Pool party


Pool partyWhen I woke up, it was still dark out. I glanced at my alarm clock, and it was only 3:30am. God, was I ever going to get a full night’s sleep? For the last couple of weeks, I was having trouble sleeping, and most of the time I would wake up with a raging erection which I would have to take care of before I could fall back asleep. I suppose that wasn’t entirely uncommon for a nineteen year old guy like me, but this problem stemmed from a particular circumstance that had been happening for about a month now.My dad surprised the family with a pool last summer. Let’s just say, we were thrilled. Honestly, if anyone who has a pool says that it’s not fantastic and a shitload of fun, they’re lying to you. We were out swimming in it every night, me and my two sisters and my parents. I was surprised how much my mom and dad wanted to use it, but they didn’t use it nearly as much as we did. My two sisters, Julia and Hannah, wore their bathing suits around the house practically all the time now. Julia is younger than me by a year, and we always call her Jules. Hannah is two years older than me, and our new pool didn’t seem to motivate her to move out any time soon. We hated having to cover the pool during the winter, but come spring we were back out there.So now, the current circumstance that was causing my nighttime problem.I guess I should preface it by saying that my family is kinda liberal with certain things. Nudity being one of them. Yep, it’s one of those stories about a family swimming naked together! Seriously, my sisters and I took baths together until we were way too old, so it wasn’t a big deal. My sisters are naked all the time around each other, since they share a bathroom and up until a few years ago a bedroom. I’ve used their shower before while they were in there, so we were used to being nude around each other if not necessarily with each other. So when our parents told us this summer that they were interested in using the pool au naturale, we took it pretty well. My sisters laughed a lot about it, and that first time as a family walking out of the house in just towels and dropping them at the pool was interesting. Let’s just say, I had to get in that damn water quick! I wasn’t about to ruin this first time by letting anyone see me rock hard. And my sisters were quick to follow too, each one having decent jugs and pretty sweet bodies.If you’ve ever swam naked, then you know how blissful and wonderful it really is. Little compares to the feeling you get being completely free and natural in a nice cool swimming pool. Once we were all under the water, and our bodies were mostly hidden, it wasn’t awkward at all. In fact, we kind of forgot about it after a while. Mom and dad being naked kind of kept things from being sexual. No offense to them, but seeing my dad’s hairy body and my mom’s sagging boobs didn’t really arouse me. Seeing Julia’s B cups and tight stomach, and Hannah’s more generous C cups and nice round ass, was a different story though. So I fought to keep them out of a sexual context and just enjoy the pool. I didn’t want to ruin our wonderful swimming routine for anyone by getting all weird and dorky.So eventually, after about a week, everyone was basically totally comfortable with our family being amateur nudists. Mostly it was in the pool, but it spilled out into our enclosed patio and sometimes even in the kitchen right after a swim. I always kept my towel handy, but Julia and Hannah never covered their tits. If I suspected that I would have a problem hiding my arousal, I would just place the towel casually in my lap. I think my parents never thought anything of it, but I know my sisters knew what I was doing. They always smiled when I grabbed my towel, as if they knew what they were doing to me.The first night I had a problem sleeping was right after a late swim with just me and my sisters. Mom and dad had gone to bed long ago, and it was a really warm night. So we all stripped out of our pajamas and raced out to the pool. After a lot of splashing and fun, we just relaxed and floated along. As I drifted on my back past my sisters, I knew they were probably staring at my penis, which was clearly in view. My ears were just under the water level so I couldn’t hear them. But when I glanced over at them, they were both smiling brightly at me.”What are you two staring at?” I asked boldly. I purposely stayed on my back, leaving my penis just out of the water as I floated up to them.Julia blushed and turned her head away, but Hannah’s smile just got bigger.”Your dick, dummy,” Hannah said, laughing.”Hannah!” Julia gasped, slapping her on the arm. This made both their tits jiggle a bit.I purposely floated right up to them, keeping my penis close to them to freak them out. “You perverts.”Julia couldn’t keep from glancing straight at my cock, but quickly grabbed my arm and dragged me under the water. I wrestled with her a bit, feeling her soft body all over as I groped and tugged at her. Hannah stayed out of it, just laughing at us.”Ew gross!” Julia said in mock disgust. “I felt it touch my shoulder.”We all busted up laughing. We were all used to each others’ naked bodies by now, so it was really no big deal. Or so I thought.”No fair, you got to touch it,” Hannah said, pretending to be sad. “I’m jealous!””At least you didn’t get felt up by your own brother,” Julia said, just to get at me.I roared with fake anger and lunged at her, pushing her under the water and away from Hannah. “You little twerp!””Help! Help!” Julia cried out, laughing too hard and getting water up her nose. I let her alone while she coughed it out.”Still jealous?” I asked Hannah, not even realizing that all this activity had made me semi-hard.Hannah rested back on the ledge of the pool on her elbows, making her chest stick out proudly for me to see. Was she doing that on purpose?”Maybe,” she smiled deviously. “I’ve seen you naked plenty by now. I can pretty much guess how disappointing it would be to actually touch you.”I splashed water in her face, which broke her calm demeanor and started another wrestling match, this time with her. We both rolled in and out of the water, holding each other’s arms and legs and trying to submerge the other one. Julia cheered us on from a few feet away.I noticed that Hannah’s thighs kept moving between my legs, probably from her trying to pin my legs down with hers. But every few seconds, I felt her soft skin brush against my balls and my almost erect penis. I didn’t think too much about it at first, but I could tell that after the fourth or fifth time, she was doing something on purpose. I didn’t fight the last time she did it, and her leg kept in contact with my crotch for a good few seconds. My erection twitched against her soft thigh, and I know she felt it. I couldn’t see her face through the wrestling, and we both kept up the appearance that we were trying to best each other. Julia was drifting off to the side, letting us have fun while she just relaxed. She couldn’t