Me and My Son’s Girlfriend


Me and My Son’s GirlfriendMe and My Son’s Girlfriend by BigsofteeShe was quite a flirt and it always bothered my son that she was too friendly towards other men especially in his presence. I think that is why my son no longer sees her. After they broke up he moved out of our house almost immediately and moved about 30 miles further north closer to his job. I never knew why but it was nice to finally have the house all to ourselves, especially since we are both now in our 60’s.But I guess his girlfriend never got the message he had moved. About 2 weeks after he moved out she stopped by one day. My wife was at work so I answered the door to greet her. When I opened the door I was somewhat taken by her attire. She was wearing Daisy Duke cut off shorts and a skimpy halter top, the same outfit she wore when he met her. I guess she figured it would rekindle his thoughts from back then. And after I told her I was in the middle of eating some lunch I invited her in. She sat at the kitchen breakfast bar while I finished eating my lunch. I invited her to have some but she said she had already eaten. I asked her what was on her mind and I expected she said she was there to see if she could work things out with my son. I could see the disappointment on her face when I told her he had moved out and was now living about 30 miles away. As she looked down in disappointment I couldn’t help but to take a closer look at her body. She looked like she had spent a lot of time tanning and from the view I had down her tank top it didn’t appear that she had any tan lines. Her titties were a nice small pair, about a medium sized “B” cup with no visible stretch marks.After telling her that he moved away I could see her eyes well up as she rotated her swivel seat away from me. And when she did I got a nice look at her ass which was held in nicely with those tight little shorts. However, right where her ass crack was the shorts blossomed out and I could see right down her crack. She had little tiny blonde hairs all over her ass which was typical of most natural blondes. And again I saw no tan lines. As she was looking away I could see her shoulders kind of shaking so I deduced she was crying. As I stood up from my seat I put my arms around her to console her and she whipped around and instead of sinking her head into my chest she stood up onto her tippy toes, threw her arms around my waist and planted a big kiss right on my lips. She was muttering something that I couldn’t understand but frankly I didn’t give a damn what she was saying. We both opened our lips and let our tongues do some playing. When we ended the kiss she put her head down on my chest and told me she was sorry for doing that. I told her it was quite alright and that I not only enjoyed it but had fantasized about doing that with her many times.She looked up at me and said, “Really? Did your son ever tell you why we broke up?” I told her no and asked her to tell me.She went on to say, “I told him that I really did enjoy being with him and no one else. But when the subject türbanlı osmaniye escort of being with other men came up and I told him I always had a fascination to be with a much older man he thought that meant I didn’t care for him. Which I did… I mean do… But to him that meant if I met a guy much older than him that I would be more interested in the older guy than him. I told him it was just a silly fantasy and I only thought of that because my daddy left my mother when I was really young. But, it still was too much for him so he broke up with me. And now that I’ve had time to think things over maybe it was just a passing thing, ya know what I mean?”Well, I didn’t give too shit about what my son thought. He was now 30 miles away working and my wife was at work too and wouldn’t be home for several hours. Besides, I was now standing alone in my kitchen with a good looking blonde who liked older man… like me! And my dick was getting hard! So I told her that it was okay to like whomever she wanted to and if it made her feel good to be with an older man then it was perfectly okay.She looked up right into my eyes and said, “I am so glad to hear you say that!”And with that she stood back up on her toes and planted another kiss on me. This time I took the opportunity to not only return the kiss but to checkout those cute titties. My hand roamed over one then the other noticing that they were free of a bra. I slipped my hand into the halter top and her tits were so soft yet very firm. As our kiss lingered I moved down her neck and then pulling her halter top aside I took almost her whole tit in my mouth and sucked on it like a baby. Her nipples were puffy but soon stood up almost ¾ of an inch. Meanwhile she tilted her head back and began rubbing her hands through my hair and pulling me in closer to her. I reached down and as my hand found her pussy I could feel her warmth coming through her shorts. Reaching up I popped open her shorts and slid my hand down inside. She wasn’t wearing any panties which made my already growing cock stand up even more. Going over her hairless pussy my fingers found her long firm clit and began to play with it as I sucked on her tits. I could hear her beginning to moan. It was soft and low, almost like a purring cat. As I continued to suck her tits I removed my mouth from her tit and it made a popping noise.Giving her nipples a few licks I then knelt down in front of her. Placing my hands on her sides I began to slide her shorts down when she stopped me said, “No, not here! Can we go in the bedroom?”In a flash I led her by the hand and took her towards the master bedroom. “NO!” She said. “Can we go in his bedroom?”Hell, I didn’t care what room we were going to be in so I took her into his room. Before she sat down on the edge of his bed I pulled those Daisy Duke’s down to the floor and she quickly stepped out of them and tossed them onto the edge of the bed. Before I could lay her back to go down on her she sat down on the türbanlı osmaniye escort bayan edge of the bed and grabbed my own shorts and tugged them down to the floor as well. I was, as I usually am at home, commando that day so