After a minute, I felt foolish hiding. I will show myself and if they show signs of distress, I will leave them alone.They see me and Mike smiles, his face clearly friendly. I walk to them and sit on the other side of the table just to say hello. They both smile now and Linda looks away quickly. I prepare to leave them when I hear myself ask them if they would like a drink.I grin with boyish glee as I take the drinks to their table; as I pass the drink to Linda, she surprises me by moving closer to Mike, patting the bench beside her. I eagerly sit with them and breath in the refreshing scent Linda wears. I sit deliberately close to Linda and she reaches out to Mike, taking his hand and holding it on his thigh.We drink for a while until I pluck up the courage to speak about last week.“I have to say guys, that I am very sorry for the way behaved last time; I hope you weren’t upset. I’m sorry if I made you leave.”“You didn’t make us leave!” Linda said, her grip on Mike’s hand increasing, pulling it to her lap.“Well, I’m glad, I thought I might have offended you.” I looked straight into her eyes, confident again, enjoying the pink shade that grew on her cheeks. I looked to her man…“It’s OK Mike, nothing happened, I was just a bit boozed up!”“I know, Linda told me!” Mike replied. But that is not why we left, we had a baby sitter to take home.”“I’m so glad you’re back again. Can I have a dance later?” I asked Linda, flirting crudely with her.Mike nodded for her and she nudged his ribs. “Maybe!” she answered.I grinned and felt even better. Instead of leaving them, I sat back and chatted to them about their family, their interests and other safe things. As I look at Linda, I see her face growing more red, but I am sure it has nothing to do with her feeling uncomfortable with me. I tease her by slyly rubbing her thigh with mine as I sit a little closer.Later, I buy another round, despite Linda insisting that she pays for it; I am happy to buy another, just to allow me to sit with them a little longer. When I sit down this time, I place my hands on the bench and slyly flick my fingers just under Linda’s thigh. I sit closer and this pushes my hands slightly closer and deeper under her firm thigh.I thrill at the feel of her soft, silky dress and what felt like stockings. After a minute, I began to rub her thigh, completely hidden from her man. She did not try to move her leg so I rubbed with longer strokes. Again, Linda did little to stop me but simply turned pinker, the shade moving lower to her neck, and with tiny beads of sweat glowing on her brow in the dim lights of the alcove. I looked at Mike who smiled back at me as he took his drink. I watch as Linda and Mike exchange looks while they sip from their glasses.Hell, the response was so thrilling that my cock started to throb. I could hardly believe that Mike would permit this in a public place, even though we have a small private area.Suddenly, Linda pushes her thigh onto my hand briefly in response to my subtle caress. I take a sip of beer and gaze at her. Linda is a gorgeous woman, well dressed as usual, this time in a flimsy dress. I can see that under the dress is a thin bra, the material of the dress showing everything underneath it. I guess that she felt she had to wear a bra, but it must be a very flimsy one. I gaze with lust down her top, admiring the swell of her beautiful breasts, lit cleverly by the dim light just above her.Later, after we had been together for nearly an hour, the music started.I let the first songs go by and left to go to the toilet.“I’ve got to get hold of her again!” I think to myself, as I enjoy the way my pee struggles through my half hard cock. I realised that I I am squeezing it gently as I piss, making it tingle. After, I almost made it hard as I squeezed out the last dribbles; shaking it then, I am thrilled by the long string of clear ooze that flew through the air, ejected from my swinging cock, landing on the back of my hand. I went to the hand basin, but stopped. Instead of washing it, I rubbed the sticky mess in my skin and returned to the table.Again, I rested on my hands as I sat down and pushed my hand once more under Linda’s lovely legs, smiling to myself as I knew I was rubbing some of my mess on her dress. I sent out a thought message to her as I did this: “You are so beautiful!”In a while, the music changed to a more mellow sound and I pulled Linda’s arm and declared, “I’ll let you dance with me only if you promise to behave!”Linda stood immediately and Mike grinned at my comments. “I’ve told her to behave, so you’re going to be safe!” He joked.I walked with my prize to the dance floor as it filled with other couples, as if we had all been waiting for a slow track. I nudged a way between the crowd so that we were surrounded. I did not want to hide from Mike, but I felt more confident hidden by others.As I