GERTRUD IN PARIS – PART 4GERTRUD IN PARIS – PART 4« You played the drunk girl very well », said Justine when she and Louisette were alone on the sidewalk.“I have some practice”, smiled the blonde“Do you think she suspected something? I mean I show up at the club when you are both there”, asked the blonde rather nervously“I don’t think so. She has a good poker-face but she didn’t seem surprised to see you there. She even said to me that you worked together”, answered Justine“And there is only one good lesbian club in that part of Paris anyway”, added Louisette as if to calm herself.The two women continued to walk down the sidewalk arm in arm. They had seen each other at the club before but neither suspected the other worked for the Resistance. “Gertrud is really keen on you, I can tell”, laughed Louisette“You mean…the way she fucked me tonight ?”, answered the redhead, trying to bring the conversation to a sexual level.“Not just that. The way she looks at you. You know. Maybe she’s in loves with you”, added the blonde“It’s not just sex you think ?”, asked the redhead“I don’t know. I just think you won’t have much work to do to get something out of her”, said Louisette.“I just hinted at her work before we entered the club and she blew a fuse”, said Justine remembering her remark about the air raids.Like so many men and women at this early stage of the Underground Movement, Louisette and Justine were inexperienced and taking far too many chances. They would make many mistakes before they learned. Love, sex and armed resistance to the enemy did not necessarily go together.The women had walked north towards the Seine. It was too late to stop by Évelyne and it was probably not a great idea to include her in their plans, at least for now.The women were walking following the iron wrought fence which surrounds the Luxembourg Gardens. Louisette squeezed Justine’s arm with hers and put her hand on her friend’s. Justine rested her head on the blonde’s shoulder. Louisette walked more slowly and Justine didn’t resist the silent invitation. As soon as they walked by a dark alley, they both entered it as if they had planned it. Louisette put her hand behind Justine’s head, covering it as she pushed her lover gently against the brick wall of the building. Their mouths met in a wet kiss, their lipstick spreading against the other’s cheeks. “Where do you live ?”, managed to whisper Louisette, gasping for air.“On the right bank, about 30 minutes from here”, answered Justine, breathing heavily“I live in Drancy…it’s too far”, muttered the blonde“I know…just follow me….my friend is safe, don’t worry”, said Louisette hurriedlyLouisette grabbed Justine’s hand and they began to run down the sidewalk. Suddenly they saw a small group of soldiers marching in the middle of the street towards them. It was late but before midnight which was the curfew. The two women stopped running but continued to walk briskly holding hands. The giggled as they passed the soldiers. As soon as the soldiers turned into another street, they continued to run until they reached a large wooden door. Louisette pushed the button and the door opened. They crossed a stone-covered courtyard and ran up the narrow wooden stairs until they reached the second floor. “Les melons dorment [the melons are sleeping]”, said Louisette as she knocked on the door.The door opened and a middle-age woman dressed in a black dress let the two women in.Louisette scratched the large cat behind the ears and the woman brought her two visitors to the kitchen. “This is the new recruit”, specified Louisette who proceeded to tell her hostess an abbreviated story about their night out with a German woman. “You are very stupid to bring her here”, said the woman, “with ümraniye escort all these soldiers around”.“We won’t stay the whole night”, pleaded Louisette.“Do you realize that if she gets caught, she can tell the Germans where I live”, screamed the woman in the black dress.Louisette began to sob quietly and Justine looked at her feet in shame. The woman undid a large bun hidden at the back of her head and her jet black hair fell onto her shoulders. Justine noticed her exotic beauty. Jamila (that was her name) was partly Moroccan and her ancestry showed in the darkness of her skin and hair. Her hips were wide and her breasts full. Justine couldn’t keep her eyes off Jamila and wondered what she smelled like. There was a moment of hesitation as the three women looked at each other in anger and fear. Jamila got up and showed the two younger women to a room next to the small living room.“Don’t take too much time. I have a customer coming over”, said Jamila as she slammed the door behind the two loversJustine quickly put her arms around Louisette and kissed her. The blonde pushed her away.“I’m going to get all of us killed”, cried Louisette.