Rebecca Meets her Black Half brother


Rebecca Meets her Black Half brotherFriday, March 10 2006 – South Beach, Miami, Florida”Oh look Mandy,” I cried as we turned left off 5th Street onto Ocean Drive and saw the white capped blue waves breaking on the famous beach to our right, while on our left the architectural splendor of the Art Deco district flashed by. I could feel the excitement of Ellie and Crystal behind me as Mandy slowed her red A-6, as engrossed by the passing scenery as the rest of us.”There it is!” Ellie screamed in my ear, her arm pointing over my shoulder to a hotel just ahead. “Look out Miami Beach, four hot sluts from Auburn University are now in towwwwn,” she yelled through the window to the passing world.”Shut up Ellie,” Mandy chuckled, but the truth was we all wanted to start yelling.Christ, we actually made it, I thought to myself. Four quiet, serious Auburn sophomores ready to rock South Beach. For just a sec I thought of Kent, off bass fishing somewhere in Arkansas for spring break, knowing my boyfriend would be more than pissed if he knew where his sweet little girl was.We had left our apartment just a block from the campus of Auburn University at nine that morning, and after ten hours of anticipation, we had finally arrived. And we were ready to rock and roll.Each of us nineteen, all of us happy, upper class, white Alabama natives, and each of us with a steady boyfriend at school. But……but something had happened to us in the last three or four months, some kind of sophomore fever that had invaded our bodies and brains, bringing with it a malaise, a questioning that none of us had ever experienced before. A desire to explore who we were…Suddenly we weren’t happy with our perfect little Alabama, upper class, vanilla lives. Our bass fishing and football tailgating boyfriends, our sorority… Sundays in church. So we’d decided to go to South Beach for spring break! Get drunk! Smoke some dope? Fuck some Latinos! And were we nervous…and excited…and happy…and scared.”I wonder why they call it the ‘Clevelander’ anyway?” Ellie asked about our hotel as we cruised up to it, “Like duh, we’re not in Ohio.”No, it would only take anyone less than a millisecond to realize that we weren’t in Ohio. This was big, bad Miami! And we had all decided we weren’t going to miss our chance at freedom, the first time any of the four of us had dared to roam from our ordered lives.Amanda, Mandy to all, sophisticated?, farm girl, blond, athletic, cheerleader, 5’6″, perfect, kind, pink capped breasts, trimmed blond pubic fur that hardly hid her charms, sexy, funny, wanting to try something new…Ellie May, short, 5′ 3″, thin, dirty blond hair, surprisingly big tits, shaven pussy, crazy, horny, nice, who on the drive down had promised to find, ‘two hot young Latinos and fuck their brains out – guaranteed’…Crystal, our red neck joker, 5’ 7″, her rich black curls cut short around her head, always talking sex, small breasts with fat nipples, thick, black pubic triangle, her big dark eyes always seeing amusement, making us laugh…And then of course me! Rebecca de Scouries, Becky to most, raised just outside of Tuscaloosa, another farm girl…but, like Mandy, I’d grown up on more a gentleman’s farm, both our Daddies had money, influence…I went to private school, was coddled…an only c***d…maids and the like…I’m tall, 5’10”, ‘a giraffe’, Crystal would snicker, long auburn hair that bounced over my shoulders as I walked, brown eyes with a fleck of gold, full high firm breasts (just a good big country handful), topped by silver dollar sized mahogany areoles that housed my secret weapon.”You got the biggest, longest nipples in the world Becky,” Amanda had announced to the class when we showered together for the first time back in high school after PE class. And they were sensitive!!I lost my virginity because of them. It happened in my senior year of high school, an innocent eighteen year old bloodied by some boy from the University of Alabama (and me a girl from an Auburn family!) only because when he started tweaking and pulling and kissing my little monsters I got so hot before I knew it I was on my knees undoing his zipper. I was just rolled under his crimson tide! Shit, I guess somebody had to be first! I had a couple of other boys the summer between high school and college, and then one other during initiation week before Kent found me. I’d just figured out (after thirteen months with him – I’m a slow learner) that Kent wasn’t the answer, that I wanted a little more than bass fishing, football, NASCAR and beer for the rest of my life.And that’s why I was in Miami with my best friends. We all wanted to try some new cock! Really, that’s what we’d decided. Big, anonymous cock! Have a week of fun but then be able to leave it behind when we went home. We’d already all agreed that whatever happened in Florida was to stay there, that once we were home our lips would be sealed.We checked in to our efficiency on the third floor of the ‘Clevelander’, a large room facing out across Ocean Drive to the beach beyond. Two double beds, a cot, a couch, dresser, table/chairs, kitchenette, TV with 47 channels, and of course the view – all for only $1063.00 for the week. Not bad – only two-sixty something each, tax included.After hurriedly unpacking we went downstairs to the outdoor, poolside bar to check the scene. We were tired from the drive down but excited, all of us eager to taste the hidden pleasures of this beachside city. And then we ran into Rod! He was sitting at the tiki bar when we came down, the bar that sat near the pool, the bar that looked out over the multitudes that continually flowed in a colorful parade along Ocean Drive. Just as we went to sit down at a table on the patio we heard his deep, friendly laugh and for seconds we all watched him openmouthed as he sat talking to a little, well tanned blond (apparently our barmaid) across the bar.He was a beautiful man, beautiful in the same sense the statue of David is beautiful, a muscular body topped by an obviously intelligent mind. He was a deep bronze, his mixed blood, his mixed genes somehow producing perfection.”Oh my God,” whispered Crystal, “do you think he’s a movie star or something?”Finally, after what seemed like minutes, but was probably mere seconds, Amanda hissed at the three of us, “remember our agreement girls,””What agreement?” panted Ellie, her eyes fixed on our Adonis’s back.”Remember…No Niggers…Northerners, they’re OK, Latinos, definitely, Russians, Germans, Italians…even bloody Frenchmen…Asians sure, but…no…niggers.””We don’t use that word anymore Amanda,” I corrected knowing immediately that somehow I was going to end up in this god’s bed. “People of color then,” she amended with a glare.And we had discussed it in the weeks leading up to this trip. We were still southerners. Oh, it’s not the forties or fifties, no one talks much anymore about the clan, the Auburn Tigers football team is more black than white, hell blacks are on the Birmington city council… …but it’s not the north. Unsaid but understood truths were ingrained in every girl who went to my private school…a black boyfriend?