First time with another lad


First time with another ladBack in the summer of 1987 the time was perfect to experience my first lads holiday. The 3 of us, myself 18, Mark 19 and Dan 18 had saved all year and managed to book 14 nights at a 3 star hotel in Lloret De Mar in Spain. Having no preconceived ideas before hand of what was coming, the first week was a revelation of sunshine, cheap booze and girls with loose morals!Dan was feeling somewhat left out of a lot of the fun as me and Mark were getting stuck in pulling wise he couldn’t as his girlfriend back home said she’d rip his cock off if he cheated. Despite Mark and me telling him she’ll never find out he still wouldn’t cheat on her.After 8 nights Mark had met a girl he was spending a lot of time with so told us that he’d be going out with her that evening and spending the night at her apartment, Dan and myself said that’s cool and decided between us that rather than have the usual big night round town, that we should go out, have a meal and a couple of drinks then go to the liquor store, get a bottle of vodka and head back to our hotel room for a quiet one. The evening came, Mark went off on his date so myself and Dan headed out and continued our plan for the night. The couple of drinks at the restaurant had given me a taste for more booze so when türbanlı bartın escort we kicked open the hotel room door the first thing I did was grab a glass, pour a large measure of vodka and cola and took a huge swig. “you’re keen” Dan said, “i’m up for anything mate” I blurted “great let’s get pissed” Dan replied and grabbed another glass and joined me on the grog.The vodka hit hard and within 15 minutes we were both giggling idiots rolling about on our beds telling each other shit jokes and bullshit stories. Dan stood up off his bed and said to me “you know you just said you were up for anything? did you mean anything?” “yeah mate you know me I don’t give a fuck” I boasted “well do you fancy a blowjob then?” he asked, “who off?” I questioned, “me” was the shock answer. I really didn’t know if he was being serious or not but the booze has started making me horny, and getting my dick sucked sounded pretty attractive regardless of who was doing it.”Are you being serious?” was the question I never got a verbal answer to, rather Dan made a hush sign with his finger and lips before moving his hands to unbuckle my belt and unbuttoning the fly of my 501 jeans, slipping his hand inside my boxers and grabbing hard on my cock.When türbanlı bartın escort bayan Dan took my rapidly stiffening cock in his mouth I squealed “we shouldn’t be doing this” he didn’t reply as he was so beautifully kissing, licking and sucking that I thought to myself this is wrong but feels so good it must be right. Grabbing the top of Dan’s jeans I managed to get them mostly all the way down whilst he was still fellating me, “do you want a go?” this time I never replied just wriggled round on the bed so I was in prime sucking position yanked his cock out, put his throbbing bell-end between my lips and began to suck my first cock. I immediately understood the attraction of sucking and felt turned on like never before, his cock was a little smaller than mine but tasted and felt like heaven.We moved into a 69 position for a while before Dan said “let’s snog”, being so turned on I wasn’t arguing so we began French kissing whilst our stiff cocks rubbed against each other.I had been strictly heterosexual before now, but my confusion had now turned to pure lust as it obviously had Dan as he whispered “I want to fuck””Have you fucked with a man before? I asked. “yeah don’t worry it’s lovely” he replied.Dan jumped off the türbanlı escort bartın bed. pulled a bottle of lube out of his draw and bent over sucking me whilst he slathered lube all over his arse, he then jumped back onto the bed straddling me with my erection rubbing up his arse crack, “you ready then?” he asked I just nodded and felt the tip of my Knob entering his tight, warm wet hole. It felt gorgeous and he rode me for about 5 minutes before curiosity had got the better of me and I just had to feel Dan inside me.”my turn” I ordered, pushing Dan onto the bed and sucking him to full erection. I too used lots of lube and lowered my virgin arsehole onto his rock hard dick. The pain at first was sharp but as more and more of Dan entered me the pain turned to pleasure and soon I was riding his full length and it felt ecstatic when he wanked me hard at the same time.”Fuck i’m gonna cum” I shouted so loudly the whole of Lloret could hear, “in my mouth” said Dan as he withdrew pulling my dick into his mouth, my orgasm was so intense that I nearly passed out and the next words I heard were “you ok mate?” “yeah I just want your cum” was my riposte before taking his cock into my mouth again, this time with the help of 2 fingers up his arse and as deep as I could take him I felt hot jets of a sticky, salty substance hitting the roof of my mouth and the back of my throat. My life had changed forever, this had been a huge experience for us both. We kissed, hugged, sucked and fucked all night until Mark came home from his date, we just told him that we’d had a late night and went back to separate beds for the rest of the day and holiday.

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