“Don’t worry. I won’t tell even under torture”, pleaded Justine“You are so stupid”, screamed LouisetteJustine slapped Louisette and the blonde slapped her back. Both women traded hard slaps which fell on their wet cheeks. The two women suddenly unbuttoned their blouse and took off their bra without saying a word but staring at each other. Justine slipped out of her skirt and panties. The blonde did the same. Louisette grabbed Justine’s breasts with both hands and squeezed. Justine spit in her face and pushed her knee between Louisette’s legs. The blonde did the same and the two young women pushed their cunt against the other’s knee. Justine pinned Louisette against the wall as they continued their mutual masturbation. Spitting turned into kissing. Breasts rubbed against breasts. Knees and thighs were covered with sticky cunt juices and breasts with saliva. Louisette pulled on Justine’s hair with both hands as she came.Then the door opened.“Have you girls finished ?”, asked an exasperated Jamila, “We can hear you throughout the building”. “I’ll need this room”, said Jamila hurriedly, “I have a visitor”.“I didn’t know you had customers at night, otherwise I wouldn’t have come over”, answered Louisette who barely had time to enjoy her orgasm. “Now you know”, snapped Jamila“You entertain men?”, asked Justine innocently.Louisette burst out laughing. Then even Jamila smiled broadly at the question.“I’m a lesbian hooker”, answered Jamila quietlyThere was a knock at the door. A quiet one.“Fuck…”, cried Jamila, “She’s here already.”“Come with me and hide in the kitchen”, whispered Jamila“Get out as soon as you see an opportunity”, said Jamila, looking at Louisette who knew the building. “This woman is the wife of a well-known collaborator and black market kingpin. I don’t want her to see you here”. The half-dressed women made their way quietly to the kitchen, bringing their remaining clothes with them.“I’m sorry…I am showing up a little earlier. I hope I’m not disturbing”, said the lady at the door.“No problem. I was just cleaning up.”, replied Jamila who was naked under her nightgown. The woman took off her coat and overshoes. Madame Ulrich—her husband was Alsacian – was tall and fleshy but had an attractive face. It was difficult to guess her age but Jamila, who had seen all of her, figured she was just over 50. Her greyish hair fell on her shoulders when she took off her hat. She kissed Jamila on both cheeks which is of course a common greeting amongst the French but, in this case, appeared out of place between women who were on the point of kadıköy escort having sex. Madame Ulrich couldn’t resist slipping her hands around Jamila’s waist and pulling her half-naked body against hers. “Maybe we should move to the room”, suggested JamilaThe client had already shed most of her clothes, putting them neatly on the sofa. Louisette and Justine had a glimpse of the lady, taking turns looking through the keyhole of the kitchen door. Justine mimicked the large sagging breasts and Louisette made a large triangle with the fingers of both hands.Jamila and Madame Ulrich were both naked in the living room.The client whispered something in Jamila’s ear.“Of course…if you prefer to start that way….”, said Jamila in a low voice“I usually like to end that way…but tonight I need to start that way”, snickered Madame Ulrich“Well…let’s move to the washroom”, said Jamila in a voice that was louder than usual to the point that her client “shushed” her. As soon as the door of the washroom closed, Louisette and Justine tiptoed down the hallway, opened the apartment door, closed it gently and walked down the stairs to the outside.“Fuck”, cried Justine“What now ?”, said the blonde“I forgot my bra in the small room”, shrieked Justine“Oh God…Jamila will think of something…she has frequent visitors”, said Louisette trying to calm her lover.It was past curfew now and the women had to find a place to hide.The two looked at each other and burst out laughing. “Jamila’s”, they both said at the same time.The young women walked silently through the same courtyard and went up the same stairs. Louisette had to be careful not to use the code word this time. She knocked a few times and finally she heard Jamila.“Who is it ?”, a trembling voice said“It’s us …it’s past curfew…please let us in”, pleaded LouisetteThe door opened to let in the two young women. “I have company”, whispered Jamila loudly, obviously not pleased at all at seeing her two friends again. She had slipped on her nightgown sloppily over her naked body. “Have you done it yet ?”, asked Louisette“Done what ?”, responded Jamila annoyed“That”, said Louisette, pointing with her chin to the washroom.“We were getting ready”, said Jamila“Let me give Madame Ulrich her….bath”, said Louisette, undressing quickly.Justine put her arms around Jamila’s waist and rested her cheek on the older woman’s.