Laction surpise


Laction surpiseLike all good stories, this is based partly on a true situation… A couple of months ago I bumped into an old friend from school in our local super market. She was getting some stuff for a picnic at the beach and I just happened to be there at the same time. She was still in touch with a few of out old class mates so she promised to pass on my contact details.Out of the blue I received an e-mail from Louise. I remembered as a gorgeous tall girl, brunette, very athletic and sporty, well toned an with an impressive pair – I always had a crush on her but felt she was out of my league so never ventured too close to her. Anyway we got chatting via e-mail and she suggested we catch up one day in town. We got on amazingly – she was still as gorgeous as every, filled out a little as she has had a lovely little girl who is just coming up 12 months old – quite late as a mom as she is 41 and now a solo mum (he left during her pregnancy -what a looser!). We got to chatting about everything and anything and somehow I ended up admitting that I was always lusting after her at school but never felt confident enough to approach her about it. She was laughing about how she felt the same… go figure!Eventually she had to go pick up her daughter from crèche but she wanted to get together again soon. So Saturday before last I went around to her place out west. She met me at the door with a high smile türbanlı gümüşhane escort and kiss and invited me in. She had dropped her daughter off to her mum’s place not far away so she wouldn’t be interrupted. We were in the kitchen chatting and she was making coffee and some nibbles when she just turned around, smiled and said “fuck it”. She walked straight up to me and gave me an almighty snog, pressing her body hard up against mine – her breasts were full and hard against my chest and as our tongues slid in and out of each others mouths, my cock was getting very hard and pressing up against her. She was grinding her pussy against it so that was a good sign!I was feeling her back and ass and had to feel her tits. She moaned as soon as I started caressing them – a good sign! I squeezed them and she groaned louder and said be careful – they are quite tender as they are ‘still really full at the moment’… I couldn’t believe it. I was like ‘no way!’ I pushed her back and lifted her shirt off, and she had a bra that had a catch at the front. I flicked the catch open and her amazing full breasts flopped out… along with two soaking wet nursing pads! She was really embarrassed and was trying to pick them up and was saying “sorry! – oh god how embarrassing… please lets just fuck!” I held her and just kissed her then kissed my way down to türbanlı gümüşhane escort bayan those sexy full boobs. They were so full there was just little drips of milk seeping out. I couldn’t help but immediately lick and suck at her nipple. It was divine! Kind of like watered down sweetened condensed milk – warm and very tasty! She was groaning and caressing my head into her tit as I sucked more and more. I swapped over to her right breast and was licking and sucking but nothing was coming out. She showed me how to gently caress / squeeze her tit to get it to flow… it was squirting out of her nipples like little fire hydrants! Fucking amazing! It was all over my face and was starting to get on clothes so she took me to the bedroom where we stripped and she put my shirt in the wash for a quick cycle while we went at it.I had her just lay back and allow me to suck from her for ages – she was really getting off on it and was stroking my cock as I drank from her. I moved over to the other side and slid one hand down to her hairy pussy. It was absolutely soaking – so velvety silky wet and slippery. I slid a finger in whilst sucking her tit and she was bucking her hips against my hand. I slid a second finger in and started pumping long slow strokes. I took some milk in my mouth and kissed her, sharing it with her. She climaxed very quickly, türbanlı escort gümüşhane shuddering and breathing hard and pushed my head back to her breasts to suck more. She wanted me to suck harder now as they were feeling really nice. I kept getting amazing amounts of milk out of her. Finally she sat up and pushed me back and mounted my stiff cock, humping up and down with me feeling her tits as they swayed back and forth. She was really squeezing her pussy had as she pumped up and down and as I started moaning that I was getting ready to cum, she started squirting her tits down on me. That was fucking incredible – the feeling of her hot milk, her crushing pussy against my cock and the wicked grin she had on her face. I spurted deep inside her and she keep humping some more, rubbing her clit hard against my pubic hair until she came again and she flopped down on my chest, panting.We lay like that for a while, caressing, enjoying each other when my dick started to get hard again… She sucked on it and got it hard way too easily. I had her straddle the corner of her bed and I entered her from behind, feeling her swaying tits as I fucked her hard. Her pussy was soaked from her own juices and my cum so I was able to last a while. I rolled her over on to her back and held her legs together as I fucked her. The added pressure as fantastic and watching her squeezing her milk out of her breasts got me over the edge again quickly.I had to go, so we took a shower together and I got dressed in my nice clean shirt. We have chatted a lot since and agreed that we would like to do it again some more. She said that she stopped breast feeding Zoe after about 6 months but kept her milk flowing using a breast pump as she loved how it felt and also she loved having full breasts 🙂

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