DictationThe phone rang at my desk and I answered. ‘I need you in my office now Samantha. I have some important dictation I need you to take down’. With that the phone was put down and I felt a sweet sensation between my legs which had now become familiar each time those words were spoken to me. I knew what awaited me behind my Master’s office door!I knocked and he called me in. ‘Lock the door behind you Samantha.’ ‘Yes Sir’ I responded. I walked over to his desk and he took my hand and pulled me towards him and guided me down so that I sat on his knee. He pulled me close and I could feel him hard against me as his hands glided over my body. My breath became short and quick, his hands on me felt so arousing. ‘Now……assume the position Samantha’, he asked of me. I stood up and bent over his desk in front of him parting my legs as I did. I then felt him slide his hand under my skirt, slowly caressing my stockinged legs until he reached the top to my bare thighs. Slowly rubbing my inner thigh and occasionally just catching my pussy as he moved to my other leg. I could feel myself becoming wet. The anticipation was delicious! Then he removed his hand from between my legs and I turned to face him. He moved back in his chair and I knelt before him, undid his trousers and took his hard cock out. I began to stroke it, I knew he loved my hands on him there dikmen escort and I wanted to make sure he was lovely and hard. He reached down to me as I continued to pleasure him with my hands and unbuttoned my blouse and took my breasts out of my bra. ‘I want to look at you naked before me when you begin to take me in your mouth Samantha.’ And he smiled at me…..knowing that this was what was to come next. I opened my legs as I knelt down and pulled up my skirt to reveal my pussy. I had no panties on, which pleased him as I was not allowed to wear any to work! And I began to touch myself as I began to suck him hard and deep. He whispered to me ‘slide two fingers inside your pussy…..I want to taste!’ I felt him become harder in my mouth as I offered him my dripping wet fingers for him to suck. I could taste his precum in my mouth as the sweet taste of my pussy on my fingers aroused him more.He then pulled me up by my hands and I stood before him my skirt up around my waist, my pussy dripping wet and my breasts level with his mouth and he began to caress them and suck my nipples. I moaned gently…mmmmmmm which made him stop and look at me. I knew that I had to be quiet as we could have been heard. He reached to a locked drawer in his desk, unlocked it and took from it two thick satin ribbons. He whispered in my ear….’.naughty eryaman escort girl!’ And then gagged me with one of the ribbons and then blindfolded me with the other.He eased me back onto the desk and raised my legs as he sat back in his chair. He then continued to kiss my inner thighs, moving slowly higher and higher until he reached my pussy. Then took hold of my breasts in his hands as he began to kiss my pussy which was already soaking wet. Then I felt him slide his tongue slowly up and down my lips, stopping at my clit to tease and suck a little longer. My breathing became hard. It felt so intense and I so wanted to moan and sigh but I couldn’t. I quivered all over as I felt his tongue pleasure me. I could feel how much more wet I was becoming and I was unable to keep still. He stopped again and looked at me ‘Keep still Samantha! If you misbehave once more you will need to be punished!’ He then went back to my pussy and I felt his tongue inside me suddenly. I knew it aroused him more to know how good it felt to me and that he was controlling how I could react to it. He sensed I was close to cumming and stopped. He stood before me, pulled the ribbon out of my mouth and met my lips with his, I could taste my pussy on his mouth and it was thrilling. I felt him hard against me and he replaced the ribbon etimesgut escort in my mouth and pulled me towards him and I felt him ease himself inside me.He slid slowly inside me, holding my hips as he pushed deeper and deeper inside me. He leaned forward as he fucked me and kissed and sucked my breasts, first the left, nibbling and circling my nipples. He was pushing deeper and harder inside my sweet tight pussy with long deep thrusts. It felt incredible, too much to bear! I was getting so very close to climaxing! I felt the tip of his cock against my g spot. My pussy so very wet that it could be heard with every thrust! I was trying not to cum and he knew it. But he wanted it. He then took the blindfold away because he wanted to look at me as he brought me to orgasm. He pulled me closer to him and felt my pussy begin to tighten around his cock.I was getting closer with every thrust, my pussy dripping. He then took my face in his hands as I felt him so very deep inside me and whispered in my ear, ‘cum Sam, I want you to cum.’ And with that my legs tightened around him and my pussy tightened around his cock. He took the ribbon from my mouth stifling my moans and kissed me hard as I climaxed, my body shaking. I released my mouth from his and asked ‘please cum for me’. He looked into my eyes as he thrust into me faster and faster, I knew he was so close and I kissed him. Unable to hold back I felt his hot, creamy cum release deep inside me. He kissed me as he pulled out of my cum filled pussy and I felt it run from me! I was spent and satisfied and already looking forward to my next dictation session behind my master’s locked office door!

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