Rebecca’s Summer Vacation Part 2 [By: Jarvis8

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Rebecca’s Summer Vacation Part 2 [By: Jarvis8I was back in Puerto Rico for summer break luckily my school was let a bit earlier compared to the rest of the US. It gave me free time to roam around have some fun on the island. I spent a lot of my time in night clubs, and at parties by the beach, but I remembered some nasty fun I had about a month ago with a young girl named Rebecca. She was pretty, she was virgin at the time until I showed up to take her on a ride on my cock. I remember her being inexperienced completely, even having an asshole that wasn’t shaved! It made me laugh but I wanted to check up on flower girl personally. After remembering the name of her church I parked on the other side of the street and tried looking through a nearby window to see the service. I say and she was still beautiful, but the dress she wore was more conservative than last, couldn’t see her damn legs. I could only make her socks but that wasn’t much. I had to wait for the service to end and had to wait for her parents to head back home. I decided to wait until night time to make my move. After it got dark and the lights went out I entered her house and found her room on the first try. I threw on a blindfold and tied her up and left in my car. After we got to my secret place I took off her things.”You again!” She yelled surprisingly.”Of course it’s me! Don’t tell me that you forgot my dick penetrating your little virgin ass from before?” I laughed as I moved in to kiss her forcibly, but she pushed me off. “I’m going to call the cops on you, I’m a good girl. All of those things you did weren’t my fault, and I wish that it never happened to me. But thanks to you I’m involved more than ever in church and in Sunday school. So I guess I should thank you for making my relationship with my church and God even stronger. Now I’, going to call the cops” She tried looking for her cellphone only to realize I was holding it in my hands! She lunged to get it but she fell face first into my crotch.”You say you’ve changed her you are smothering my cock with your pretty face. In fact I remember you dedicating yourself to finding more ways to make me cum? I thought your relationship was with my cock, and only my cock?” She looked annoyed but I didn’t care so I just laughed at her. Then quickly pinned her to the bed again.”Please don’t I lost my virginity when I turned 19 please don’t take it again I just became a newborn Christian again!””Oh you were 19! Hahahaha thats funny, and sorry cum bucket once my cock slid inside you I took everything about you and made you mine but it looks like you need a reminder again.” She started begging for me to stop as I showed her my cock and rubbed all over legs, thighs and pussy. Her legs were smooth and warm just like last time, she cried a little bit. And then I started to prod her ass. I could çankaya escort feel her hair around her ass. “Please don’t I’m a good Christian, I’m a good girl.””Yeah you’re my good girl, now shut up and let me show you how good you have been!” I entered her ass finally after proding her a bit, I thrusted deep inside her, her inside were nice and tight. Warm and wet, it was a great feeling to ram my cock into her again. “Please mister your cock is going to make a mess in butt it feels it feels!””It feels good don’t it Rebecca! Yeah you like to have your fucking dominated by nice cock like mine! Tell your parents you’re a failure of a good Christian and you tell that church fucking sucks. And that you have a new religion my cock bitch!” I continued to fuck her like a dirty a****l, she kept on weeping finally I grabbed her mouth and made her shut up. I took my other hand played with her tits, for a bit. I made her legs come forward and made her feet touch my chest. It felt good to feel her soft feet against my chest, I began to suck her toes as I fucked her ass deep. They were a little sweaty from being stuffed in those shoes. I stopped fucking her and I began fucking her pussy now, she was wet like a fucking river. Her cum was everywhere I fucking liked that.”Please I don’t want to be dirty anymore I want to be clean, you’ve taken my virginity again. Please I want to be a good girl please.” “Then shut up put your mouth to work and suck my cock!” I should’ve her face into my cock and made her suck, I kept fucking her mouth until she finally gave in, I finally broke her stupid spirit and she began sucking my cock. Finally she found different ways to make me cum, later she gave me a footjob with her soft feet. Finally my cock was her new religion, I wanted to finish the night by cumming in her hairy asshole again. “Yeah how’s it feel to be fucked by your new religion? Much better than reading a stupid back and signing songs right? All you have to remember is make me cum and give me a good fuck!”Yes!” She moaned loudly as I continued to fuck her ass violently, she was moaning loudly and couldn’t get any quieter. I kept fucking her deeper and harder after each thrust, I wanted to make this little girl my plaything now. Finally I came all inside her ass and left some cum on her asshole again. Her now hairy and sticky asshole, I laughed a bit and I told her that was a good first service to her new true religion.Another semester out of the way I was out of school and free to have free reign to what I could do. Luckily with help from family member I was able to head out to Puerto Rico for another break. I wanted to save it for my 21st birthday but I couldn’t wait to go back. After getting to my hotel I decided to look for a young girl that I visited plenty of times before, balgat escort Rebecca or Flower Girl. Well at this point I guess she was more of a cum slut than a flower, it