My first time real sex


My first time real sexIt was december 1999 when a distant cousin of mine came to live with us for about a fortnight. I was living in an annexie at a short distance from the main building so that my studies may not be affected. I was then aged about 23 years and student of ll.b. classes in a degree college. My cousin was a little older and was about 28 years of age but still unmarried and had established a prosperous business. He had come in connection with his business to recover his dues from various businessmen to whom he had supplied goods manufactured by him.Although he was my cousin but we had not met earlier. I was asked by my parents to accommodate him in the annexie in which i was living. Since my bed was a king size bed and i was living alone my cousin said he will spread his bedding on the same bed and there would be no necessity for another bed for him. My cousin’s name was raj. Since we were of almost of the same age we became very friendly within a few days. Both of us discussed about each other’s life.Since we were living in the annexie at a distance from the main house there was no possibility of any one coming in the night. On those days when he was able to realize good money he used to take me out for dinner in some good restaurant. One day he got a very handsome amount and he took me to a bar. There he ordered drinks for both of us and i felt that we had taken more drinks than what we should have taken and i felt inebriated. He had also become out. There after we took dinner and came back.When we retired to bed, raj under the influence of liquor started talking all sorts of things, which i had not heard from him thus far. He asked me kabhi kisi ladki ko choda hai tumne (have you ever fucked a girl)? I said nahin (no). I said from where could i get a girl for fucking? He said you have got a beautiful maidservant why have you not fucked her. I said she may complain to my parents and i will be given a thorough thrashing. He then said he would talk to her. Give her some money and she will come. I said i do not have money like you. I get only little money for pocket expenses and that is all i have. He then said after the drinks and dinner you must have some sex today. I said excepting jerking off there is no other way for me. He then said aaj tum meri gaand maaro aur mazaa lo (you fuck my ass and have pleasure). Hearing this i was stunned. I said what are you talking today. He ignored my question and he asked kabhi kisi ki pahle gaand maari hai (have you fucked anyone in the ass before). I again said nahin (no). Then he said koi baat nahin ataşehir escort main tumhein sab sikha doonga (don’t worry i will teach you every thing). Then he removed his pyjama and as he was wearing no briefs so became completely naked below the waist. He then asked me to remove my pyjama but i hesitated. He then pulled the drawstrings of my pyjama and i then also removed my pyjama and became naked below the waist. He then gave me a bottle of oil and told me to apply oil in his ass by inserting oiled fingers in his ass. I did as i was told. Then he took my cock in his mouth and started sucking my cock.When it was fully drenched with his saliva he lay on the bed on his stomach with his hips raised and said ab apna lund meri gaand mein dheere dheere ghusero (now insert your cock slowly in my asshole). I then came behind him and placed the tip of my erect cock against his asshole. I pressed my cock and it went inside his asshole and when i had inserted my cock up to glens penis he asked me to wait; then after a little while he asked me to press again and my cock went further in his ass. When it was fully inserted he said ab dhakke lagaao (now start in-and-out motion), which i did. Then he said ab jaldi jaldi aur kas ke. Soon i came in his ass and after waiting for some time withdrew my cock from his ass. Then he asked me ab mera sarka maar do (now jerk me off). So i took his cock in my right fist and started stroking it up and down soon he also came and discharged his semen in my hand. After washing ourselves we went to sleep. In the morning raj asked me if i enjoyed the fucking. I said very much.After the breakfast i saw raj talking to the maidservant. What did they talk i could not hear or understand. But i found her smiling. Then raj went away in connection with his business and i went to my college. When in the evening raj returned he was very happy and said that today was a very good day and he collected very good amount of money. He asked me should we go to the bar and restaurant again today. I said sure and told my mother that we shall be eating out today also. Today we had an expensive whisky but within limits and after taking our dinner we returned back home and told my mother so they may not be worried and came back to our room in the annexie and changed our clothes for the night sleep. We were sitting on the chairs and discussing so many things then raj said that madhu (the maidservant) will come at 9.00 p.m. at 9.00 p.m. madhu came and asked raj mujhe kyon bulaya (why you have called me). Raj said mauj masti ke liye (for fun). She pendik escort said kaisi mauj masti (what type of fun). Raj said wohi jo aadmi-aurat aapas mein karte