see what was happening really.I had to test this, to see if Hannah was really trying to pull off some funny business. This time, I reached my arm down to grab her leg, and moved it between her thighs like I was going to hoist her up onto my shoulder. She squealed in a delightfully fake protest, and my forearm went right up into her crotch. I felt very little hair and a lot of soft flesh touch the top of my wrist. She pretended to pound on my back, but really she just braced herself on me so I could lift her. I could have easily thrown her over my head the way I was holding her, but I really wanted to touch her vagina now. I don’t know what came over me, but I moved my arm back just a bit and rotated my hand upward so her pussy landed flat on my palm. I pretended to lift, and my hand grabbed her genitals blatantly. She gasped, and kept a big smile on her face, but her fingers dug into my shoulder where she was bracing herself, and I could tell she was totally caught off guard. But there was no fighting against me, or squirming her hips to avoid the intimate contact.Neither of us were keeping up the appearance of wrestling anymore, and we both forgot about Julia at the other end of the pool floating aimlessly. Hannah’s eyes met mine and her devious smile told me she wasn’t in total disapproval of this. I kept my hand there, quite enjoying the soft, and very smooth, sensation of her vagina resting on my hand. I had to withdraw after a few seconds, though, or else it would get infinitely weirder. I slid my hand away from her, purposely rubbing her lips with my middle finger as I pulled away. I swear I saw Hannah’s eyes close just for a second as she enjoyed the sensation. But there was now way we could continue what we were doing with Julia right there. And I didn’t even know if Hannah was seriously wanting to do anything more than this innocent accident.”I win,” I said, and flung myself backwards into the water.Inadvertently, this made my rock hard penis fling out of the water and slap my belly as I swam on my back, and it was an embarrassingly loud sound. Julia was swimming over to us as I did this, and her jaw dropped when she saw how excited I was. Hannah was laughing hysterically, both at me and Julia.”Oh my god,” Julia whispered, as if our parents or someone else could hear us. “Are you hard?”Hannah was gasping for breath. “It’s cuz my boobs are bigger than yours.”Julia lunged after Hannah, beginning another wrestling match. I watched them play around with aroused fascination, somehow knowing that I would be replaying this somewhat lesbianic scene while I stroked off my rather intense erection. It wouldn’t be the first time I had masturbated while thinking about my sisters. Hannah and Julia had always been fond of wrestling with each other and roughhousing. But doing it naked was much more exciting for me.”Ok ok!” Hannah protested finally. “I give up. I have to pee really bad, just let me go!””Apologize to him for the boner,” Julia said.Hannah was shocked that she was bringing it up again, but of course I was still really hard. And we would all be getting out of the pool together, so they were going to see it again.”Sorry for making your penis big and hard,” Hannah said with a laugh, but her eyes said something else to me. “And long.”Julia punched her arm this time, and we all swam to the ledge. Hoisting our naked, dripping bodies out of the water, we toweled off and walked inside. Hannah ran inside first, apparently not lying about having to pee. Julia was right in front of me, and seeing her naked ass swaying only inches away from my stiff penis made me lose my balance. I ended up taking a big step forward and poking her ass cheek with my boner.”Sorry!” I whispered, now that we were in the house.Julia giggled, and turned around to face me. She kept her eyes up and away from my crotch, but she boldly reached out and grabbed my dick with her hand. My eyes went wide, and we both just froze for a second, her eyes just as wide but her face about to crack up in laughter. She acted like she was drunk or something, and squeezed my penis in her hand.”Julia!” I gasped, instinctively pulling my hips away from her. My penis slid out of her grasp in a wonderful sensation of friction.”It really is big,” she said, very quietly. Her eyes finally drifted down to it. “Hannah got to touch it a lot more than me tonight.”I didn’t know what to say, I was shocked. So she had noticed what we were doing in the pool earlier. What did this mean, though? Was she jealous?Without saying another word, she stepped forward and grabbed my penis again, this time holding it firmly and staring straight at it. Her thumb gently caressed the underside of the shaft. She nervously glanced up at me briefly.”Is this ok?” she asked softly.I just nodded dumbly, unable to speak. It felt so fucking good, and I was so horny from all the horsing around. Her eyes darted back down to my penis in her hand. I still don’t know why I did it, but a feeling of bold confidence washed over me suddenly and I reached my hand out and grabbed her tit. Julia inhaled sharply, and squeezed my dick hard. I relished the feel of her soft, firm flesh in my hand. We had never been this intimate before, never even close. But now she was nearly masturbating me while I squeezed her breast.”I like that,” she breathed, and I thought I was gonna cum right then and there.”Oh god…” I sighed, making her smile. She reached her other hand up and cupped it right underneath the tip of my penis.”It’s ok,” she said, her eyes meeting mine for just a second before looking back down at what she was doing. “You can let it go if you want.”When I realized that she was cupping her hand in front of my dick to catch my cum, and when I felt her grip tighten and she openly tugged on my penis, I groaned involuntarily and braced myself on her tit while I came spectacularly. Her cupped hand caught only a bit of the huge load I let go all over us both. I spurted thick white cum heavily onto her stomach where she aimed it, and trails of slimy sperm landed across her hand where she intended to catch it. I just kept firing thick ropes of cum over and over, unloading all my tension for her.”God, you really needed that!” Julia said, quietly but excitedly. She left the cum on her stomach alone, though it was dripping obscenely down her body now, and she brought her hands up to her face to see my cum close up.”I’m so sorry, Julia,” I started, even in my orgasmic haze knowing that we shouldn’t have done that.She just shook her head and smiled at me. “Don’t worry, I won’t breathe a word about this.”With a wink, she ran off to the bathroom. I just stood there for a moment, my satisfied erection still dribbling semen onto the floor. I didn’t bother to clean it up, I just went straight to my room and collapsed on my bed. I had never been so turned on in my life before. How would I ever be able to swim with those two, especially Julia, now that this had happened? I started squeezing my boner, using türbanlı bitlis