Ghetto Black Woman I used to fuck


Ghetto Black Woman I used to fuckFor some reason I feel like writing about this girl. I met her while I was grocery shopping and got her number. She was 33 or 34 and I was 23. She seemed nice but the first time we were supposed to meet she was drunk and high. She said we could fuck but I had to wear a condom because she wasn’t on birth control. I just can’t wear a condom when I fuck black women and I have to cum in their pussies so I managed to talk her out of it. Because she was drunk and high the sex wasn’t that good but she did comment that my dick was big and she wasn’t expecting it because I was white and she had never been with a white man before. I thought that was kind of rude but I didn’t care. She was one of those ghetto black women who didn’t shave her pussy or under her arms which was really a turn on for me. We ended up not talking for a while after this because the whole thing was a turn off for me and then she was wanting me to do stuff with her k**s. Oh, and she had some guy she was engaged to in prison that she wouldn’t shut up about.A couple weeks later though I start really wanting to fuck her again. So I called her and started talking to her again. I told her I wanted to fuck her while she was sober. I told her I also wanted to eat türbanlı eskişehir escort her pussy since I didn’t last time. So she finally got someone to get her k**s one day and I came over. She was sober this time and seemed so much more pleasant to be around like when I met her. She had on a white tank top with no bra under and these cloth shorts that you could see the cheeks of her ass in. She smelled like some fruity lotion or something. She was pretty thick and had medium brown skin. As soon as I came in I kissed her really deep and grabbed her ass then started rubbing her pussy through her shorts with one hand. Whenever we stop kissing the way she is smiling I can tell she really wanted to fuck too. I went back to her bedroom with her and I took my shirt off and picked her up and put her on the edge of her bed. I pulled her shorts off and pushed her legs back. I could smell her pussy so I’m guessing she is really turned on now too. I spread her pussy apart and I can see she is really wet. I start sucking her clit first and she starts to moan then I started to tongue fuck her pussy. I ran my tongue up her ass and she acted like she really liked this so I started licking around her asshole türbanlı eskişehir escort bayan and this seemed to drive her crazy. I started to stick my tongue in just a little at first but then as deep as I could get it. My dick was rock hard. It had been since the drive over there. I pushed her farther up on the bed and climbed up. I have her to where she is kind of laying on her side and looking at me with her ass towards me. I tried to kiss her again thinking maybe she wouldn’t want to since I just had my tongue in her ass but she kisses me really hard back. She moans when I slide my dick into her again. She turns her head over and grabs the covers while I’m fucking her like this. After a little while I move her to where I’m on my back and she is squatting down on my dick facing away from me. My dick is already really wet at this point. But as she is squatting down over me and props herself up and I start fucking her really hard and fast. When I look down I can see her pussy cream all over my dick and on my legs. I really wanted to cum then but I stopped myself because I had to taste her pussy again. I fuck her like this for a while then I tell her to move up so we can get in a 69 position. türbanlı escort eskişehir This cream is all matted up on her hairy pussy and all over her thighs. I try to swallow all of it then start tongue fucking her pussy again and I tongue her asshole some more too.I put her on her stomach and get over her and put my dick in her. Her legs quivered this time when I put it all the way in. I fuck her in this position for a while too until I feel myself about to explode. I ask her if I can cum in her pussy again. (I wasn’t planning on pulling out anyway but I just wanted her to tell me to cum in her pussy). She didn’t though. She just nodded. I kept fucking her until finally my dick started pulsating and spurting cum in her pussy. I was as far inside her as I could get. I’m deep in her but I’m still pumping slowly but I don’t feel my dick getting soft for some reason so I tell her I will probably be able to cum again and she just gives a breathless laugh and nods her head again so I start fucking her with her still on her stomach again. I fuck her for about 5 more minutes with my cum everywhere now because I hadn’t cum since I fucked her two weeks before so it was a lot. I felt myself about to cum again. I could have stopped myself, but I was scared if I went past that point I might not be able to cum a second time and I wanted to cum in her pussy again so I did. I finally pulled out and it was a stream of my cum left on the mattress. Her pussy looked full. We fucked two more times that day before her k**s came home.She started liking me a lot but it only lasted a couple more weeks with her. Not sure what she’s doing now.

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