Making The Sale


Making The SaleWell this one is kind of a long one so guys grab you a beer and a bowl of popcorn or ladies, grab you a glass and a bottle of wine and some cheese and I hope you all enjoy!Let me start by reminding everyone that all my stories are true life experiences of my swinging lifestyle and my open marriage! Some of the names have been changed but all the experiences and encounters really happened and conversations are word for word.A note about cock size. Personally my pleasurable comfort size for a guy inside of me is six to eight inches and I do prefer them thick. My husband is nine inches and I don’t usually take all of him! I have had bigger though, once in college with an African American guy that was twelve inches… I couldn’t come anywhere near taking all of him and I did let him try a couple of times that night. My husband has a good friend that has eleven inches. He has fucked me well over thirty times and I still have not been able to take all of him. The only way I cum with him is if I hold my vibrator on my clit while he fucks me. I have explained it to him and he is Okay with it… he just enjoys fucking me!To be very honest… I have had more orgasms with guys that have a six inch cocks than I have had with my friend with the eleven inch cock that has fucked me over thirty times. Remember… it’s not the size that counts, it’s how you use it!Some of you may already know I am a commercial real estate sales representative for a national company. I deal mostly in finding new owners for office buildings, warehouse’s and smaller factories. When I made the transition from selling houses to starting out in this eight years ago I knew it was going to be tough because the deals I was going to be making were very big money deals with great commissions. My husband Tom and I had been talking it over one afternoon before a friend came over to do a threesome with us. Later on after he had left we were on the bed and Tom was fucking me doggy style, (My favorite position by the way) when all of a sudden he pulled out of me just as I was getting ready to cum. “I know what you can do to give you a edge!” He said.“What?” I asked turning to face him and feeling kind of annoyed that I was cheated out of an orgasm.“Well sense you do love sex so much why not use sex as a bargaining tool to make a sale… sort of mix your business with some pleasure plus it will add to your goal also!” He said. Just for the record, I don’t just love sex… I am addicted to it and I DO NOT want to end my addiction! The goal he mentioned is my personal life goal to have sex with five thousand different men… as of October 1st 2014 the total is 2,806. After I made him finish fucking me and making me cum we talked more about it and I decided to give it a try. To date I have made a numerous deals and used sex as a selling point over the years so far. A lot of them have also been repeat customers. I do try to keep it as just as a business deal even though I do get a lot of pleasure myself from it. I do have a rules that I try to keep. I will not let them have me until after all the contracts are signed and then they are allowed to fuck me as much as they want for as long as they think they can keep going! I am not into pain, pissing or shitting… I am only into the pure pleasure of sex. The company buyers I usually deal with are older men in their fifties who are married and enjoy the chance to bury their cocks in a thirty something year old pussy for an afternoon!Of course every one of them are different and have different kinks. I have one repeat customer he likes for me to get naked and he will watch me masturbate for a while then he lays on the bed and I get on my knees next to him and lean over and suck his cock until he cums in my mouth while he fucks me with either his fingers or a dildo. Most of the time it’s both several times in an afternoon.I have a husband and wife that are in business together and what they like is for me to talk really dirty as he fucks me while she lays next to me sucking my nipples and rubbing my clit. When he cums in me she and I will get into a sixty-nine and she will lick all his cum from my pussy… that is repeated several times in a day.I have another gentleman who is a repeat customer that likes for us to go to the bar in his hotel and pick up a strange guy. He prefers that we find a very well hung African American guy and then we go back to his room and he jerks off while he watches the guy fuck me.I have customers that are only into getting blow jobs, a few who only want to do me anally and some that want it all. Sometimes you have to do what it takes to keep the customer happy! I do not look at it as prostitution, I am not being paid for the sex… the only money I get is from my