escort my own smears of cum to masturbate, though I wasn’t trying to have another orgasm. It just felt good to be touching myself there, where Julia had been touching me. I had totally forgot about Hannah, and how we had been touching each other. I just kept thinking about Julia’s cute little hand wrapped around my penis, tugging on it gently.I drifted off to sleep that night, but from then on I would always wake up in the middle of the night, needing to jerk off badly. For the next couple of weeks, my sisters and I never spoke about what happened. Julia had been true to her word, since Hannah didn’t say anything about it even though Julia tells her everything. And we didn’t stop having late night swims, though our parents had been joining us lately so we were almost never alone in the pool. If we were, then our parents were right inside in the kitchen.I had a constant boner if my sisters were swimming with me, however. While they wouldn’t go out of their way to brush up against me, they were not shy at all about bumping into me or rubbing my dick with their legs. I guess that was all we could do at the moment, until we could all swim alone, without our parents. The anticipation of that happening was fueling my late night masturbation sessions, and I would usually be the last one out of the pool so that my parents wouldn’t see my erection. I don’t think it would have been a huge deal for them, but I just didn’t want to hint that anything was going on. My sisters enjoyed sneaking peaks at it while we toweled off, which I enjoyed as well.Finally, my chance to take things further came. Our parents were going away for a week, and leaving us to ourselves. When I heard they were leaving, I practically got an erection right then. I just knew that if I was ever going to get to interact sexually with my sisters again, this would be my opportunity. The night they left, Hannah cooked us a nice dinner, and we all ate outside in the enclosed patio. We were all dressed when we went out there, but halfway through the meal Hannah started taking her shirt off.”Hey, mom and dad are gone,” she said, yanking her top off. “Let’s go naked as much as we want.”Julia seemed excited to join in, and started peeling her shorts off. “Yeah!”I just shrugged and took my clothes off too. In a minute, we were all completely naked sitting at the patio table. We resumed eating, but each of us was thinking of anything but the meal. After we finished, Julia stood and stretched a bit, probably just to show off her body, and went to sit by the pool.”Come sit by me,” she called to us, dipping her legs into the cool water.Hannah was quick to get up and practically run over to her sister. I guess that meant they wanted to be able to look at me while I walked over there. Fortunately, I wasn’t totally hard, so it wasn’t too embarrassing. They were both staring at me openly though while I walked over to join them. I could have squeezed between them, which they might have been hinting at, but instead I sat a few feet away from them off to the side. I could easily see their tits, which they were not hiding from me at all. I could even see Hannah’s neatly shaved crotch, and Julia’s almost completely bare mound.”I guess we have to wait to go swimming, huh?” Julia said. “Otherwise we’ll cramp up.”We all just sat there for a few minutes, none of us really saying much. We were all nervous, each of us knowing that something was going to happen beyond what had transpired in the pool weeks ago. I guess they were as shy as me to start anything.”Fuck it,” Hannah said, using language she would never use around our parents, and she hopped into the water.Julia laughed, and followed her. I just kicked my feet for a bit, watching them float around. They were so sexy, I could have just stroked off watching them swim around casually. I was starting to get hard, and Julia was especially taking notice. Things had been kind of tense between us, since that night. Whenever our eyes met, we both got really nervous and had a hard time talking to each other. I think it must have been just as stressful for her as it was for me. Surely a girl gets frustrated from jerking a guy off and not having anything done to her in return.Hannah was always the boldest of the two girls. “I think he’s getting hard watching us.”My attention was pulled back to reality, and I just laughed, not bothering to hide anything.”I think you’re right,” Julia giggled. “Isn’t that wrong? A brother getting aroused by his sisters?”We all laughed, but there was a weird edge to her statement, and when I saw the look in her eyes, even though her face was laughing, I could tell she was thinking about the other night.”Get a good look, girls,” I said, leaning back on my elbows and letting my manhood sprout free. “You’ll never see one this big again.”Hannah roared with laughter, but the two of them drifted closer to me to get a better look. There were a few seconds where things were quiet, and very tense. But seeing as how they had seen me this way before, just not so up close and personal, I think it helped the situation. And it was my intent to escalate this to something sexual, after all.”It is pretty big,” Julia said, sheepishly.Hannah was looking very closely at me, almost studying my penis. When it twitched, they both giggled. She looked up at my face, and the look in her eyes said she was about to do something devious. Before I could move, her hand darted out of the water and she grabbed my dick firmly and pulled. With shouts of laughter, I lunged for her and all three of us tumbled around the water. I felt a c***dish sense of revenge and tried to wrestle with Hannah, maybe grab some boob or ass, but mostly I just swirled around the water with the two of them. I pretended to chase them, first Hannah but then Julia, and when I would get close enough, or they would let me get close enough, I would grab their legs or arms and pretend to pull them under the water. Once we were under, it was a virtual free-for-all of grabbing and groping. Hannah didn’t fight me as I pawed at her tits or squeezed her ass, and her hands were all over my stomach and thighs and everything in between. When her hand would clumsily find my penis, she would squeeze it firmly and hold onto it for dear life while we wrestled. Before I could reach between her legs, Julia would tackle me from behind and climb up my back, dragging me back under the water.I could feel her legs wrap around my midsection, and her feet brush innocently against my erection. I released Hannah and spun around to attack my other sister, and my face ended up right in her chest. I couldn’t stop myself from darting my tongue out for a quick but determined lick of her breast while I grabbed her thighs and lifted her. I did the same move I had done to Hannah that day when things had started, I moved my hand between her thighs and cupped her vagina while I pretended to hoist her up. She gasped, both from the intimate contact and from her sudden suspension above the water, and I