GoldieI walk down the street. I am heading home. It’s late, much later than I usually head home. I stumble, I am so tired. I had a long night at Aphrodite’s. The men were generous, but my legs and back are exhausted. I start to wonder if they will be able to carry me all the way home.Up ahead I see a house, no lights, no cars in the driveway. I wonder if the tenants are gone for the night. Maybe I could just catch a quick nap. I figure it doesn’t hurt to try. I slowly walk up the sidewalk. The house is two stories with a few windows and front porch. I walk up to the front door and peer in the window. I see no movement or lights coming from inside. I try the door. It opens.I open the door slowly. It creaks. Still, I hear nothing from within the house. I come all the way through the door and close it behind me. My stomach rumbles softly. I laugh to myself. Of course I would be hungry. I walk into the kitchen and open the refrigerator. I see a pizza box, leftover Chinese, and a bowl of mac’n cheese. I pull all three out. First I try the pizza, then the Chinese. Both are usually my go to for leftovers, but these don’t work out. But the mac’n cheese tastes just right. With my appetite sated, I walk over to a set of bookcases in the living room. Three bookcases, each hold different genres of books. The first one is all mysteries, not for me. The second has all physics textbooks, definitely not for me. But the third has all history books, much more up my alley. I browse a few titles. I yawn. I venture upstairs to take a quick nap.Upstairs I find three bedrooms. I peek into the first two, which only have full size beds. The third one has a king size bed with lots of pillows. I choose that one. I strip off my yellow dress. I catch myself in the mirror, my golden blond hair falls in ringlets down my shoulders. My fulls breasts türbanlı mardin escort glow in the moonlight coming through the window. I climb into the bed. The silk sheets feel heavenly caressing my skin. I nestle against the pillows. I sigh as I close my eyes. After a few moments I feel myself drift asleep.Something awakens me. I wake, but do not open my eyes. The quiet of the room is gone. I hear heavy breathing coming from my side. It sounds as if there are multiple people by my side. I feel the silk sheet slowly leave my body. It slides down from my chin over my breasts, rubbing against my nipples, then over my stomach and past my shaved pubis. The coolness of the room washes over my body. Goosebumps rise on my arms and legs. My nipples grow taut and hard.I hear the swish of skin sliding against skin, and a slight thud. I feel the bed shift from weight. Someone is getting on the bed next to me. I feel the sheet leave me completely, pulled from my legs. I am exposed. My eyes are still closed, but I pull my arms up around my breasts. I feel more weight come onto the bed. There are multiple persons around me. I feel hands grab each of my arms and pin them spread against the bed. I struggle to pull them away from the grasp but the hands don’t budge. Now I feel hands on my legs, spreading them. They are sliding up from my calves, pushing my knees apart, and to my inner thighs. My eyes spring open.Three men are surrounding me. Two are on either side of me, one hand on each of my arms, and their other hand stroking their cocks. The third man is between my legs, hands just a few inches from my pussy. Man 3 slowly starts to move his hands up. He spreads my pussy lips, exposing my clit to his fingers. He rubs a finger up and down the sensitive bud. I feel the sensation türbanlı mardin escort bayan through my body. He flicks and plays, making me wet. He inserts a finger, eliciting a moan from me. He fingers my pussy slowly and deliberately. I writhe at the teases. The other two men cautiously release my arms. I move them above me, cradling my head. With their hands still on their cocks, their other hands move to my body. Man 1 slides his knuckles down my neck to my stomach. Man 2 goes straight for my left breast. He holds it, palming his hand on it. Then he gives it a squeeze. I moan again and arch my back. Man 1 mirrors the grope, and squeezes my right breast as well.My breasts are fondled as my pussy is fingered. My breathing is heavy, and my head in thrown back in pleasure. Man 3 puts his mouth on my pussy, flicking his tongue over my clit. The two on my tits begin to pull and play with my nipples. They rub their fingers over the pink nubs. They pinch and pull and flick till every touch is pleasurable. The man on my pussy sucks hard on my clit, pulling on it. He then madly flicks his tongue over it.I moan loudly as my orgasm reaches me. The men hold steady on their positions, nipples pinched and clit sucked. I writhe under their hands. My legs kick and my hands grope for their bodies. The man at my pussy pulls himself up and slowly starts to insert his engorged cock inside me. I arch my back to meet him. He fills my pussy. Man 1 takes a nipple in his mouth, suckling. Man 3 thrusts hard. I grab the cock of man 2 and begin to stroke him. Man 1 uses his fingers on my other nipple, pulling it. Man 3 begins a rhythm, pushing himself in and out of me. I run my hand over the shaft of man 2, as man 1 bites my nipple. I gasp from pleasure. Man 2 bends over to nibble türbanlı escort mardin at my other nipple. I switch to stroking the cock of man 1. Man 3 leans back, my legs over his shoulders, and rubs my clit as he fucks me. I put my hand back on my cock of man 2. I am rubbing the cocks of both men next to me as third thrusts into me. I cum again, yelling at my pleasure. The three men explode into and on me. My breasts are now covered in cum. I feel cum leaking from my pussy, mine and the man’s.I feel myself being lifted. I am placed on all fours, my ass facing man 2, my mouth next to the cock of man 1. Man 3 puts his body under me, hands reaching for my breasts. I feel man 2 rubbing his hands over my ass, feeling the round fullness. Man 1 guides his cock into my mouth. I lick and suck at him. Man 3 squeezes and pulls at my breasts. I feel man 2 spread my ass cheeks apart and flick his tongue at my little hole. Then he licks down to my pussy, sticking his tongue inside me. I draw in deeper the cock of man 1 as far as I can. He holds my hair, and fucks my mouth. Man 3 is milking my breasts, pinching and pulling the already sensitive nipples. Tweaking them and flicking his fingernails against them. Man 2 pulls his mouth away from my pussy and kneel behind me. He slowly slides his cock into my pussy. He grabs my hips and pulls me back onto him.For a few minutes I alternate between sucking on the cock in front of me then to sliding back onto the thrust of the cock behind me. Forward and back. Suck and fuck. All the while my nipples are getting rubbed and played and sucked and bit. I feel the cock in front me tense, then he shoots his hot salty cum into my mouth. I feel both nipples being squeezed and pulled quickly. Then I feel the man behind me holding my hips and slamming into me. I buck against him as I orgasm and I feel him tense with his as well.The three men sit next to each other against the head board with me laid across their laps. They caress their fingers over me, touching everywhere. They fondle my arms and shoulders, stomach, hips and thighs. The underside of my breasts are touched. My pussy lips are massaged. My nipples are kissed. I languish in their laps.

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