spying on them


spying on themAs I have written before, I grew up in a big family with many females and was exposed to nudity during my formative years. Once you see a real woman naked and with so many options, it is almost impossible to not want to see more. So I spent most of my teenage years spying on them. I cut a hole in the towel closet in the bathroom so I could watch from an adjoining closet and at one point I replaced the bathroom mirror with a two way mirror so I could watch them from my bedroom closet. Eventually they discovered it but we never talked about it in the open. I still think back to those days and wish technology was better because if it was I would have recorded it all and would jerk off while I watched it. But I still have the memories tucked away in my mind and I still get hard and jerk off thinking about them. Here is what I remember:A: The oldest and the one who türbanlı balıkesir escort introduced me to voyeurism/exhibitionism. She was a life guard so she always had tan lines. She routinely would open the bathroom door while still naked after she got out of the shower. Big tits (they all had big tits), but they were firm with no sagging. Her nipples were darker (or at least they looked that way with how pale her tits were compared to her bronzed body). Good sized areolas but her nipples were not usually hard (not like my wife’s who’s nipples are always hard). Thick, full, black bush that stuck out 3-4 inches from her body after it was freshly washed. She would brush her teeth after showering so her tits shook back and forth. By far the one I saw the most.K: Did not see her that much but what I remember is that her tits türbanlı balıkesir escort bayan had some sag to them and her nipples were very dark. She also had a very hairy, black bush with a treasure trail that went up to her belly button. Closest I came to getting caught in the act was when I tried to take a picture of her standing at the sink and the camera flash caused her to look up. No I don’t have the picture.C: Very pale blonde. Big saggy tits with huge pale areolas. Almost white. And they had bumps on them which was quite different from the others and a real turn on. Her bush was light brown and (as is sometimes the case) she had a small, thin bush. Not thin as in dimensions, but thin as in not a lot of hair.She would routinely rub baby powder or lotion all over her tits after showering and it was quite türbanlı escort balıkesir a thrill to watch a woman touch herself in that way.L: Big, firm tits with areolas similar to A. Brown bush and I remember one time she got out of the shower and her bush was split right down the middle ( was she playing with herself in the shower?). You could see her cunt slit…which I had never seen one before. But her pussy lips were not engorged so maybe she wasn’t. Who knows but I still can see it to this day. She still has a rocking body (most of them still do) but she might be lesbian…not that there is anything wrong with that.J: Biggest tits of all. They hung but did not sag. Practically perfect. She had them reduced a few years ago because of back pain. Big, reddish pink areolas and a nice thick, black bush. My favorite of all. I did manage to video tape her once in her underpants but it was erased long ago. Also, once I found a “massager” underneath her bed once and it was coated with pussy juice (there were imprints of pubic hair in the dried juice). It was quite a turn on to know that she masturbated with toys. I savored the smell for many minutes and then I licked that toy clean savoring the salty taste of her pussy. Still makes me hard to this day.

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