launched her as far as I could. Hannah was quick to retaliate and she lunged at me, her shoulder hitting me right in the stomach and knocking me back into the water. We spun around in a splash of energy, her entire body rubbing against mine like we were embracing. Her crotch was firmly locked onto my leg, and her fingers found my erection. I was holding her breast quite openly while we pretended to fight.When she let go of me, Julia was suddenly on top of me, wrapping her legs around me again. This time she wasn’t behind me, though. Our crotches made contact, and her powerful legs kept us smashed together like this. She grabbed my shoulder and tried to pull me down, and I was too surprised by our genital contact to fight. As we tumbled into the water, she seemed to make the most of our temporary hiding from Hannah’s view, and her vagina slid down my penis in a very bold move, then back up a few inches. It felt so good, I instinctively thrust my hips forward into her. While we kept up the appearance that we were wrestling, we were really humping each other under the water. Julia’s hand on my shoulders went from pulling at me to holding onto me closely, pulling her breasts up against me. My penis slid up towards her stomach, splitting open her pussy lips and nestling comfortably against her opening.I could hear Julia gasp, and for some reason Hannah wasn’t coming back to attack me. Was she watching us? Julia continued to grind her pussy against me, literally masturbating herself against my raging erection. I wasn’t about to follow suit and hump her back, but I let her do whatever she wanted. If she was ok letting Hannah see her doing this, then I wasn’t going to stop her. After a few seconds, Julia seemed to finally collect her senses, and she let go of me. Her vagina trailed along my penis as she drifted away, and I felt like I needed to fuck something badly. If I didn’t remove myself from this situation, it might be one of my sisters.Julia smiled at me, somewhat nervously, and swam away to the ledge. Hannah swam near us, but the wrestling was over. We were all too aroused by it now, and we knew where it would lead, either accidentally or on purpose. The three of us just floated there together, Julia against the ledge floating on her back. I could plainly see her pussy when her legs would move apart, and even from a few feet away I could see that her bare vagina was flushed red with excitement. Hannah brushed against my back as she glided next to me. The water was calm now but our mood was totally tense. I didn’t know what to do, but I didn’t want to just leave.”I think I’ll go inside now,” Julia said, and didn’t look at either of us as she turned and climbed up onto the ledge. Hannah and I watched her naked backside as she grabbed her towel and walked into the house, dripping wet. She was in a hurry to remove herself from the situation, and I couldn’t blame her. But I was disappointed.I glanced at Hannah, who was just floating in place, her legs kicking around to keep herself afloat. I wondered what she’d be up for, since it was much too early to go to bed, and we were now alone. Julia wasn’t the kind who would spy on us.”Do you want to go inside?” Hannah asked.I slowly shook my head. “Not really.”Her eyes lit up, reading my signal loud and clear. Her reaction made my stomach knot with excitement. But I had to play this cool.She swam over to me and stopped when she was right in front of me, within arm’s reach. We just stared at each other for a while, only moving enough to keep ourselves floating in place.”Wanna wrestle?” she said finally.I nodded.This time, it was different. We weren’t frantically groping at each other and playfully tugging at each other’s bodies. This was a slow, purposeful dance kept hidden underneath the ripples of the pool. Hannah climbed onto me, my penis mashing against her stomach, and she wrapped her arms and legs around me. I grabbed her hip with one hand and wrapped my arm around her back, and quietly we began to roll in the water. It became a game of how long we could hold our breath. We would dip beneath the surface of the water and go under a few inches, not too deep, and just twist around together. The wonderful pull of the water against our bodies and the friction of our contact felt great. Her generous breasts pushed at my chest, and she gently slid her hips upward until her vagina touched my penis. Just like earlier with Julia, we stayed locked together like that, no penetration but just genital-on-genital contact. I couldn’t hold back from thrusting against her though, and we humped at each other gently and quietly. After a while Hannah was just holding onto me, and I was doing all the movement in the water, pretending to be cautiously wrestling with her. I’m sure no one would have been fooled, however, if they had been outside watching. At least from the kitchen, they would just see the two of us moving in the water.Hannah’s legs squeezed my waist harder, and her vagina splayed itself against me as she thrust. I knew she was making no attempt to hide her intentions, and it would have been useless anyway. Both of us were doing this for the sexual pleasure. We didn’t have to pretend it was anything else, at least between ourselves. I kept up the poor show for our invisible spectators. We moved up and down the length of the pool, making awkward laps while we nearly fucked each other. Hannah’s lips found my neck and I heard her groan above the sound of the water splashing gently. Her pussy grew hot and began to twitch in convulsions against my rock hard dick. I felt a warm sensation, almost like she was peeing in the pool right in front of me. After a moment of confusion, I realized she was having an orgasm, and was squirting girl fluid all over me. The realization was so intensely arousing that I thrust once sharply into her, making her nearly squeal in pleasure, and started to cum myself.Holding her against me tightly, I came hard into her body. She softly caressed my neck and hair while I came, squirting my own fluid into the water just above her vagina. Her pussy lips were wrapped warmly around my shaft as I fucked against her, grunting and thrusting. My semen balled up in cloudy puffs in the water, and floated away like whiffs of smoke. But my throbbing erection stayed between her pussy lips, making Hannah move her hips seductively against it, as if she wanted it inside of her. I knew that was probably just her instincts, and now that my orgasm was finished I was thinking a bit more clearly. But I really wanted to bury it inside of her, and she wasn’t helping with her movement. Finally her hand reached down and wrapped around my dick, twitching in her grasp. She purred, and quickly moved it down in a sliding motion that ended with the tip lodged firmly in her very wet hole. We finally looked at each other, and türbanlı bitlis escort bayan I saw for the first time how aroused she looked. I could see the hunger in her eyes, and I must have looked similar too. She didn’t