Never Saw His Face The Game crossdresser fantasy


Never Saw His Face The Game crossdresser fantasynever seen his face the gamehere i was sitting parked in my car at my destination it had just goneone am as i looked at my phone waiting for it to ring five minutes wentpast then it rang i answered to a low quiet voice thats me entering thehigh street go to location il be there in five minutes i hope your beready gave me a few extra ordersi opened my car door picked up my bag got out and closed the door andgot out thinking to myself how did i get here and was it reallyhappening remembering how it all starting from the beginingit was a sunday afternoon and i was looking threw the meets section as icame across a headline that caught my eye open minded person wanted foroutdoor role play fun must like blindfolds i clicked the posting andstarted reading – looking for that special individual must be openminded not shy like outdoors avalible nights and also drive and mostimportantly has no qarms about wearing a blindfold if interested sendmessage only if you agree to these terms intrigued i clicked the profilethe name on it was blankface which went well with his profile it wasrather blank no pictures and discribed his appearance 6 foot 4 wellbuilt smartly dressed and his usual likes dislikes he had been a memberfor five years i decided as i was curious i sent a sort message hello isay your add in the meet section im interested to know more thanks xa few days later i got message in my inbox with a email address attachedthank for replying to my ad please email me asap thank you i sent aemail with my profile name hi thanks for replying heres my email addressi would like to know more about your ad thanks xwithin ten minutes i had a reply hello there i liked your profile ienjoyed looking at your pictures even tho your face is hidden iunderstand that we all have our security but very nice before we decideon going any further you must agree to never want to see my face and ifwe meet you must wear a blindfold simple yes or no will suffice if yousay yes you can change your mind anytime if you say no that will be theend and you will never hear from me again also was attached was apicture of a man in smartly dressed suit holding today’s paper with myname written on it his face blanked outmy first thought was this sounds dodgy but the curious part of my mindwanted to know more well i could end it anytime i wanted so i repliedone word yes his reply was a simple thank you i will be in touch soon asi am at work just nowtwo days later my inbox popped up as i had another message hello thankyou for agreeing to my requests are you very open minded and do youenjoy sexually activities safe of courseyes i replied to both of themthat is very good it is nice to hear would you like to assist me in myrole play fantasy please bare in mind this will be outdoors and late atnight it will be a quiet park i know and may take a few hours and willconsist of many requirements before we meeti thought to myself this is really interesting i cant wait to learn moreso i replied yes what’s the requirementswell heres the main one when we meet you must be fully dressed before wemeet and when the meet ends you must wear what ever i want you to wearalso agree to role play and you must agree to be dominated and be mysexual slave for one night protection will be used and most importantyou will wear a blindfold the entire meet there will be exceptions whereyou will need to take it off but you will never see my face it willeither be covered or hiddenok if we meet i will have to find somewhere to change first as i cantdrive dressed i then asked can you send me pictures of you holdingtodays paper in your boxers please and can you tell me more about thisgamehis reply was a few pictures of him in his boxers a very muscled manstanding in black boxers holding todays paper also was attached was somecock pictures with it resting on the paper it was very long and quietfat written was i know somewhere you can change dont worry about thatand will discuss more on the game when we meetso i took a few moments thinking to myself this is horny and very erotici finally decided yes i will agree to your requirements’ why not ithought to myself you only live oncethank you for agreeing was the message back i will need a mobile numberand the name of the supermarket closed to you i will be in touch in afew days also your shoe sizei replyed to his questionsa few days later my phone bleeped from an unknown number hello do youknow the recycling bins at the supermarketyes i repliedi have left a gift for you behind the blue bin its in a grey bag this isto prove im a not a timewaster please hurry as i dont someone else tofind itso out i went to my supermarket i parked across from the bins and lookedaround the car park was nearly empty i got out walked towards thesupermarket looked around and then walked back towards the bins i lookedbehind the bin and a saw a grey bag i quickly grabbed it and walked backto my car once inside i opened to find a shoebox and inside were a pairof stunning ankle strap stilettos with a five inch heel a very expensivebrand just over a 100 pound this guy was really serious about thisinside was a note wear to get practice in them i then drove back homethe next day i recieved a text message i hope you like the shoes and ihope its enough proof that im not wasting your timeyes there more than enough thank you xthank you im glad you liked them may i ask one more reqirement of youyes i replied you mayi would like you to sign a contract agreeing to my terms it saveswasting my time and yours as we are going to alot of effort if you agreewhen we meet i will take some pictures of you fully dressed with outyour face hidden if you break the contract i will upload