Sexy Fairytale part 2


Sexy Fairytale part 2Kristen hurried down the road, hoping that once she got to the village someone could give her directions home. She was also trying to remember the next story in the book that she’d read… that damn old tarot card witch! If she had something to do with this…Suddenly Kristen spied a young man, about her age, walking towards the village with a cow. She hurried forward and caught up with him.”Excuse me,” she said, “What’s that village up there called?”The young man just stared at her, and Kristen suddenly remembered that she was very scantily clad, and not only that but her breasts seemed to be practically popping out of their confines. A sudden breeze picked up, and before she could do anything her fluffy skirt flipped up. She pushed it down, but not before the young man had turned bright red at the sight of her pink pussy.Kristen blushed just as much, “Um, so the village… what is it called?”The young man looked at where she was pointing (although her other hand was firmly holding the skirt down), and said, “That’s just the village. It’s the only one around here.””Great…” Kristen sighed.”Um, well ok then.” The young man was still blushing as he turned to go.”Wait!” Kristen said, and she reached out to grab his arm. The moment she touched him she was suddenly overcome with a need to feel his dick… to hold it in her hand and put it in her mouth and suck on it.”Oh God…” she moaned, sinking to her knees. The young man was confused as the beautiful girl sank to her knees right in front of his groin, he could see pretty much straight down her blouse now and his dick twitched at the sight. Then she began pulling open his pants.”What are you doing?” he cried out, incredibly confused… he dropped the leading line for the cow, but the a****l just stood placidly and started to eat some of the grass on the side of the road.”I need… I need it…” was all she could get out, practically sobbing with her need to have him in her mouth. She couldn’t believe herself, first having an afternoon of lesbian activities, and now she was on her knees about to suck the dick of a strange young man who’s name she didn’t even know! Well, she could do something about that at least, as she tried to get all the laces of his pants undone, “My name’s Kristen, what’s yours?””Jack…” he gasped as she pulled his swollen dick from its tight confines… and Kristen gasped too. Jack and the Giant Beanstalk indeed! She suddenly remembered that was the next story in the book, as he said his name… he must be on his way to market to sell his cow! But nowhere in the story books had it said that the giant beanstalk could be referring to his dick… it was huge!Despite her trepidation at putting it in her mouth, both because of the size and the fact that she didn’t know him, she felt a kind of sexual hunger that demanded she get her mouth around it. It was almost as though she might orgasm just from sucking on him. Jack stared as the young türbanlı bingöl escort woman named Kristen started licking and fondling his dick, working herself up to wrapping her lips around the end of it and sliding forward.It was so huge! She could barely fit half of it in her mouth! But she wanted it, wanted ALL of it… and she kept pressing onwards as Jack gasped and thrust into her soft lips. Reaching down, his hands slid into that delicious cleavage and then gripped her soft breasts… although he didn’t know what was going on, he wasn’t complaining either! Kristen moaned around his dick as he began to play with her boobs and nipples, feeling the fires inside her growing but not getting anywhere near completion.Then Jack gasped, “I think I’m going to cum…””Good,” she said, “Let me swallow it! I want to taste your cum!” As she said it, Kristen was shocked at herself… but she felt sure that as soon as she tasted his cum, she’d be able to find her own completion and this would all be over… just as soon as she tasted it!Working almost three fourths of his dick into her mouth, she almost writhed with pleasure as he exploded into her throat. Sticky frothy cum filled her mouth and dripped onto her breasts, which Jack was squeezing hard. She felt like she was almost about to cum but couldn’t quite make it.So she continued to suck on him, drinking down all of his cum and trying to make him hard again. Jack groaned as her soft mouth continued to work over his half hard dick, “What are you doing???””I need you to fuck me…” she told him. Because he was young and inexperienced, just her words and her slutty behavior was enough to get him going again. It didn’t take him long to get hard again, and then as she pulled away and lay down in the middle of the road, spreading her legs so that he could see her pink wetness under her skirt, he eagerly lay on top of her.Kissing her hard, his hands reached into the top of her shirt again, pulling her boobs out of her blouse as he sucked on them and nibbled her nipples. Kristen moaned and writhed beneath him, her pussy on fire with need…”Oh fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, PLEASE…” she begged. She didn’t even care that her outfit was getting dirty or that the blouse was ripping.Jack lined his dick up with her sopping hole and thrust in… gasping at her tightness, yet it was so easy for him to slide in all the way because she was so wet. Kristen squealed with pleasure, lifting her body up to meet his thrust, reveling in the way his huge dick felt, filling her up, banging against her cervix. Normally she would consider him to be much to big for her to take, but now she couldn’t get enough of his dick…Moaning and writhing beneath him, Kristen encouraged him onwards as her pussy burned with the need for orgasm. She felt as though she was so close… even closer than when he’d filled her mouth with his cum… and yet she couldn’t quite get there! türbanlı bingöl escort bayan No matter what she did, rubbing her clit against his body, pinching her own nipples while he pumped into her…Maybe when he