held her, she stopped, stood facing me, held out her hands and smiled at me. Slowly, enjoying the sight of her, I gently held her left hand as I pulled her close. She sighed softly as I moved closer, her breath scented by alcohol. Slowly, I cuddled into her and felt her belly, hips and finally breasts as she melted into me.Immediately, my prick jerked into her. I did not try to pull away, as I wanted her to feel it. Tonight, I am not going to pretend to be nice; I have a huge ache for her and I want her to know it.My cock tingles as it presses against her groin; I know that this is utterly intimate and as she pulls back slightly, I pull her closer again. She sighs once more as she realises that this is not an accident. My prick is throbbing and jerking against her body, threatening her decency and respectability and even her composure, yet I push hard against her so that she can know what it means.I thrill as she sighs once more and relaxes her hips, her vain and frugal attempt to stop me easily overcome. She starts to dance with me and her thighs tease my tingling cockhead. I feel it nudge gently and crudely between her legs and against her sex. In my mind, I imagine that her flimsy panties are pushed into her hole as my huge monster pushes into her.I hold her close now, as I sense her weakening. This is such an intimate situation for us; I thrill at the way she gives in to her feelings. I hold her lower back and then pull her left hand close to us, so that I can touch her pretty face as she rests her head on my chest. Between us, my prick rubs so close to her, that I can actually feel the heat from her slit. I am sure also, I can make out detail of her body, like the swell of her pussy and its dampness.I imagine making her cum; I stiffen my back as dikmen escort I feel the pride in me. In my mind, I see her on her back, my huge cock stretching her lips apart, her body juddering as I fill her little hole with more cock than she has ever felt. I stare at my cock sinking into her and cleverly, I tease her tiny, pointed clit as she loses herself to her obvious lust and passion.As we dance, she allows me to manipulate her body. I do not try any longer to make my desire for her subtle or discrete. I simply rub her against my swollen prick, thrilling at her responses.“I think you and Mike are great!” I whisper to her as she leans on my strong body. “And I think you are fucking beautiful!” I say, deliberately crude but utterly sincere. I smile as she presses her face into my chest. I am going to burst with my confidence, so good do I feel.Soon the music stops and DJ-Twat plays rap music. Instantly, Linda and I are left alone on the dance-floor. I allow her to pull away from me, my prick huge, sticking out in front of me. It is not possible to manipulate it as I am in the open, so I have to walk with it back to the alcove where Mike waits for us. I see his eyes flick from Linda, to my prick. It is obvious that we have had a sexy dance, but he does not know that my prick almost stretched her wide!Linda sits beside her man again, safe now, holding his hand, pulling it on her lap. I watch her take more of her drink, fresh glasses added to the table by him. Her face is bright red and she looks down to her knees, not ready to look at her man.“I have to go to the loo!” She suddenly declares to us both, still not looking at either of us.I stand and let her walk past us. I am surprised that she does not try to move farther from me, but simply rubs me as she tries to pass. I hold her hips and stop her progress, just for a second, my prick this time slipping into her buttocks. “Just how crude does she like it?” I think to myself.My cockiness will get me into trouble, I realise, but here, with Mike and Linda, I feel OK. I know that I did not even try to hide that gesture, so I grin at Mike as I sit with him again, when Linda leaves us.“I think your lady is a dream!” I declare, not prepared to be subtle. “I’ve got such a pounding hard-on for her!” I continue. I gaze at him, looking for a sign.“I can see!” Mike said, his voice croaky from his dry throat. I know now that he is thrilled by the effect she has on me.“I’ve a good mind to fill her with cock!” I say, my confidence making my tongue too big…“Linda says that she likes your attention!” He said to me. “She likes mature men.”“Then she is a wise woman,” I said half in jest. “She knows how loving a mature man can be, worshipful even.” I continue, struggling with my script, losing all of my practiced lines. I am not used to chatting up husbands. I simply decide not to hide my desire.“I’d hate to mess with you guys, but I’d love to fuck her!”I am prepared to back away if he shows signs of anger or contempt, but he simply nods back to me.