I Found a DVD part 3


I Found a DVD part 3I found a DVD part 3Hopefully you will have read parts 1 and 2 so far.Having babysat for my friends Jane and Pete a couple of times and watched videos of them enjoying each other, I was getting hornier than ever. I had seen Pete’s cum all over my friend Jane’s face, I had seen Jane cum and squirt over his face and finally I had seen my friends hairy pussy filled with spunk. Since watching these amateur porn films, I had been constantly wet in the pussy area. I just couldn’t seem to shake the images of my friends fucking from my mind. I even went out and bought myself a silent vibrator that I could wear all the time, even at work. When I was at the office, I would only have to see Jane and my mind would fill with amazingly sexy images so I started wearing the vibe all the time and when the need arose, I would operate the remote control to bring me to orgasm quickly so that I could get my work done. I would pretend to cough or sneeze as the orgasms hit. One day my sneezing grew so bad,my boss sent me home with suspected flu. I spent the rest of that day masturbating and rubbing my pussy sore.After a few weeks of frenzied masturbation, Jane once again asked me to babysit for her daughter and I naturally jumped at the chance.Once again, I turned up at the agreed hour and they were ready to depart and the daughter was in bed.As soon as the car had gone, I looked around for videos but could find anything that tuzla escort looked promising until I remembered that the last two times the disc was already in the machine.I pressed “Play”….This time, I found what I hoped for. I dropped my jeans and pants in readiness for a good rubbing and fingering. It was a video of Pete and Jane sitting on the settee in front of the telly. I instantly felt hot all over because Pete’s hard cock was sticking out of his jeans with Jane’s hand around it. Meanwhile Pete had a hand up Jane’s skirt and they were both watching a porn video of a girl masturbating.They were passing comment between themselves saying how nice the girls pussy was, how wet it looked and Pete said how much he’d like to fuck her, while they played with each other.I sat mesmerised by Jane’s hand going up and down Pete’s shaft and his hand rummaged under her skirt. Occasionally he would bring his hand up to Jane’s mouth so she could taste her own juices, something she seemed to like a lot.“Go faster babe”, Pete said and Jane stepped up the pace.“Do you wish Di was doing this?” she said with a smile.“Oh, Yea, soo much, that pussy is soo hot”Di!!!! That’s my name!!!!I looked more closely at the screen.The video they were watching was me wanking to their video last time I was babysitting!My cheeks flushed, I felt hot all over with embarrassment.There I was on their telly with 3 fingers squelching in and out of my cunt.Just ataşehir escort as I was letting all this sink in, Pete let out a gasp and a fountain of cum shot into the air. Then another spurt, higher this time. Jane bent forward and tried to catch it in her mouth but most ended up over her hand and Pete’s trousers. Finally a few dribbles oozed from his cock’s eye and over Jane’s hand which she lapped up.Just as I was getting over the excitement of Pete’s fountain of cum, I started to realise that I had been set-up by my friends. They must have set up a video camera to catch me. Oh no!!!Just then the door opened and in walked Jane and Pete.I quickly tried to pull my pants and jeans up but it was too late.Jane said, “Its OK, Di”Pete said “It’s not as if we haven’t seen it already….If it helps….” and he proceded to remove his trousers and pants to reveal a rock hard cock.Jane removed her dress to stand in lacy bra and knickers and stockings.I must have looked confused so Pete came up to me and lead me to the settee.I sat down without complaint and my jeans and pants still around my ankles. He knelt down and pulled them off. He pushed my legs apart and leaned forward to place his stubbly chin on my sopping wet expectant cunt. He rubbed it up and down just like he had done with Jane and I was squirming with the pleasure/pain. I was gushing again and he started to lap at my slit, rubbing my clit with his nose. I pendik escort was already so close before this so I grabbed his hair and pulled viciously as my orgasm hit me, pressing his face into my cunt. I don’t know whether through anger, need, or embarrassment.As I cam down from my orgasm, Pete was kneeling with his cock poised to enter me and it only took one quick thrust to go right to the hilt of my sopping hole. I looked across to see Jane sitting in chair with her knees by her ears and 3 fingers squelching in her cunt watching as Pete pounded my pussy.I was about to cum again when I asked Pete to pull out.“I want you to cum hands-free, like I saw in the video. Cum over my face like you did to Jane”With that he pulled his hard cock out. He looked over at Jane working away on her pussy.She winked.Pete clenched his buttocks and fists and thrust his hips forward so that his cock was inches from my face. I was rubbing my clit furiously and Jane was thrust hard into her hole.Pete growled.I looked down the barrel of the gun that was his penis just as it exploded into my face. The first spurt of cum hit me between the eyes. The second spurt into my open, waiting mouth, the third spurt over my T-shirt and before a fourth could come out I wrapped my mouth around his cock and swallowed.I turned around just as Jane let out a squeal and I watched as she squirted a huge fountain across the room.Things have been very different for me Jane and Pete ever since and we regularly get together for a 3some with video cameras. Now I take a copy of our vids home with me to wank to at my leisure too.I hope you enjoyed. Please leave me feedback comments.Di xx

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