them to thesupermarkets kayseri rus escort page where people will see you if you keep the contract iwill give you the memory card there on at the end of meet and you cankeep themif you dont wish this to go any further that is fine we can just leaveit and go our seperate wayswell i thought i to myself if i agree to this theres no going back sostuff it i replied yes il agree to a contractthank you very much now i will leave another package for you at the binswithin the next few days once ive done that we will arrange to meet iwill write up the contract and you can sign it when we meetthe next few days went by then around 10 pm my phone bleeped packagewaiting for you with instructions insidei drove to the bins went round the back to see another grey bag i pickedit up inside the bag was another box containing a a remote vibratinganal plug with no remote and very expensive thick blindfold one peopleuse for sleeping and a chastity cage there was also was a map andinstructions sheet be at this location on the 20th around 1 pm park yourcar on the main street and wait for my call then walk to the locationinstructions were as followsi want you wear your school uniform outfit in your 5th picture blondhair and with your lingerie from your last the red basgue with the blackstockings big lace tops and please wear diamond tights over them as ilike a schoolie to wear them aswell more layers more fun and the heelsalso have the anal plug inserted inside you and the chasity device iknow these may be uncomfortable so please get some practice in wearingthem and i look forward to our meetalso please have full makeup onso this was how it all began i parked my car up waited for his call thenmy phone went im in the high street walk to the location il be there infive minutes i hope your be ready and remember the blindfold you must bewearing it or im leaving and have your back to me when i drive upso i got out my car locked the doors walked towards the location it wasa short walk to a darkly light private road i was wearing a jogsuit overmy uniform i stopped just under a lamp post that wasnt working andlooked around no one around so i dropped my jog bottoms to the floor andput them and my shoes i was wearing in a bag i then slipped into thefive inch heels i had been practicing wearing as the cold air touched mydiamond tights covered legs and took my top off putting it in the bagleaving me wearing my uniform and lingerie which was black cardigan awhite black blouse with tie black pleated mini skirt diamond tights redbasque with suspenders black stockings and five inch heels and my blondlong hair peice i had the chastity and butt plug in placei put the blindfold over my eyes and waited for what felt like tenminutes rather than five as i heard a car engine coming towards me ifelt the heat of headlights go across my legs as a car stopped behide meand a door opened and voice spoke hello there dont you look lovely i seeyour wearing what we agreed as i heard footsteps walking towards me as ifelt hands touch my sides and my heart beating like mad arent you coldil take your bag for you as he snatched my bag from my hands dont turnaround just yet and keep the blindfold on as i heard a door opening as icould hear his footsteps walking aroundare you ok to sign this contract thenyes i repliedok here it is as i felt a folder being put in my hand and a pen in theotherhow am i meant to read it i askedive thought of that he replied as i felt a light go across the back ofmy head as he held it above me i was alot smaller than him even withheels ondont turn around pull your blindfold aside then read and sign but do notturn aroundi pulled the blindfold aside as my eyes adjusted to the light i quicklyread over the contract which was basically i agreed to his terms andwould obey his every command and be his personal sex slave for fourhours four hours whati know he wanted sex but four hours dont know if i could handle thathe then spokewell are you going to sign it theni thought this is it as i quickly signed and spoke ok thats its signedgood your all mine now put on the blindfoldi put the blindfold back on as he took the folder from my handswait 2 secs he replied as i was standing i heard the door shut then hisfootsteps behind mestand still for a moment as i heard a camera sound and a flash as hetook my photograph turn around he spoke i turned and felt the flash onmy face thats the pictures taken have you got the plug in yes i repliedas i felt the plug vibrate inside me ohhh i moaned in pleasure making mylegs tremble i now know where the remote wasgood thats good now wait therei stood standing for a few seconds as both his hands touched both myarms come this way my dear as he guided me towards the car opening thedoor he guided me into the seat pulling the seat belt over me clickingit in his car smelt of apple air fresher as i heard his door opening andhim sitting in the seat beside mewell my little schoolie you look lovely we are going to go a drive forabout 20 minutes then we will go out a walk and the game will beginas we drove along the car went a few turns i couldnt see at all with theblindfold on as we went along a bumpy road we didnt really speak on thedrive a few wordsi asked why the blindfoldhe replied i work in a high profile job i need to remain a secretoh i repliedyes its hard meeting im very grateful that you agreedhave you had many offers one or two mostly timewastersthen the car stopped thats us here ok i repliedhe then got out and walked roundopened my door as he reached in unclipped the belt then took my hand andguided me outstanding outside i felt the wind blowing up my skirt and him going woonice onehe then spoke we are going to a long walka long walk im blindfoldeddont worry il guide you as he put one arm round me and the other