… it was almost too scary to think about. Having sex with one…still a forbidden fantasy in our circle…We watched him for a while, had a couple of drinks, some food, talked with a bunch of k**s who were just finishing their spring break, learned what bar was hot, etcetera. The four of us were in bed by midnight, high, but not drunk, excited, happy, all of us somehow knowing this was going to be a special week.We slept two to a bed that first night, Mandy and I in one, Ellie and Crystal the other.”Night Becky,” Mandy whispered in my ear as one of her fingers lightly caressed each of my nipples in turn through the thin tank top I was sleeping in. God, she knew how to get me going! But as I finally drifted off to sleep it was the golden god at the bar I was dreaming of…Saturday, Day 2 South BeachThere seemed to be thousands of us on the beach the next day, k**s from Michigan and Penn and Dartmouth, Hoosiers from Indiana, Kent Staters, engineers from V Tech and RPI and even MIT, blue bloods from Yale…and surprisingly they’re were about as many girls as guys.Crowds of students were everywhere, milling around, talking, drinking; all of us checking out the bods on display everywhere you looked. Our hotel, the ‘Clevelander’ was the unofficial headquarters of spring break and every afternoon hosted pool parties that featured dancing to local bands and ended with wild, drunken wet t-shirt contests.On the beach we coeds were amazed at the European and local girls who tanned and swam topless, brazenly displaying their breasts in front of the whistling and watching college boys.We lost Ellie early in the afternoon, she disappeared south down the beach, promising, “I’ll find a couple of hot Latinos before the tide turns.”She was back two hours later, strutting topless towards us between two young teens. “ELLIE!,” Mandy squealed when she saw her friend, shocked more by Ellie’s bouncing bare breasts than the fact she had found her two men.”We’re going to the room for awhile,” she told us winking, and then led her two beaus through the crowd of horny college boys.”I can’t believe it,” Mandy complained as Ellie sashayed away, “I mean we just got here!”We officially met Rod that afternoon on the beach, his nonchalant, “Hi girls, I think I saw you guys last night at the bar. You all staying at the Clevelander?” his opening gambit.”I’m surprised you noticed anyone,” teased Crystal, “the way you were monopolizing our serving girl.””Not notice beautiful girls like you four,” he crooned as his eyes found mine, then slipped lower.”Yeah right,” I mumbled as a blush spread across my cheeks.”You girls aren’t from Alabama by any chance are you?” he asked, suddenly doubtful.”Auburn Tigers!” beamed Mandy proudly.”Ohhh,” he grunted, a wariness now in his voice. He stayed and talked for a few minutes more but we all sensed that for some reason his interest had waned. “What’s his problem,” Crystal complained as he walked away. “I thought he was getting ready to ravage the three of us with his big prick and then bingo, he’s off.””We don’t know he’s got a big prick,” Mandy objected.”Oh yes we do,” I said, the sadness I felt at his rejection of us evident in my voice. “Let’s go see how Ellie’s doing,” I suggested.”He’s just playing had to get Becky,” Crystal told me as we walked across the sand. “That boys interested in you honey, just you wait and see,” she prophesized.”What about me,” Mandy asked.”No chance sweetie, he can see you don’t do black men.””But neither do you, or Becky,” she complained.Ellie wasn’t in the room when we returned, the only evidence of her passing the rumpled sheets on both beds and a lipstick message written on the bureau mirror, ‘I’ll be back tomorrow…yummmmmy.’The three of us ended up at ‘Crobar’ that night, a hot, ‘in’ local club that was filled to its rafters with horny college k**s. Mandy, tired, left early and Crystal and I ended up drunk in Dartmouth South, a wing of our hotel populated by boys from that august school and unofficially renamed in its honor. I can’t claim to remember much of the night, and woke up in bed with two good looking juniors. But through the throbbing of a wicked headache I realized we all still had our underwear on and a quick inspection down below confirmed I hadn’t made love with anyone.Shit, two nights in Miami and I still hadn’t got fucked! I wondered if Kent had hooked any big bass yet, wondered if his fishing was better than mine.Sunday, Day 3 HauloverEllie finally sauntered back into our room around eleven in the morning, a big grin on her face, looking surprisingly good for someone who’d spent a night in the arms of two eager Latin lovers.”So?” Mandy asked.”Twoooooo …is…definitely better…than one,” she laughed, “Much, much better.””God you’re such a little slut,” Mandy said, unable to keep the smile of her face.”So what’d you guys do last night anyway?” she asked back.”Mandy went home early, she was tired, poor girl; big Becky passed out in the arms of some Dartmouth freshman, and I…well, so I had to lie back and represent Auburn…” Crystal boasted as she cupped her little tits in pantomime.”I didn’t pass out,” I protested, “they did.””They?” Mandy asked.”You all did. Can you believe it Ellie, I wake up this morning, naked in bed, entwined with a handsome, well hung young man, then I look over and in the next bed is Miss de Scouries snoring in her bra and panties.””I shouldn’t have had those last two shots,” I explained ruefully.”And her dates were lying passed out on the floor türbanlı