Service with a smile- Princess Sybil

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Service with a smile- Princess SybilHi Guys, I’m sorry it’s taken a while for me to write another story it’s just that I have been really busy. I hope you all haven’t lost interest though. This story is true and recent, I hope you enjoy.Please like it and share it. ThanksI often found myself getting uptight and depressed from all the work as a waitress and no fun in my life but I needed to work extra to pay my debts. It was a fairly cool mid morning during one of my shifts, not too busy when I was serving a young UFT student his meal on the outer sitting area of the rest/bar i work at. A cool breeze blew over me sending goosebumps across my back and arms. I shivered as I set down his plate only to notice him trying to hide a wide grin across his face as he stared at my chest. The breeze had not only given me goosebumps but also stiffened my pink nipples up; enough to protrude through my bra and work shirt. An electric pulse resonated within my belly as i got excited thinking about how this young man was viewing me. He was a Chinese student who looked to be around 19 year old, I would average his height to be about 5 feet 7 inches and he was skinny, wore glasses,jeans and a black sweater. It had been a while since I had any sexual fun and my erotic appetite needed some whetting. I decided that it wouldn’t be any harm to have some fun so I toyed with him a bit throughout his meal; i would pass by and let my hand rest on his shoulder and asked him if he was alright, enjoying his food, basically just chatting him up. He was loving it, he blushed from ear to ear throughout. My routine as a waitress is always to make the rounds with customers to ask them if they are enjoying their meals, I try to also make small conversations with them to get to know them a bit better and özvatan escort build up my service and their confidence in me in the hopes that they return. I do love my job and I go above and beyond to give my best. Because of this and because of the fairly slow service that day other customers and my fellow coworkers didn’t see it as anything different than what I usually do. As he finished up and I stood to his right side clearing his table while he put together his cash to pay; a napkin fell next to me and without thinking about it I turned my back to him and reached down for it. bending from my hips my ass pushed back and rubbed against his right shoulder only to have him let out a small gasp. I knew he enjoyed it but I did as if it was nothing. I cleared his table and he paid in cash. He got up from his chair and asked for directions to the washroom so I pointed them out to him. I noticed i slight bulge in his crotch as he walked over to the washroom area. My flower was warm and tingling, I couldn’t help but wish to have some fun. I didn’t know what came over me but I walked quickly behind him, grasped his arm and led him to the middle washroom area (the family washroom). Due the layout of the place, the washrooms were to the side and back of the rest/bar. There is the male, the female and the family washroom. The family washroom is much larger but only has one toilet. Not really worrying about looking around I led him into the family washroom and closed and locked the door behind us. He looked at me in a quizzical manner only for me to respond by dashing to the ground on my knees. I could feel my heart beat in my chest as it was pounding, my body was hot and flushed. I wanted me some fun so that’s what I went for. I pushed him to lean back on the counter top of the sink area while I fumbled with his jeans. In a raspy voice he stuttered and asked ‘what are you doing?!’ My trembling hands unzipped his jeans and pulled down his striped boxers letting out a jack in the box bouncing cock. It was a beauty to behold, the base of his crotch was a patch of long, black pubic hair leading out to a brown base of veiny meat and finally ending with a mushroom shaped uncut head. I didn’t bother to respond verbally but instead responded orally! My mouth was wrapped around his cock in the blink of an eye. My eyes closed as I enveloped this delicacy of a meat in my mouth. I bobbed my head back and forth getting him worked up as I used one hand to cup his balls and the other to pull back his foreskin to taste him all. If I had to average his penis i would say he was about 5.5 inches or so, what was interesting though was his balls were huge, bigger than usual I would say. ‘Oh God!’ he grunted as I worked on him good and proper. Looking up from my view, his eyes were shut tight as his face looked up to the heavens above. I don’t know why but when i get horny I love to please those I am with before myself. With this in mind I was only concerned about getting him off. I popped my head off his cock and kissed and nibbled at his huge ball sack. He had the mos pubic hair around the base of his cock but he also had on his sack. These hairs ran along my tongue as I worked on him. He gave a shake of his body as I let out a moan. My pussy was on fire and my thoughts were only of lust,i shifted my mouth from one ball to the other getting them nice and wet. Looking down at me with a pale face he grabbed my head and led my mouth back to his candy stick all the while groaning for more. I didn’t hesitate I flicked my tongue along his pee hole which was dribbling precum. Then, I worked him good, with my right hand I pulled his foreskin back again and locked my lips over his purple mushroom head. With gusto and determination my vacuum sucking skills began. I held his left leg with my left hand for support and worked him like no other. I was sucking deep and hard, as my mouth came up around his head my lips slightly parted and as I bobbed down my mouth engulfed him completely. I left a trail of spit along his schlong but none of it dripped off as I was sucking hard, fast and it was all building up in my mouth. ‘Arghhhhhh!’ he grunted as he grabbed my head with his hands. He hadn’t even lasted a proper minute or two with me. I felt his body quake and his cock twitch in my mouth. I swallowed my spit and prepared for his warm load. Spurt of spurt of hot strings of cum shot into my mouth. I could feel each gooey load continue to fill me mouth. He kept on twitching as he came when I tried my best to take him as deep as possible. I slowly kept inching my mouth down his asian popsicle. His pubic hairs tickled and surrounded my mouth as they met my lips. His entire shaft was in my mouth, he held my head and muttered something in Chinese as i closed my eyes and felt him pump his last load. My nose inhaled his musty pubic hair smell as with one strong gulp I swallowed his protein. Slowly, I felt his sausage begin to deflate in my mouth. With a last strong suck his noodle popped out of my mouth. I enjoyed watching up close as I took in my last view of him. His mushroom head retreated into his slimy foreskin as it softened even more. We cleaned ourselves up and I gave him a slap on the ass as i exited the washroom. When I exited no one seemed to notice anything which was great, as he left he made sure to thank me more than once for my great service and even tipped me a fifty. lolI hope you all enjoyed.

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