armtook my hand as we started walking i could smell grass and tree barkwe walked for ages for what felt like an hour over uneven ground stonesgravel and what felt like wood my feet were getting sore i hadnt reallywalked much in heels this high beforewe then stoppedright thats far enough i think now we shall discuss the game nowok as i said as i sense him standing in front meok now i want to listen carefully this is the gamehow would you like to win back the contract and the pictures withouthaving to do anything we agreedmy feet were really sore by now and was really cold i thought to myselfi really could do with this and go home so why i askedits part of the game makes it more exciting dont you think if you agreeto play the game you can win and go home without giving anything up andi lose or i win and your ass and mouth is mine for the next four hoursok then what have i to dosimple im going to go and hide and then your going to take the blindfoldoff make your way back to the car now when your making your way back tothe car im going to hunt you downeverytime i find you il buzz the butt plug you have to stop and put theblindfold back on then il run up and rip parts of your clothing off andi mean rip they will be no use to you once there off dont worry ilreplace whatever your wearing but note whatever clothing you have lefton is what im leaving you wearing when i drop you offthen il go hide again and you can go back on your way back to the car icant get you straight away i have to wait and give a head start of aboutfive minutes and then this will go on until your down to your lingerieand stockings and heels on then your get final change to get to the carif you fail that i will handcuff you and use you for my own pleasure forthe next four hoursand this is one rule if you remove the heels at all this forfits thegame in my favour and your lose two bits of clothing at time your haveabout six times in total so dont break the rule and i wodnt hide as ifi dont find you il have to leave you hereif you dont want to do this i can bend you over right now and ride yourlittle sweet ass for one hour straight or we can play the game youdecidei asked but i dont know where i amthats the point my dear we are in a park with a few paths not many anyroute you can take will take you back to the car some longer someshorter i will point you in the right direction and give you a torchthat is allwhat do you say then you up for iti took a few seconds thinking i can do thisyes i will playok as he took my shoulders and turned me around this is the directionand heres the torch as he slipped it in to hands now count to aloud to100 and then go on your way im going to go hide now ok as i startedcounting out to 100100 as i pulled the blindfold down and my eyes adjusted to the moonlitpath it was a narrow pathway with trees all around very dark as iswitched the torch on i could see two paths in the distance i startedwalking towards as the cold air breezed my legs i tried walking atquicker pace but the ground was uneven and the plug was moving around inmy assafter stumbling along the dark pathway for around ten minutes i feltthe plug start to vibrate ooh ooh i moanedthen his screamed voice blindfold oni slowly pulled the blindfold over my eyes as i heard his footsteps runtowards me as he spun me round his heavy breath breathing on my face ashe grabbed my gardigan and ripped it open i felt the buttons fly off ashe pulled it down my sleeves and pulled it off flinging it to the groundhe then spun me back round right walk straight ahead count 20 steps thentake your blindfold off theres anything in front of you but take yourtimei walked counting my steps as i reached 20 i took my blindfold off andturned around but it was too dark to see anything i started walkingagain in the direction going along dark paths the torchs light wasntvery bright but i could still see the path i walked along for anotherfive or so minutes then vibrate started again and oh ohthen blindfold on you know the routineas i pulled the blindfold on he ran behind pulling at my skirt come oncome on he screamed as he pulled at the zip trying at get it to go downil get it i saidits ok he grumbled as he ripped the zip open then pulling my skirt downand lifting my feet one by one pulling the skirt away and throwing itawaythats two done now count 20 steps and take your blindfold offok i replied as i felt the cold air on my bum cheeks now as my shirtblew around in the wind pulling the shirt down to cover the top of mytights i carried on down the pathshining the torch down the dark paths i came a cross a wooden bridge asmy heels clicked as i walked across the vibrate startedok ok i shouted i know what to do know as he shouted ok backi then heard him walking up to me as he undid my tie now thats one easynow you know what to do now as he turned me in the direction in which towalk i started to counti was now only wearing my tights and shirt and undies underneath great ithought to myself as the cold breeze went around meafter walking i tried to speed up my pace with bigger strides coming tothree split paths i had no idea which one to pick so i picked the middleone just as i started walking down the path the plug vibrated again ok iknow i know i shoutedgood stuff now il take those lovely but i wont rip them as i want tokeephow will you get them off the i askedgood question as i felt my legs getting pulled away from me as he pickedand lay facedown on the cold grass and and kneed over me undoing myankle straps and taking my shoes then proceded to pull my tights offstruggling i went no no its cold i screamedits ok il warm you up remember now two more attempts and then your assis mine he wisped in my ear as he put my heels back on me and pulled meup from the groundnow you know what to