what really happened


what really happenedso as many of you know me and hubby have been exploring some of our fantasies with a close friend , which has now ended due to some trust issues , a lot of you have asked what happened so here it is .we agreed to meet at grahams house on a Saturday lunchtime due to lack of privacy from our respective c***dren , i was asked to wear a dress by graham so i dressed up in new dress and heels , as we arrived at grahams house the sun was shining and a lot of his neighbors seemed to be out working in their gardens or washing cars , i felt a little self conscious , graham was just wearing a robe as he greeted us at the door and we went straight into the living room it felt wrong as soon as we started graham was more confident than usual and kissed me his hands grabbing my boobs and squeezing them , i told him to slow down as hubby started kissing my neck , i closed my eyes as my boobs were pulled out of my dress and graham started to suck on them , he stepped back and took off his robe , he was naked and rock hard and he was wearing a rubber ring on his cock , hubby slowly pushed me to my knees and graham tuzla escort stood in front of me and slid his cock into my mouth , i could hear hubby stripping off and soon he joined graham in front of me and i took turns sucking them , i asked hubby if he would lick me and climbed onto the floor and started licking me , i was finding it hard to get in the mood , as i sucked graham his started thrusting into my mouth a little harder with each stroke , and then he grabbed my head and thrust forward it must of been most of his cock i swallowed i choked and thought i was going to be sick , i coughed and shouted at him hubby looked up and said what happened , he stuck it all the way on i blurted , all hubby said was steady on , i went to the kitchen to get a drink and when i came back they were stroking each other , i sat down and watched but was still annoyed with him , they told me to take my dress off which against my better judgement i did as i was told , i stripped down to my bra and knickers and they both crawled over to me and started kissing up my legs they took a leg each and slowly opened them , hubby pendik escort rubbed me through my panties as graham carried on kissing my legs , i started to relax and enjoy myself as they pulled down my knickers hubby started licking between my legs , graham complained he had no where to go so i lied back and hubby lifted my legs so graham could lick my bum , hubby carried on licking between my legs , it was heavenly having both holes licked at the same time they both started to push a finger in each hole and it wasn’t long before i started to twitch and had a wonderful orgasm , but they didn’t stop and carried on licking and fingering me after a few minutes i was breathless and sweating , graham said it was there turn next and hubby lied on the floor and i straddled him no sooner had i sank down onto him and graham was pushing me forward and i felt him pushing against my bum , i didn’t have any lube but it felt ok as he started to slide into me , but then i screamed out as he pushed all the way into me , i told him to pull out and withdrew a little , i told him not to be so rough and he started a little kartal escort slower building up speed and taking it a little deeper , and thats when it happened i started to panic it felt so stuffy in the room i was so hot and i could hear people outside talking and i started to think do they know what we are doing in here , i felt trapped with graham on top of me , i said to slow down but he kept thrusting into me , i tried to get up but they both held on and said nearly there , graham started to grunt as he thrust harder into me , i looked at hubby and said i want to go , he said nearly there and carried on , what seemed like an eternity they both came in me and finally graham fell off of me , i jumped up and started getting dressed , i just needed to get out of there , hubby asked what was wrong , i said i told you to stop and you ignored me , he said he was sorry but it was too late , i threw my dress on and walked out the door , i felt like i was being stared at as i walked past different neighbors , i just wanted to be alone , that was a month ago and we haven’t seen graham since thenhubby said he didn’t realize i was so upset , i have been off sex for a few weeks but hubby and i have patched things up and are back to our old ways , just a cautionary tale of how not to jump in the deep end , im fine now , but lesson learned , lynn xxx

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