was fun seeing her getting such pleasure from my cock and her beginning to enjoy it. I was wondering what she was up to, so I decided to look for her again by the church like last time. But there wasn’t anyone there of course since it wasn’t Sunday, so I decided to roam around the town walking in the Puerto Rican heat. “Gah I’m having no luck right now, maybe that was the last time I was going to see here. Whelp time to head on back to the hotel” I drove myself back in the rental car and just as I was about to pull up in the car I thought to myself she’s older so she’s probably going to be at a party later tonight. So I decided to look for ads talking about parties, I found a couple but they were old. So after that I decided to look up which clubs were hosting some kind of summer party and I found one realtively nearby me and the church she went to. It was a long shot but I decided to head to that party. “Finally made it. Looks like a lot of people are here at this club, hope she’s her to get what she’s been missing out on.” I entered the club somehow avoiding to pay to get in, the music was loud and the people were plentiful and loud. It was a great atmosphere I decided to dance and have fun with random women. It was an awesome experience. While I was dancing away I noticed that a girl was staring at me, I couldn’t tell who it was or if they were even staring at me. But I decided to risk it and head on over. The girl quickly grabbed me and gave me a hug it had me surprised honestly.”Whoa slow down there, you don’t even know me crazy woman.””Oh don’t recognize me? It’s me Rebecca!” I was surprised to find her here let alone completely happy to see me! I guess all the sex and fucking made her appreciate things in a new way. Whatever the reason was I glad to see her at the end of the night. “Wow you’re actually happy to see me, that’s surprising. But how have you been Rebecca?” “Good just bored with all the overshadowing my parents do. Wanna dance?”So we danced away, it was good feeling her soft skin again. I wondered if she shaved her asshole finally, I wanna guess that she did. She was different, she wasn’t innocent anymore. She grinded all on my crotch, kissed me and moaned a little. Sometimes she shoved my face into her crotch when we danced. Finally I decided that little games with her were over so I decided to take her to my hotel room. I undressed her slowly, kissing her legs, and thighs and her stomach as well. It was so exciting to her moan and see her pussy get so wet. She kept on rubbing her clit and massaging her pussy. She hadn’t even taken her panties yet. Finally I began to make elvankent escort out with her again and began to rub her pussy, it was soft, and hot. It was like a warm river, it just kept on flowing out. Finally I took off her panties and began to eat her out slowly. She moaned louder and louder. “Have you missed this? This feeling of being my little toy? Eating you out and making you horny taking away your innocence?””I love it! I can’t live without, please fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me like the little girl I am! Do it daddy!” “Good girl, you’ll get what you want soon.” I took of my pants and took of my boxers and rubbed my rock hard cock. I slid it up and down her pussy, putting it and taking it out slowly. The teasing drove her insane, she finally just grabbed my cock and wrapped her legs around me making sure I couldn’t pull away teasing her. I started to thrust inside her warm pussy, it was so wet, it wasn’t as tight but it still felt like a nice tight fit. Her face was practically pure ecstasy, she was lost completely in the sex. “God it feels so good daddy! Fuck me like a dog!” “Rebecca the dog, you really are my bitch aren’t you now?” She nodded and I took out my cock from her pussy and flashed it in front of her face. She grabbed my cock and started working my shaft while she licked my balls with her tongue. It was an amazing feeling, I felt my cock get even stiffer, fatter and have more viens pop out. Finally she took her whole head and just plungged her mouth into my cock trying to swallow the whole thing.”Good girl, suck the cum out of my dick completely just like. Make daddy proud now.”She kept on sucking and slurpping my cock. It felt amazing, finally I decided to fuck her ass I turned over the bed, she lifted her ass up, shaking it around. Smacking it a couple of times, I stood over grabbed her head and pushed it down as I entered her ass. She was shaking completely, her pussy was dripping wet now. It felt like she squirted a bit, she moaned so loud I thought I was going to get into trouble with her! But I didn’t care I wanted to fuck her ass up so nasty, I wanted to fuck her deeper and harder than before. “Is your asshole still hairy you dirty slut?” She was too lost to focus and answer me she was so horny she started to suck one of my finger on my free hand, I kept on going harder and harder. Her loud moaning and the sound of us fucking was all she could her and focus on. She was completlety in a trance. She just needed my cum now. “I’m going to cum all in your ass, you hear me? I’m going to fill you up with my cum and you are going to love it bitch!” Finally I picked her up and put her legs on my shoulder and put her back against the wall and began to fuck her faster and faster. Finally I came inside her ass, she moaned so loudly and I couldn’t help but make a little noise when I came inside her. “Aww God, it so warm daddy. Your juice is leaking out of my ass.” She played with the cum a little bit by grabbing her ass playing with the cum in her hands. She was exhausted, she laid there with her filled up with my cum. And now I finally made Rebecca into my personal fuck toy.

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