vacationWell, I am back with my wife. We sat down, had a conversation, and that she realised that she needed some security in her life, and that I am the one feeling her safe. She told me, that I can do whatever I want, as long as she doesnt know about it.So, to celebrate this, we got to a vacation, in Greece, one of those last minute things.To cut the story short, we had the best sex of our lives, and I wont describe it here, since I told myself that that is the one thing I wont do.I really enjoy seaside. I wear those tight swimwear speedos, and since I am horny as hell, I oftenly get a big bulge, and women notice that. So did my wife. On our third day maybe, I was talking to a girl that was topless, with big, round boobs (she was english), and she stared at my bulge, while i was acting like I dont see nothing wrong with it. My wife saw that, saw her stare, and immediately got me into water and wanked me off.But, since I dont want to bore you, here is the thing I wanted to write about. There was this Dutch girl. I noticed her on our first day at the hotel. Petite, skinny, small tits, but a BIG, ROUND, FIRM ASS. türbanlı çanakkale escort She wore g-string bikini to the beach, and from the first day on, I started perving on her. So, since my wife went on a massages for 2 hours each day, I used that time to chat that girl up. It wasnt hard. My wife was, by far, the best looking girl in a 3000 people hotel (lots of russians and germans – most of them older than 40), and for me, I also felt nice about my competition.She was there with a friend, round, ginger fatty, white as cheese, but they were both laughing at my jokes. I told them that I am there with my wife (they saw that themselves), and that that is a bummer, since I was craving some summer adventure. My girl Bianca also said, that she thinks that it is a shame.I saw them, every night, going to a club on a beach, all tarted up, and I wished I could come with them. Then, one night, since I staged a bitter fight with my wife (interesting story – I will write about it in another story), I used the chance to “steam out”.The moment I approached her, there was türbanlı çanakkale escort bayan sexual vibes all over. It took me less then 5 minutes to kiss her, in then, my finger was on her pantise. We got out to the beach, and passed one couple in some discrete fingering action. I didnt intend to be discrete, so we got to the end of the bay, jumped over some rocks, and found ourselves on a secluded part of the beach. She wore a short skirt, so i just pulled it up, got her on the sand, and started licking her freshly shaved pussy. I devoured, her pussy was all over my lips, chin, cheek bones, she started grinding her pussy all over my face. I didnt want her to cum immediately, so I got her to the verge of an orgasm, and than i slowed down, back up, driving her insane. I mustve been licking her for almost an hour, when i decided to end it. She wanted to suffocate me with her cunt, thats how hard she came.I got up, hard as a balistic missile, got my shorts down, got her by her brown hair, and just asked her to look me in the eyes. Insane from all that türbanlı escort çanakkale one hour licking, i didnt let her suck me, I started fucking her mouth. And she was looking at me, with her brown eyes, and I enjoyed that view. I felt i couldnt last more than a couple of minutes, so i layed her on her back, got her ass up, spit on my fingers, and got two of them up her ass. She started talking something in dutch, so I just reassured her with the “shhh” sound, and got in.And I tell you, that ass was fucked. She was around 30, like me, but brother, that was some worked up ass. And that came to my mind the moment I got in. I saw her face in that half pain – half pleasure phrase,and then i remembered I dont have a condom, and that I am fucking an ass fucked many times before by who knows how many guys, and that gave me a raging build up in my groin, so I started fucking her, hard, fast and furious. She was screaming, but I didnt give a fuck, I just kept on pumping, for longer than I expected, and when I felt that I am about to cum, I got it out, and sprayed all over her pulsating, wet pussy.After that, i went for a swim, to instantly was all that sweat away. I was gone for 3 minutes, and when i got back, she was gone.She checked out two days later. I saw her, only once, at breakfast. She was looking at me and my wife eating, but she decided not to talk to me. My wife noticed that she is looking, and made a comment about how foreign women like me. I didnt tell her, that I like them, also.

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