urfa escort fully dressed,” Crystal finished to the guffaws of the other two.”They weren’t,” I protested grinning.”So, what will we do today?” Ellie finally asked as the laughing subsided.”Where are the Latin twins today?” I enquired sweetly.”They’re busy today, have some family thing…and they are not twins…I’ll see them tonight. We’re going on a road trip tomorrow and Tuesday though.””What?” we all chimed in.”Just the three of us…maybe we’ll drive up to the Cape.””We’re going to a special beach today,” Crystal then informed us. “I heard about it last night at the bar. Its only about ten miles up the coast.””The beach is just across the road,” Mandy complained.Twenty minutes later Crystal had us all packed up for the beach and quickly herded us down to the car, all the while deaf to our repeated questions.The sign said Haulover Beach Park at the gate leading into the parking lot but it was only after we’d walked through the trees and then between the dunes that we understood where we were.”They’re all naked,” I almost shouted as we emerged onto the soft sand and were faced by nudists as far as the eye could see.”Noooooooo, no way,” insisted Mandy as we walked aimlessly, all of us awestruck by the sights.I could see even Crystal was surprised, her mouth hung open for second after second. Knowing they’re be naked people and seeing them all at once isn’t the same thing.”Now this is more like it,” Ellie finally blurted out, and then after undoing her suit top and handing it to a still confused Mandy, ran towards the ocean’s edge, her large jugs bouncing delightedly, clearly happy to be free.”Oh Jesus,” we heard Mandy moan as Crystal and I ran laughing after our topless friend.Even Mandy finally succumbed; fifteen minutes later the four of us were laying or sitting naked on our towels, none of us oblivious to the stares of every man within a hundred yards. The arrival of four young, beautiful college girls was a pretty exciting event even for a beach like this, we found.We became experts that day on limp cocks – shit, we saw more of the male anatomy in a half hour than the four of us had seen in nineteen years. We laughed, had fun, swam, posed, even talked with the unending line of men that approached us, whether we were on the beach or in the water.It was a neat way to meet guys, we finally decided laughing, at least a girl knew up front what a guy would be trying to get into her later. It was funny, the guys seemed more natural as they tried to hustle us, there were no secrets, it was all there right in front of you.Of course he had to spoil it! I didn’t see him approaching, just heard Ellie’s quick intake of breath as she looked over my shoulder and heard Mandy’s gripe, “What’s he doing here?”When I turned it was obvious what he was doing. He was simply making the other thousand men on the beach feel inadequate while causing all their girlfriends to fall in lust with him.”He’s seen us,” Mandy mumbled just as Crystal jumped up, arm waving.”Over here Roddy,” she sang out as I watched Rod veer towards us, his hand entwined with the little blond, the sexy barmaid from the Clevelander Bar.I was shy as he approached, could feel the blush rising, and nervously grabbed my towel and placed it on my lap, wanting to protect my charms from this god.”My sweet Alabama girls,” rang out across the beach, his deep, sexy voice attracting the attention of every person on the beach who wasn’t already looking at him.”You know Babs,” he said smiling, introducing his friend.”Why don’t you guys join us?” Crystal invited while Mandy and I sent silent daggers at her.You couldn’t help yourself; you just had to look at it as it hung down between his legs. It was one of those things you’d heard about, almost an urban myth, but here it was hanging just two feet from my gaping eyes.”Are you following us by any chance?” Ellie brazenly asked Rod after we’d been sitting and talking for a while. “You seem to appear wherever we are. The bar, the beach yesterday, today…””No, my dear, but if you’re planning on going swimming now I might just follow you to the water,” he answered back. “Are you going swimming Miss Becky?” he asked me, his eyes roaming over my skin, noting my bloody nipples eager response.”No,” I stammered, the stupid towel still sitting in my lap, protecting my modesty.He finally chased Ellie and Mandy into the water, the two girls shrieking as he grabbed them and threw them into the breaking waves. I was jealous immeadiately, felt an incredible urge to run after him, grab him, kiss him, fuck him on the soft sand.I almost choked when Crystal’s next words penetrated my brain, words she was directing to Rods cute date. “Does it really all fit…I mean it’s huge…where does it go?”Confused, then shy for a sec, Babs then giggled and said, “I’m still sore. We went out Friday night, he doesn’t stop…went all night…it’s like he’s this fantasy lover Gods sent me for being good or something. It was like winning the lottery.””But,” I started.”You couldn’t live with him. He’d either kill you or drive you crazy,” she finished with a sigh.We left soon after, I think all of us knew that much more of a naked Rod and we’d simply attack him and take him on the spot. The only comment about him we made on the drive back to the hotel was my, “Remember Mandy’s rule girls…no sex with…”. Crystal, Mandy and I partied hard that night, or at least I tried to. But I just couldn’t get the image of Rod out of my mind and when the other two wanted to leave with two rugby players from Michigan, I begged off and went home.Ellie’s yell of what turned out to be delight woke me around three-thirty and I opened my eyes to see her and her two Latin eighteen year olds cavorting naked on the bed next to mine, the lights blazing.”What?” I screeched before I realized what was going on.”Your big friend wakes up,” the boy I learned later was Manuel said as three sets of eyes turned to watch me.”Sorry…I didn’t…I mean,” I stammered as I watched the two boys and their bouncing, firm pricks.”Okay Missy,” the other, Luis said, “no problemo. You like to join us? You very pretty too,” he added as he looked appraisingly at my body.God, I’m naked, I thought as I looked down at my exposed breasts, my hair covered groin, felt my nipples grow…”Yeah, c’mon Becky,” Ellie added as she jumped from her bed to