Our One Time 3 way – Part 2


Our One Time 3 way – Part 2Our One Time 3 way – Part 2The next morning, I awoke to one of my favorite memories of my time with mom. She was under the covers providing me with a morning blow job. My cock was nice and hard, waking up well before I did. I threw back the covers and mom looked up at me with her mouth full of my cock. She winked at me before pulling my cock out with a loud pop! “Good morning baby. I didn’t think you’d mind me getting started.”“I’ve never had a problem mom. One thing though…”“And what would that be baby?”“I think your pussy is feeling left out.”With that mom, shifted into a 69 and brought her pussy over my face. I went about enjoying mom’s delicious pussy while she took her time playing with my cock and balls. Eating out mom was a favorite pastime. She still has the yummiest pussy I’ve ever had. And it always a major turn on for me to know I was licking and sucking where I first came into the world. Mom taught me well how to eat a pussy. I loved placing my mouth over her sex and sucking on her monds and lips. I shove my tongue deep inside of her walls, snaking into around. She also loves it when I rim her ass, it makes her squirm. I slap her cheek and asks if she wants my cock. “I do baby but not just now. I not ready but tonight, there is no way I won’t have it! Now let’s come together then we can get dressed for breakfast and shopping. I “forgot” to pack any lingerie and you can help me choose new.” Mom knows I have a panty and lingerie fetish. She loved dressing up for me. I returned my efforts to her pussy and she to my cock. She really had been working on me for a while and I was getting ready to come. I knew just how to work her clit to make her come quickly. I used my fingers to spread her pussy and draw out her clit. I started to lick, suck and nibble. She started to grind her wet pussy against my face. I sucked on her clit like a little cock and she was getting into it, moaning louder. She started to suck the head of my cock and play with the underside, stroking me harder and faster. The come in my balls was starting to boil up. I really focused on the clit and felt her legs trembling and squeezing my head; she was about to come. I could feel myself getting ready to come also. We were able to time it perfectly. I came, flooding her mouth; I made a final flick and she came all over my face. I love to feel her spray on me. We recovered and showered and left the room for food and shopping. —–After food we hit a boutique lingerie shop. To be there with my mom, I was in heaven. We never shopped together before as we didn’t want to get caught by anyone who knew us. She selected a few bra and pantie sets. I recommend a nice black set with a thong and black stocking and garter for tonight. I could tell the sales gals were jealous of hacılar escort mom. While she is still a very attractive woman, I’m sure they were thinking I was just a boy toy for her and I was probably just using her for her money. If only they knew. I made sure to show off a semi-hard cock for them as we shopped. I actually saw one of them lick her lips looking at it. She saw that I caught her; I smiled and she blushed and quickly turned around for another area of the store. Mom paid for her items and we spent more time window shopping. We would touch each other very inappropriately even if not for our “wrong” relationship. It felt nice and naughty to be doing things public as we never would have done this back home. We went back to our room and watched a movie, happy to just be with one another again. We cuddled and made out. Eventually we moved back to the bedroom and put on an adult movie to watch from the bed like we used to do back home. I chose the one that was older women, younger guys just to be cheeky. As we watched, mom pulled my cock out and stroked me. I had her strip her pants off and proceeded to play with pussy. The movie was a pretty good one as it was women over 40. All the scenes were actually threesomes where a mom seduced her son’s friends. Mom climbed on my cock and rode me reversal cowgirl until she came. I then pulled her off me and placed her on her back. I straddled her chest and began to titty fuck her. My long cock allowed her to suck and lick on my cock. I rewarded her by coming all over her face; she loved it. We decided to dress for a nice dinner and hit a club. We showered and I watched mom put on the black lingerie I pick out. She put on a black wrap dress that showed off her curves. The dress provided for a deep cleavage which she dressed with a pearl necklace. I dressed in slacks and sport coat. We decided to stop in to the hotel bar for a cocktail before heading out. Tony was there again and we took seats at the bar. Mom & I both ordered the mojito. We enjoyed some chatting. Tony was actually from the Bay Area. He moved down to LA to do acting but like a lot of folks, success was not high. He had a few roles as an extra but no break thru. He was 28 and was going to give it 2 more years. If still nothing, he was moving to Oregon. Mom excused herself to use the restroom before leaving for dinner. I asked for the bill and Tony brought it over. “You know Robert, you are one hell of lucky guy. No way I would have pulled that off with someone like Mary (mom) when I was your age. My hat off to you.”“Thanks Tony. I appreciate the complement.”“I also, I hope you know I was just harmlessly flirting with her yesterday. I didn’t know she was with anyone and chat up single women for tips.”“No worries,” I told him. “I’m use to guys flirting with her. And why not, she is a smoking piece of ass.” I winked at Tony.