pull away from me, though we had stopped moving in the water completely.Gently, and ever so slowly, I allowed my hips to move forward and I very carefully began to penetrate her. I was still rock hard even after my orgasm, and she was so wet it was almost effortless. Her moaning told me she wasn’t objecting, and after a long few moments I was buried completely inside of my big sister. She hugged me close, burying her face in my neck. Very softly, she squeezed her cunt around my shaft, sensually coaxing pleasure from it. It felt so good, I could probably cum again if we were going to actually fuck. But I didn’t think that either of us was going for that. This was just a wonderful end to our already forbidden sexual encounter. Hannah let my cock stay inside of her pussy for a few minutes, enjoying the connection as much as I was. When I finally couldn’t take it anymore and I thrust a bit roughly into her, she released me from her embrace and just smiled at me.”Thanks for that,” she said, her eyes sparkling.”Thank you!” That probably sounded really stupid, but I didn’t know what to say.”Julia is going to be suspicious.” Hannah carefully lifted herself off of me, my penis sliding wetly from her pussy. Her fingers drifted along my slimy shaft. “It’s going to be hard to do this again.”My heart raced, knowing that she wanted to repeat this encounter. I had to keep reminding myself to play it cool, and not be an idiot. I couldn’t let anything ruin this.”Let’s go inside,” I said. “We’ll just pretend this never happened.”Fortunately, Hannah took what I said the right way, and knew I wasn’t saying we wouldn’t try again some other time. I just meant that we wouldn’t let on in front of Julia that we had been fooling around. We both toweled off and went inside the house to join Julia, who was waiting naked in the living room. She was watching television, and smiled when she saw us.”I was waiting for you guys.” She was sitting on the couch with her legs crossed, not hiding her nudity at all. “Let’s watch a movie.”Hannah sat next to her, and I sprawled out on the floor in front of them. If I had just been messing around with a girlfriend like I had been with Hannah, I would have wanted to sit right next to her and cuddle at a time like this. But it was different since we were siblings, and we couldn’t do anything like that anyway. I felt totally satisfied laying naked in front of them, and didn’t look back once at Hannah while we watched the movie. None of us talked about nudity or my boner the rest of the night, we were all just happy to be spending time together. Even when I popped a boner at a love scene, no one said anything. The evening was perfect just the way it was.That night, I slept more soundly than I had in weeks. I didn’t have to wake up and masturbate, though by the time morning came, I was rock hard as usual. I went to go use my bathroom, the one downstairs by my room that only I used, and even though the door was open, Hannah was naked in front of the mirror.”Morning,” she said. “Julia is taking forever in our bathroom, so I came down here.”I just smiled at her, and went straight for the toilet. Aiming my not-quite-full erection down at the bowl, I started to pee while she watched. I figured it was no big deal, after last night. And no one would see us in here together. Hannah’s gaze was fixed on my cock, watching my stream in fascination.”I’ve never seen a guy pee before,” she said.I laughed. “Yeah? How is it?”She giggled. “Kinda gross, actually.”We both laughed, and I flushed and went to wash up next to her at the sink. She bumped her naked hip into mine playfully. I pretended not to be infatuated with her body, but my erection spoke for itself. She noticed.”Are you getting hard staring at me?” she asked, pretending to be surprised.I nervously smiled. “It’s the morning. And I haven’t done my business yet.””You jerk off every morning?” she asked in true surprise. “Wow.”I just shrugged, and casually touched my penis while I waited for her to finish whatever she was pretending to be busy with in my bathroom.”Well,” she said, turning to leave, “save some for the pool.”She winked at me, and left. I was so glad to hear her say that, I felt like jerking off right then and there. But for some reason it wasn’t the same anymore, now that I had her to be sexual with. I wanted to share my orgasm with her. And there was still Julia too, who I really wanted to fool around with. Could I actually mess around with both of them? I found myself masturbating while thinking about it. I forced myself to stop, and knew that if I saved it, then I’d be more aroused later and get to do something stupid again.I took a shower and continued on with my day.I didn’t see my sisters until much later. They had both left the house together, and I had stuff I wanted to do too. I almost lost my nerve that afternoon, and jerked off in my room. I was close to cumming, and with my dick in hand and my sisters on my mind, I was somehow able to stop just before shooting off and decided to save my load. I assured myself that if I wasn’t getting any from either of them tonight, then I would just finish the job myself later. My balls almost couldn’t take all this tension, with two opportunities to masturbate interrupted now. I was going to be a horny wreck later. Maybe that wasn’t such a good idea, but part of me knew that was what got me into such wonderful trouble in the first place.Julia came home that night with pizza, and Hannah was nowhere to be found. She had stayed out with friends, and Julia had actually refused an offer to go out. Was that a sign? I chose not to read too much into it. I reminded myself that I could just as easily jerk off in my room if I screwed things up with her. And going slow had only made things better the night before.Julia and I ate dinner fully clothed this time, and before we finished our television show it started raining. Both of us frowned to each other, knowing that swimming wouldn’t be much fun in the rain. In the back of my mind, I wondered if this could work out even better for us. We were alone in the house, and we could still find a way to mess around. I decided that if Julia wanted it to happen, then she would give me a sign.”I really liked watching a movie last night,” she said while we watched the rain from the kitchen table. She sheepishly smiled. “Naked.”That was the sign! And if it wasn’t, it didn’t matter anymore.”Yeah, me too,” I agreed, playing along. “But I got kind of cold down on the floor.””Well this time sit with me on the couch, stupid. We can share a blanket.”The obvious contradiction of being naked but covering ourselves with a blanket was apparently lost on her, or she just didn’t care. I was going to get some action from her tonight, I could just taste it!She popped in a movie, and we ended up on the couch naked. Julia had fetched a blanket, and pretended to ignore my erection as she spread it over the two of us sitting next to each other.”If you get cold, just cuddle up to me,” she