mine, the boys quickly following.Why, why did I do it, I asked myself the next morning as I lay sticky in my bed, alone now after refusing to join them for their car trip up to the Cape. But I smiled to myself, remembering just how good it was to make love with not one, but two happy, smiling, young eager high schoolers.At eighteen, they were less than two years younger than us, but somehow they had an exuberance that no boy I’d ever been with had. Maybe it was the Latin thing…or the Miami thing…or just maybe it was the group I’d hung out with all my life…they weren’t…They weren’t huge, no giant Rod here, each had six and a half or seven inches, thick enough but not exceptional, but somehow they’d learned how to make love…and do it often! It was the best sex I’d ever had!Front and back! I was the rich, white cream between their brown bodies in our oreo cookie. I loved it, loved how my body responded to their eager pricks. They made Ellie and I come again and again.Monday, Day 4 It was noon Monday before Mandy and Crystal crawled home, and two pm before the three of us had rallied enough to go to the beach. Mandy, who’d apparently ended up in Michigan the night before, had stumbled in disheveled, braless (and panty less?) walking bowlegged and bedraggled, but with a wide, dreamy look on her face.”They were nice,” was her only comment as we walked to the beach.”She was very bad Becky,” Crystal confided with a grin.We were all half asleep when we felt someone plonk down among us on the bedsheet we’d spread on the hot sand. “Roddy boy,” welcomed Crystal, still hung over from the night before, “You’ve finally decided that the girls from Auburn are the most beautiful and desirable, have you?” she asked the golden god who had settled between us.”Shit no! I’m just hiding from those horny northerners, I need a rest,” he laughed.”We saw you at the bar last night,” Mandy added as she stretched languorously, leaning into Rod as she moved. “You didn’t talk to us.””I didn’t see you Miss Beckie,” Rod countered as he ran a hand across my stomach, a teasing caress that took my breath away as his fingers came to rest at the top edge of my skimpy bottoms. God, put them lower, I begged silently as my nipples started to throb.”I was tired, went home early,” I answered, knowing he could feel me tremble under his hand.Turning to Crystal, he told her, “You may be beautiful but I’d never sleep with girls from Alabama.””What,” we all echoed in unison.”Why not?” I asked.”You rich southern girls, you’re too fucked up, about black men, I mean,” he complained. “With a northern girl I can just go and have fun, get laid. With girls like you there’s just too much history. The clan, and lynchings and…””Not any more,” Mandy protested for all of us.”Yeah right! Which of you three would be willing to take me home to meet the parents?” he demanded laughing.After watching our embarrassed non response he went on, but real anger had now crept into his voice, “besides, it was some racist, white Alabama bitch that had me and just threw me away.””Huh? Your mother?” I whispered.”White, southern, redneck trash. But she was too fuckin good for little old me, her black baby,” he hissed back, all pretense of civility now gone.The three of us were too shocked to speak, the venom in his words too hateful.”I’m off,” he finally added as he jumped to his feet.”No wait,” I pled.He turned back for a second, a smile now spread across his face, his anger seemingly forgotten. “You three are better off without me,” he grinned, “besides I’ve got two little sweeties from Kent State who are just dying to meet me.”As he sauntered off down the beach Crystal spat out to us, “we are better off without that prick.”But there was a wistful tone to her voice and I couldn’t help adding, “But it is a Biiiiiiiigggg Prick Cryssie!”….Tuesday, Day 5Tuesday morning the three of us woke late, hung-over, in our room for a change, but between Mandy and my naked bodies lay a big, blond, muscled guy. From Penn I finally remembered, we’d met him at the pool bar. Looking over I could see Crystal, naked in the next bed, her leg d****d over her friend from the other night, the guy from Dartmouth.He’s pretty big, I noticed as I rose from the sheets, watching his soft cock lying on his thigh. Is he as big as Crystal’s friend I wondered as I compared the two boys. About the same, both hunks, I decided smiling.As I showered, more of last night came back to me, an image of me sitting mounted on our blond, facing Mandy who sat facing me, her pussy lowered over our guys lapping tongue. I remembered kissing her as I fucked him, and then Mandy lowering her head, sucking my nipples as the three of us exploded in orgasm. Johnny’s his name, I suddenly remembered.The four were awake when I exited the shower, and I couldn’t help but watch the scene as I slowly toweled the water off my now excited body.Mandy was on top of Blondie, lowering herself repeatedly on his hard spear, grunting each time she impaled herself. Crystal was on all fours on her bed, her laughing eyes watching me as Dartmouth took her doggie style.I kissed Johnnie lightly on the mouth before turning to Crystal. “You little slut,” I exclaimed as I walked over to her and kissed her deeply. And as our tongues probed I could feel every thrust that her eager beau made…Rod was on the beach when we finally showed up later, lounging on a beach chair while two pale northern girls hovered at his side, looking like little Roman slave girls ready to do anything to please their master. He nodded at us, a broad, triumphant smile on his lips.”Who’s he think he is?” pouted Mandy as we watched entranced.Mandy went off with Blond John that night, Crystal was back with Dartmouth and I found a premed from DePaul. He was good…excellent even…but I was thinking of Rod while he jerked spasmodically inside of me. Wednesday, Day 6 Ellie had arrived sometime in the night and I awoke to find her under the boy from DePaul I’d brought home six hours ago.”I hope you don’t mind?” she asked when she saw I was awake. “He just looked so yummy sleeping next to you.””Be my guest,” I laughed as I headed to the shower….Rod deigned to drop by and talk türbanlı urfa escort bayan to us on the beach around noon, his two Kent Staters apparently gone to Sarasota on the west coast of Florida to visit