My Wife Makes Me Her Cuckold ch 3


My Wife Makes Me Her Cuckold ch 3For the duration of the weekend, I was made to suck Eric both before and after he fucked my wife. After two days of servicing him, he returned the favor and sucked my cock and then let me fuck his ass. I was amazed at how tight his ass was as I fucked him.That night was the first of many as Janet was true to her word, bringing home a number of men that she and I both sucked and fucked. All were bisexual and most sucked me as well and more than a few allowed me to fuck their ass.I not only grew accustomed to being Janet’s cuckold, I looked forward to the weekends she sent the k**s off to her parents. It was always a sure sign of the evening she had in store.As I mentioned before, Janet was quite cautious when it came to who we partnered with. She always made sure each had been checked out when it came to their medical history as she preferred raw sex with me often sucking the semen from her pussy or her male partner fucking my ass and launching their load deep into my backside.While she allowed moderate drinking, she was also quite selective when it came to people who either were light smokers or didn’t smoke at all.Janet informed me it’s been nearly six months since she first cuckolded türbanlı antakya escort me. In all that time, while I have often gone down on her after sex, I have not been given the privilege of fucking my beautiful wife.Janet said because I have proved my faithfulness, I will again be allowed to have intercourse with her. However, it will come with conditions. I am considered her bottom boy. She purchased a strapon months ago that she has used on me with regularity. Much like the strapon, she will always remain on top and in control when she fucks me.In addition, I am never permitted to fuck her in front of any other man. She on the other hand still continues to fuck others in front of me. Often with me encouraging the man to fuck my beautiful wife. Janet added to the pictures and video she took of me that first night with more videos she has taken of both of us with several of our male partners. We often view them after the k**s have gone to bed, particularly the older ones of me first getting adjusted to being her cuckolded husband.It was initially difficult to watch all the men engaging in sex with my wife, but I now have come to enjoy it. Looking back, I am so glad türbanlı antakya escort bayan that Janet decided to cuckold me instead of throwing me out as she certainly could have done.My life is not the only one that has taken a dramatic turn. My wife had intended Carrie’s encounter with Ranard and Travis to be a one time encounter to both embarrass and humiliate her. She had expected that would be the end of our affair and she would have Carrie continue to work at our office. What she had not expected was Carrie’s reaction to interracial sex.Carrie continued to have sex with Ranard and Janet recently informed me that Carrie had become pregnant. We both felt somewhat responsible and offered to have the pregnancy dealt with but Carrie was determined to have the baby.While we felt the pregnancy might have been accidental, only in the last couple of weeks have we found out that Ranard had been encouraging her to have his baby. As you can imagine, when her husband Sean found out about the affair and the baby, he threw her out. Carrie then moved in with Ranard and made plans to have his c***d.The other night I came home from the office to find Carrie and Janet türbanlı escort antakya in our living talking. I couldn’t hear much but I did make out she was discussing how I came to accept the role of a cuckold and now actually embrace it.Janet gave Carrie several of our early DVD’s where I was first coming to grips with our new relationship. It included me sucking the men off and thanking them for fucking my wife as I licked their sperm from her freshly fucked pussy.A few days ago, Janet informed me that Carrie has moved back home with Sean but she is still seeing Ranard. I could only draw the conclusion that Carrie has now cuckolded her young husband.As I type this, Janet is hovering over my shoulder reading each word. All day long Janet has promised a surprise for the weekend. I can only hope that it is Sean, who I have never met, along with Carrie and Ranard. Janet often keeps me naked on the weekends we play, and my cock is rock hard in anticipation of the evening which could be in store. I can only imagine watching as the woman I used to fuck in my office is sucking the cock of her black lover as her husband looks on. Perhaps Sean will eat her pussy full of Ranard’s cum as his black baby grows in her belly.As Sean and I are both cuckolds, I wonder if my wife will fuck Ranard herself. To my knowledge, she has never had sex with a black man before. I’m not sure how I feel about it but I know, whatever Janet decides to do, I will obey her.She just asked if that included me sucking Ranard’s cock and I informed her I’d do whatever she asked. She is my mistress and I am her cuckold.

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