said. “I don’t mind, even if you poke me.”I laughed, but she didn’t appear to be entirely joking. We sat there together and watched the movie in virtual silence. I was actually a bit warm under the blanket, but I wasn’t about to break our naked contact. Julia finally inched her backside toward me and my erection bumped into her ass. Neither of us said anything, but the move had been obvious. Now that our inhibitions were all but gone, I got more comfortable and scooted closer to her. My penis was digging into her ass cheek, so I moved it down a bit and slid it more comfortably between her cheeks. She gasped out loud as the tip made contact with her butthole. I hadn’t intended for that to happen, but when she didn’t move away, I did all I could to make sure my penis stayed exactly where it was, pressed right against her tight little hole. She must have showered recently, because she smelled really good and her skin was so soft and clean. It was really nice being this close to her.The movie Julia had picked had more than a couple scenes of nudity. Of course for our family that was hardly a big deal. We watched these movies with our parents after all. But this movie in particular seemed to be full of it. Julia had picked this on purpose, no doubt.”God, this movie always makes me horny,” she said. I almost laughed. Could she be any more obvious?My dick flexed against her ass. “Really? I always wondered if girls got turned on by this stuff like guys.””Of course we do. I’ve actually masturbated to this movie before.”Our eyes met briefly when she said that, but she looked away from me as if embarrassed. I didn’t want her to change her mind and end this moment from embarrassment.”Yeah, I usually have to go jerk off after a scene like this too.” I wanted her to feel better so I admitted the truth also.”I can tell,” she said, wiggling her ass against me. That had the effect of burying the tip of my penis deeper in her butt crack. It was very obscene considering we were brother and sister. But we both wanted this.”Why don’t you do it right now?” I ventured. “I don’t mind.”Julia looked at me with a fair amount of shock. She had been so bold up until now, I guess I caught her off guard by being bold myself. She just stared at me, and I could see the internal conflict. I tried to help her out by gently pulling on my boner, encouraging her to do the same to herself.”It’s ok,” I said in almost a whisper, just like she had said to me that night when she jerked me off.I could see the change in her face, the flush of excitement, and she nodded. She turned back to the television, and her hand went south to her thighs. I couldn’t see what was happening, but I didn’t have to. I started slowly masturbating while she did the same.Even though we pretended to watch the movie, I couldn’t focus over the sound of Julia’s soft moans. I was stroking my boner against her ass, playing the tip against her butthole. She didn’t object, so I kept it up. I spit heavily onto my hand and coated my dick with saliva, making sure it was nice and wet. When I had put a particularly generous amount of lubrication on the tip, and I rubbed it over her asshole, just for a moment it went inside her. Julia moaned loudly, and her body began to shake as she climaxed. She was getting off on me playing with her butt! I spit again onto my dick and nudged it against her tight sphincter again. With absolutely no resistance from her, I began to push my dick into her little pucker hole. I lifted her ass cheek so I could get a better look as the head of my penis disappeared into her warm butt. After a bit of gentle pushing, my shaft began to slide into her. I ignored how wonderful it felt, and the urge to thrust hard into her, and stopped my movements. I didn’t want this to hurt her, and so far it didn’t appear that it had.Carefully, I pulled my dick back out of her, dragging along her tight asshole until the head was peeking out. Then I pushed it back in as far as it had gone previously, and just held it there. I was only a few inches deep, but it felt so good I thought I would explode inside of her. I twitched and throbbed inside of my sister’s tight butt, and she was loving it. She was shaking the couch, her arm was moving so fast. After a few minutes of this, with me gently fucking her ass while she masturbated, she finally cried out in release and spasmed. She clenched her eyes shut and her mouth hung open while she came, her ass clenching down on me hard. I just held her and kept my dick lodged firmly inside her as she rode it out. She finally came down from her high and just laid there, exhausted.”We are so bad,” she cooed, flexing her ass around my cock.I groaned, not able to hold back much longer. I thrust deeper into her, and with more pain than I intended for her, I buried my erection deep into her bowels. She bit her lip and whimpered, but even though I could tell it hurt her, she didn’t pull away or resist. She allowed me to claim her ass. I didn’t want this to be painful for her, so finally I allowed myself to cum long and hard inside of her tight little butthole. I grunted and moaned loudly as I began to pour out my orgasm inside of her, load after load exploding from my balls and into her ass. She kept whimpering as she felt my cum painting her insides, but her hand reached back and found my hip. Her fingers dug into me as she held my body against her. She wanted this, definitely. I didn’t have to worry about that.”Oh god!” I breathed finally. I could feel her pussy oozing fluid down onto my balls and thigh. I was so deep in her ass, I was afraid to pull out. We just stayed that way for a while, basking in the warmth of our orgasms.”I can’t believe you just fucked my ass,” Julia finally said, with a smile.”I can’t believe you let me,” I replied.”It was sooo fucking sexy…” Her ragged breathing told me she was still feeling aftershocks.”I’m afraid to pull it out,” I admitted. “I don’t want it to hurt you.””Then leave it in,” she said. “When you’re not hard anymore, it’ll just slip right out. I don’t mind.”The movie was still playing, but neither of us was paying any attention to it. We laid there for a half hour, and my dick stayed rock hard. I wanted so badly to fuck her again, and it would be so easy since I was already penetrating her body. But I was afraid it would hurt her so I resisted my urges. It would take a lot of ass fucking to make me cum again so soon. She wasn’t ready for that.”I love playing around like this,” she cooed, her eyes closing halfway. She was falling asleep.”Me too,” I said, kissing her on the back. “I hope you’re not mad, but Hannah and I have done stuff too.”Julia just smiled, her eyes closed now. “I know.”I was a bit türbanlı escort bitlis surprised, but not much. Now we didn’t have to hide anything between us anymore. That had been part of the fun, but now we could just mess around whenever we wanted.”Will you fuck me tomorrow?” Julia said, her voice beginning to trail off in sleepiness. “Really fuck, not just in the ass.”I