family.”How could they possibly leave you?” teased Ellie.I had figured out by now that he liked us, and that in fact somehow it was I who was drawing him to us. His eyes continually strayed to mine, and to my body, as he talked.”I was just too much for them,” he boasted as he posed in front of us.The girls had decided to go to Key West for a couple of days, to see the sights before returning Friday night and our Saturday morning departure back to school. I had decided not to go! “We’re going to the Keys tomorrow,” Crystal told him, “Would you like to come?””With four crazy girls from Alabama?””I’m not going Rod,” I told him, “there will be lots of room, you’ll only have to satisfy three horny girls.””BECKY!” Mandy protested.”I’d love to girls but my schedule’s full,” he declined as he stood to go. “Maybe I’ll see you on the beach though,” he said to me as he left.”I told you Becky,” Crystal laughed, “that boy definitely has the hots for you.”Thursday, Day 7 I saw the three of them off the next morning and wondered just for a second why I hadn’t gone with them. “C’mon Becky, you’ll have fun, the Keys are great,” Ellie’s last demand before their car headed south.I was still standing at the curb when I heard the voice, the voice I knew I’d hoped to hear. “They left you all alone Miss Beckie,” his deep voice echoed in my brain, a touch of amusement clear.”Uh huh,” I said as I turned and smiled up into his handsome face. “So what are we going to do today?” I asked, surprising him with my frank, appraising glance.Quickly recovering he took my arm and answered, “How about we start with breakfast, and then maybe the beach, then””So you do sometimes hang out with Alabama girls?” I interrupted smiling. “And what about after the beach?”He was too smooth, too experienced to be any more than momentarily nonplussed and quickly replied, “And then we’ll see Miss Beckie.”God, you little slut, I thought as I watched Rod shovel his eggs and grits between his pearly white teeth. He’s so full of himself…Christ, what would Daddy and Gramps think if they saw their little girl groveling, panting in front of someone they’d regard as no better than a field slave?”Cat got your tongue?” he asked between bites.You’ll get my tongue big boy, I thought as I suggested mischievously, “Can we go back to Haulover today?”An hour later we pulled into the parking lot at the Haulover Beach Park and as we skipped hand in hand through the dunes and onto the beach I could feel he was as excited as I. He stripped quickly after we had laid our beach towels on the hot sand, but stood proudly, displaying his maleness, turning slowly, letting every women within thirty yards have a good look at his hanging prick.”God you’re conceited,” I told him as I approached with a tube of sun screen in my hand. “Now don’t get excited Roddie,” I teased as I slowly massaged a big dollop of the white cream over his nipples and across his hard, ribbed stomach.”Some little, dumb, white southern girl ain’t likely to get a man like me very excited,” he sassed back but then gasped when I reached his balls and gave him a hard squeeze. “Bitch,” he hissed as his cock started to fill.”Unbutton me please,” I asked mischievously as I moved toward him.He took his time, making sure that as he undid the buttons on my dress that he also got a lot breast and nipple contact in, and then slowly slid the straps off my shoulder and let it fall to my feet, leaving me topless, covered just by filmy thin, red lace panties.”My panties?””Southern slut,” he whispered hoarsely as he bent and pulled the panties down, almost ripping them in his haste.I sat down on the towel, and then, after handing him the sunscreen, I lay back, arms behind my head, my legs spread, open for him, inviting him, luring him to the pink slit hidden in my pubic thatch.”Slut,” he snarled laughing as he knelt next to me, positioning himself so that his long, thick shaft lay on my thigh as he creamed my tits with the sun block.I fuckin jumped as he cupped them, then involuntarily arched off the sand when he took both nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and teasingly caressed and stretched them. “Jesus,” I finally gasped, feeling the dampness between my legs, not caring what the hundreds of people surrounding us thought.”So, you do have a little life in you,” he smirked, happy he could so easily arouse me. “What would your boyfriend, what’s his name…Kent…what would good old Kent think if he saw you naked, writhing on the sand under a black man’s hands… fuck, what would your cracker father think,” he laughed.”Shutup,” I hissed as I rolled over on my stomach, “do my back.””Oh, I’ll do you from the back white girl,” he crowed as he dug his greasy fingers into my firm cheeks. I quivered when for just a sec he rubbed a finger across my anus, almost scared, wondering what it’d feel like.We spent most of the day on the beach, talking, teasing, arguing, threatening, arousing. He was nice, smart, and funny, but couldn’t help insulting and demeaning me every time I started to like him.”Fuck, so what? You’re a goddamn orphan, okay, but Christ, look at yourself,” I finally exploded. “You’re smart, good looking, you go to UVA Law, you got everything going for you. You even got a so-so prick,” I added grinning.”So-so prick my ass baby,” he groused.”Just stop with the bellyaching. You’ve got it all.””Fuck you! You grew up with a Mom and Dad, even if they are stupid rednecks, a big house, money, clothes, private school…I had fuck all…a goddamn, half breed, nigger orphan…my so called white mother just said, ‘see ya baby, have a good life, no place for you in my life’.”So to get even with your mom you screw every white girl you can. Treat them like shit?” I demanded.”Southern bitches!””You’re a southerner. Do you think it would have been easy for her? An innocent young white girl, pregnant with a black mans baby, alone, probably scared shitless…it’s a fuckin miracle she didn’t abort you.””She should have kept me, raised me,” he argued back.”Yeah right, dream on, an eighteen year old unmarried white girl in Alabama.””Fuck you!””That’s your job,” I laughed, trying to lighten the mood, and then daring him, asked, “Shall we go? Or don’t you want to fuck little old me?””Bitch,” he hissed again, and then as we walked back towards the car, promised, “You’ll