Tgirl dominated by school Mistress part 2


Tgirl dominated by school Mistress part 2This is the second part of “Dominant Female Teacher Makes Cross dresser Student”. It explains why I am what I am.I got called to see Miss Jones, the teacher in charge of discipline at my school.”So you are back are you? What do you expect? Well you are wrong for I demand so much more. Understand me about that.””Yes Miss Jones, I understand” I was back in her school office again. Again I was nervous and excited.She put down the file and looked at me. “It’s not a game it’s for real”I nodded.Miss Jones, head of year, came from behind the desk, her black stilettoes tip tapping like a machine gun. She started at me and the place became very quiet.”OK” she said “Let’s see what you are made of, strip”I took off my school uniform and stood there. Miss Jones walked round me and to my joy took out a box from the cupboard.She took a container out of the box and ordered me to put on the clothes inside. The plaid, pleated skirt barely covered my ass, the white shirt was far too tight, the bra was well padded, the white panties small, the tie was fine as were the white ankle socks but the shoes were the ones strippers wore with a big heel and platform.”Well you are a slut so dress like one. Aren’t you?””Yes Miss Jones I am a slut””Miss Jones?” she shouted”Mistress, I am a slut”I put the clothes on and felt so good and excited. My ass pushed up by the heels and so much skin exposed.”Do you want to be a girl, to have a girl’s body, breasts?”Miss Jones undid her white blouse and took off her bra to reveal a pair of large breasts.”Do you want to have a pair of breasts like these?” She thrust forward her chest.”Yes Mistress I do””Well when you are older you will start hormones and get implants and have a pair of big breasts with so sensitive nipples like these” She tweaked and caressed her nipples which stuck out. “I have sensitive nipples, I have caught you young while still a virgin. You have only a small experience of your clitty as a man giving you pleasure. This is good. You will not miss it then. I will train your body to take pleasure like a girl. I will make your nipples soo sensitive too so that you can cum from playing with them”She unzipped her skirt to reveal long stockinged legs.”Do you want to have legs like mine?””Yes Mistress I do””Well you do have good legs so that’s a start”She stood there in only knickers, stockings ataşehir escort and heels; she had a lovely curvy body.”You want curves like mine, a flat stomach, you will have to exercise and diet and epilate”I was totally erect at this point and it burst out of my white panties.”You do not want an ugly thing like that do you?” Miss Jones used a ruler and lifted my skirt.”No Mistress””Do you want a clitty and cunt like mine?”At this she ran her hands down her body and took off her panties. Standing there in only her stockings and black patent heels.”Yes I am totally smooth there, that’s what you want?”Miss Jones sat on the desk with her legs apart on the desktop and opened her slit.”Yes Mistress, I want to be a girl”She played with her clit and seemed deep in thought.”It’s easy to say that, but to have such an operation you need to be a certain type of person. I can make you such a person. Do you want that?””Yes Mistress, please, above all else””OK we shall see. OK slut then you will know what this is”She opened the other box to reveal a strapon, some lube and a pair of latex gloves.”You want me to fuck you with it don’t you””Yes Mistress””Well that comes with a price, you will have to pay””I will do whatever Mistress desires, anything”Mistress continued rubbing her clit and finally stood up, her breasts wobbling, the nipples so erect.Miss Jones then put the strapon around her and tightened the straps.”Suck it, kneel down before me and take this rubber cock in your mouth and suck it”I had never kneeled in heels before and it felt strange but I did so and tasted the cock which Mistress thrust into my mouth causing me to gag.”Get used to it slut because you will be sucking a lot of cocks” She put her hands on my head and pushed me back on the big black dick.”Stand up and bend down with your ass in the air, your legs apart and your head on my desk”I parted my legs and bent down my head on the desk. Mistress came up behind me and squirted lube up my ass followed by pushing 2 fingers up my hole.She then lay on top of me, I felt her large breasts on my bare back, the strap on at my hole and her legs on mine.