“Let Louisette handle it…while we get acquainted”, purred JustineA naked Louisette opened the door to the washroom. Madame Ulrich gave out a short high-pitched cry. A few minutes later, Justine and Jamila heard laughter, moaning, more laughter and the noise of water being poured. “I’m sure Louisette knows how to please her”, said Justine“Yes she certainly does”, answered Jamila, finally relaxing and responding to Justine’s affection.The two women kissed awkwardly. The young redhead took off her clothes quickly. Jamila threw off her nightgown. They connected better after feeling the naked body of the other against their own. They retreated to the bedroom Justine had left a short time ago. The redhead rubbed her face against Jamila’s large breasts before the Moroccan pushed her onto the bed.“You tramp”, whispered Jamila, “you girls are taking such chances”“Shut up and fuck me”, answered JustineThe younger woman could feel Jamila’s large wiry pubic mop against her thigh. As a lesbian hooker, Jamila was used to servicing older women not younger ones. She was also used to work quickly. Justine had to constantly slow her pace down. The women didn’t suck. They were rubbing tits and cunts. Cunts were at first rubbing against thighs but slowly the two triangles, one small and partially shaved, the other fleshy and bushy, made contact.Jamila and Justine were tuzla escort fucking when Louisette and Madame Ulrich walked into the room. The timing was not that good as Justine came but not Jamila who kept rubbing for a while still but without reaching orgasm. While Jamila was still on top of Justine, Anne-Marie (Madame Ulrich’s first name) stood next to the bed and pushed her hairy mound towards the Moroccan’s face. Jamila rubbed her nose in the hairy triangle.“You smell salty”, said Jamila in a deep voice“I bet I taste salty also”, answered Anne-Marie laughing loudly“We’ve been naughty”, said Louisette“I like your friend and we would like to finish together if you don’t mind”, asked Anne-Marie“Of course”, answered Jamila as she got off the bed bringing Justine with her.“What a lovely redhead”, cried Anne-Marie“I like salty also”, purred Justine, taking pleasure in watching the older woman squirming with lust.“You’ll have your turn later”, snapped Louisette.“Oh Jamila, they’ll fight over me”, cried Anne-Marie rubbing her large thighs together“I’ll take this one with me now so they don’t fight”, answered Jamila playfully taking Justine by the arm“Come on my little one, my salty moule [mussel] is drying up”, purred the older womanJamila and Justine closed the door behind the pair and walked into the kitchen.Justine recuperated her bra and put it with the rest of her clothes. “If you and Louisette get her busy enough and drunk enough, I can take pictures”, Jamila said in a low voice.“You’re k**ding…with a camera ?”, whispered Justine, “But she’ll notice”. “I have a very small spy camera but since I am always the only one with her in bed, I can’t …photograph her”, stuttered Jamila“And fuck her at the same time”, finished Justine.“You are so bright”, teased Jamila who was warming up to Louisette’s friend.The two naked women tip-toed to the bedroom and opened the door slowly without making a sound. Anne-Marie and Louisette were in 69 on the bed and the wife of the collaborator was on top and facing the door. A perfect shot for Jamila who aimed the small camera in the palm of her hand and took a few shots without anyone on the bed noticing. They closed the door again and preferred to come back later.“I hope to have some good pictures of Anne-Marie with her head buried between Louisette’s thighs”, said Jamila.“You didn’t come when we were fucking, didn’t you”, remarked Justine bluntly“No…well not exactly…I don’t come often…my work you know…I have to be servicing not receiving”, stammered Jamila“You don’t find me attractive ?”, asked Justine“Of course I do….I find you terribly attractive and I lust for you”, Jamila spurtedJustine fell on her knees and buried her face in Jamila thick curly triangle.“…you don’t have to”, cried the MoroccanJustine continued her licking with gusto, opening Jamila’s large pink cuntlips with her fingers. Jasmila looked down on her lover and smiled. She lowered two fingers down her belly and reached her enlarged clit.“If you don’t mind”, she whisperedJustine kept licking her lover’s crack and poking her cunt hole with her tongue while Jamila was masturbating with some rhythm and moving her hips. After a few minutes of this action, Jamila let out a short high-pitched cry, put both hands behind Justine’s head and humped it.The redhead got up and the two woman kissed, Jamila licking her cunt juices from her lover’s face. It was in this position that Anne-Marie and Louisette interrupted them.“You girls are always licking, sucking and cumming in each other’s face”, laughed Anne-Marie“You two did a pretty good job also”, remarked Justine who wanted Jamila to take more pictures and lure Anne-Marie into more sex. “I certainly would love to partake with your redhead friend here”, purred plump Anne-Marie“There is a game we can play in the bathroom but you have to close your eyes”, answered Justine with a wink to Jamila.“I know that game and it’s a lot of fun”, added Jamila all smilesTO BE CONTINUED

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