never want to see good old Kent after tonight baby.””Promises, promises,” I sang back.He kept his promise. We kept the promise.Oh, he tried to make it difficult; he couldn’t help heaping the bullshit, trying to prove something only he understood. I didn’t care! In two days I’d be gone, back to Alabama, I’d never see him again. But I’d have been properly fucked!I wanted him. I was going to enjoy him no matter what. Just thinking about it on the way home from the beach had my panties sopping. Two seconds after slamming the hotel door shut my dress and his shirt lay in a heap on the floor, my ripped panties dangled from his hand, I had his zipper down, my fingers were pulling him free.”Shit baby, slow down,” he groaned as I stretched him out.”Oh fuck Roddddddd,” I moaned as his lips found a waving nipple, enslaving me.”You like that, don’t you,” he crowed as a finger slipped inside me.”Just fuck me,” I demanded as I threw my arms around his neck, and with him still standing in the centre of the room, jumped and locked my legs around his back, trapping his huge, rearing cock between our stomachs.He grabbed my ass, lifted me up; I dropped a hand between our bodies, held him, positioned him as he slowly lowered me over it.”Jeeeeeesus…oh fuuuuuck Rod,” I yelled as he pushed me down, forcing more and more into my throbbing channel.He carried me, half impaled, to the bed, setting me down on the soft sheet without releasing me.”It’s too big,” I complained as I looked down and saw how much was left outside, but held on to him, my words belied by my ankles pressure on his back, by the juice my pussy was lubricating him with.”You like it, don’t you baby,” he demanded as he started to thrust, slowly working his way deeper and deeper. “Tight, little, white cunt likes big Rod, doesn’t she,” he gloated as he filled me, each thrust igniting every nerve in my body.I didn’t hear anything else, I was lost in a land I’d never dreamed of, groaning, moaning, screaming as my body orgasmed, my womb pulsing open as my back arched impossibly under his ravaging body. I had a second, a third orgasm as he continued to work me, small continual explosions that rose up from my centre until I felt the first spurting flood of black sperm burst inside me.He went on and on, I could hear him now, almost whimpering with each buck of his engorged shaft.We fell apart, spent…gasping…sweat pouring from us…I could feel his still warm seed oozing out of me and over my thighs…wondered for a second if some would find my womb…my waiting egg…didn’t care…was happy…”What?” he finally demanded as he watched me grinning.”Nothing,” I smiled back as I lowered my head to his semi-hard juice covered rod. Ran my tongue from his balls to his leaking cockhead, once, twice, again…again…felt him harden under my lips…”Fuck me lover,” I ordered as I crawled over him, “fuck you sweet little Becky.””You’re just a stupid white, bitch slut,” he complained as I lowered myself. But when I looked down into his eyes as he added, “nothing special at all,” I knew he was lying, knew that for some reason I was very special to this beautiful, angry man.”You liked it, didn’t you,” he demanded later as we lay in each others arms. “Most girls can’t take me, I’m too big…but you loved it.” I heard the complaint, the disappointment in his voice as he talked.”You’re unhappy I enjoyed it?” I asked, a big grin on my face. “No, no,” he lied.”It was made for me,” I laughed.”What,” he grumbled.”This funny little golden thingy,” I answered as I circled my fingers around the fat shaft. “It fits perfectly in my slippery cave,” I teased as my hand pumped him. “Look at how big he gets when I touch him,” I continued to tease as he grew. “He can’t resist his sweet, white girl with her pink centre. He’s never been so happy, never been in such a nice pussy.””I’ve fucked twenty better than you,” he boasted as he rolled me onto my back, pinning my arms as his free hand slid across my stomach.”Liar,” I laughed.”Bitch!”Eat me Roddy! Lick me,” I begged, spreading myself open.”You all want a tongue on your clit,” he complained as he licked down across my stomach.”Pleeeasssse, pretty please,” I pled. “Do you have a long tongue too?””Bitch,” was his last word and then I felt his moist lips, his wet tongue slide onto my aching little pink nub….ohhhhhh fuck he was good…I held his head imprisoned between my thighs, but soon it was I who was imprisoned, thrashing under his long, thick tongue, finally crying as my discharge flowed towards his waiting lips.”Now it’s your turn. Suck me baby,” he ordered as I lay panting beside him, my orgasmic tremors finally dying.”It’s too big,” I giggled as I moved my head downward. Impossible to get much more than the thick head past my lips, still, I could taste our now sticky mixed juices on its end. Again and again I ran my tongue up and down his shaft.”Cum baby, cum in my mouth,” I finally begged as my hand pumped him mercilessly, licking his tip on each stroke. “I want to taste your cream Roddy, your sweet cum.” And then, when his cock started to jump in my hand, each spurt filled my mouth easily, and I struggled to swallow before the next hot flow of seed spat into my open mouth. Finally, mouth full, I climbed up his body, found his mouth, kissed him, let him taste his sperm on my tongue.”Jesus, aren’t you ever satisfied?” he complained later when he felt my hand slip onto his balls.”I love you!”We fucked again, showered, slept, woke and made love, ate a late dinner, kissed, swam in the ocean… went back to bed, kissed some more, slept til morning…Friday, Day 8 “I finally found him you know Becky. Last summer,” he suddenly said as we lay locked in each others arms early the next morning.”Who?” I mumbled.”My father.””You did? So you do have family. What’s he like?””I’d been looking for five years.””Where’s he live?””Birmington. He’s married. Has three c***dren.””So you do have a family! Alabamans,” I crowed. “All your complaining and you’ve got a bigger family than me. I always wanted a big brother. What did he türbanlı escort urfa say when he met you? You have met him haven’t you? Does he look like you?” “He was just a young guy doing summer work on some rich mans farm,” he explained. “This sassy, sexy white bitch, the old, rich guy’s daughter, kept hanging around him, teasing him, making him