The Motherly Affection


The Motherly AffectionI was born in a well to do family. It was me, dad, mom & my elder sister. My elder sister was married when I was in 11th standard. Since dad & mom wanted to get me onto the grade A colleges I was sent to a “result oriented” school and since mom cared for me too much, instead of putting me in the hostel, we took a house and mom stayed with me to take care of my needs. She helped me all through the 2 years of hard study and at last I got a seat in a well reputed engineering college in Bangalore in merit. And since mom was with me for two years she didn’t have a heart to leave me alone. Dad was a typical businessman and that should explain it all. So obviously I was all the company mom had in the family and there is no explanation needed how attached moms are to their sons when they are brought and when they love their mom very much.We took a flat in Bangalore & it was me and mom. Even though it was my studies, mom was equally tired all through the 2 final years of my schooling staying awake till late night and being there for me. A few months after we came to Bangalore college life was pretty relaxed compared to the “marks crazy” school life. So we decided to balance the hard labor for the last 2 years and chill out a bit. After all I have 4 years in college and all I have to do is get a degree from a top college and obviously take care of dad’s factory. So no pressure there and we had lots of time that we didn’t have the last two years.Now about my mom, she is a well-built lady. Pretty tall for an average Indian women standing at 5.8 ft and even at around 40 years she had a fairly sexy body having a 36d 33 36 with a dusky complexion and fairly long hair. Most of the time she used to wear a saree and her always looked like a typical south Indian housewife. But she was no way a typical dumb mid-aged woman. She was well educated and smart enough. Most of my friends in my college love to spend time in our home as she always used to talk things that would interest guys and never felt boring to any of my friends as she always understood our age and she was very open minded.Bangalore being a fun city and we having all the time & money, me & mom freaked out on weekends. There were always drool able chicks in college but whenever I got close to them, they somehow felt dumb when compared to the class & maturity of my mom. So as time went on I was never inclined to any chick in my college and enjoyed being mommas boy all the time. She obviously was like my friend. Mom also loved my company as dad had always been a businessman and since sister’s marriage, hadn’t it been for me she would have been a lonely depressed lady by now. Of course I understood how much depression a lady will get if she felt uncared & lonely.There was this one time i was about to take mom to a friend’s birthday party. After coming to Bangalore mom still loved wearing saree but she got inclined to party wear and trendy sarees. It was a Sunday evening and I got ready in my jeans and a party wear shirt and i was sitting in the couch. Mom entered from her room and i was left with a big open mouth. She was a pink party wear saree which was semitransparent a box cut short sleeved blouse and she came out combing her hair. Mom always used to tie her hair and as she was just combing she came out with open hair. The saree was so special as it revealed all the beautiful curves a female has.After all what’s more beautiful than a well-shaped female’s curves. I just stood up as if i was hypnotized and walked near her. “Wow momma… you look like a pink angel in this” was what came out of my mouth and i stood staring at her eyes. She smiled meaningfully gave a little rub on my hair saying “look at you. You are still such a momma’s boy”.Me : Oh come on mom when was the time you saw me as not being a momma’s boy.Mom : I know my dear. I know how much you love me. All I would say is, i love you even more.Me : Momma, just let your hair loose today. Don’t put a plate and reduce your beauty.Mom : Ahan? If that’s what my loving son wants how would I ever say no.As she told that i was so exited that i just gave her a deep hug saying “I love you so much momma” placing my chin on her shoulder and she patted my back replying “I love you too sweetheart”. I got so blank that I just wanted to stay that way & I was pretty sure that was the case with mom too. Hugging & kissing between me & mom was a very common gesture as we only had each other and we loved each other’s company so much. But this saree brought this hug a real new dimension & it made the hug so special.Even after we broke the hug i can’t stop looking at her & we started to the party. Mom always loved riding with me in my bike. She was never a typical mom saying “hey go slow Sarita, dont speed blah blah blah”. She loved the way I rode my bike and especially when I zip through traffic. We both went to the party had a great time and returned back home. It was already 10 in the night. As soon as we came back home mom was standing near the mirror correcting her hair as we were zipping in speeds and she had her hair open. When she was combing it i just went near her and hugged her from