My Sexual Fantasy Story


My Sexual Fantasy Storyefore reading this, please be advised that the story is quite lengthy, but it is all my complex and honest thoughts.I have a sexual fantasy about my cute cousin sister. Unlike “some” sexual fantasy stories, which sound almost as unethical ****, I hope my story is not as ****-crazy and more dignified (at least I would like to think that way to make myself justified).FYI, she is indeed my cousin, but I just added the word “sister” because it sounds more sensual somehow. She used to stay with my family for long vacation, but not anymore.I do have the sexual fantasy about my cute cousin because I have fallen love with her. May be, due to biological reason, I’m just attracted to her. Perhaps, Oedipus complex but with cousin, I guess?For example, when my cute cousin was not at home, I used to sneak into her room and played with her bras by smelling & jerking. Her bras smelled so good as she didn’t put any cologne or perfume on her so the smell/scent of bras were actually her body odors. It’s difficult to describe it, but I think it acted almost as if “pheromone” to me, meaning I fell in love with it and since then I fantasize about her and her bras.I mean, her well-worn smelly bras especially during hot summer smelled soooo lovely (even better than rose) making me beyond horny. It was smelly but it’s not foul smell. The reason is that the left-over detergent scent evened out, I think. That;s why I guess I was attracted to her bras as they created extraordinary scent. Enough to smell her pure body odor, but not enough to smell.Here is actual video of my cousin. That very grey bra she tries is my favoritePassword protectedI tried sniffing her panties, but did not give excitement as much as bras (IMHO, I love bras more than panties).I mean, when I sniffed her PE cloths after it was in laundry bag during hot summer and it was not that good. Same for panties. Not good. I mean, I have to say she was a very clean person. As far as I knew, she took shower at least once a day or at least twice during hot summer (which makes me sensual every time I think about it, haha). BUT, bras were better BECAUSE I used to sniff/smell outer cup & side wings of the bras and actually tasted inner cups (by licking as if I would or could lick her cute, small, perky tits) and somehow inner cups tasted salty especially during summer!!I mean, I also licked when it was freshly washed after laundry and it was not salty at all. Which actually means sweats from her little breasts must have been smeared.I’m guessing everyone has memory of smell that makes them relaxed pleasant(doesn’t have to be sexual) As I mentioned, it almost acted as pheromone. Every time I sniffed, it gave me comfort (I do have anxiety so I am nervous balgat escort almost every moment I breath also due to rigorous academic stress). I relaxed as I was sniffing and thinking about sucking her small but lovely tits. I would like to make love with her. BUT, I want to fuck her with dignity and as her lover instead of her cousin, not **** nor mentally/physically force her. because I love her. As much as I would like to cum into her deepest of her lovely pussy, I would like to take care of her. To me, making love is acceptance of willingness to take care of someone and even some extent, unconditional care, understanding, & forgiveness.Before beginning, I would tell her how much I would like to take care and be there for her whatever she goes through her life(no sexual implication intended). It would be implication of me telling her how much I love her. Then, I would like to kiss her lightly as I would caressed her small but lovely breasts with left hand and Tell her to shave her pussy. She seems to have a beautiful pussy, but no bushy pussy for me.I want to cum into deepest of her pussy.As far as I know, she is a virgin, yet. So, it would be lovely for me to break her hymen ( virgin as well).That is why I mentioned about care. To me, losing virginity (whether guy or girl) is letting his/her “lover” (partner) to take care of himself/herself as they share their body parts. So, when my cousin and I would lose virginity to each other, that means we accept ourselves as each other’s care giver. She is so pure yet so innocent. That does not mean I would take advantage of her. That means I would keep her due to other rut boys want her pussy then dump her. Finally, here is the list of sexual things that I would like to do with her (or this just doesn’t restrict to my cousin though. It could be any of girl in this world who I would fall in love in the future).Before I start the list, I have my own certain rules about having sex: No forceful & unwilling sex whatsoever. In other words, no **** (directly meaning no sex if no consent). Use protection with lubrication (Vibrators & dildos are acceptable, but no more than that. No weird stuff than these two). If both agrees for sex without protection, then be very cautious and make it happen as least as possible. Make sure pre-caution and after-caution are ready. Always be RESPECTFUL, romantic, sensual, gentle & especially be slow to reach long-lasting orgasm. Keep in mind that sex is more than physical pleasure. In the room before sex, always put rose leaves on the floor, put candle to make the “mood” properly and gives scents, and play sensual music quietly for bgm and one or two wine drinks if possible (no more than three due to chance batıkent escort of intoxication). Also, keep in private (no vid or any future life-ruining stuff).Orders do not