there I stood half naked. When she pulled my shorts down it put her face even with my cock as it spring out of my shorts sticking straight out at her. She looked up at me and with her eyes wide open staring me right in the eyes she grinned then opened her mouth and slid it over my cock. Her mouth was nice and warm, like I’m sure her pussy was. On this warm fall day my balls were hanging nice and low and as one hand grabbed the shaft of my cock the other reached under and grabbed and played with my balls. I reached down and placed my hands on either side of the top of her head and began to pump my hips toward her and sinking her mouth all the way down the length of my cock. She took one finger and toyed around my asshole which along with the blow job was driving me wild. Soon I was beginning to feel that all too familiar feeling building up inside my loins. To avoid cumming too soon I quickly pulled away from her causing my cock to pop as it came out of her mouth just like her tit did for me moments before.I grabbed her under her arms and placed her back further on the bed. Spreading her legs apart I dove in for some more lunch. Her pussy tasted so smooth, sweet tasting and fresh smelling. Using my index finger I played with her clit as my tongue dove as deep as it could. Now it was her turn as she grabbed my head and pulled me in deeper. I licked the length of one of my fingers and then slid it inside her pussy. Her pussy was so wet I didn’t need that spit on my finger as it slid deep inside her. I could feel all the ridged texture of her insides against my finger tip. Then I slid another finger in and then another. Her clit was already a good ¾ of an inch long but soon it grew so long that it looked like a small dick, about 1 ½ inches long. I am as straight as they come but I couldn’t help but suck on her clit just like she did with my own cock; sliding up and down on it. Soon I had four fingers sliding in and out of her pussy. I took my other hand and after wetting my fingers with some spit I searched for and found her tight feeling ass hole. She moaned a little louder this time as my finger began to penetrate her ass. To avoid her from stopping me because of discomfort I really went to town on her pussy and clit with my mouth. She really began to moan and writhe about as my finger dove deeper.Then to my surprise, and delight, she told me, “Please…. take your finger out and put your cock in my ass!”In a split second I flipped her over onto her tummy and pulled her up onto her knees. She told me to wait a second and reached over to her shorts and out of one of the pockets pulled a tiny bottle of lube. She popped it open with one finger then reaching behind her she squeezed out some that dripped down between her cheeks türbanlı escort osmaniye and almost seemed to stop right at her butt hole. “Okay, now!” she instructed me. “Fuck my ass NOW!”Happy to oblige I took some of the lube off her cheeks and wiped it all over my cock as I pushed against her tight little hole. To my surprise my cock slid in with very little resistance. In one stroke I pushed it all the way to the hilt. She let out a loud low guttural moan then grunted out, “Oh God… YES! Fuck my ass hard!”Following her orders I began to slam my cock in and out of her ass as hard as I could. Each time I pulled out her ass made a sucking sound which made me go only faster. After just a few moments she flopped down onto the bed and grabbing a pillow she screamed into it, “Holy Jesus, I am cumming already! Fuck me… harder… HARDER! Do it harder and deeper damn it!”That was all it took and in about three minutes I was dumping a large load of hot cum in her ass. After we both calmed down a bit I began to pull my cock out of her ass. I could still feel my cock pulsating as I withdrew it. As the head of my cock slipped out of her ass it gave one more little squirt of cum. I grabbed my cock and swished it around her hole as my cum began to start flowing out. Though my cock was beginning to soften a little I was still hard enough and hungry for more. So I simply lowered the tip of my cock a little and let it slide into her pussy. And as I slid it in once more she purred like a cat. I began to pump my cock in and out and I could feel her hips beginning to lift up to meet my cock. Out of curiosity I reached over to my son’s night stand and opened the drawer. To my surprise there was an 8” long very realistic looking dildo. I know my son didn’t use it on himself but I was sure they had used it together and on her. Taking it out of the drawer I placed the tip of the dildo at her already wet ass and slid it in with ease. Now I was pumping her pussy with my cock as I slammed the dildo into her ass.“Oh shit! It feels like I am getting fucked by both you and your son!” she remarked. “You’re gonna make me cum again!”Again my mind kicked into high gear and a little while later I was blasting a second load of cum into her pussy while I continued to pump the dildo hard into her ass.Finally we both had enough as we rolled over onto our sides and just lay there in a spooning position. Lightly playing with her nipples and watching her body still jerking slightly from her orgasm I slid the dildo out of her ass and tossed it aside. As I began to remove my cock from her pussy she begged me not to take it out and pushed her ass up against me to keep it inside her. We lay there for about 10 or 15 minutes with my now growing soft cock held captive in her pussy. When it finally slid out of her pussy she moaned in disappointment. Then we got up and got in the shower where she confided in me that she knew my son had moved away and that she had always wanted to let me fuck her but was looking for the right moment. I told her she was more than welcome to come over any time she had those feelings. And all this time she was soaping up and washing my cock. With all that attention it began to stand up once more and she said, “Okay, how about now?” So we did it one more time in the shower before finally calling it a day.Thankfully she didn’t move away like my son did and we do have fun once in awhile. A lot of fun!

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