behind. I placed my head on her shoulder looking at her in the mirror.Mom : I have no idea why my son is so attached to me today.Me : You know mom. In the party all my friends were so jealous of me for they all crave to have such a friendly mom.Mom : They are jealous on you only for that? (with a raised eyebrows)Me : Of course mom.Mom : Ahan? So none of your friends think I’m beautiful? Or may be they think I’m too old.Me : Oh come on mom. Why do you even consider them. You have all of your son’s attention. Of course it was no secret that i was admiring your beauty so muchMom : Oh that I knew darling. But the way you look at me is as your mom and you always love me as your mom. That’s different.Me : If you aren’t gonna take it in the wrong sense i wanna tell you something mom.Mom : Oh come on darling. Have I ever been like your mom? I always considered you as my best friend and why would you think i would ever take you wrong.Me : Mom you know after having your company and attention these past couple of years and your smartness and your class i really feel all other girls in my college are pretty dumb compared to you. And today i swear mom you look so beautiful. I mean it from the bottom of my heart.After I said this mom got her eyes a bit welled and stood there and i just went closer to her and hugged her. This hug was even more intimate and we stood like that for sometime.Mom : I’m always proud of you Sarita. The way you love me and the way you care for me, you honestly made me forget the negligence and emptiness your dad gave me.Me : I will always love you mom.I pulled off a bit looked deep into her eyes and said “Well more than a mom, you are the most beautiful lady I ever knew”.Mom : Ahaaan. Looks like someone’s trying to flirt with me.Me : Of course, until & unless you have any issue with it.Mom : No. Nothing of that sort. It’s only that i’m surprised you are flirting with a 40 year old who happens to be your mother in spite of having so many young girls in your college.Me : Oh come on mom. I already told you what I feel. If you don’t like me this close to you forget about it. (and i pulled off a bit in a bit of anger)Mom came close to me and this time she initiated a hug and said ” you mean everything to me a sarita. You make me so happy that you make me forget all else”. I looked at her with a smile and gave a kiss on her left cheek and looked into her eyes. She reciprocated it on my right cheek and i stood looking at her with my hand on her back. One hand was just on her blouse and the other hand just below her shoulder on her bare skin softly rubbing it. She just fell on my chest we hugged again and i was all the while rubbing her back. I knew it was such a lovely hug but there was something mixed with the emotion and I got a bit of a hard on. I wasn’t sure if at all she felt it. But who cares until she tries to pull away. I didn’t think of anything except letting myself flow with the emotion. After all when something is natural why would I wanna stop it or even think about it. We went to bed with a smile and a good night kiss.Next day morning, all the dancing and jumping in the party made me wake up late and I decided to bunk college. It was already around 10.30 and walking still half asleep I saw mom cleaning the show case. She was in a blue saree. I just went behind her and hugged her. “Looks like my sleeping beauty is at last awake”, said mom. “Oh yaa mom. I was dead tired of all that happened in the party”, I replied still hugging her.Mom: Since yesterday it looks like my son wants to hug me more.Me : Oh don’t i have any count on it?Mom: Ah never like that Sarita. It’s only that I’m your mom & and do have some restrictions with you. You are a smart k**. I’m sure you get what I mean.Me : Momma. I never wanted to hold back anything with you mom. After all you were always the best friend I ever had and I never had any reservations with you. We love each other so much and what’s wrong in sharing our affection and why should be hold anything when we love each other so much. If I make you uncomfortable in any way, I’m really sorry mom. I would never do anything that troubles you.Mom: Is not like that my dear. It’s only that since I’m your mom, the society has some restrictions on how we express ourselves to each other.Me : Oh come on momma. It’s just between the two of us and from where did the society come in between and as a matter of fact the society doesn’t know how much we love each other. So just dont confuse ourselves momma.Mom: (After thinking for a while…) Hmm…. you’ve got a point son (and smiled).I placed my hand on her shoulder turned her to face me looked deep into her eyes and softly whispered gripping my hug “I love you mom” and she instantly gripped my back saying “love you too sarita”. “So no more reservation between us. Deal?” I looked at her. “Deal my darling son”, she replied with a smile.I at once pecked on both her cheeks. “Muuah… Muaahhhh…”Mom: Looks my son has started to romance his mom.Me : Of course mom. You know you mean so much to me.Mom: That’s ok son. But such romance should be with your girlfriend.Me : You are my best friend and you are a girl. türbanlı aydın escort So what’s wrong