Taking Care of My Grannies Part III


Taking Care of My Grannies Part IIIWell, I have told you about two of my four Grannies, so it’s time to reminisce about Granny number three, Joan, a well built, sassy redhead from Chicago. She was somewhat stocky but made up for it with the nicest set of large boobs I have ever seen on a granny. They still had plenty of lift and always wore low cut tops; her cleavage poured out of her bra. Now being a big city girl she knew the score when it came to a guy like me. She knew I was fucking other women. I would call her looking for a date and she would ask “who did you fuck last night” I jokingly responded “it doesn’t matter, who I fucked last night, it’s who am I going to fuck tonight, and it’s going to be you.” She replied “don’t count your chickens before they are hatched buddy, I expect dinner, dancing and some romance before you get some of my fine pussy. We both laughed and agreed to dinner and dancing at our favorite club. Well the night went as expected, and by midnight this fine granny had been fucked twice and I had filled her pussy with plenty of cum. On top of that she had given me a great blowjob licking every drop of cum out of my exhausted cock. Then she said, hey, my IRA dividend was higher than eryaman escort I thought, I got ten thousand bucks extra, how about we go to Hawaii for a week? Being retired, I said sure, I know a private resort on Kauai that’s just great, a luxury place, but one with plenty of privacy. So of to Hawaii we went. The island was wonderful we toured several gardens, saw a wildlife refuge and had plenty of fruity rum drinks and sex. On our third night we got home after midnight and noticed several couples wrapped in blankets on the beach obviously making love, another young couple was skinny dipping in the surf. The concierge told us that after midnight the beach was and “open beach” and offered us a blanket and some beach towels. Well, we headed to our room and got in our swimsuits and went down to the beach. We went by the ice machine and Joan took the ice scooper out of the ice machine. I said what’s that for? And she replied “you’ll see honey, you are going to get a workout tonight”. In no time Joan and I were laying on the beach, her boobs pouring out of her bikini. It didn’t take long before that bikini came off and her large nipples and voluptuous breasts shone in the midnight glow. emek escort Soon her bikini bottom was laying on the bottom of the blanket exposing her whole naked body in the moonlight. Well, I am no dummy; I knew my grannies needed plenty of lube before you fucked them so I had a small bottle in my swimsuit pocket. I squirted some on my fingers and lubed up my baby’s pussy, I was ready to fuck. Then Joan said “not so fast honey, I’m going first tonight”. With that she rolled me over on my back on the bare sand and said “close your eyes and sit still so you don’t get sand in your face” I did as I was told and Joan proceeded to dig two holes in the sand on both sides of my face with the ice scooper from the hotel. I said “what in the hell are you doing” and she said “sit still, you’ll see” as she dug about a foot and a half hole down into the sand.Now I knew Joan could be one kinky granny but what happened next was simply outrageous. I felt her thighs rubbing against both sides of my face. Then she said “open your eyes” and I was really surprised, apparently, she had placed both her knees in the sand holes on either side of my face lowering her pussy an inch from my mouth. Now I am no idiot, I began elvankent escort licking that granny’s snatch like there was no tomorrow. My tongue journeyed from the bottom of her pussy to the top of her clitoris. I alternated from licking my grannies outer labial lips and clitoris to inserting my tongue as far as I could into her aging vagina. I gently fondled both of her now swollen boobs as she was quietly moaning in ecstasy. Then Joan pressed her pussy downward into my face as I inserted my tongue deep into her pussy. I almost ran out of breath. Then I did my specialty that drove all my grannies wild. I gently sucked on her clitoris drawing it into my mouth as my tongue flicked across her highly sensitized bundle of nerves that made up the tip of her clitoris. Still, because we were on a public beach Joan could not make a sound even though I knew she was holding her orgasmic scream back. Then I started to get face fucked as Joan ground her pussy back and forth across my face. I pleasured her for as long as I could. I just could not take this suffocating oral sex any longer and I shouted “stop baby, stop, I can’t take it anymore”. With that Joan lifted her legs out of the sand holes. We laughed, rolled over and kissed each other passionately as our tongues intertwined like never before. She went down on me and I came in seconds squirting my sperm all over her face. Joan was one crazy granny and I can’t look at sand without thinking of this night.

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