so hard he couldn’t even remember what the fuck he was supposed to be doing.He was just a poor backcountry nigger, hardly ever seen a white person.””So they fell in love?” I asked.”Love shit! She just wanted to try black cock, that horny bitch,” Rod hissed back.”She’s your Mom.””Yeah, for five minutes. Until she threw me away. Dad never knew. He was long gone by the time the shit hit the fan. Christ and lucky too. If that girl’s pa had found the nigger that had knocked up his daughter he wouldn’t a lasted two minutes. He’d a been lynched so fast…””But you like your Dad?” I interrupted.”Yeah, he’s okay. Surprised as hell he had a twenty-two year old son. His k**s are all under ten.””What’d he say when you told him?””I didn’t even have to tell him, as soon as he saw me he knew. I’m lighter, a bit taller than him but anyone would know. Shit, his wife answered the door, looked at me a sec and then turned and yelled, ‘I think your brothers here, but I don’t know this one’.””So everything’s perfect with the world now,” I said as I lowered my lips towards his.”Except for that fucking bitch.””That poor girl! A young, naïve girl, probably was a virgin, didn’t know anything about these fat fellows,” I laughed as my hand circled Rod’s prick. “And then some smooth talking, good looking man comes along and seduces her, bloodies her with his long shaft, hurts her, scares her…””BULLSHIT!” he yelled as he rolled me on my back and then drove into me. “That hussy seduced my Daddy. He was scared shitless. Christ, making love to the big mans daughter. White slut! After a couple of weeks of secret meetings, fucking the boss’s daughter he ran…couldn’t take it any more. Knew they’d eventually be caught…that he’d be…””So he left her?” I demanded even as my body arched in pleasure under Rods now insistent pounding.”Don’t try to blame him bitch.”Even with both of us angry, we again easily reached orgasm together. It seemed are bodies were designed to pleasure the other and even though he continued to insist I was nothing special, I knew he’d never had as much pleasure from a woman.As we lay panting in each others arms, sticky with each others juice, I asked, “Can we be friends, lovers, just for today, no arguing?” I could see the scowl starting as I went on, “Listen Rod, I’m going to be back in Alabama tomorrow, you back to Virginia. Lets just enjoy one day, please?” I finished.An almost imperceptible nod was his only answer.We showered, then screwed as we showered, had breakfast, walked the beach, talked like lovers, friends (living our truce now), returned to the room, made love, swam in the ocean, coupled as we stood neck deep in the surf, hundreds of beachgoers unaware as Rod slipped his penis in and out of my aching pussy in time to the breaking waves.I liked him. I was in love.We fell asleep in each others arms, spent, happy…and somehow I knew that he loved me too.Saturday, March 18 “I finally found her too,” were his first words when we awoke in each others arms early the next morning.”Your Mom?” I asked groggily.”The bitch!””Did you talk to her? Get her side of the story?” I asked, now fully awake.”I was going to go to her house, wait until she was alone, and when she answered the door I was going to **** her. Just throw her on the floor and fuck the shit””Are you crazy? You didn’t…surely you didn’t,” I pled.”Oh I saw her. From a distance. But I didn’t talk to her or touch her,” he admitted, a gleam now in his eye.”Why didn’t you try to talk to her, or write her, I’m sure she””The hell with her! I found out she had a daughter,” he told me with obvious excitement in his eyes.”You have a sister?””I decided I’d do her,” he laughed.”You ****d her?” I asked aghast.”Did it feel like ****?” he demanded.”Huh…What?””You’re just like your momma,” he gloated. “But what do””I’m your big brother Beckie. They kept you but just threw me away. I wasn’t good enough for gramps and mommy…but you…the little, white princess…””It’s impossible! Mom would never…I mean she married Dad when she was only twenty, when they were both students…””Would never what? Fuck a nigger?” he demanded.Suddenly I knew it was true. Something I’d never have believed before today was instantly accepted in the deepest recesses of my brain. For just a second I was elated, I had a brother!And then all the implications hit! “YOU FUCKED YOUR sister TO GET EVEN WITH YOUR MOTHER,” I screamed, anger and sadness battling for my soul.”I thought… I mean I didn’t know I’d like you,” he stammered as he watched the tears coursing down my cheeks.”Screw you, you prick,” I cried as I rushed to pick up my dress, my underwear from the floor.”Rebecca, please…we can talk about,” he started as he tried to take me into his arms.”I loved you, you bastard,” were my last words before I slammed the door shut as I fled down the hall.~~~~~”God, where have you been?” Ellie demanded when I burst through the hotel room door, my bra and panties dangling from my fingers.All three of them were wide eyed, taking in my disheveled state, my wild hair, the tears on my cheek…”Are you okay honey?” Mandy finally asked as she ran to me and took me in her arms.I cried for minutes before finally pulling away, explaining, “I’m ok, I’m just a little fucked up…I’ll just grab a shower…don’t worry.” I fled to the bathroom, let the steamy heat of the cascading water revive me. I tried to keep a smile on my face when I finally emerged, asking, “When do we have to leave anyway?””Ten minutes hon, do you want me to help you pack?” Mandy offered.”No, no, I’m ok,” I insisted and five minutes later the four of us were trooping through the lobby laden down with our luggage and our Florida purchases. “Do you need a hand?” I suddenly heard my brother ask from behind me.”No, leave me alone! FUCK OFF!””I shouldn’t have done what I””Fuck you, it’s a little late for that Rod,” I hissed as I turned to face him.I could feel Mandy’s and Ellie’s and Crystal’s eyes on us, sensed their surprise when he tried to grab my arm as I pulled back, felt them move between us as I rushed away…~~~~~For the first fifty miles of our trip home the three of them were quiet, mute until finally Crystal couldn’t keep it in any longer, “C’mon, tell us, what was it like? I mean, is it even possible to get that big thing all the way in?”Mandy and Ellie, after taking quick looks