grabbed her breast and cuddled against her. “Of course I will.”We both drifted off to sleep, our bodies still connected. My dick did deflate and eventually slipped out of Julia’s ass, but we stayed like that the whole night. It wasn’t until we heard Hannah open the front door that either of us awoke…”Wow, you guys didn’t waste any time, did you?”Hannah seemed a bit buzzed when she walked through the front door. Seeing Julia and I cuddled together on the couch under a blanket, she correctly assumed what had happened between us. That must have been hours ago, since the sun was beginning to come up now.Groggily, since we had both been asleep, I rubbed my eyes and slowly came to. It took me a moment to remember what had happened, but feeling my younger sister’s warm body beneath me was all it took. Only a few hours ago, I had fucked this gorgeous little beauty’s ass. The couch was a dried sticky mess between us where my cum had leaked out of her and pooled. We would have to clean that up before Mom and Dad got home at the end of the week.Hannah stumbled inside and closed the door behind her. She was wearing a cocktail dress, and I could hear a car pulling out of the driveway. Thankfully she hadn’t driven herself, since apparently she had gone drinking with some friends.”How was your night?” Julia asked, maybe trying to deflect the conversation from what we had done.”Not as good as yours, I take it.” Hannah sat on the couch next to us, and noticed the large stain between us. She just smiled. “Damn, I missed all the fun.”Julia stretched and kicked the blanket off of her. She glanced back at me and winked.”We didn’t do anything, really,” she said, stretching the truth almost to the point of tearing it.I just smiled. Hannah wasn’t buying it, but since I had actually been inside her pussy briefly not that long ago, she obviously couldn’t scold us.”So he took your virginity?” she said, looking seriously at Julia.Julia stood from the couch and casually rubbed at her pussy. “Nope, she’s still untouched.”Hannah raised an eyebrow. “But…you were both…”I just shrugged, and my smile wouldn’t go away no matter how hard I tried.She nodded. “Oh, I see. You took her ass cherry then. Good job, I’m jealous.”My morning wood was at full stiffness, and I wasn’t doing anything to hide that fact. Hannah stared openly at it, still a bit hazy from her partying. She sloppily reached over and grabbed it, and even though I was surprised, I didn’t budge.”You need to wash this thing off then,” she said, tugging on it in mock masturbation. “How about a dip in the pool?”I almost laughed at how obvious she was being, but then I realized that she probably wanted to fuck me. In fact, now that I had messed around with both my sisters, and we had the house to ourselves, they no doubt both would expect some sexual interaction with me. If I didn’t need to pee so bad, I might have made a move on her right then. But she was right. It had all started with the pool. We should keep that going.”Ok, meet you out there after I pee,” I said.She nodded, and stumbled her way through the kitchen to the back patio, leaving a trail of her clothes behind. She walked outside naked and waited on the ledge.I glanced at Julia, getting a nice look at her naked body, and she seemed to enjoy letting me.”I have to pee too, want to join me?” she asked, then turned without waiting for a response.We both went to the bathroom and she sat on the toilet. She held it until I was there too, and she lifted herself off the seat a bit so I could watch.”Try to do it with me,” she said, showing a kinky side to her I never imagined existed.”I don’t know if I can, I’m too hard.”She could see that, and the look of lust in her eyes told me how aroused she was. This was going to be the best day of my life, I could tell.”I don’t wanna gross you out or anything,” she said, standing up and moving off the toilet. “I’m not into sick stuff or anything, but I’ve always had this weird urge to pee on a guy.”I honestly didn’t know what to say to that. I wasn’t prepared for her to reveal something on that level. But it spoke to how open we were being with each other. I had opened a can of something by getting involved with her sexually.She turned red. “It’s sick, huh?”I shook my head. “No, no…I just can’t believe you said that. I don’t know what to say.””I know it’s gross.” She stepped into the shower. “You don’t have to do it. But we could just do it in here and then shower right after. I can have the shower running while we do it if you want.”I watched my hot sister, trying to hold her bladder while I decided what to do, and seeing her in this completely open, sexual state really had my balls raging. I would do anything she wanted at this point, if it meant I could cum all over her sexy body at some point.”Ok, I’ll do it.”She seemed giddy, and she turned on the shower. I got in the stall with her, and we both just stood there in front of each other. Seeing each other naked was one thing, but relieving ourselves in front of each other, much less onto each other, was a completely different story.”Ready?” she said, spreading her pussy lips with her fingers and tilting her pelvis up as far as she could.”Where do I aim?” I asked.Julia smiled devilishly. “Anywhere you want.”I couldn’t hold it anymore and neither could she, so when trickles of pee began to fall under her, I just let loose. It didn’t take long for both of us to be at full stream.I wasn’t the type to do anything humiliating or disgusting, so I had to hold my erection down a bit to keep from hitting her near her face. She, on the other hand, had to do the opposite so she could hit anything higher than the floor. My pee stream arched upwards and began splattering on her legs, and I kept raising it until I was splashing her stomach and tits with my pee.She seemed delighted, and in return she arched her own stream higher so that it began splashing onto my arm and the hand that was holding my penis. Feeling her warmth touch my groin and splatter all over my crotch was surprisingly arousing. It was definitely the naughtiest thing I had ever done with a girl. And probably the most extreme I cared to do.We both kept it up for a good minute, and the shower was washing it all off immediately after. By the time we were finished, we just stood there under the shower staring at each other. Julia was panting with arousal, and looked possessed. She lunged at me and started kissing me hard.I pawed all over her body, and after a few minutes we broke it off. She grabbed the soap and handed it to me. I began lathering up her body, especially her tits and her ass. She purposely massaged soap into my pubic hair and used the suds to get my penis nice and frothy.”Hot dog me,” she ordered, and spun around.I obeyed her, and pressed my firm length between her buttocks. I slid myself up and down, fucking her ass cleavage. She seemed to enjoy it, and I thought about sticking back in her ass. But the soap would sting, so I refrained. Besides, I would be getting into that