Sex with Bhahi


Sex with BhahiThis incident with my bhabi happened about a year ago in 2012 July. My brother was in Bangalore with his family. He had to shift numerous jobs because of recession. Then he decided to come over to Chennai and get settled here. Since he could not leave the current job immediately he had to stay for a month. I helped him in finding a house just next to mine. We now live in the opposite blocks. I helped him and bhabi in moving, placing the items in the house. Then after well settled day, he took a 2 day off and stayed. He had to leave to Bangalore again for continuing the work. So bhabi and me had to find a kindergarten admission for their 4 yr old daughter, she loved me a lot. I often play with her. When bhabi was with me in the bike. I on purpose drove over the pits, she screamed. Her nails pierced my shirt. She then said sorry, I too said I did it by mistake. Like this I stated to tease bhabhi; she was taking it as my fun but I was trying to touch her milky white boobs on my back. When she used to touch with her boobs on my shoulder; I used to climb without the wings. Now let’s move on to the story.One day my parents had to go on a business trip to Delhi, so they told my bhabi to help me in food and stay with me. I türbanlı malatya escort too went to their place; packed. My parents left. I arranged my things in the other room. She was feeding the daughter. She was wearing the chudidar with no dupatta. Her 36 sized boobs cleavage was seen clearly with white bra. I had such an erection. I just could not control. She did not notice I was seeing. Then she and I sat to have dinner that night. We sat on a table, she asked me about studies, and I said I’m doing well. I asked how it you feel alone with brother here out for a month is. She told she can manage and also added that now I am there. I did not know what she meant; when she said that.The night I went to my room and fantasised kissing the sweat on my bhabi’s boobs, removing the bra, suddenly I ejaculated. The next day bhabi had prepared breakfast for me, I had to leave college. I took the lunch she tied and bid bye to both and went. I then suddenly realized that it was a strike, bandh for some local fight. So I again went back to brother’s place at noon. She knew it was bandh, she started laughing for being such a fool. I smiled and went back. Then power cut, in a hot noon. She türbanlı malatya escort bayan was again feeding the k** before she could sleep. She also asked me to hold her still so she won’t run. She bent down, OH MY GOD, what a wonderful sight. He boobs were playing like a pendulum. I wanted to have an opportunity to touch it without knowledge. But still I was under control. By the time she ate we both became tired. I was sweaty all over. I just stood up and put the girl to sleep. I again went to the hall, standing gasping for breath. My bhabi seeing my shoulders suddenly hugged me from the back. I did not know how to respond. I felt her loneliness and also her warm milky boobs. I then turned to her. She said “satisfy me today, I have been waiting for that long. Your brother is not going to come now. Please calm my curiosity .”. I then slowly kissed her eyes and came down slowly to her lips. I was that erotic. I then grabbed her ass and lifted her up. She Locked her legs behind me. We then silently closed the curtains, and laid on the bed.I was one unforgettable experience. I slowly removed her tops, and again kissed her for her lips, and dragged my mouth to her neck, boobs, türbanlı escort malatya and her navel. Her navel was so soft I have to bite it, I then licked her belly button. She removed my shirt and pant. She rubbed my balls, her gentle touch and I had a hard on. She sucked my cock for 10 minutes. After that I remover her kurtha. That smell was heaven; I placed my mouth on her panty. I had to rub my face; she started jumping up and down. I licked he pussy, she was screaming AAAAAAAhh.. I amyo ur Wife nOOW.. for today. Do whatever you wanted to do with your wife. Just make me feel like your wife.. It made me mad. I made a tornado twist; her fluids came to my face. I took it all. Then I made her lay facing the bed. I had to masturbate on her back and her ass. She was applying it all over her soft cute ass cheeks. I then softly kissed her ass and started sucking everything. Then I started my fucking. I insetred my cock into her pussy, the scream she gave as if she was delivering a baby. Her nails scratched my back. I made a 20 minute round, she started to talk rubbish, fuck me like a whore. AAAAhh.. I screamed and I had to cum inside her pussy. Her ass started moving and also her body grinding my cock. We had a 1 hour session. Later we went to shower and took a good bath together. I started sucking her pussy again in the bathroom only. She again took the dick after I sucked her up. We had one more round of sex in the bathtub itself.And since then I had a sex session with my bhabi. I thank my brother for staying at work and my parent’s business trip. Friends comment on my story if you liked it.

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