The suprise


The supriseThis story is true, but names have been changed to avoid complications.It was a warm mid-june afternoon, when frank called, and asked me to come over to his place. He wanted me to help him move some things out of his garage I hoped in my car, and drove the 20 minutes to his place. When I arrived, he came out of the garage, and motioned me over.He walked back into the garage, and waited by the work bench that ran along one wall. When I walked in, he asked me if I wanted a beer, or something else to drink. I said a coke would be great. After he grabbed one out of a refrigerator, and handed it to me, I asked what I was there to help him move, and he said that there was nothing to move, and that he actually wanted to talk to me.He motioned me over to a couch that was along the back wall, and asked me to sit. He sat in a chair across from me, and took a long swallow of his beer. As he started to speak, he was looking down at the floor. He tells me that his girlfriend of 5 years has left him. I sat there with my jaw on the floor in shock, when he finally told me why she left. He came right out, and told me he is gay. To say that I was stunned, is an overstatement at the very least. After asking when did he decide he was gay, and telling him that I supported türbanlı nevşehir escort his decision, and that I respected him for his courage. He then said something that I had to have him repeat just to make sure I heard him correctly.He told me he was a virgin, and that he wanted me to be the first one to make love, or fuck him as he put it. I asked if he had anything stronger to drink than coke, or beer. He said that he had some whiskey, and I asked him if he would bring me the bottle, and that I needed to think for a moment, and also to let the shock wear off.To describe frank a little, he was 5’7″, about 165lb, long sandy colored hair, and kind of feminine looking. I decided to shock him, and began to tell him a secret. I told him that I was flattered that he wanted me to be his first. I then told him that I was bi-sexual, and that I was considered a top. He was a bit shocked at this news, but even more so with what I said next.I told him that I would be his first, and I told him I thought he would look sexier made, and dressed as a woman. He smiled at me, got up, said to me to give him about 20 minutes, and then come into the house. I waited the allotted time, had a few shots, put the bottle down, türbanlı nevşehir escort bayan and walked into his house by the porch door.I walked thru the kitchen, and into the living room. O the coffee table in front of the couch, I saw a note, asking me to sit on the couch, and call out when I was. I did as I was asked. about 5 minutes later, I heard some foot steps coming down the steps. As I looked to the stairway, she/he stepped around the corner, and my jaw hit the floor, and my cock sprang into instant hardness.He said to call him Francine, while he was dressed like this. I asked Francine if she wanted to play. At which she nodded her head. When I asked what kind of game(s) did she want to play, she said sex games. At which I asked what kind of sex games, and she said, naughty school sissy. I was to put her on her knees, and force her to suck my cock as a punishment. I then asked if she wanted to be dominated into sex, at which she said yes. I then told her to get on her knees, and pull my cock out of my pants, and start sucking me. She quickly got between my legs, unzipped, unfastened, my pants to my knees, and my cock in her hand in less than 30 seconds. She started licking up one side, and then türbanlı escort nevşehir down the other, stopping to lick, and gently suck on my balls.After about 10-15 minutes of her sucking, and gagging on my cock, I pulled her up on her feet, and told her to take off her panties. She quickly reach under the plaid schoolgirl skirt, and pulled down her panties until they fell to the floor. I told her to get on her knees in front of the couch, and lean on the cushions.I started rubbing her ass cheeks, and gently probing her man-pussy. I found it already lubbed up, so, I just knelt behind him and slowly worked my 9″ into her, until I was balls deep into his ass. I started a slow, but steady thrusting into his ass. I started going harder, and heard him moan out that it felt real good, and to fuck him harder, and deeper.After about 10 minutes of hard pounding, he screamed that he was cumming. As he was shooting all over the side of the couch, his clenching ass muscles made me blow my cum deep in his ass. He screamed that he could feel me shooting deep inside him. I lay across his back, and him across the couch cushions. After resting this way for a few minutes, I pulled my softening cock out of him, and sat on the floor to catch my breath. We sat this way and talked about what happened, and he said that he loved it, and wanted to do it again with me. We carried on a discrete affair for about 5 years, until his job transferred him to another city. We kept in touch for a few years after, and he told me that he found someone, and a few months later the letters stop. I still remember the fun we had, and am still honored to be his first.

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