ass plenty from now on.”We better go outside now,” I said, remembering Hannah waiting for us.Julia didn’t let me go that easily. “I feel like I’m on fire! I’m a virgin, but I have had stuff up my pussy before. I want your dick in me, now!”She leaned back against the shower wall, and I cautiously moved closer. She grabbed my dick and aimed it at her entrance. I moved slowly, but sure enough there was no resistance to my penetration. She groaned so sexily as I buried myself, and when I was all the way in, she hugged me tightly. Not just in a sexual way, but more in appreciation.”Thank you,” she said, her face buried in my chest.I had to hold myself back from fucking her in two, but I kept still and silent while she enjoyed the moment. It was nice, I had to admit. But I was aching to cum.”Hannah will want some,” Julia said, looking up at me. “You’ve given me your load already, she needs it now.”I nodded, and we slowly withdrew from each other. Her pussy clenched tightly onto me, not wanting to let my dick go. We both composed ourselves and went dripping wet through the house out to the pool.Hannah was wading her legs in the water, patiently waiting for us. She smiled when she saw us.”Hey, you got wet already,” she protested. “Not fair.”Julia leaned down to her sister as she passed by her to get into the water. “You get him first.”Hannah beamed, and as I approached I could see that she still seemed buzzed. I felt like maybe I shouldn’t take advantage of her in this state, but she had wanted this already. There was no question.”Wanna wrestle?” I asked, mirroring our initial encounter in the pool.Julia floated on her back away from us, giving us space. She was being really cool about this. I would have to make her feel really special later.”Of course,” Hannah said, and splashed her way into the water.I dove in after her and pretended to chase her. She squealed and led me on, and all the while Julia pretended to be oblivious. Our bodies touched and I felt that initial excitement of our forbidden encounter. I couldn’t wait to get inside of her.”Shall I tackle you?” Hannah asked, strangely as if she needed my permission.I leaned back against the ledge of the pool and let her approach me. She swam slowly over to me, and from the look in her eyes I could tell this wasn’t going to be a mock-violent movement. She carefully and methodically placed her body over mine and reached down for my penis. With no hesitation, she placed it at the entrance to her vagina and settled down onto me.I groaned as I felt the second pussy this morning to accept my manhood. Hannah was thoroughly enjoying this, and her body movements and expressions weren’t toned down at all considering our sister could be watching. Julia was aimlessly floating on her back still, pretending not to see us. Honestly, I thought it would be sexy if she was.”Fuck me,” I said.Hannah began to move her hips, and we got a good motion going under the water. She began whimpering as I split her open, and her pussy was nice and tight around my cock. She was so wet, she must have been aroused for quite a while before we started.As we began to speed things up and both of us were approaching climax, I felt Julia swim over to us. I glanced over at her in the midst of my approaching orgasm, and she smiled dreamily.”Kiss me while you fill her up,” she said softly, and leaned in close to my face.Hannah watched as I greedily sucked at Julia’s face while still plowing her tight cunt. When she felt my explosion inside of her, she cried out and grabbed Julia’s shoulder while she came too. The three of us stayed like that for a good minute, Hannah and I cumming hard into each other and Julia and I kissing passionately. It felt so good to be experiencing both of them at the same time like that.”Mmm, that was delightful,” Julia said, her eyes still closed.Hannah drew in a deep breath. “That was pretty good.””I want more,” I said, still hard and buried in her.Hannah smiled, and obediently she moved off of me so that Julia could take her place. She did, and I slipped easily into her soft opening as she propped herself up. I pawed at her tits and began to thrust up into her.”Save some for my ass,” Hannah said, and then floated away blissfully while we went at it.Julia and I were grunting as we smashed our bodies into each other, trying to outdo each other with the power we exerted. She was a wildcat, which really surprised me. I had always thought Hannah would be the one to do something kinky, while Julia had always been so proper and conservative. I guess that was out the window now.”Do you want me to fuck Hannah in the ass…like I did with you?” I said between thrusts.Julia looked savagely into my eyes as she dropped her hips down onto mine over and over. “I want you to fuck her ass, while I lick yours.”I smiled, finding her new kinky nature amusing. What would she think of next?We fucked for a good fifteen minutes, with Hannah swimming casually around us until she finally sat on the ledge of the pool and masturbated her cum-filled pussy while she watched us. Julia had been climaxing wildly since about five minutes in, and was exhausting herself. I could tell she was getting tired.”Maybe you should stroke off onto our faces,” Hannah suggested.Julia smiled and nodded, and quickly hopped off of me to join her sister on the ledge. I got out of the pool and stood over them, beating my meat as they sat neatly alert watching. I wasn’t embarrassed at all to let them see me do this, in fact I felt proud that they both wanted me to. I could feel the cum rising, but I wanted to postpone this as long as possible.”You two should kiss,” I said, hoping they would go for it.They instantly complied, as if they had wanted to and were waiting for my signal. When they began frenching deeply, I realized I couldn’t hold out like I wanted, and would soon explode again.”Open your mouths!” I said, and bent forward to cum on them.They both faced me with their mouths open, looking right up at my face. It was just like a porn movie, except so much sexier since these were my sisters I was about to plaster. I groaned and began shooting off over them. I splashed thick cum across their faces, tagging their cheeks and splattering white across their tongues. I came so much I nearly fell over from the intensity.”Yes! Fucking yes!” Julia said, rubbing her pussy while Hannah eagerly leaned forward to suck on my dripping penis.I watched her lick the cum off the tip, while Julia rubbed out a quick but sharp orgasm, and felt like things couldn’t get any sexier.”How soon can you fuck us again?” Hannah asked, her cum-covered face glistening beautifully as she smiled up at me.My cock twitched against her lips, and I sighed contentedly. “Maybe if you both lez out for me, I can do it quicker.”Hannah winked at me, and then began licking the cum from Julia’s face. I watched my sisters clean each others’ faces, and then they began kissing again. This was going to be a great day!

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