“I think she would like that!” Is all he says, more than enough to give me the go ahead.I sit back and sigh, sure now that we have a shared agenda. I reach for my beer, and thank him for the fresh one next to it. I sip the liquid and enjoy the taste and the feeling as it spreads warmth in my belly.“I’m really glad that I did not offend you last week. I was a bit OTT with Linda.“She told me, Mike admitted. I thought it was fun and we talked about it all week!”“So you are not going to kill me then!” I joked, still hoping for an explicit invitation from him.“Linda is not sure about this, but she does like you,” is all he said.I nodded. In my mind, I was sure that she was ready to be fucked. I nodded again, sensing him look at me as I took more beer.“You can stop things whenever you want!” I added, but in my head, all I wanted to do was get her away from him and enjoy her sensuous responses.Linda returned and sat between us when I stood. Again, I held her hips, but the previous magic had gone, she allowed me to pull her softly into me again, neither encouraging it nor preventing it. She sat with her man again and grabbed his hand. Once more, I sat with them and slid my hand under her thighs.We sat in a strange silence for a few minutes where I rubbed her thigh again, deliberately sensual and erotic. I looked ahead and took sips of beer to fill the silence. Suddenly, the DJ came to his senses and played another moody dance tune.I nudged Linda and asked her if she would dance with me again.“I guess I’ll have to she said, I don’t seem to get many offers!” She looked at Mike and glared. He smiled and declared, I would ask but I’ve got a bone in my leg!”She turned sharply from him as he grinned and winked at me. I took my cue from them both and led the lovely Linda back to the dance floor. This time, I grabbed her waist and we smooched together at the edge of the crowd so that Mike can see us. I glanced around and realised that lots of other people where interested in us too. As we danced, once again, she began to melt into my arms as my greedy prick pressed into her lovely shape. I whispered to her loving phrases about her sexiness and appeal.By the side of the dance floor, a group of men whose women all dance together, stare at Linda and I. Maybe they saw the state I had been in earlier. I reward them by sliding my hand down Linda’s back to cover her buttocks. I feel her move closer as if to avoid my palm. My prick once more nestled into her thighs and rubbed sexily against her slit. I almost forgot the group of male eyes on her ass, but just had enough wit to lift my hand with her hem until the bottom of her ass was visible. I glanced at the group, all of whom stared with greed at her beautiful buttocks and thighs. I imagined her tiny panties coming into view. “FUCK! I would be happy to sit with them and see this lovely woman, but tonight I am actually with her!” I thrill at my own boasting thoughts and generously expose her ass to the appreciative but small audience, enjoying their grins as they nod to each other.I start to kiss Linda’s hair, smelling of clean shampoo, so soft and smooth. I breath out and gasp my affection for her. She melts once more into my happy arms.The music continues into a series of mellow tunes and Linda and I disappear into a fantasy world. I realise that we are now near the back of the dance floor, led by Linda. I start to kiss her head again and glide my lips to her face, kissing her brow and eyes as she gasps. I want her so much that I kiss her mouth. I feel her pause, but my kisses have an effect on her as she gasps into my mouth. I greedily draw in her breath, loving her. I slide my hands over her shoulder as if I were removing her dress. Her hand reaches around my neck as she kisses me back.As if by magic, her other hand slipped down between us and she gripped my aching tool. Again, she gasped when she held it and allowed her fingers to slide over its length. I feel her measuring it with her fingers as they sc****d up and down its length. Tenderly, she rubbed the tip under my trousers. Almost transfixed, she slid her hand along it adoringly as we danced.“That is all for you darling, if you want it!” I said, thrilling as she gasped yet again in response to my invitation. Feeling proud of my condition I spoke again. “I’ve never had it so big!” I lied, but wanted her top feel special.“It’s too big!” she said, her fingers gliding up and down lovingly. eryaman escort “I can’t!”“I think that you have to!” I said cockily, making it twitch in her hand.“Oh my Aunt will kill me!” She mumbled.