commissions. Like my husband said… I am just mixing some business with my pleasure! About a year ago my boss called me and told me our rep in Kentucky had a baby and wanted me to work that area and he wanted me to go up there right away and meet with a buyer who was flying over from France that was looking for warehouse and office space. I had hoped this would also be a pleasurable trip also. Mine and Tom’s jobs had been keeping us very busy and neither of us had had much time for sex in the last few weeks so I was extremely horny! When I picked the buyer up at the airport he wasn’t anything like the buyers I am used to dealing with. He was in his mid forties, his name was Bayard and very handsome which made it very easy for me to flirt with him. My normal dress attire when I’m with a buyer is woman’s business suit pants and a button up shirt with several of the top buttons undone to show a lot of cleavage and give them plenty of opportunities to look down my shirt… which isn’t hard for a man to do sense I am only five foot five inches tall and have thirty-six DD breast with plenty of cleavage.The first night there I had even went down to the lounge hoping to find a random guy and yenimahalle escort fuck him to take the edge off of being so horny but the place was totally dead!For three days I drove Bayard around showing him warehouse’s with attached office space and flirting with him the whole time. While having after dinner drinks the second night I hinted that if we made a deal on a location I would be willing to indulge in some sexual fun with him which brought a smile to his face.While riding to a location the next day Bayard said, “You must have a very understanding husband to allow you to indulge in sex with other men I take it.”“He is very understanding… we have an open marriage and he knows how much I love sex so yes he is very understanding about it.” I answered. Finally I found a location he was happy with! We checked in with a very cute young security guard. Bayard told me to go ahead he wanted to talk with the guard about the area. He caught up with me in the warehouse area and then we went up to the offices. We had stepped into one of the back offices that had no windows but still had an old desk in it. There was no power on the building so the only light in the room was coming from the window in the next office. I was standing next to him and I felt his hand on my ass but I made no action to move it. We were discussing the price and he squeezed my ass and said, “Janet, this location is perfect… why don’t we seal this deal with sex.”“Um… OK… do you mean right now… right here?” I asked.“Yes of course… no better time like the present!” He said squeezing my ass again.“Well, what I meant was… after all the contracts are signed we could have sex in one of our hotel rooms to celebrate the deal.” I told him. “In this business I deal with mostly men and will seal a deal with a hand shake but with you I would rather seal it in a more intimate way. I would also like the after the contract celebration with you also… but if you do not want to make the deal then…” He was saying when I cut him off.Not wanting to loose the deal I placed my hand over a very nice semi hard cock in his pants and said, “Oh I do want to make this deal and if you want to seal it now then that’s fine too. We are gonna have to do it quietly so the guard won’t hear us… um, how should we do this?” I asked looking around the room.“Why don’t we start by you leaning over the desk.” He said. I kicked my heals off and pushed my pants down and took them off and folded them and laid them on the desk so they would not get dirty on the floor. I never wear panties so I felt his cock against my bare ass before I could even bend over so I reached behind me to stroke it. He was uncut and I figured about eight inches with a nice thickness. My pussy got instantly wet with the anticipation of finally having a cock in it so when he leaned me on over the desk and started pushing into me it I was already well lubricated! Once he was all the way inside of me he said something in french, from the tone of his voice I felt that he was in approval of how my pussy felt around him. He started to pull back about half way and then forcefully thrust back into me… it felt awesome and I began to orgasm right off. “Oh yea baby… fuck me good and deep!” I moaned softly.His hands moved from my hips around to my breast and he began to squeeze them and then he started to unbutton my shirt. Soon he was pulling my shirt off of me and tossed it on the desk with one hand as he unhooked my bra with the other. Now all my cloths were on the desk and he had me completely naked in this dimly lit office as he rammed into my dripping wet pussy from behind and I was loving every inch of his thick cock!After a few minutes he pulled out and had me turn around and sit on the edge of the desk and spread my legs. He leaned down and sucked each one of my nipples for a few seconds each and then we engaged in a very long and passionate kiss as he rubbed the head of his beautiful cock against my clit a few times and then pushed it back into me. “I believe we are going to have a fabulous celebration… don’t you Janet?” He asked as he pumped into me slowly and then stopped with his cock half inside of me.