suckI had to admit I was excited. Landon and I had been talking about a sleepover for months. Back when we were in elementary school, Landon and I slept at each other’s house at least once a week, gorging ourselves on candy, playing video games late into the night. But when his dad changed jobs, they moved several towns over and it was a struggle to keep our Best Friends status alive. By High School, we were each surrounded by a new circle of tight friendships and only saw each other once every few months. Yet every few weeks one of us would bring up a c***dhood moment and long for a sleepover from long ago.It came together really quickly. His parents were going out of town, a chance meeting of our moms, some hurried plans, and suddenly, I’m told, “Parker, Logan’s going to spend the night on Saturday, so go clean up your room.”Perhaps now is the time for introductions. My name is Parker Stone. I’m a 17-year old junior at Ridgedale High School. I’m 6′ feet tall, have light brown hair, and I live on the fringes of the “popular world” at school. I’m helped in that I play lacrosse, which is very in at my school, and am the third best player on the team. I am good enough at school that the college search is all my parents talk about. Being an only c***d, I am their favorite hobby and obsession. I also think I’m gay.About that last one. While I’ve had girlfriends, I’ve never actually “done the deed.” I think about boys, but would never try anything with anyone. Not even my gay friends. I guess that’ll wait for college.Saturday came quickly. The doorbell rang, but Landon had texted they were pulling up, so I pulled it open at the instant of the first chime. It was 4:30pm and our moms were talking a mile a minute. His parents were going to a major function for work out of town. Landon’s older sister would be home from college tomorrow evening and stay the rest of the week. Mrs. Kramer was more neurotic than my mom and that’s saying something. She had the idea that Landon would die some horrible death if left alone. Even though her son was a straight A student, a boy scout, a regular volunteer at local soup kitchen, she would never let him stay alone. Perhaps with a good reason.Within moment, the two of us were down in the basement, music and TV on, snacks already knocked to the floor, and killing mutant zombies. It was immediately like old times. I heard the door close and my mom shout something about getting ready. My folks were going out to a dinner and I was in heaven. My best friend was sitting next to me for the first time in many months and I didn’t have to share him with anyone.Landon was quiet for a while. I looked over at him as he intensely used a flame thrower to wipe out an attacking horde. He was 5’11” and thin. He had never been into team sports although he was a black belt in Karate. His blond hair was longer than I remembered, messy, and seemingly unkempt, but I bet he spent 30 minutes in front of the mirror getting it that way. Landon had bright green eyes and smooth skin that had no traces of acne. He was also remarkably hairless with only tiny blond hairs visible on his arms and nothing on his cheeks. I wondered if he even shaved. My dad said I should shave every day now, but I usually did it on Saturdays before kızılay escort going out, so I was clean shaven right now.”What the fuck are you looking at?”I hadn’t realized I was still staring and I willed myself not to blush as I looked aside.”I never realized,” I said in a low voice, “how much you looked like the ass of an orangutan.”A bout of wrestling and name calling followed with a “Keep it down, boys” cry from my dad.The afternoon passed with typical guy stuff — all activities, no emotional sharing. My parents left for their dinner and I knew we had until at least 1am without them. We ordered in Sushi, our favorite even as k**s, watched TV, showed each other internet videos, played some of our c***dhood board games for nostalgia, wrestled, lied, laughed, looked at photos of my trip to South America, jammed on the drums and guitar, ate, and so on.Things started getting a little more risqué as the night went on with dirtier videos, more offensive jokes, and cursing more. The last sleepover had been when we were 11, so this was all new territory for two young men. The closest we got to a revealing conversation was when looking at some spoof video that involved a naked girl, Landon said, “Those are nice.””Yeah,” I muttered. They were nice breasts. “You getting any?””I’m doing okay,” he clearly lied. I didn’t understand how anyone as good looking as Landon wasn’t choosing his next conquest. “You?””There’s a girl…” I immediately regretted the reveal. For sure Landon had fucked someone and I didn’t want him to know I hadn’t.”Tell!” he perked up with a punch to my arm.”Just a girl I like. Going to ask her to the spring dance.” This was actually the truth.”Look at you, all suburban cliché!” Landon had told me in our texts how he longed to live in a big city. Funny, it was easier to be more revealing via text than in person. “So, how far have…””Do you still have the thing you had when we were k**s?” I completely interrupted and changed the subject. It was a dick move, but I was desperate not to talk about it more.Landon was surprised by the sudden swerve of conversation, but recovered. “The sleep thing? I kept doing it until I was about 12, about puberty I stopped walking around. Haven’t had an issue in years.”Landon’s sleep walking had been one of the cooler things about our sleepovers. He would walk and talk — or mumble — his way around the house. He seemed to be able to anything asleep as h could awake. But not always as good. He once was found playing video games, but he was terrible in his undead state. He also had fallen down a flight of stairs, been found holding large knives, turning on the oven, and once, working the outside door. His sleepwalking was why his mom never left alone overnight.By 1am, we were full of sugar, caffeine, fats, oils, and Twizzlers (a substance unto themselves). We also had each drank 2 beers and shared a joint. I had been nervous taking out the pot. Landon and I had never discussed our d**g use. Turned out he had a joint in his bag too, which we saved for Sunday. Neither of us were big users, but a little bit was always nice. When my parents came home, we were innocently lying on our sleeping bags watching some horror film. They were tired mamak escort and immediately went to bed asking us to try and get some sleep. I feel asleep before the movie ended, but Landon saw the whole