“She can have some too!” I joked, not understanding what she meant.Again, the music stopped and the DJ spoilt our dance.As we walked back, the group of men nudged their wives, nodding at us. Maybe 12 pairs of greedy eyes looked at us as we walked past them. The women smiled but I can see their interest in my lump, still proud and ready for them all.We sat again and I spoke. “I guess we better fuck off. I can’t wait to fuck your wife!”I was deliberately crude, but luckily, Mike nodded. He looked at Linda and she nodded too.Outside, a Taxi was nearby and I called it. In five minutes we were home and Mike took the baby sitter down the road to her home.I sat down on the lush settee and Linda went upstairs. I decided to give her all the space she needed and was determined not to push it; there is still a possibility that they will want to back out. I hear the flush upstairs and I also hear Linda walking along the landing.Mike returned and joined me on the settee.“OK mate?” He asked, bubbling with enthusiasm. “Have we got drinks yet?”He went to the kitchen and returned with a bottle of wine and glasses. He poured the wine for us and we sipped at ours. “I hope she will come down,” he said, not sure what to say.“So do I Mike,” I said, and in my mind I thought “She’d fuckin’ better come down!” In my pants, my half hard cock urged her to join us.Talking was hard as we both felt on edge; we knew what we intended, but could not talk about it freely. By the time Linda came down, I had sipped half my glass of wine.Shyly, Linda came into the room in her dressing gown. She greeted Mike with a kiss and sat on the opposite settee to the one we sat on. I relaxed as she crossed her legs, grabbed her glass of wine and sipped it, falling back into the soft backrest.I gazed at her; she looked so pretty, but less sexy in her robe, yet the fact that she had undressed was not missed by me. We drank for a while and flirted with each other.In front of me, Linda relaxed and let her legs uncross as she slumped in her chair. I moved a little to look at her thighs. I could not see her knickers but it was obvious what I am trying to do. I stood then, stepped past the coffee table and sat with Linda.She did not move apart from looking at me. I brazenly sat beside her and kissed her again. Mike stared at us and I can see that he is excited. I tug softly at Linda’s dressing gown; she allows me to open it. She wears her panties, bra and stockings, the elastic grip variety. I gaze at her body as she relaxes her arms, allowing me to expose her.I see that Mike is rubbing his cock through his trousers; I am relieved that he is excited too, I do not need to worry about offending him, my final reserve fading fast. I lean forward and kiss this lovely woman again; she allows me to kiss her, while holding her glass of wine. She is a little like a rag doll, prepared to accept whatever happens to her. Her mouth opens and I kiss her, but slowly she responds to my tongue. I take her glass and place it on the table.I want to proceed, but I am getting slow reactions from them both. I can appreciate this so I try to get them both involved.“Mike, I think it is your place, as her husband, to get her knick’s off!” He nods and is keen to take part. I move aside a little as he approaches her. With the same relaxed attitude, Linda allows her man to remove her panties, as if it his responsibility. Now her trimmed pussy is visible, far prettier than I imagined. I did not rush things, as I know I am in control of this scene.“Fuck me, but she is a beauty!” I declare crudely, my message meant for her ears. I think I will have to eat at the inn!” I followed, promising to take care of her.Mike stood again, and I ordered him to remove her silky dressing gown.This time, Linda stood and acted like a hypnotised victim, allowing her husband to determine what happens to her. He reaches then for her bra.“Stop Mike!” I order. “I think she would look good with her tits out…”He understood and she allowed him to reach into her bra and lift out her tits, one at a time.Oh did she look good! Still she showed no response to what was happening, but her nipple are solid. Her shapely, soft breasts hung over the thin material of her bra and stuck out proudly for us to admire. Close to my face, her slit is exposed, glistening with dampness.I dismissed Mike and he returned to the settee, immediately rubbing his solid cock again as he watched the show.“You should now help me darling,” I said to Linda. “My trousers should come down now.” I start to be more assertive and give direct orders to them. I pull at her hand and guide her to me. Still pretending to be unconcerned about what happens, she undoes my buckle and zip, letting the smooth material drop to my ankles. I reach for her hands but she sits down again.