“OOH YES… we can celebrate all you want baby!” I moaned as I pulled on his hips trying to get him deeper inside of me. “Do you give oral too Janet?” “Oh yes baby… I will suck your cock all you want!” I said as I was feeling another orgasm building. I am usually VERY vocal with a lot of dirty talk during sex but I was trying to restrain myself so the guard wouldn’t hear us.He started thrusting into me faster and faster causing me to have one incredible orgasm after another. “May I release inside of you?” He asked.“FUCK YES…. FUCK YES CUM IN MY PUSSY BABY…. CUM IN ME!” I exclaimed as I felt huge gushes of his cum shoot into me.Once he had finished cumming he kelp his cock all the way inside of me and leaned down and we shared another passionate kiss. As we broke our kiss I noticed movement in the doorway, it was the security guard. The first thing I thought was this is not good… he was gonna report me and I was gonna get fired! Bayard was still between my legs with his cock still inside of me when I smiled and said, “I can explain this… I think.”He stepped closer to us and said, “I don’t think your suppose to be doing this here.”“I know but…” I started to say.Bayard stepped back pulling his cock from me and said, “Look at this my friend!” He placed two fingers on my clit and rubbed it a couple of times and then pushed them inside of me causing me to moan. I could feel his cum gush out as he added, “She is a very hot woman and loves the sex, maybe if you promise not to say anything she will allow you to enjoy her as well.”I looked the guard in his eyes, smiled, licked my lips and nodded in approval of Bayard’s proposal. Bayard stepped back as the guard stepped between my legs and replaced Bayard’s fingers ulus escort with his own. He then looked down my naked body to my cum filled pussy and back up to my tits and then to may face. “You gonna let me fuck you… and cum in you too?” He asked.“Yes…” I moaned. I was lucky he was very cute and twenty-one which was gonna make it all very easy and probably a lot of fun!He then reached out with his other hand and began to massage my left breast and said, “OK… we can do this… but if I’m risking my job then I want my dick sucked too!” “Sure…what ever it takes.” I said in a moan and again nodded my head in approval as he swirled his fingers inside of me and push them in all the way to his knuckle. He then lifted my breast and sucked my nipple for a few seconds. He had a hand towel around his neck and I reached up and took it when he pulled his fingers out and started to clean some of Bayard’s cum from my pussy. He then took my hand and said, “Come with me… I know a better place!”“Where are we going?” I asked amusingly feeling as though I was be paraded naked through this empty office as he guided me through the door.“Some place we can be a lot more comfortable!” He answered.He lead me down the hall to a big office door that he had to unlock. As I stood in the doorway looking in I saw that the office it was a big room with plate glass windows covering one whole wall and was very bright from sunlight and the only things in the room was a couch in the corner of the big window and a regular wall with a book shelf next to the couch and a high back office chair. “This was the big wheel’s office. He said walking over to the couch and pulling out the hide a bed inside of it. “It’s clean… the other guard and I bought the mattress and put it in here so we could catch a nap up here sometimes. The windows are mirrored on the out side. Someone might be able to see in from a certain angle but would have to be looking hard to make out what was going on.” He told me as he started to undress. I then walked over to the big window and crossed my arms and was looking out, I was getting very turned on by the thought of standing here completely naked looking down on a busy highway and they might be able to see me. “So… will this be OK?” He asked.