Step Mom


Step MomMia married Richard two months ago. She moved into his house with he and his son. The son was a big perk as he was nineteen and had an eleven inch thick as a pop can cock. Richard was gone for a week on business and last night Dan fucked her three times. He could fuck and cum and then fuck again and cum and seemed to never run out of stamina. Mia was so beautiful and sexy. She had nice full tits and an ass that begged to be fucked. She was just ten years older than Dan and Dan was loving having a sexy step mom that loved to fuck. His cock got hard just looking at her.This morning she was fixing his breakfast as he walked in still wet from his shower. He untied her robe and let it fall to the floor then pressed his naked body to her back side. He cupped her tits and told her “I like you naked. Don’t wear the robe any more. I want to see and feel your naked body before I lick you and fuck you. Can you feel how hard my cock is?” He started kissing her neck as his hand rubbed her tits and played with her nipples pulling and twisting them as his other hand found her pussy and began running his finger through her slit. “You like my touch don’t you? Spread your legs and let my fingers in that wet cunt. Then I am going to eat you and fuck you just to start with. You are so wet and I am going to fill you with my cum many times today.” He fingered her cunt as he played with her nipples then he sat her on the table and spread her legs and began eating her türbanlı burdur escort pussy and licking it and then as she moaned and quivered he sucked on her fuck hole then pushed his tongue in her and sucked her cum as she covered his face. He tongue fucked her till he had her screaming then he pushed her onto her back and let his cock fill her cunt as he shoved every inch deep in her wet hole.He then told her “Yes, scream for me. Show me how much you like my young big cock. I need your pussy bad and I am going to take you many times.” He fucked her cunt for over an hour before he gifted her with a big load of cum. Then he turned her over and began finger fucking her ass and soon had his cock pushing into her tight asshole. “Nothing better than fucking your tight ass. I am so happy I have a nasty sexy step mom. I have your tits, ass and cunt right here in my house to fuck many times. When ever dad is gone I am going to give you my big cock. I can fuck and cum for hours. You keep my cock hard with your big tits and round ass.” He fucked her ass hard for a long time till he filled her with cum again. “Okay mommy dearest, suck my cock and clean your ass off it. It must smell like your ass and cunt so lick me clean. I am going to gag you as I throat fuck you with my big rod. Then we are going to fuck again. I need a lot more cunt today. So open your mouth and stick out your tongue and lick me.” As she licked türbanlı burdur escort bayan and sucked his cock he then began to fuck her gagging her with the size of his cock. Then he pulled his cock out of her mouth and told her “Lick and suck my balls. Take one in your mouth and suck it. Feel how big and hard they are. They are full today waiting for more pussy.” As she sucked his balls he held her head tight to him keeping the balls in her mouth. “That’s it baby. Suck those balls for me. I love how fucking nasty you are. You are such a dirty mama.” He let her suck his balls for a while then he pulled her back to his cock and began throat fucking her gagging her with his big cock. Then he pulled her face tight to his stomach as he let his huge load of cum run down her throat.He pulled her to him and began tongue kissing her mouth tasting his cum on her tongue. He loved how she loved to fuck and he was going to keep her naked and fucked the whole time his dad was gone. She was a great piece of ass and so horny and so sexy. He could hear his dad fucking her at night and he would jerk his cock as he listened to them moan and talk dirty. His dad always told her how hard he was going to fuck her and make her his dirty nasty slut. They fucked every night as they hadn’t been married very long. Then one day he went to her room after his dad left and fucked her and she did not even resist. Every time he türbanlı escort burdur looked at her naked body his cock needed to fuck her again. The first day he fucked her three times while his dad worked. He loved her monster tits. They were big and round with those big nipples he loved to suck on. Last night after he fucked her several times he slept with his cock in her cunt and soon as he woke this morning began fucking her again. Then she showered and went to fix breakfast and he showered and went to her and got her naked and they for got about breakfast as he pounded her holes.He started sucking her nipples as he put two fingers in her ass and three in her cunt and was fucking her so hard he was lifting her off the ground. He loved fingering her cunt and ass. He also loved tongue fucking both of them too. He then took her to the patio and began to lick and tongue fuck her cunt as he finger fucked her ass. The cum was flowing out of her fuck hole and he was sucking it up fast. He loved the taste of her pussy. Then he took two fingers and began to work her clit and now she was cumming even faster and he was so busy sucking the cum out of her. He turned her over and pushed three finger in her cunt as he now was licking and tongue fucking her asshole. Cum from her cunt was running down to his wrist as she was steady cumming hard. He tongued her ass as he worked her cunt and clit hard. Then he pulled her over on top of his cock and let it fill her cunt and he fucked her so hard she was ready to pass out. He fucked her cunt a long time pulling her down deep on his cock before he took her back in the house.They showered and had a bite to eat. They stayed naked all day with more of the sucking as he loved her cunt and she loved his big thick cock. He was going to get a lot of pussy before his dad got back home.

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