do as he pointed me in the directionlast two times i had to pick up speedas i started getting into a stride of walking faster my feet werekilling me so i stopped and sat on bench and i decided to relax for afew seconds but it was a mistake as not long after sitting down thevibrate began and i put the blind fold back onhaving a rest a we oh dear oh dear as i was pulled up from the bench asgrabbed my shirt ripping it open and pulling it offoh my don’t you look wonderful all in your undies in the great outdoorsthanks i repliednow as this is your last try il give you a ten minute head start afterthat if i catch your mine okok i humbley repliedgood stuff now as he turned me walk this way and keep going your on theright paththis was it my last chance or i was getting used and abused for the restof the night so i put more effect into trying a light run with the heelson as minutes passed as i speedly walked along the path i lost myfooting and feel straight on to the grass i was hurt it was long grassbut i picked myself and started again not long after the vibrationsbegan ohh ohh i moaned but this time it wasn’t a quick vibrate this timehe kept it going as i dropped to my knees i heard him running behindaww babe don’t worry il be gentle plenty of fun your enjoy whats to comeok ok il do anything i moaned back stop the vibrating as it wasvibrating my bum like madgood stuff as he pulled my hands behind my back and the cold hard steelof handcuffs were put on mei then heard a zip get undown as i was kneeing i felt standing front ofme pulling my head up now suck nice as his hard penis touched my lipsand slowly entered my mouth and i started sucking away and he slowlyvibrating the plug in my assafter a few minutes he started to facefuck me deep throating as i gaggedas his penis hit the back of my mouth holding my head going faster andwhat felt like ages he pulled out and put a penis in my facelick with your tongue up and down so i preceded to lickthats it lick the balls lick all that juice up like that like that hecommandedafter what felt like an hour of sucking and licking he zipped histrousers back up and pulled me to my feet frogmarching me down the pathwhere we going now i asked your find outafter a short walk felt the cold touch of steel we were at the car as iwas bent over the bonnetstay there he said as i heard the door getting opened seconds laterclosing then a packet getting opened and what sounded like a squirt anda condom getting put onnow here we go as the voice sounded behind me as he pulled my knickersto the side and the warmth of lube getting rubbed around my holenow ready one two three as i felt him push the head of his penis into myholeooh ooh i moaned be gentlei will be don’t worry a he slowly started thrusting in and out gettingdeeper and deepertoo deep too deep i moaned as he kept trying to push it all the way inits fine it fine il go slowly as he started a slow thrusti put my hand over my hole to try and stop him going deepercant have that can we as he pulled my hands up undoing the cuffs thenholding my wrists he started thrusting faster and faster pulling me offthe bonnet standing me up as he thrusted in and out holding my wristsno no no i screamedyou want me to stopno no no keep going keep going i was enjoying it too much to stop forhim to stopafter what felt like hours he dragged me to the back of the seat of thecar throwing me in on my back and climbing on top of me and putting mylegs on his shoulders as he reinterred me thrusting in and out i hadmultiple orgasms by now and as he was thrusting away i tryed to pull myblindfold away but he said no as he grabbed my hands holding them at mysidescant have that you naughty girl as he pulled out and sat down with mylegs lying across him pulling me over onto top of with my back to him hepushed back inside menow ride girl ride mei started bouncing up and down on his penis as best i could was hardwith heels on going up down but i did my bestafter a while of doing this he pushed me off and sat me beside him nowwe shall finish i felt my head getting pulled downwards and i felt thewarmth of his penis entering my mouth again after sucking for about 20minutes i felt his breathing getting heavy as he shot his load into mymouthswallow swallow it all he ordered me to do after a few minutes of himblowing his load he pushed my head up and i lay down in the seatis that me done i asked yes it is just lie down on the back seat now imgoing to handcuff you just now don’t worry its just a precaution i don’twant you to take your blindfold as he locked them and i heard the dooropening and closing then another and the engine started as we drove backi suddenly remember im wearing nothing basque and stockings and i don’tknow where i am after a while the car stopped and the doors opened and ifelt legs getting pulled out of the carwe are here as he pulled me out the car as i stood aside the car i felta bag getting dropped at my feet right heres the keys to the cuffs iwodnt drop them and heres the memory card with the pictures as he putone in each of my handsgreat thanks i cant seeyour be fine just stay very still once ive drove away unlock yourselfthank you for playing my game it was truly enjoyable as he kissed me onthe cheek ive left something in your bag for the clothes you lost thankyou and good night i might be in touch i might not as i heard footstepswalking away and a door closing then a car driving awayi fumbled with the keys unlocking myself i was back at the lampoststanding in my lingerie i grabbed the bag and ran to my car as it wasnearly daylight as the heels clicked on the concrete i didn’t even knowwho he was but he gave me a night to remember and i was wondering if iwould see him again or not see him

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