to check how I was taking the question, and noticing the shy grin that appeared on my lips, finally exploded into fits of laughing. “You slut,” Mandy said shaking her head. “What was the one thing we agreed not to do Miss Stupid de Scouries? The one fucking thing?””But it was so fucking incredible! A giant, gold prick, how could I not want to,” I sputtered gleefully.”The second I saw that asshole, the first night by the bar, I knew, I just knew he was trouble,” Mandy added as she shook her head.”So…talk,” Crystal insisted.”It fit,” I giggled. “Just.””And?””My nipples felt like they were an inch long… He’s got a magic tongue…He lasts and lasts””Christ, why didn’t you share him with me?” Ellie complained. “I let you try Luis and Manuel.””You what?” croaked Crystal. “When?””That’s for Becky and I to know,” she told her two open mouthed friends.”Who? Those two Latino boys?” Mandy squeaked, “I don’t understand.”For hours as we drove north the four of us relived the highlights of our week, the boys, the fun, and the memories. But as we laughed I could sense their unasked interest in Rod and I, I knew they wanted the details – what was it like with a big cocked, black man, what had we argued about.But I kept quiet. And then, when we crossed the state line, four innocents finally safely home, I grabbed my cell and called Mom.”Hi.””Are you okay sweetie?” was Moms hurried question.”Safe and sound. We just arrived in Alabama,” I laughed, incredibly happy to hear my Moms loving voice.We talked for minutes, no details from me, just generalizations about the sun and sand, hints at the boys we’d met, ‘mainly just northerners ma’, I disparaged.”Mom, I was thinking….when school ends…I thought maybe you and I could…””You and I what honey?””Maybe we could go to Dallas, or even New York, just the two of us I mean…a shopping trip, go to the theatre…a girls trip, just you and I,” I finally suggested.”I’d love that honey…you’d really like to go with your old mother?”Crystals grinning comment after I’d hung up of, “God you’re a slut. Two Latinos teens fucked, blond John, a giant, golden cock mounted, who knows who else you’ve left screwed, your poor boyfriend innocently fishing, and you, you still connive to get Mommy to take you to New York to shop,” brought gales of laughter from all of us.But I wondered, as we drove the last few miles on the freeway, just how that coming weekend with Mom would go, knowing we’d end up talking about her son – my lover and brother.”So, where are we going next year anyway?” Ellie finally asked, “I hear Ibiza is really hot. Do you think it’ll be hot enough for Auburn’s ‘Fab Four’?” “Shut up,” erupted the rest of us.And then, as we turned onto our street a sudden question came unbidden to my tired brain, ‘Would it be too bold of me to fly up to Virginia next weekend? Or should I wait for a couple of weeks to pass, wait for the letter or call I knew would come…’…fuck it, I’ll book a flight for next Friday, I quickly decided…I’ve waited long enough for this godamm brother to finally arrive…he’s not getting rid of me that fast, the bastard…besides, just thinking of him, of his big…I’m wet, my nipples already ache for…EpilogueThe plane is two hours late in getting to Virginia on Friday night, a security baggage delay on top of a weather delay, getting me to the Avis counter only at eleven-thirty and to the street in front of his townhouse after twelve.Fuck, no lights, no answer to the doorbell, to my knock…should I hang around, wait, or get a room first…I’ll wait…Headlights wake me, shit its three-thirty, I groan, yawning as I check the clock. God, there he is, still bloody gorgeous, escorting some bimbo towards his door. At least she’s black, I think, the first black girl I’ve seen him with. Is she his girlfriend, I wonder, sudden murderous thoughts exploding in my head.I wait; watch the lights go on, then soon after off, and then after another ten minutes wander towards the door, wheeling my overnight bag behind. I ring the bell, wait…, knock on the door, wait some more…then really hammer on the door until finally I hear movement, complaining through the thin wood door.It’s the girl, her demand, “shut the fuck up, I’m coming,” reverberates towards me. I feel her eyes on me through the peephole, then after she opens the door she spits out, glaring, “Who the fuck are you? It’s fuckin four in the morning?”She’s just in a loosely belted robe, and when she half turns to answer Rod’s yelled question of, “Who the hell is it Tamika?”, it opens, revealing a black, lush body, large, dark nippled breasts hanging loose, her thick pubic triangle of bush concealing her sex completely.”Some tall, white girl,” she yells as she turns back to me, a question in her eyes.”Rod ordered me, from the agency you know,” I explain brightly. “He thought you might like a threesome tonight, a special gift, I brought some toys,” I explain, as I point to my bag.”He fucking what? TOYS! I don’t need fucking toys. RODNEY,” she curses as she turns back into the apartment and rushes towards the bedroom door. “You think I’m going to share you with one of your fuckin white sluts?” I hear screamed as I slowly disrobe.”What are you talking about?” I hear him protest as I lower my lilac, silk panties to my ankles and step out of them.”I didn’t order no white bitch,” he yells as he rushes from the bedroom closely followed by the girlfriend with her clothes in her hands. “Hi honey,” I whisper as I melt into his arms.”Becky? What are you doing…””Don’t know the white bitch eh?””I can explain sweetie,” he sputters as I hold him.”Screw you,” are her last recognizable words before the door slams shut behind her departing back, although I do hear curses retreating down the street.”So, you’re happy to see me,” I laugh as I grasp the thick pole that rises between our bodies.”That wasn’t for you,” he complains, but with a big grin on his face. “What are you doing here anyway?””So you didn’t miss your beautiful, little sister? Her perfect body. The best pussy in the world,” I tease.”Why would I?” he asks as he lifts me up, spins me, carries to me to the bed, lays me down, mounts me, fills me, fulfills me…”I love you Rod,” I whisper as we both come minutes later….THE END – it’s up to you to imagine what happened next….

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