if I consider you my girlfriend?Mom: Oh I never can win a conversation with my sunny. You always corner me.Me : Momma… i never intend to do so. I just wanna love you more n more each passing day. And honestly, you looked so stunning yesterday.Mom: Aahaaa… first you call me your girlfriend and now you praise my beauty. So typical.. ha ha ha…Me : Of course momma. I have always admired your beauty and especially yesterday…. that pink saree…..Mom: … and go ahead. Wasn’t it you who said No reservations?Me : It brought out your curves so beautifully momma.Mom blushed to it and I looked at her with a manly smile and hugged her again this time by her hips. “Outchh…” she said and hugged me again on my chest. While one had was still on her hip my right hand moved to her back between her blouse and softly started pampering her. “I’m so happy with you Sarita. I have craved for this sort of a care and this recognition and this sort of praising from your dad for so many years. You fill all my empty space sunny.” Was all she said. I brought my hand on her back to her cheek lifted it and planted a kiss on the other cheek and again looked deep into her eyes. I have no idea on what happened to us next there was a flow of very intense emotions between us and without a word i gave a soft kiss on her lips. Even though I’ve kissed her cheeks so many times, I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would ever kiss her lips. Sometimes emotions are way beyond words. It just hIt’s you like magic before you even recollect what the hell happened.Looked into my mom’s eyes again and there i was with the second kiss on her lips. This time it was a bit long. I’m sure she was exactly in the same state and just stood still. She didn’t try to pull back either. I looked at her even deeper with all the love I had for her and there i went again Muuuuuaahhh….. and she slowly opened her lips. Taking her lower lip between mine now this was no longer a kiss. It was a smooch and as I continued her eyes closed. I myself closed my eyes and got lost into the kiss. Our hug became tighter and we were kissing so deep & from the way she responded I was sure she was melting in my lips. I pressed her on a deeper hug. Whoaa. For the first time when I hugged her i felt how awesome 36d boobs were. I just felt it and continued kissing her for a few more minutes and then she pulled off. She didn’t utter a word and just kept silent.Me : Mom? Should I apologise?Mom: I don’t know Sarita.Me : Mom. I just expressed my love to you. Thats all.Mom: I know it son. I can understand it. But It’s only that It’s all so …… (she paused)…. I don’t know if It’s weird or new.Me : If you think I did anything wrong, I’m so sorry mom.Mom: You don’t have to be Sarita.Me : I love you so much mom.Mom hugged me again rubbing my hair she said “love you too son. Now go freshen yourself. It’s already late and you need to take your breakfast.” With a smile I went took a bath and the rest of the day was pretty normal. It’s only that she was not as talkative as she used to be. In the evening I took her out to a mall. I thought since today was already so special, i have to gift her something. I selected a beautiful black party wear saree. She looked at the sleeveless blouse puzzled. “Mom I know you have never been in a sleeveless blouse. Just try it once. If you don’t like it you just can ignore it”, I said and mom accepted. We had dinner outside Itself and came back home. “Now I wanna see my mom in my gift”, I told her and mom replied “I knew this would be what you would want as soon as we entered the house”. She went in and came out dressed in it and to my gasp she had her hair loose and OMG. I just gazed and gazed at her.Mom: Has someone frozen?Me : Whoaaaa….Mom: Whaatttt?Me : You did freeze me momma.Mom: But you haven’t commented on it.Me : Oh should I? Alright, you look such a babe in this.Mom: Ha haaa… which son calls his mom a babe?Me : Of course me & who said im talking to my mom now? Now im talking to my girlfriend.Mom blushed and i just went and hugged her. This time she sounded even more comfortable and hugged me back & without wasting any time I kissed her lips and soon we were in a deep smooch just like in the morning. Looking at her in a sleeveless blouse for the first time, flirty talks and the smooch. Only an impotent won’t have a hard on. Smooching her I slowly slid my hand to her hips. Broke the smooch looked into her eyes and gave a soft press on her hips. She let out a feeble moan “ahh…” and I gave another press. This time i rubbed her hip a bit ending it with the press and she just fell on my chest. I placed my lips on her shoulder and gave a soft peck MUUAHHHH….and hugging her i leaded to the couch and we both sat side by side my hand still on her hip.Me : Momma, you know i really can’t take my eyes off you.Mom: Oh who asked you to take your eyes off?Me : Ahan… den i can’t take my hands off you as well.Mom: As always this smart k** seems to take all the chances he could.Me : I just gave another press on her hip and started smooching again and this time she sucked back my lips.We didn’t talk much on if it was right or wrong and all that bull shit. We both know it was