On the Beach

Big Tits

On the BeachThe sun felt so good on her skin. The few others on the beach also seemed to be enjoying a relaxing day, naked in the Mediterranean sun. The whitewashed buildings hugging to every last piece of the cliff face seemed to glisten in the sun, glowing against the rock and shrub of the tiny island.She propped herself up on her elbows, looking across the beach and thought to herself that there couldn’t be a more peaceful place in the entire world. The calm, clear water, just a few meters away, gently lapped at the shoreline, filling the air with the sound and gentle smell of the sea. The woman several paces off to her left smiled and waved. She looked just like Marilyn Monroe, only with dark hair and olive skin. She smiled and waved back.She turned to her right to see a man and a woman, together, a little further away from her than Ms. Monroe. He smiled and also waved. The woman he was with was facing her and also smiled, but she was too busy fondling his not quite erect penis çankaya escort to wave. She smiled and waved to them, then rolled back over, on to her back. She stretched her arms over her head and smiled, again simply enjoying the warmth of the sun on her naked body.She could feel herself warming up and she was so comfortable, she found herself daydreaming. She smiled to herself and settled in. Her mind started to wander, and thanks to her sensual surroundings, the daydreams quite quickly started to turn her on. She lightly bit her lower lip as she dreamt of touching and kissing her Ms. Monroe look-alike off to her left. The tingle between her legs was becoming more and more evident, and after some intense internal debate, she fought off the urge to touch herself. She turned her head to look and see that the woman to her left hadn’t moved. She watched her breast rise and fall to the comfortable rhythm of her breathing. She closed her eyes and took balgat escort a deep breath.She opened her eyes and sat up, hugging her knees to her chest. The sensation of her hard, begging nipples touching her knees wasn’t helping to ease her situation in any way. She looked to her right and the couple were still there, uncaring of her presence or her ability to plainly see them. They were snogging like teens, her hand still gently caressing his growing erection, he was fondling her ample breasts. She quickly turned away just as the woman was taking his cock into her mouth. She could feel her excitement rushing within her as her nectar dripped from her tight fanny and funnelled past her bum. With a smile, she ran a finger across her sensitive nether lips, happily feeling the oozing moisture. She instinctively brought her finger to her mouth for a taste. She had to close her eyes tight, quickly shaking the image of that woman sharing the man’s impressive elvankent escort erection with her.She stood and moved to the water. As she stood, she felt as if not only her beach companions, but every eye on the tiny island was watching her, enjoying the sight of her naked body in the sun. Normally, this feeling would make her very self-conscious and want to cover up and hide. This time, however, she stood a little taller and walked a little slower, feeling her own juices coating the inside of her thighs with every step.The surface of the water was initially cool to the touch. But once emersed, so very warm and inviting. Once she was in the water, she turned and watched the others lying on the beach. The Marilyn look-alike was calmly soaking in the sun, ignoring the couple. As for them, she was now atop him, riding him with ever growing fervor, her unashamed moans and cries echoing off the cliff and the sea, trumpeting her excitement to Olympus itself.She watched, shoulder deep in the warm, loving Mediterranean, cupping her breasts and feeling the slickness of her nectar between her legs, even in the salty sea…The alarm sounded at 7:30. She muttered “Morning comes too damn early sometimes” as she pressed the button on the alarm clock to silence the shrill beeping…

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