hain (which men and women do with each other). She smiled and said saaf saaf bataaiye (tell me clearly). Then raj told her that isne (pointing to me) aaj tak kisi ladki ko choda nahin hai main chahta hoon ki tum ise chudai ka mazaa do. (he has not fucked any girl up to now i want you to give him pleasure of fucking). Madhu then said mujhe do sau rupaye do main inhe achchhi tarah chodna sikha doongi (give me rs. 200 and i will teach him fucking). Raj then took out two hundred rupees from his pocket and gave it to her. After taking the money madhu asked raj to go out of the room but raj insisted for remaining in the room then madhu demanded hundred rupees more. Raj readily paid the money demanded.Madhu then told me ab apne sab kapde utar kar nange ho jaaiye (remove all your clothes and become naked). When i removed all my clothes and became naked then she also removed her clothes and became totally naked. She then lay down on the bed and said ab meri choochiyan choosiye ek ek kar ke (now suck my tits one after the other). Thereafter she said ab meri bur chaatiye aur apni jeeb bur mein daaliye aur meri bhagnasa choosiye (now lick my pussy and insert your tongue in my cunt and suck my clitoris). I did as she directed me to do. This made her very passionate and she then said ab meri choot mein apna laura(laudaa) daalo aur jor jor se aur jaldi jaldi dhakke lagaao (now insert your prick in my cunt and fuck me hard and fast). I then inserted my cock in her cunt and began fucking her hard and fast. She said haan aur jor se aur jor se aur jaldi jaldi (yes harder and faster). After about ten minutes of fucking i came and discharged my come in her cunt and she also came. Madhu then asked me kaho achchha laga (did you enjoy). I said very much.Raj then asked madhu ab mujh se bhi chudva lo (now let me also fuck you). Madhu said do sau rupaye aur deejiye aur aap bhi chod leejiye (give me two hundred rupees more and you may also fuck me). Raj then gave her again two hundred rupees and fucked her. After having fucked her raj said to madhu ab kab aaogi (now when will you come)? She said main roz aa sakti hoon aap rupaye dete rahiye (i can come daily if you go on paying money). Raj then said to her ki kal bataayenge ki kab aanaa hai (i will tell you tomorrow when you have to come again). After madhu left raj asked me kaho kaisa laga mazaa aayaa chodne mein (how did you like did you enjoy fucking). I said i kadıköy escort liked very much even better than yesterday’s ass fucking.When a barrier is broken it crosses all limits. This is what happened when i allowed raj to have sex with me. Raj now wanted to have as much sex with me as possible. Sometimes he would ask me to masturbate each other (aao aaj ek doosare ka sarka maarein). Sometimes he would suck my cock (aao aaj tumhara lund choosein). Sometimes he would have me fuck his ass (aaj tum phir meri gaand maaro) and i had no choice but to act according to his wishes so that he may not feel unhappy. While he was here both of us called madhu thrice again and both of us fucked her. Before going back raj said to madhu mai jaa raha hoon magar inse chudvaati rahana. Main inhein do hazaar rupaye iske liye diye jaa raha hoon (i am going back but you should keep on fucking him. I am leaving two thousand rupees with him for this) madhu assured him jab bhi yeh mujhe bulaayenge main aa jaaoongi aur inse chudvaaloongi (whenever he will call me i will come and have him fuck me) raj also gave me one thousand rupees for the pleasure he got from me.After raj had left madhu came to me after few days and asked aaj chodna chahte ho (do you want to fuck me today). I said now we will fuck you twice a month. Aaj to main zaroor chodoonga phir pandrah din baad (i will surely fuck you today and thereafter after a gap of fifteen days). We then became naked and madhu demanded two hundred rupees first which i gave her. We had a wonderful fucking that day which i immensely enjoyed. Madhu also orgasmed twice. After about ten days madhu again came and asked: aaj phir chodoge us din to bahut maza aayaa tha (will you fuck me today on the previous day it was very pleasurable). I then said to madhu aaj to main tumhari gaand maarnaa chahta hoon (today i want to fuck your ass). Madhu said kyon kya bur chodne mein ab mazaa nahin aataa hai jo gaand maarnaa chahte ho (why do you not get pleasure in fucking cunt that you want to fuck my ass). I said bur to tumhari kai baar chod chuka hoon yeh bhi dekhna chahta hun ki gaand maarne mein kaisa lagta hai (i have fucked your cunt several times so i want to see the pleasure of ass fucking). She said theek hai aaj meri gaand maar leejiye magar dheere dheere apna lund meri gaand mein ghuseriyega kyon ki aap ka lund bara bhi hai aur mota bhi (all right but please do it slowly because your cock is long and also thick). She also said pahle achchhi tarah meri gaand mein aur apne lund mein tel lagaa lein (but first liberally oil my asshole and your cock). After lubricating her ass and my cock i entered her ass and fucked her tight passage and it was a pleasure i came in her ass and she also had orgasm.Since then madhu and i had several sessions of sex and we both enjoy.

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