affection and we both loved each other and it was just a way of expression. As we smooched i made her lean back on the armrest of the couch and obviously i was just over her. Once we broke the smooch and looked into each others eyes my eyes went somewhere else. Her pallu was open on the side my hand was on her hip. Whoa she looked more beautiful than ever and my eyes got glued to her bulge on her inside her blouse.Mom: What’s my son staring at?Me : The twisties mom… the twisties.Mom: And what’s so special about them.Me : Oh momma, they are the most beautiful curves i’ve ever seen.Mom: FLATTERER! FLIRTER!!Me : Oh come on ask to my friends if you should. I never even turned up to any chick in college.Mom: Then I should take you to a doctor. hahaa… for your age it sounds to be weird.Me : Oh come on, why should I do it with some random chick when I have stuck a stunner at home.Mom blushed again and in the shyness she turned to her head to the free side of the armrest. Her open hair was cascading throughout her shoulders on the other side and her curvy neckline ended so smooth on her other shoulder. I just bent down and pecked her neck Muuuahh…. and looked at her and saw her eyes closed. I pecked her again, this time dragged my lips down to her shoulder. Sarrriiitttttaaa….. and that moan from her made me press her hip again and make another drag on her neck. She just lay there lost into it. She looked so sexy and beautiful in that pose that i hugged her shoulders from behind and lay over her with my cheeks between her mounds. We just lay there like that for a few minutes while she was pampering my hair.Me: Momma I feel so cozy that I wanna sleep. Lets go to the bedroom.She didn’t utter a word and followed me. I led her to the bedroom with my hand on her hip and she was on my shoulder as we walked. Usually me & mom used to sleep in the same room only thing was both the beds were apart. Now i took her to the room and we both sank into my single bed. We were facing each other side to side and she was pampering my hair and the very air was so romantic with the late night and the dim light. I gave a warm smile and placed my lips on her again. This time while kissing my hands roamed freely all over the sides of her body and her back. Now and then i used to rub her arms and we both hugged wriggling by the side of each other.After we broke the kiss she took a few deep breathes lay on her back with her hands up the pillow all relaxed. We both looked at each other and we knew we have totally forgotten about the social mom son relation and we were in a world of our own love. I put one leg over her and one arm around her belly and as her hands were up my face ended up on her clean shaved smooth armpIt’s and inches away from those super sexy mounds. I gave a peck on her armpit.. muuuahh… and she wriggled in a jolt laughing. I kissed her again … and again…. and she was laughing like mad… “Stop tickling me Sarita” and i just lay with my head buried on her armpit. The fragrance and the smoothness drove me crazy that it made me drag my lower lip on her armpit the same way it did on her neck a few minutes back. And for this she let out a soft moan… aaahhhhhh…….. turning to the other side.I continued my kisses on her armpits and my lips moved to the sides of her blouse. Whoaa. It’s the same boobs that fed me for my first couple of years but now they have got a whole new meaning. I slowly nuzzled my face on the sides and in the process i got over her. She was totally lost in the romance and I had no second thoughts except for being in bed with the lady whom I loved above all others.The full left side of her saree was totally off its position giving me a display of the voluptuous boob poking her sleeveless blouse. I slowly rubbed her shoulders brought my hands down and for the first time in my life I touched her boobs as a man. She let out a soft moan turning away. I rolled my palms all over the sides cupped it from the bottom and gave it a press that pumped out another moan from her. SSSAAARRRIIIITTTTTTaaAA….. and I whispered back mommmmmmaaaaaaaaaa… and gave another press. I could see her eyes were very heavy and struggling she opened her eyes to look at me. Her eyes dropped again whispering “It’s been ages since i felt this feel”. “I will give you everything that you would ever want mom. What else does a son have to do other than making his mom happy”, I replied and with my hands still over her blouse i bent to smooch her. This smooch was all the more passionate than the ones we had before and i took her entire lower lip between mine and started sucking it.A few minutes of smooching, she just let her tongue a bit out and there my lips engulfed her tongue and tasted It’s nectar. She arched herself forward giving me more and now my tongue was also out and we were involved in a seductive tongue twister. I hugged her even close as i could feel my hand crushed between my chest and her erect boobs. We smooched for a pretty long time in the act i was not only türbanlı aydın escort bayan kissing her lips but now and then licked and pecked all over her face. Once we parted, “I don’t remember the last time I was so happy as today Saritaaa…”, my mom said. “So