“OK slut now it becomes real. You say yes and you are mine to do with what I will. I WILL change you, mentally and physically, I will own and possess you. You WILL be my slave. Your sexuality will be moulded and developed by me. I make decisions pendik escort for you and your world will never be the same again”Mistress whispered in my ear “Do you understand, little girl?”I was shaking and my ass felt on fire as the tip of the strapon was at the sphincter. “Yes Mistress””Say it, say it slave””You own me Mistress, you can do anything to me, anything, please fuck me””You want me to take your virginity girl, is that what you want?””You want me to make you a girl?””Yes Mistress” I whispered, my cock was so hard, and my heart beating rapidly and I shook with nerves and excitement”I am offering you my virginity initiate me into being a slave, please, make me into a girl” “OK girl, it’s your choice. This will hurt but Mistress will do it slowly and minimise the pain. You will enjoy it after a few minutes and you will always remember your first time. I do not want to hear you complaining or saying you’re in pain or to stop for you have chosen it””Push out and Mistress will start taking your cherry. In a minute I will click my fingers and at that point I will break your hymen and take your virginity, wait for the fingers clicking”I lay there, waiting, waiting for the next stage of my transformation and new life to start. In the distance there was the sound of a lawn mower cutting grass. The big black dick was gently pushing on my sphincter. I waited. Finally, after an eternity, Mistress clicked her fingers and everything changed forever. Miss Jones pushed her hips and the strapon entered me slowly. Inch by inch penetrated my virgin hole it stung and was painful and I wanted it to stop. The pain got worse and worse and Mistress took it more slowly. “Push out with your muscles, it’s nearly all in now” Mistress held my head down with one hand and guided the strapon in. “Not much further, nearly there, take it, take it girl. Take it all” Finally I felt Miss Jones’s hips against my buttocks and it was all in. “Its done girl, you are mine now. I have taken your virginity” We stayed like that for a couple of minutes as my back passage got used to being penetrated. The pain went down and was replaced by a slight sense of warmth and tingling around my ass and stomach.”See bitch Mistress knows what’s best for you, it does not hurt as much now does it””OK slave I am going to fuck you now. Later you will enjoy this so much but for now you pant and kadıköy escort moan as I thrust into you as if it is the most enjoyable thing in the world, as it will become”Mistress held my hips and very slowly withdrew from my ass before slowly penetrating me again,”Better, better girl, you are still tight but I am loosening you up nicely” Mistress moved in and out of me slowly increasing in speed and depth. I moaned and panted as commanded and the speed of the thrusts increased”Take it, take it all, and take it hard slut. You were born to be a cum slut slave, take it bitch, it’s what you do, it’s what you want, what you need”Miss Jones reached around and played with my nipples, tweaking and nipping them.”Your pussy is so tight; I am just going to have to push deeper and harder” At this her hips bucked forward and I was filed even deeper. I felt her bouncing breasts, her smooth skin on mine and smelt her scent.Miss moved one of her hands to my erect clitty,”OK Girl You are going to climax for your Mistress now, understand that I am allowing you to cum. You can now only cum when I order it. As I fuck you so hard, you will cum but only when I click my fingers”Miss started rubbing only the top of my erect penis with one finger “just like a girl does to herself” With the other hand she continued tweaking my nipples in turn. “Feel your sensitive breasts, feel your nipples, feel your cunt being filled by a big black cock, feel it, feel it girl. Cum now, cum now for your mistress.” Mistress clicked her fingers and very soon after I came so hard pumping spray after spray of cum into her hands, my sphincter spasming on the strapon. It felt soo good. “Open your mouth slut” She pushed her fingers covered with my cum into mouth.”clean my fingers with your tongue, taste cum roll it all around your mouth, get used to the taste you will be tasting it a lot in the future” Well it tasted not as bad as I expected so I did as commanded”Swallow it bitch, drink it all down.””Good, you are a cumslut now”We lay there just holding each other Mistress kissing me and saying how proud she was of me, how I had made a big first step to becoming a girl and how well I had behaved.Finally Miss pulled the strapon out of my burning, aching hole and took it off. “OK bitch you are mine now” she said and as I lay bent on the desk she bit me hard on the left buttock.I stood up a bit wobbly on my high heels my skirt at my ankles and the knickers at my knees.Miss Jones got dressed and tidied up her hair.”OK bitch, tidy yourself up and go, you have made a good start but you will need more training and breaking in”

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