matter. Everything is under assumption only if she agrees. Once again, no unwilling or forceful sexual activity whatsoever.1. mutual masturbation (each masturbate and cum into inner cup of bra to see who can fill it faster)2. cum on her face (her chicks, no eyes or any other area to show respect and lick it, then french kiss, then give each fingering and stroking)3. cum on cleavage while wearing bra (cum between tits and bras so that sticky cum shows)4. sex in underwear store (Aerie would be better rather than VS. More appropriate for her age)5. lick her armpit (armpit shaved and put cologne, but no sweaty armpit during hot summer) while constantly licking her tits until she moans to reach sexual nirvana6. camel toe (pussy) slide7. suck her tits,8. shower while watching porn10. sniff her pussy while panties are on (clean one)11. bra fight then hot sex while she wears bras, cum on her tits12. decorate bra (aka create diy rave bra) and have hot sex13. masturbate and cum on her body while she sits on dildo and moan like crazy14. creampie (tricky due to chance of pregnancy so only once or only after pill is taken)15. anal creampie (tricky as well due to wait time until it is inserted to the anal before cum, but at least no chance of pregnancy)16. cum on a bit above her pussy when she gets cervial injection (apparently, it is injected to the actual pussy, I guess),17. lick her hymen as it gets broken18. sniff her bras while she still wears it19. face gets smothered even if her tits are small20. sucking tits in breast feeding position,21. whipped creamed tits, honeyed, chocoed tits, oiling her tits22. giving and exchanging sensual massage23. Oiled nuru massage 26. teach her how to masturbate and (tricky as I don’t have pussy)27. cum on her panties then have her to wear while hanging out,28. insert vibrator and check how much she gets horny to cum while hanging out outisde29. sex while she wears sexy lingerie,30. hot sex while wearing jeans (use old skinny jean then cut out “pussy hole” for sex),31. light/mild bondage (handcuffed using her undieswrapped with bra )32. try as many as positions, but always do standing fuck (standing missionary) at some point (my all time favorite) and do following for any position in these order: kiss her while pinching her nipples, lightly slap her lovely ass, then put any CLEAN finger to her mouth so she could lick/suck and repeat by doing opposite.33.Buy her & give her bras until she owns 200 bras then sex on the bras. When goes for bra shopping, have quick sex çankaya escort in changing room so cum is on her current bras as she tries new bras. Then, let her wear freshly-cummed bras34. shave each other pubic hair then hot sex.35. CFNM36. Threesome or Foursome with other girls (who loves selfi and wears “h” brand clothing: one who fingers and moans by watching us fucking, chicks with no bigger than c cup)37. Bikini sex in pool38. buy her MEASURED right sized, fit VS BANDEAU bikini then have hot sex. I know lots of people think triangle-shaped bikinis look good (i.e: sexy, cute, hot or whatever), but I don’t think so at least in my opinion. I honestly think wearing those “triangle-shaped bikinis” are super tricky due to lots of factors such as shapes, colors, and matchness to a girl’s natural skin tone because usually color of the bikini is mono-colored.shapes. Some look their breast bigger than actual they are (to the point it’s just “unbalanced”) or some look their breast too smaller than actual they are almost to the point it’s like a guy wearing bikini. I know this is such a subjective matter, but I personally think BANDEAU bikinis are much easier for whatever girls’ body types are because usually colors are multi-colored so it’s visual distracting and gives cover-up for breasts (thus, more comfort) For bigger breasts, BANDEAU bikini could be used to cover them so that they don’t “too” jiggle but only reveal those sexy head-turning cleavage. For smaller breasts, it could be also used to cover up and gives overall balance between flat breasts and their (compare to boobs) butts.To give you an idea, let’s use my cousin as example. Keep in mind, I love her so I would hate to talk anything bad about her. My cousin has a black Adidas lightly triangle-shaped (soft rounded edge on each corner of the outer cup) one and I’m sorry but it’s sooo ugly on her. From a distance, she just looks like a young boy who grew his long hair then tries his sister’s bikini just for fun or whatever. No volume what so ever. I mean, when she wears stretchable skinny jeans with summer style top, she looks one of the most attractive girl for her age as she’s thin enough, but no so flat-everything girl (no offense intended to anyone if any). I mean, the plain bikini like one my cousin has, even if it was designed ugly, it would look good for a curvy girl like Miss Upton as she has overall curvy body so soft round edged bikini would be perfect for her to emphasize her curveyness as her side breasts showing. However, My cousin def needs colorful push-up bandeau to distract overall her thinness. I mean, her chest looks so flat with her ugly Adidas bikini due to no padding whatsoever. So, as mentioned previously, she just looks like a young boy with long hair who tried his sister’s bikini at distance. At least good chance to show nipple slip for horny boys in the pool, I guess. Also, bottom just looks horrible as the top. Keep in mind her size is 34A so she def needs push up not for cleavage itself, but just to give volume.

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