“Mike, you can do this for her, otherwise she will not get fucked!”I speak in crudities now, letting her know what is for sure going to happen to her.Mike jumps up, as if it is so important that Linda gets fucked.He reaches over the table, and slowly lifts the elastic waist over my cock and tugs the cloth down my thighs. Linda looks at me and her glazed eyes cannot resist my aching cock. As Mike exposes it for her, it sticks out from my body, long, thick and throbbing. I am glad that Mike is involved; it is important that there are no victims.Mike sits down again and this time, his cock is in his hands. Gently, with controlled strokes he enjoys watching this shocking display. I kick my pants and trousers under the coffee table, remove my shirt and stand before his lovely wife with a tingling, desperate prick. I gaze at her, our eyes meet and she stares at me. I kick between her shins, forcing her legs to part, then stand between them. Linda looks at me all the time, as if defying me. I know what she is doing though, and as I part my legs, still standing, her thighs part too. I kneel now and gaze at her slit. Behind me, Mike looks over me to share in the vision.I lean forward as she watches me; my eyes fix hers and I make her observe me. My tongue slips out and slowly, I close on her slippery slit. I try to watch her, but as I move close to her, I breath in the scent of her love-box. I can’t stop myself, the smell is so subtle and clean. I bury my face in her body, my tongue searching for her juices.Suddenly, Linda gasps again and grabs my hair, pulling me away, failing, letting me win, until she pushes her hips into me, this time on my side. She moans as my tongue finds its way into her body. Her swollen lips make a mess on my cheeks and her clit rubs on my nose. I know she is close to cumming so I allow her to. In a matter of seconds, her legs come up, thighs crushing my head, finger nails rip at my hair; her body stiffens as she climaxes. Her hips judder as she rubs her slit on me. I can’t breath and I have no intention of breathing until she is satisfied.My tongue flits over her clit now as she slowly pushes me away from her sex. I gasp, filling my lungs with pussy scented air. She moans loudly, crudely, frightened at her intensity, pushing my head away from her sensitive flesh. As I slide away, she starts to giggle. All of the tension now gone, she giggles like a c***d and curls her body in a ball on the chair.“Fuck!” I etimesgut escort hear Mike declare, maybe never seeing this side of her.I kneel again, my prick aching in my hand as I gently stroke it. This beautiful woman lays before me giggling with excitement. I knew that I was in charge of them and now I am going to have my fun.I place my hand on her waist and she slowly stops her giggling. Grabbing my hand, she looks at me and rolls over. This time, she looks like she did in the pub, participating, enjoying the game, enjoying her passion. I pull her hands and she sits up, her thighs tight together.I kneel beside her and grab her hair. I’m not being cruel, but a little force is needed. I move closer, her hands grab my prick as it nears her face. I allow them to hold me but I push my prick through her hands to her mouth. Automatically, like a real woman, she parts her lips enough to allow my helmet to touch her teeth. I see a load of clear goo dribble on her lip as she squeezes my shaft. I let her pull me away slightly and I watch her as she takes in the sight of my growing bubble of clear fluid. She sighs and carefully squeezes my shaft, make the dribble ooze now and drip on her thighs.I do not give her a chance to take over, I simply push at her mouth until it parts fully and her tongue greets me as I enter her. Both hands grip my swollen tool and she moves her mouth so that she can eat as much of me as possible. I see her eyes glaze again as her head takes over. Now, her hands gently smooth the shaft as her tongue strokes under my cockhead, her mouth draws more in and her neck swivels her head in a feminine manner.I could fill her face with my mess now and I know that she would love it, but in my mind I have only one objective. I straighten up and she follows me, not prepared to let my cock leave her mouth. One hand lifts and cradles my balls like an expert as the other teases my meat, feeding it into her throat.I guess that she has never done this, but it comes so naturally to her as she pushes her tongue forward, allowing my helmet access to her throat. I feel her relax her muscles, giving herself to me. Gently, I push her, holding her head still. Easily, my prick slips down her gullet. She gags a little, due to inexperience, but soon settles as I fuck her deeper than she can have imagined.I remove it now, and she opens her eyes as she takes a controlled breath. Her eyes focus on the slippery mess covering the helmet, all from her throat. Like a slut on a porn movie, she spits more on it and rubs it along the shaft. I watch her eyes as she stares at my shaft in her hands; like an expert tart, she strokes the meat all the way back to my balls, ignoring or enjoying the slimy dribbles from her mouth that oozes over her chin and on to her tits.I hear Mike sigh as he slowly rubs his cock. I hope he can last; I’d like him to be this keen as I fill his babe with cock!“This is just too big!” Linda groans, staring with lust at my prick.