do I mom. Now that I love you more than anyone else can ever love you, I deserve you more than anyone else”, I replied looking into her eyes. “You deserve me son. I’m yours. All yours” were the words my mom uttered that took me to Cloud No.9.I sat on top of her and took off the pallu of her saree and pushed it onto the other side. She smiled in a sexy mood and closed her eyes again and now by the time her eyelids closed both my hands were already cupping her boobs. I pressed them and circled my hands around them and of course squeezed them. They were so ample in my hands and for every press mom moaned in a deep voice… aaahhhhh… aahhhhhh … aaahahhhhhh… saritaaa.. It’sis sooo good….. love me my dear….. love me … and I had a real hard on to the level of my rod ripping my jeans off.In one go I pulled my tee off and the moment she saw my bare chest she sat down, I was on her lap and started rubbing my chest. “You have grown up to be a handsome dude my love”, she said and I replied “All for you momma and only you”. She hugged me rubbing her hands all over my back and started pecking my chest. I couldn’t do anything else but send my fingers into her open hair and press her onto my chest. She almost wetted the whole of my chest and fell back on the bed. I got over her kissed her lips and moaned “Now let me repay the love”, saying so i bent down holding one end of her blouse with my two fingers biting the other side of her blouse i pulled off the 1st hook and then the 2nd and the third. With three hooks off her boobs were begging to pop outta her blouse and get into my mouth.I nuzzled my face between her open cleavage between her mounds as i worked my way off her other two hooks and she lifted her shoulders and bit up and there the blouse went flying. What a sight it was. It was never planned. Never dreamed of but just a result of too much motherly love i uttered “look at you mom… really have cast a spell on me”. Saying so i bit her left bra cup dragged it down revealing her left boob and whoaaa those big dark brown aeroles were displayed in all their might and erection. Looking into her eyes, starting from its base I gave a drag all the way up rubbing her nipple on the way ending the suck on the upper half of her boob, she gasped and let out a deep loud moan…… aaaahhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..I did that again this time instead of sucking all the way up i engulfed her whole big aerole into my mouth and pressed my head instead. Now I started doing what I was doing 18 years back sucking her nipples but the only difference being now I’m doing it with a hard on. I munched and munched on it as if I never ate for a week and all the while she was just in her own heaven doing nothing but moaning and wriggling to my tune. I sucked her aerole for a few minutes and in the process she lifted her back and took off the hooks of her bra and threw it off. The other hill was also in front of my eyes and I moved my lips to the other one and gave it the same treatment. I sucked on it until it was rock hard. “AAahh.. booyyyy…. where did you learrnnn alll thissss…. you are too much for a college k**…. aaahhh… mmmmm… don’t stop it my darling… it was soo long it even got hard…. i was starving …… keep doing my love…. keep showering me all the love you have… aahhh… mmmm…. aaahhhhh… aahhhhhhhh” she was moaning nonstop.As i continued to suck her boobs one after the other in regular intervals, one hand was busy rubbing the other boob and now the other hand started to crawl down. My fingers made their way to her belly and then into her saree and slowly started lifting it. She slowly raised her elbows up helping my fingers to dig deep in. My fingers crawled over her left leg and over her elbow lifting her saree all the way and led to her silky smooth thighs and then they went between her legs and rite over her panty and as the three fingers touched her panty, something erupted inside her and she held my head and pressed onto her boob. I fiddled over her panty for a while and I never was in any sorta hurry.After all she was totally mine and she was going nowhere. Now i lifted my face up. I could see her nipples were so swollen and those already big mounds were even erect and became ballistic. Now i undid her saree and then pulled the knot of her skirt and dragged it down as well.Now there she was just in a white panty. The woman who was with me since i was born, under me. Never did i dream about such a day will come but love led us here. I slowly dragged myself on her knee. Starting from her knee i pecked her upwards… muuuahh… muuuaahh… muuaahhhhh … muuuaahhh all over her inner thigh and reached finally reached her panty. The divine treasure was just a few inches away. I turned my head up looked at her and I could say for sure she was in no mood to wait.I placed my lips over her panty pressed my face and moved my face all over her panty kissing pecking and nuzzling over it making it wet. Of course how much would i have made it wet. It was already drenched and i was already smelling and tasting that salty panty. I lifted my head again and grabbed both ends of her panty elastic and dragged it all the way down and what else it