“Yes… it’s great.” I answered still looking out the window. Bayard then came in the room carrying our cloths and my purse and set them on the book shelf. I tossed the guards hand towel on the corner of the bed and by now the guard was naked also and stepped over to me by the window and put one arm around me. He then kissed me and leaned down and sucked my right nipple into his mouth while his other hand went back between my legs and started rubbing my clit. I placed one hand on the window to braise myself as I opened my legs to give him access. My other hand went right for his cock and I started stroking him. After a minute he let the grip of his lips on my nipple go and pulled his hand from my dripping wet cunt and guided me to the bed. I sat down on the edge and I took hold of his cock again and stroked it while looking up at him. “My name is Donnie by the way.” He said with a smile.Smiling back up at him I said, “Hi Donnie… I’m Janet!” I then took him into my mouth and sucked on the head for a minute and then I slowly worked my tongue down his shaft and across his balls and then back to the head where I sucked him deeper into my mouth while he moaned in approval of my cock sucking skills.It was very erotic, the bed was opened up along the length of the window. I knew Donnie said it was mirrored on the out side but he also said there might be a chance someone looking hard enough could in fact see us! Just the idea of someone driving by could just look up and see me sucking Donnie’s dick or even see him fucking me or what I was really hoping for see Donnie and Bayard both fucking me… I was getting very turned on imagining people could see us!Bayard had sat down in the office chair to watch us. Donnie didn’t have a bad cock at all… he was about eight inches also but just a tad bit thicker than Bayard. I gave him a good slow blow job for a good ten minutes and had him hard as a rock before he announced he was ready for my pussy. He had me get on my hands and knees right in front of the window but I went one better… while on my knees I placed my palms against the glass and he got behind me and pushed all the way into my still soaking wet cunt! Being that I had a different cock in me and being fucked right there where it felt like everyone could see me had me cumming like crazy!Reaching around and hanging on to my tits he pounded me hard and fast for at least ten minutes. He then pulled out and said, “Lay on your back… I want to see those big fucking tits bounce while I fuck you!”I laid down so that my head was at the foot of the bed and I was right next to the window, my left leg was against it in fact. Donnie got between my legs and pushed back into me. It wasn’t long he got into a good steady rhythm. “You like my pussy baby?” I asked.“FUCK YES… I love it!” Donnie exclaimed.“I tend to get a little loud when I cum… do you think anyone can hear me moan?” I asked.“No, be as loud as you want… we are the only ones here.” He said as he started to ram into me faster.I was really enjoying Donnie’s cock! I wasn’t long I was cumming again and moaning loudly this time, “Your fucking me so good baby… OH FUCK YES… FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME! OH SHIT! Your goddam dick feels so fucking good in my cunt baby… fuck that cunt, fuck my cunt baby… FUCK ME DEEP!” Donnie then drove into me even harder and growled, “SHIT YEA… I’M GONNA FUCKING CUM!”“FUCK YES BABY… CUM IN ME… GIVE ME ALL YOUR CUM! SHOOT IT IN MY PUSSY BABY!” I exclaimed in orgasm as I felt him unload huge rushes of cum deep inside of me. “Fuck baby that was good… we came together!” I said.“Hell yes it was!” Donnie replied as he started rubbing tunalı escort his semi hard cock against my clit, I figured he wanted to get hard so he could fuck me again which was fine with me! I looked over to see Bayard watching and stroking his cock. I looked up at Donnie and asked, “You mind if I suck his cock while you play with my pussy baby?”“Uh… no it’s cool!” He said and we moved up with so my head was handing off the end of the bed. I then said to Bayard, “Why don’t you come fuck my mouth!” He didn’t say a word but got up and moved in front of me and placed one hand on the back of my head and the other feeding me his cock. I was in heaven… Donnie trying to work his semi hard cock back into my pussy while Bayard was sliding his in and out of my mouth. In close to five minutes Donnie was back to fully hard and was again pumping away at my sloppy cum filled cunt.“I told you she was a very hot woman and loves the sex did I not!” Bayard said to Donnie as the two of them used me as their fuck toy.“Yes you did… she’s got a great pussy!” Donnie replied.“She has a fantastic everything my friend!” Bayard moaned as he started rolling one of my nipples between his finger tips.