Kim Possible: Dreams Can Come True – Chapter 2


Kim Possible: Dreams Can Come True – Chapter 2Kim Possible: Dreams Can Come True – Chapter 2 – SchoolEvery morning, the last five days, Kim had the same problem; she didn’t have enough time. Enough time to finish the dream, enough time to masturbate. If she started to masturbate, she would be late and her mother would come looking for her. Or even worse, the twins. So, she went and make a quick shower, put her clothes on and went down to have breakfast, still very, very horny.In school, she had a hard time concentrating in anything other than a male body. She was aching to have a quickie, just to get off, but for the being she was single. And although she knew that a lot of guys wanted to get into her pants, she was too shy to make the first move.The only option, if you would like to call it one, was to masturbate in the bathroom or the girls’ lockers. The problem of concentration was getting harder by the minute. She caught herself touching her itchy pussy over her jeans during the math class. She was like she was seating on the last row and next to her was the class geek, who was too occupied, felahiye escort trying to discover the treasures of the inner depths of his nose with his finger.During launch time, the problem got even worse. She almost forgot to pay her launch, because she was starring a very cute freshman. On the table, she didn’t pay any attention to what Ron had to say. If she had paid any attention, she would have noticed that the guys were treating Ron with respect and the girls were smiling and giggling when they passed by him. Even some of the guys had the same response as the girls when they passed by him. Kim wasn’t noticing any of this. She was lost in her own world of fantasies. She was thinking how big was the dick of the tall brown haired guy who was sitting on the next table.The bell rang, bringing the school day to an end.”At last,” thought Kim, “I can go home and masturbate. The twins have soccer practice and mom won’t be home for at least an hour.”But then she remembered that today was Friday and she had cheerleading practice and she was late. She ran to the locker room, changed into her outfit and went for practice.After two long hours of cheerleading practice, Kim was tired but still very, very horny. The team hit the showers and then Kim panicked. Before the dreams started, she had no curiosity or lust for the female body. But today was the first day after the dreams started that she was going to have a shower.A naked shower……with other girls.Kim made up her mind. She was going to get in the showers and act normally. After all, she wasn’t a lesbo and she had thousands of showers with these girls. She got of her outfit, grabbed her towel and went into the showers.Although she tried to act normal, she was sneaking views of the girls breasts and pussies, some shaved and some not, and her own pussy was getting wet and of the water! She imagined what would be like to bury her face in the DD breasts that the new blonde girl had or how good would it feel to make her arch-rival, Bonnie, shut up by feeding her her pussy. She wanted to masturbate so badly. But, by now, everybody would be home.She thought what to do… And then smiled.Kim took a long shower, making sure every girl had left or was about to leave when she stepped out of the shower. She was cleaning herself with the towel when the last girl said goodnight and left. Kim had the locker room for herself. The locker room wasn’t lock until the last team had its practice and after the last person had left the building. Basketball team was having practice right now, so even the boys’ locker room would be empty for at least an hour.Kim lay on the bench and spread her legs. With her left hand she started rubbing her left breast. She started pinching her nipple. Her right hand was rubbing her small patch of red pubic hair. Then her finger found her hole and went in. Her body began to react. She rubbed her breast harder and faster and her fingers found her clit and began massaging it. Slow at first and faster and harder later. Moans of pleasure came out of her mouth. Kim had closed her eyes and imagined that a huge dick was fucking her pussy and that Shego was licking her breasts. With that thought in her mind, she came harder than ever before.She caught her breath, dressed up and left, thinking that she would be better for a while. She didn’t know, but she had made a guy very happy that evening.

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