thing.”Parker,” he rocked me.”What?” I woke up quickly, but surprised.”Movie’s over. Where are we sleeping?””I dunno. The couches down here suck.””And the floor is cold,” Landon added.”My room only has one bed.” I was so tired, it never occurred to me that I could have used this to my advantage.”Queen?””What?” I misunderstood him in my haze. “No. It’s a King, actually. An only c***d benefit.”Soon we were both in our boxers and t-shirts on opposite ends of my big ass bed. King beds were big. It barely felt like another person was lying there. I had shared it with a cousin as recently as Christmas and we never came close to touching. Too bad it was so big. Just a brush of Landon’s hand would send me to heaven. My dick had been behaving properly all day — no embarrassing hard-ons. But now, in the familiar spot under the sheet, it was waiting for me to pay it some attention. Every other night this time would be filled with extensive touching, stroking, and fantasy. My dick was ready and didn’t care about my guest. Added to that, Landon got back up to use the bathroom and the light silhouetted him and seemed to feature an extensive package in his boxers.I turned to my side and refused to acknowledge the throbbing. I thought of other things and willed myself to fall asleep.I was being touched. I must have fallen asleep and things felt weird. I was lying on my back, a typical position when I slept. As my eyes cracked, I saw on the clock it was 4:03am and someone was on top of me. Of course, it was Landon. But he wasn’t wrestling me or trying to wake me up. He was pulling down my underwear. The blanket and sheet had been kicked off and Landon was working my boxers down my legs. My member, which had gotten no attention earlier, was half hard in the cool air.”Landon?” I whispered. He didn’t respond.”Landon!” He looked up. Well, really his face turned towards me. The room was only lit by ambient light from electronics, so I couldn’t seen much. He returned to pulling down my underwear and had it just to my knees.I clicked on my bed lamp. He again sort of turned his face to me. Oh shit! I realized what it was. Landon’s eyes were glassy and half-open. His mouth was slightly open too. He didn’t appear to be blinking. The last time I had seen it this look, we had been 11 and Landon had been standing in the hallway of this very house adjusting all the pictures. I had learned a lot about sleepwalking watching my best friend. I knew not to wake him up. I knew I could guide him back to bed gently. I knew he wouldn’t remember a thing about his sleepwalking adventures. And, when we were k**s, I knew it was almost guaranteed on our sleepovers. I usually lied the next day and told him he had been doing crazy stuff when he was in his “zombie mode,” as I liked to tease him, but I was so outrageous, he never believed me. He had never touched me in any way before. And he had told me earlier that his sleepwalking had stopped. Of course, he wasn’t currently walking.The underwear had been pulled off and tossed aside. yenimahalle escort I sat further up using the pillows against my back. I was wide awake now. Perhaps the sleep walking had changed since puberty. If Landon had never spent the night with another person in his room, he’d never have had this experience. It wasn’t likely he’d ever spent the night with a girl. What if he was…I stopped thinking. Things had suddenly changed. A lot. Landon had climbed up to me on the bed and put his mouth around my cock. My dick was in Landon Kramer’s mouth. And then he began to suck on it.I didn’t know what a blowjob felt like, having never had one, but this looked exactly as I saw it on the web. His head was moving up and down on my cock and one of his hands was playing with my balls. He had no problem swallowing the thing to the base and he moved with speed and ease up and down my shaft. Then he let it out of his mouth and started licking the sides and the head.Could this really be in his sleep? And how is he so good at this?”Landon, are you awake?” I reluctantly whispered.”Mmmnnnmmmm” he murmured back before putting my cock back in his mouth. I remembered him moaning the same nonsense as a k** when he was, for sure, asleep.My cock sent a message to my brain and told it to “Shut the fuck up!” And I did.I leaned back and enjoyed the incredible sensations. I really wanted to push down on Landon’s head, but I dared not touch him. He was making me feel so amazing. It was 1000% better than I had ever imagined it. Except that he was asleep.Once I gave in, my dick was ready to explode. It happened while Landon was working my shaft up and down. I ejaculated right into his mouth and he didn’t pause for a moment. It was easily the greatest sensation I’d ever had in my life until then.But my dick became super sensitive in the moments after cumming and I had to pull myself out of Landon’s mouth. He sort of stared at the mattress and wasn’t doing much.”I love you,” I whispered, despite myself.Momentarily, I considered if I could use this moment for more. Could I suck him in his sleep? Could we fuck? But my more noble nature got the better of me. I got up and gently led Landon to the other side of the mattress. He had cum on his lips and I wiped it off with the sheet. I found my underwear, put them on, got back into bed, and turned out the light.”Good night, Landon.”Only silence.The next morning, we awoke to the smell of bacon and my dad’s shouts of “Breakfast!” Somehow, during the night, we had both moved towards the middle of the bed and were now sort of spooning with Landon’s cock pressed aggressed in my butt.As we both lay there realizing the awkward situation, I accidentally pushed my butt back further into his cock. My assessment of the size seemed accurate.We each moved in opposite directions with a simple, “Good morning!” He jumped up to use the toilet and I really got a glance at the huge package he had in his boxers. After the toilet flushed, I heard him brushing his teeth.”I had the weirdest taste in my mouth this morning. Ugh. What the hell did I eat before bed?” he asked as he came out of the bathroom.”How’d you sleep?” I threw out, needing to know what he knew.”Great. Best I’ve slept in a while. Great mattress. And you?””Just fine. Let’s get some breakfast.”We threw on sweatpants and headed out the door.”Parker, let’s not wait so long to do this again.” He said with his hand on my shoulder.”Absolutely,” I smiled back. “We need another sleepover soon.””Yeah, that too,” he said and dropped his hand back to his side.

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