“Right on brother! Drinks are on me. You guys have a good night.”Mom and I headed out to dinner, finding a nice Italian restaurant. It wasn’t very busy but they seated us in a side room with a booth. We were able to snuggle next to each other. After ordering drinks, Mom started to rub my crotch and started to stir the b**st. He hand began to unzip my pants and she worked to fish out my cock. She pulled it out and began to stroke it. Thankfully the table had a long tablecloth and it was well concealed as the waiter returned with our wine. Mom pretended she was fixing her napkin and brought her had back up. I tasted the wine and the waiter then filled our glasses. Once he left her hand was back on my cock, gently stoking me. I decided turnabout was fair play and I ran my hand up her thigh. My fingers found her crotch and twisted under the material to play with her smooth lips. She was so fucking wet! We kept our hand under the table as food was delivered. As the waiter left, he told us he would let us enjoy or dinner and to just waive for him if we needed anything. We actually stopped playing and enjoyed our meal. Once finished and the plates were cleared, the dessert menu was left. Mom looked at me and stated, she already knew what she wanted for dessert. At that, she slipped under the table and took my cock in her mouth. I don’t know what got into her. After being so careful all those years back home, I was seeing a new, more sexually liberated woman. I was enjoying a wonderful blow job, licking and sucking on it like there was no tomorrow. I could see the waiter walking back and I gave mom a quick note. There was no way for her to pop back up unnoticed so she stayed up. I stated mom had just stepped away to the restroom; while she was still between my legs with sucking on my cockhead. It was a struggle to maintain composure as I ordered an item for us to share. He left and mom began to suck me in earnest, waiting her dessert of come. The combo of sucking and stroking had me there quickly, I tapped her head to let her know and she took me in her mouth as deep as possible. I came strongly, shoot come down her throat. She licked me clean and left my wet member hanging out to dry. It also needed to soften before I could get in back in my pants. She climbed back to her seat, quickly wiped her mouth and was fixing her lipstick as dessert was delivered. The restaurant had no idea. As we left the restaurant, I kissed her neck and said, “Let’s get back to the hotel. I want to fuck you.” “Behave baby, we will have a good time tonight, I promise. But I really want you to take me dancing. I want a night out with my wonderful man.” The cab pulled up and I asked him to take us to a club with Latin music. We found a happening Cuban Jazz club. Mom was excited like I’d never seen. She pulled me on to the dance floor immediately. We spent the night having a great time. Mom had fantastic moves and was the desire of every single man there. We spent time dancing with other couples and made some friends. We decided to call it a night around 1. Back in the cab on our way to the hotel, Mom snuggled against me and played with my crotch. During the drive, she said she had something special to ask me. “Anything you desire, you shall have.” “Wait until you hear what I ask. You know I love you and I’ve had a wonderful time. I feel so free with you here. There is something I’ve always desired and I think it can happen tonight, if you’re willing?”“I would do anything for you,” I told her.“I want to have you and Tony…”“What?”“I want and threeway with you and Tony, the bartender from the hotel,” she said.“Wow, I had no idea.”“We played around with toys, but I really want to feel you and another cock inside me.”“Well, I’m game but I can’t say Tony will go for it. “Oh he will, trust me. We were chatting long enough before you arrived that he would have jumped the bar to head up to the room with me. You go have a chat with him and I’ll head up stairs to get ready”“OK then. If you are certain, I’ll ask him.”We arrived at the hotel and we walked to the entrance of the bar. Tony saw us and waived. Mom gave me a passionate kiss and slipped something into my hand, “Tell him I wanted him to have this and can’t wait to see him.” She gave my cock a squeeze and headed for the elevators. The room was empty as I walked up to Tony at the Bar. “Hey Robert, you just made it. I was about to close up but I can get you guys a drink.”“Thanks Tony, but I think we are good. Just came in to ask you about something.” “Sure, what you need?”“Mary and I were talking in the cab on the way over and she wanted me to give you this.” I passed her folded thong over the bar to Tony. “She wants you to know that we would love to have you join us, if you are interested and don’t have any other plans already?” I took a moment for Tony to recognize it was a pair of panties, and then he looked up and smiled. “Really???”“Sure, come on up. Room 1925, in the corner.“ I placed my room key on the bar. “Knock twice and come in.”“Sweet! I need 10 mins to finish closing down the bar and I’ll be there.”“Cool see you then,” I left for the elevator. My cock was rock hard with anticipation on the ride up. I knocked on our door as Tony had my key. Mom opened the door. She was standing in front of me, she had lost her dress and was in just heels, stockings, garter and bra. A disappointed look appeared on her face as she saw me there alone.“Don’t worry Mom. He just had to close down the bar and then he’ll be up.”“Oh thank you baby! Thank you!” She hugged me and we kissed deeply, my hands squeezed her ass.

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