“You got that right!” Donnie said as he pounded away inside of me.Bayard then growled, “I AM GOING TO CUM JANET!” I reached back and held the back of his thighs so he couldn’t pull away, “I’M CUMMING IN YOUR HOT MOUTH!” He growled loudly. All I could respond with was a grunt in approval as I felt his thick hot seamen hit the back of my throat and I began to swallow. I slowly reached up and stroked and squeezed his shaft so I could get every drop of his cum. While Bayard was filling my mouth full of his cum I was cumming all over Donnie’s cock at the same time… it was incredible!Bayard then pulled away from me and Donnie and I moved around so I was on top this time and he was enjoying sucking my nipples. As I started to ride up and down on his manhood I noticed Bayard getting dressed. “Where are you going baby?” I asked.“I am just going looking around some more while you two have fun… take your time and enjoy!” He said. Donnie and I fucked in several different positions over the next forty-five minutes with me having several great orgasms. We ended up with him doing me missionary again and I could tell he was getting ready to cum again so thought I would turn it up a notch for him. “Oh fuck baby… you got such a nice cock! It feels so fucking good in my pussy!” I moaned.“You really got a hot pussy and some awesome tits! You are the hottest fuck I have ever had in my life!” He moaned back as he drove into me harder.Smiling up at him I said, “Thank you baby… but it takes both of us to make it good!”“You really do love sex don’t you?” He asked.“Oh yes… very much so!” I replied.“I’ve got some friends that would love to get inside of you then!” He said still pumping into me.“I’m sure I would love having them in me!” I said with a giggle and a wink to let him know that the idea of it was a possibility. “Can I cum on your tits this time?” He asked.“Fuck yes… get up here and I’ll jerk it off on them for you.” I exclaimed.He got over me and I took hold of his cock and began to stroke it fast with one hand and I caressed his balls with the other. “Oh God I can’t wait to see all that hot cum shoot out of it and land on my tits!” I exclaimed.I had just got those words out when he moaned loudly, “OH FUCK… I’M GONNA CUMMMM!” His first shot went across my tits and landed on my cheek and some went into my mouth which I quickly swallowed down. His second and third shot all went on my breast.I slowly stroked him for another minute and then pushed him back. “Lay back baby… I want to get every drop from it.” I said. He laid back across the bed and I got over him and licked and sucked his cock clean… our juices together tasted awesome! After about five minutes of cleaning his cock with my tongue Donnie was hard again. I looked up at him and smiled and went back to sucking his cock. After fifteen or so minutes I looked up at him and said, “When your ready to cum let me know… I want you to shove it back in my pussy real fast and shoot it there.” He nodded his head.Another ten minutes later he announced he was ready and I rolled onto my back and he jumped between my legs and sank his cock back inside of me just as it started to spill it’s load. I reached up and pulled him down to me and we kissed passionately for several minutes before his cock grew to soft for my pussy muscles to hold him in me. “Will I ever see you again?” He asked as we dressed.“Maybe… I hope so!” I said joyfully.“Me too… me too!” He said.“Give me your number and the next time I come to town I will call you and see if we can set up some fun together… and maybe with one of your friends too!” I told him. Donnie gave me his cell number and his email address and I caught up with Bayard in the warehouse area. On the way back to our hotel I called the office and told them to fax me all the contracts so we could sign them the next morning.The next morning the front desk sent up the contracts and they were all wrong. Bayard came to my room and I called the office and they were going to have to rework all of them. The only problem was Bayard had to fly back home the next morning. He suggested that we fax the contracts to his office and he will fax them back after they are signed. I agreed and I then walked to the door and put the Do Not Disturb sign out. “Well, sense you are leaving tomorrow morning that gives us all day to celebrate!” I said and I took off my robe and tossed it on the table and walked naked over to the bed and sat down.Bayard was nude in a flash and was standing before me presenting me with his cock which I happy began to lick and suck on. We fucked on and off for the rest of the day and into the evening when my pussy was to sore I let him fuck my ass… he loved every second of it and he promised he would also be a return customer. It had turned out to be an awesome trip!I did get to see Donnie again… I had to go back up there again a few weeks later and ended up spending the evening in my hotel room with him and one of his friends I let him bring along. But that’s another story for you!Hope you enjoyed!Janet

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