came… yes, she felt sure that when his dick pulsed inside her, filling her up that she’d be able to cum. She remembered that she’d only cum the first time when Goldilocks had cum.”Fuck me,” she begged him, “Harder, cum in me, fill me up with your cum… I want to feel it inside me!”Jackie groaned and fucked her harder and harder, creating almost a dust bubble around them from the dirt in the road. His hands squeezed her breasts hard, tearing the blouse even more, but Kristen didn’t care. She clutched at him, squirming beneath him in her quest for sexual completion.But then he began to pulse inside her… and nothing happened except that her breath was taken away as she felt that she was at the closest possible point for an orgasm and yet unable to cross to the other side. Jack shuddered on top of her as she came, her writhing beneath him bringing him to the most exquisite heights of pleasure that he’d ever dreamed were possible.Although he hadn’t wanted to take his cow to be sold, his mother had insisted… and God Bless his mother! If she hadn’t insisted on him going today, none of these exciting things would have happened to him. Kristen’s soft pussy rippled around him as she cried out in frustration.Then, to her horror, she felt a little tingling around her anus. ‘Oh no…’ she thought, ‘I can’t… I CAN’T do THAT!’But her anus continued to tingle, more and more as Jack lay on top of her, spent inside her pussy. And she wriggled beneath him, actually enticing him to hardness again with her soft body. He started moving a little in and out of her with his half hard dick. Kristen realized that for her sexual completion, she was going to have to ask Jack of the Giant Beanstalk to take her anal virginity.”Jack…” she said in a small voice, and the young man looked at her with pleasure glazed eyes… God dammit, he’d gotten his! Twice! She needed completion or she might go insane. Her voice strengthened, “I want you to fuck my ass.”His dick twitched inside her as his eyes grew big, “But I’m not hard yet.””I can fix that,” Kristen said, and she pushed him off of her and started working over his dick with her mouth. Their combined juices were slightly bitter, slightly sour, slightly sweet on her tongue. But hell, if she could eat out another woman, why not suck Jack after sex? she thought bitterly. Her pussy was twinging with encouragement, her asshole still tingling pleasurably, promising her an end to her frustration.Jack couldn’t believe that she was sucking him with all their juices covering his shaft. The young woman’s breasts were hanging almost completely out, the flimsy blouse was ripped and torn, and the jumper only came up to just beneath them. And türbanlı escort bingöl she wanted him to fuck her ass! His dick twitched in her mouth. Reaching out, he began to pinch and tug on her nipples, almost as though he was milking her like his cow… Slowly he finished hardening in her mouth.Immediately, Kristen turned around on all fours, presenting her ass, framed by the fluffy petticoats of the skirt and begging, “Please, please fuck my ass!”The randy young man didn’t need any further encouragement. He jumped behind her, lining his dick up between her creamy cheeks. Kristen flinched in anticipation… and then he thrust forward into the tightest hole he’d ever been in. He groaned with pleasure as she shrieked with pain.Hesitating, at her anguished cry, Jack started to pull out.”NO NO NO! DON’T PULL OUT!” She shrieked, “FUCK MY ASS! FUCK IT!”Deciding that her shriek must have been a cry of pleasure, Jack stabbed forward deeper, and Kristen howled as her ass was stretched out by the large shaft of meat. It hurt so much and yet the feeling of her orgasm just grew higher… it was almost as though she had two bodies. One that was protesting the ravaging and stretching of her anus, and another that reveled in it and found pleasure in being penetrated. On all fours, Kristen howled and writhed as Jack began fucking her ass, hard. Her ass cramped and roiled, yet she couldn’t stop slamming back against his thrusts, causing her both more pain and more pleasure. This time her orgasm seemed to build on an unstoppable road, as if whatever was holding it back was finally pleased.”Oh yes… OH YES OH YES OH YES!” she shrieked as he pummeled her ass, “FUCK MY ASS JACK! FUCK IT! CREAM MY ASSHOLE!”He moved faster and harder, splitting her ass open and ramming into it as hard as he could. Kristen dropped to her forearms, her ass high in the air to take every thrust. Suddenly he lunged, and cum boiled out of his balls and down his shaft, forcing its way through the tight ring of her anus and into her bowels. The second the first spurt entered her body, Kristen howled and her ass tightened down even more on his dick as she was lost in the throes of incredible ecstacy.Her rippling ass milked every last drop of cum from him, and she panted in exertion from her incredible, mind-blowing orgasm.As the pleasure faded, she suddenly realized that she was on all fours in the middle of a road, with a dick up her ass and the cum of a guy that she didn’t know in every single one of her holes. Kristen moaned her humiliation and suddenly pulled out from under him, his dick popping painfully out of her ass, and she ran. Jack reached out to grab her, unsure of what was happening or where she was going, but his hand only grabbed the tattered remains of her blouse, ripping them from her completely.Breasts bouncing, skirt flouncing, and cum running down her legs from both holes, she ran away from the village and towards the forest. It didn’t even occur to her that her breasts were no longer covered by anything until she was in the woods herself. And as the tree cover closed up around her, she realized that it was growing dark.Stumbling onward, she found a clearing and collapsed in it. Fortunately the air was warm and she curled up to sleep, trying desperately to remember the next fairy tale in the old witch’s book

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