too went flying somewhere. OMG, i was telling myself, man look at what I have in front of me. A super sexy love triangle and that too happened to be the one through which I came out. What a feel it was.Mom’s pussy was dark covered with her short hair and the convex mound was until now the most beautiful thing I ever saw. I moved my lips into the bushes and rubbed it through the line of her pussy lip. “AAAhhhhh… ” she moaned tossing her head to the left side and one more swing of my lips on her pussy from its bottom all the way up, “OMG Sarita you are such a wonderful guy, you know exactly how to take care of your mom. Please don’t stop it darling. Keep doing.” she muttered. I made several such swings and now split her legs even wider and the pink wet shiny oasis was just in front of my eyes.I stuck my head on it and there went my tongue “Laaaa… LLLLLaaaaaa….. LLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAA….. flicking all over the pink pussy and she was like “OHHHH MYYYY… darling… keep doinngg… keep doooinggg… donntt stopp.. dont stoopp … aahhhh aaahhhhh aaaahhhhhhh aaahhhhh aahhhhhh”, she was going crazy with each and every lick. Now i too got so mesmerised and with every lick the tip of the tongue made her more n more wet. Now I sharpened my tongue and flicked it under her clit and she let out a wild screammm “OOOOHHH…. aaaahhhhhh….. lick me myyy soonnn….. lick meeeee morreeee….. Give me what I never had in my life… aahhhhh …aaahhhh aaaahahhhhhhh aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”, and she pressed my head onto her pussy.I too was soooo wild and I increased the pace and swirled my tongue all over her pussy and she grabbed my hair with nonstop moans pushing me into her pussy. I licked it sucked it pressing my face on her pussy and I she vibrated like a cell phone and i could feel her pussy clutch my tongue and I knew exactly where she was nearing and a few more licks, she broke into an orgasm and man, she was leaking like a broken tap. I licked it all as i never had intention of wasting even a drop and after licking her clean i just lay on her side with one arm around her. She was gasping continuously and after her gasping subsided she just hugged me real tight and looked into my eyes.Me : I never thought I would ever be this intimate with you mom.Mom : So did i my sweetheart. (She had a few drops of tears in her eyes.)Me : Momma are you feeling guilty or something?Mom : Oh It’s not that my dear. Today you just showed me how much you loved me and I don’t know how I’m gonna pay you for it.Me : Momma just stop all this crap. I felt so complete that I was able to give you all the love.Mom : No darling. After that first smooch the whole day I was thinking whether it was all right or wrong and about the society and blah blah blah… but then… I saw your eyes …. it was so true … it said it loved me so much….. That i threw all my thoughts out. You are a smart k** darling. You know that I never had dad’s appreciation or the love I deserved. After a few years of marriage, our love life became so empty and after you and your sister were born, it was all lost in the parental care. Now i really have no way to express how it feels to be appreciated and loved and what more, my own handsome son.Me : Mommma, don’t talk all this. I’m your son, I’m your friend… aheemm… boyfriend, I’m your man. And you are just my responsibility. I would never let you down mom.A few more drops of tears rolled down her eyes and we hugged and cuddled each other for some more time. Smooched after that and slept in each other’s arms.I wasn’t sure how long I was asleep, but when I woke up I was still wrapped over my naked mom under the blanket with 1 hand and 1 leg over her. No wonder she was still asleep after such a thundering orgasm. I just lifted my shoulder up and there she was in all her beauty under me and under my influence. I lay over her left mound with my palms on her cheeks softly rubbing it and sobbed again.After a while I saw something crawling over my chest and when I opened my eyes, this time it was mom on my chest with her palms on my other chest. With a smile I pecked her lips and my hands were all over her back. I hugged her and rolled over making me over her, looking deep into her eyes, there went a smooch again and after a few minutes I felt her smile inside the smooch.Me: Now what are you smiling at?Mom: Nothing.Me: Mommm ?!Mom: Nothing really son. I was just smiling to myself puzzled why I haven’t screamed at you yet.Me: You wanna know the reason?Mom: Sure. Enlighten me.Me: That’s because you love me more than my love for you.Mom: May be Sarita. But the love you displayed today. You took this old mom by storm.Me: Now don’t get to all that again, saying so I pecked her cheeks and all over her face.She just turned to the side where my lips were touching closing her eyes and I pecked all over her face not sparing an inch. After a türbanlı escort aydın while when her eyes were opened,Mom: This darling son is really unfairMe: Excuse me?!Mom: Of course look at me. Stripped off all my clothes and this young lover is not even half exposed?Me: Oh yea? That’s their problem? If that’s a problem for my girlfriend she has