“It is going to kill you darling!” I declare, exaggerating.“Oh fuck!” She moaned, half pretending to be a little girl again.I push her back and she wiggles her hips to the side of the settee. Still holding my cock, she moans as I lower myself to her. “Oh fuck!” She moaned again, as if in fear, yet at the same time, she parted her legs, lifting them out of the way, exposing her delicate slit to me.I remember Mike and move a little to the side so that he can his wife being fucked. I rub my tool along the top of her slit, teasing her clit, spreading the spittle on my shaft with the juices from her slit. I feel her shudder at the sensation of my rod rubbing her button. I know she is ready, so I slide the tip down her slit, which simply opens for me. Her lovely lips, fat now with blood, ultra sensitive and ready to be parted by a brutal cock, caress my meat encouragingly. I push at her tiny hole and as I stretch her, she moves so that she see clearly.Cleverly, her right hand slips between us to feed or restrict the cock, but the result is the same. In one gentle move, I plough my shaft right into her. At one point, her stretched lips resist my movement, but only to slow it down a little. It still slips right past this point helped by the slippery wetness of her hole.Her breathing stops now, and I slowly withdraw it from her. Her right hand presses against my belly as if to force me out, but soon, her eyes open again and she pulls me into her once more. Slowly, I push, both of us watching the monster slip past her lips and filling her belly. Now she grabs my hip and guides me in and out of her. I stare at her slit, stretched wide, gurgling with juices and expelled air as I fuck her. We gaze at the scene as we get our timing right sharing the movement as I ride in and out of her womanly body.In a while, I am able to bone her with a lovely sensual stroke, not too fast, but one that enables us to feel the contours of our sexes as I slid in and out. We both watch amazed at the length of shaft meat that tortures her greedy body. One of Linda’s hands reaches for her tits; she melts into the chair as I fuck her. I watch as she cruelly twists and squeezes her nipples, putting on an u*********s show of passion.I know she is cumming again and I keep up the same rhythm; her body stiffens and she tries to stop me once more, but this time, I control her, so I keep on with the same powerful stroke. I feel her body grip my shaft and she spits out saliva as she gurgles through her throat as she climaxes. Now both hands squeeze her tits; maybe she is not aware that her show is driving me crazy. I start to fuck her again, this time faster, pushing my cock right into her as deep as I can, slamming my pubis into hers, crushing her clit.Linda is unable to move beneath me as I fuck cruelly. I thrill at her response, and I have a feeling that she is still climaxing for me. I don’t care, I want to cum too, so I slam my prick into her tiny belly. I feel cool on my balls as her juices dribble all over us, onto the settee from between her ass, up her back and also from my prick.As I push, I feel my own climax building; I look at us, taking in the display of flesh as we fuck. I make my strokes full and fast as Linda tries to keep her eyes open. I watch as she stares between us at my cock and her slit. I tell her that she is making me cum and she braces herself. I grab a hand and she allows me to move it down our bodies. I want to fill her belly but I know that it is safer to cum outside of her. Crudely, I pull my prick from her and place it in her hand. Cleverly, she understands and strokes it for me as I moan.The stroke is not easy, but she sends thrills into my belly as she pulls my seed from me. I gasp at last as my spunk shoots into the air and splashes on her tits and belly. I see her gasp once more at the lusty vision, stroking me all the time as I squirt all over her female form. I realise that I would enjoy splashing her face with all this love, but I could not have moved quickly enough.I hear Mike sigh also, and I feel his seed splash on my legs and on Linda’s thighs as he joins us. Linda moans happily as we both spill our mess on her. Mike steps over the table and kneels beside me, his dribbling prick running out over Linda’s shoulders as he feeds it in her mouth. I hear Linda sigh happily as her man uses her, her hand on his buttocks pulling him closer.As she loves her man, so she also reaches for my cock, still determined to rub it as it softens and melts in her fingers. I enjoy the feel of her expert hands as she rubs my body her finger tips rubbing over my ass as she starts to tease me this time. I gaze at her fine naked body as she greedily consumes the two men in her life tonight.I relax now, and hope that they will welcome me the next time they feel daring.

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