mothers carer part two


mothers carer part twoI lay in bed many nights thinking about what had happened that morning always ending up wanking over this event. I somehow knew this wouldn’t be the last time something like that would happen, i wasn’t to wait much longer to find outIt was three weeks later when i made sure i was about when sue came for her daily routine looking after mum , sue seem very pleased to see me again, once again she went straight up stairs to mother, i could hear her chatting to mother even if mother couldn’t chat back, but i heared what i was hoping tohera“would you like your lovely son to help us wash you again?” my heart jumped, i sat down stairs waiting to be called, it wasn’t long before sue called down to me to help heri climbed the stairs quickly and entered my Mothers room sue had already started to remove mothers dressing robe, again we both lifted her up the pillow a little i noticed this time mother was wearing pants, sue looked at me and said “ your mother would like you to remove her underwear”i moved close to mum and took hold of the pants and began to pull them down over her hips, sue helped me but once over the hips she stepped back and watched as i pulled them over mother bum and down her legs and out over her feet. I etimesgut escort looked back at sue “now what?” i asked “you must understand this is your mothers only fun in life so lets make sure she really has a great time shall we.”She moved next to the bed and pulled mothers legs apart , “touch her, i want you to give your mother a morning to remember” Sue moved away allowing me to move close, and i sat on the bed, sue moved close next to be and took my hand and placed it between mothers legs “touch her” i placed the tips of my fingers against her pussy, so warm and soft, i moved my fingers finding the slit and pushed a further inch inside, sue placed her lips against my ear and whispered “ finger fuck her, make her cum, be a good boy and please her” i dug my finger deeper in side it was wet and juicy and made a beautiful squishing noise as i fingered her , now a little faster and deeper, then sue moved across me and held my hand, pulled my fingers our and pulled them to her lips, “slow down “ and sucked my wet cunt socked fingers then placed them back inside my mothers cunt, “slower but deeper” she said “she likes it deep” i pushed my fingers deeper inside,now four fingers were deep in my mothers cunt sincan escort and i slowly fucked her, mother was so wet she was loving this, sue again moved in close, took my hand, removed my fingers and whisped” now taste your mum” lifting my hand to my mouth,”suck your fingers, taste your mothers juice” i lifted my fingers to my lips and ran my tongue across the tips, then open my lips and placed my fingers inside and sucked them, it tasted like any other pussy juice i had tasted before but this felt so much better, sue smiled and placed her own fingers inside mothers cunt ,moved them about for a second or two then also placed her own fingers into her mouth, “your mother tastes so sweet don’t you think?” “yes its beautiful” i replied “then you must have a little more” said sue she moved towards me looking at me straight in the eyes “do you want to please your mother more?” “of course i do” i said “then lick her” and she pulled mothers leg towards me opening my mums cunt that little wider, she placed her hand behind my head and pushed it towards the sweet wet lips still open from the fingering, i bent down and looked at the opening, my heart was banging, i felt sue encourage me a little more her firm hold of sıhhiye escort my back of my neck pushing me closer, i was now only inches away from the beautiful wet cunt i so wanted to taste, then i went that little further and placed my lips against my mothers lips, the smell was so sweet, her lips were so wet and i licked them slowly, “good boy” said sue “your mothers loving this” increased my speed licking her up and down the slit mums juices pouring out, i lapped it up licking and sucking it up, taking as much juice as i could, the more i sucked the more juice seemed to pour out, then a little gush hit me in the face, my mother started to gush, just a little squirt at first but i wanted more so licked harder and faster, a little squirt again hit my nose i caught it in my mouth as it squirted again, i swallowed it waiting for more, i pushed my face hard against her cunt trying to press my mouth deeper inside, again she squirted this time my mouth open and took the full force hitting the back of my throat, i swallowed it all wanting i took the mouthful my mother began to shake, her legs gave a little tremble as she climaxed on my face“well done you made her cum again” said sueI sat up i could make out a little smile on my mums faceSue moved across me and placed her hand on mums cunt moving it around so it was soaking wet, then turned to me and placed her hand on my face rubbing it all over my mouth and cheeks. “good boy” she said smearing mothers cum all over my face, “now go and wash your mum needs a rest

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