to fix it.When I said so, mom hugged me rolled over and there she started undoing the button of my jean & pulled down the zip. The semi-erect cock was just waking up and by the time she slid it to my knees, he sprang up as if someone poured a bucket of water over him. She slowly rubbed her fingers with her pointed nails all over the boxes and the more my dick felt her palm the more it grew.Running her fingers along the length, “ Now I have to stop calling you a k**”.Me: Sorry lady, you should have stopped calling me so the moment I kissed your lips.Mom: Now you’re going to see what this lady is capable of.Saying so she just slid her fingers into my boxers and there I was feeling my mom’s fingers on my bare dick. Instinctively lifting my hip up all I wanted was more of her hand on my manhood. She started playing and fiddling with it. Moving her palm up and down inside my boxer sometimes she would press her fingertips on my balls. I just got lost into the feel and by the time my eyes closed, I already felt some pre cum oozing into her fingers as she just touched the tip of the pink cock. All I could do was “Oh momma…. Aaahhhh…..” and there she pressed her thumb tip more on it. When I was about to break out, I just held her hand and she was of course smart enough to know it. She just rested her hand there, grabbed the side of my dick, put her one leg over me and started kissing me. Muuahh… on my lips and there she came down to my neck and then to my chest with her lips.She rolled her lips all over my bare chest and once when she was over my nipple she just took it between her lips and gave it a little suck. Ohhhh Mommaa…. I brought my chest up and there she started kissing more. Muuaah.. Muuaahhh…. Muuuaahhh…. MMuuuaaahhh all over my little areole and as she was doing it her open hair was all over my other chest and the lady who gave me life was all over me. I just sent my fingers into her hair and pressed her head over me and there she was wetting my whole chest with her kisses. Kissing all the way she slid down between my legs. Holding one side of my dick with her fingers she placed my dick on her cheeks and rubbed her cheeks over it. I was in heaven with my mom all over my dick with sexy heavy eyes and I could say she was in a bigger shot of the d**g than me.Before even I could recognize it, she went over it there went my dick into her lips. Looking up at me she slowly gulped the hard rod and gave it a full lick pulling it outta her mouth. There she went again… and again… this time when she lifted her head up a few drops of my pre cum was stuck in her lips. She spread her hands all over my thighs, rubbing them, she gave another long lick onto my balls and continued that lick all the way to the tip of my dick and gulped it again. I knew this wasn’t going to last forever as I was finding it really difficult to hold.On the other hand I did not want it to end and started taking in deep breathes and with that my rod got even hard and that made her go faster on it. She was sucking it as if she had craved for it all her life and something that turned up to her doorsteps after so much waiting. Me, myself in total ecstasy, held her hair and started thrusting my hips into her mouth. As I did that, she started flicking her tongue all around the head with her lips sucking the sides. Aaahhh Moommmaa.. Oohhhh… yeess… yeess… aahhh mommmmaaa…. Aahhhh ….. mmmmmm…. Ohh ….. aaahhhh and I was about to break out. There she took a deep suck and I let it all loose spraying all my seeds into her mouth. She gulped all the shots and once I gave out the last jerk my dick started getting loose and there she crashed on my left thigh.With my cum in her lips she came over me gave a kiss on my chest and rubbed her cheeks with mine. I hugged her and we lay like that for some time. After a while mom looked into my eyes with a smileMom: Sweetie, when I thought love was no more in my life you came in and when I thought my sex life was done you came and filled it too. I never thought one little k** can bring so much to a middle aged lady.Me: Mom, just stop talking like this. Let’s stop with who’s giving what to whom. We’ve loved each other for so long and now we love even more. That’s all. Now stop giving all the hype.Mom: Na beta, all I’m saying is, you make your mom happy in all fronts with a heavy eye.Me: Then just be mine. Always mine. Really can’t think of any other woman than you mom.Mom: Who else am I going to give myself to. You rule me my boy.I hugged her again on my chest and pampered her hair while my other hand was roaming freely all over her back. Now I was feeling something growing hard again between her thighs. I hugged her rolled over and me over her I placed my lips over hers and we smooched deep and long. While smooching I was wriggling all over her and my tool was hard again and was just crushing between her legs. Her hands were roaming all over my back and I looked at her. Looking deep into her eyes I pressed my hips on her’s making my shaft rub its side on her pussy. She arched herself the moment it touched her pussy lips and I gave another wave over her making it rub even more.Wriggling her over a couple of times she just spread her legs wide and we didn’t need to talk anything. I just held my hard dick in my hand placed it at the entrance. With the pink tip just touching her pussy lip I moved it up and down. Aaaaahhhh… saritaaa …AAAhhhhhh… she arched instantly. Another swipe my slit just parted her pink lip. Another swipe, the tip was just at the entrance.Unable to resist both of us jerked our bodies at the same time she pushing herself up and me down, the pink head just slipped into her shiny wet pussy as she uttered… AAAAahhhhhh …. And I held it there for a few seconds only to push it further. Once the rod was fully in she clasped me with her legs over my back thigh and her hands on my bums I lay there for a few moments savoring the pleasure and she was holding her eyes tightly closed. I just lifted my bums a bit and she pulled it back again as my head sided to her depth again. AAAAAHHHHHH….. Rassiiiikkkkkkkaaa…. OOOHHHHHH ….. she took a real deep breathe and so did I… Aahhh mommmm… this is such a heaven.Instinctively I started moving up and down….. UUUPP…. DOOWWNNN…. UUPPPP…. DOOOWWNNN… I stroked myself over my mom slowly and she was like… ohhhh my … aahhh …… aahhhh…… aahhhh.. mmmmm….. aahhhhh…. Aaahhh she was just letting her moans rhythmic to my thrusts and I was going on and on and on. She held her legs wrapped around me tight and she was almost squeezing my bums and we just were fucking like rabbit. I was slowly pulling off and on and there she was laid totally controlled by my thrust. She could never mute her voice nor stop arching herself rhythmic to my thrusts. I supported my upper body weight on my palms myself arched over her, my eyes fixed on hers and her eyes closed in ecstasy I went into the hole that I came out after almost two decades.As my cock slipped in and out she was oozing out. Ohhh sariittaa…. You are blowing me off this world… aahhh…. Aahhh….. aaahhhh …. Aaahhh … yeesss .. yeess….. yeessss my boy she moaned tossing her head left and right and I was just driving into her as if there was no tomorrow. I wasn’t a virgin, but making love to my mom was something totally outta the world. After a few more minutes, I feel on her again, hugging her back shoulders with my lips on her neck and shoulders I keep raising and lowering my lower body all the while fucking my mom, the woman I love the most. Both of us were in Cloud 9 and with no intention of stopping. She never stopped moaning and neither I was in any mood to stop. As I thruster I found her pelvic muscles contract and knowing what it meant I increased my pace.Her whole body vibrated and her moans went louder. Aaaahh…. Darrlinggg… booyyyyy….. aaahhh.. aahhhmmm…. Aaahhh…… aahhhmmmm… aahhhhhh… and she exploded. I could literally feel she was flowing like a cascade and with my hard dick dug deep into her I just crash landed on her. She hugged me real tight and I could feel her heart pounding, her pussy dripping and her body blooming. She held me like that for some time and with the hard rod still inside her she just got lost into the emotion and pleasure that she was denied for so long.After a few minutes she came to her senses and slowly opened her eyes. Her eyes were heavy but I could say for sure she was no way exhausted. She hugged me tight and rolled over me and all the while my dick was never an inch outta her pussy. Her hair were cascading as she sat over me. Placing both arms on my chest and kneeling over me, my mom had her payback time. She pressed her palms over my bare chest and started moving forward and back as I was blown out in pleasure. My foreskin was peeling on and off as she rode me real deep. What elegance she hand while driving me. If staying inside her was one pleasure, watching her do it with beauty was another heaven in its own respect.That day I understood one thing. Nothing comes to having a female in bed when she is in her middle age. She sure was tight for obvious reasons but the intensity was way beyond what I could imagine. Even if she stops fucking I would not stop watching her in that pose all day and night. She just waved herself forward and back over me and I was hanging between two worlds. I couldn’t open my eyes with the pleasure of her pussy muscles all over my dick and at the same time I couldn’t close my eyes blinding the sight of her going deep on me. She was just drilling me deep and soft and all I was able to do was take deep breathes and enjoy the true essence of love making.I slowly lifted my hands to cup her boobs and they were just juggling in my hands. As I did that she increased the pace and I grabbed her melons. She was going on and on and this time it was me who felt the contraction inside my dick….. and as my groans shelled out… aahh… moommmaa… ammmmmmaaa…. Aahhhhh…. Aahhh … she pressed further bending a bit more over me, totally lifting herself on and off slapping her butt on my thighs. It was way too much for me and the pressure kept increasing inside my dick and there with a jolt of thunder inside me I jetted the remaining cum into her pussy and fell dead flat. What an orgasm it was and with a satisfied smile she sank over me and hugging each other we took another nap.

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