Zelena’s Story 1


Zelena’s Story 1Please note: This story takes place in a very small autonomous republic in Eastern Europe. *”Oh God that’s good.” Muttered Zelena.She was bending over a sack of potatoes in the store room of her father’s green grocer’s shop. The shop was closed for the night and he’d gone upstairs to have dinner and Zelena and Mikel were “cleaning up”, but the broom and dustpan were leaning against the wall of the store room while Mikel fucked Zelena.Mikel fucked Zelena hard, the way she liked it. She bent over the potato sacks, her skirt pulled up over her bare bottom, and her panties down at her knees, and bang! Bang! Bang! He went as she grunted with each thrust.Then suddenly, “Oh…oh…oh… Micky, harder, harder I’m coming.” And her back arched and flexed as her body was flooded with a climax. Then she lay still, eyes closed, panting. “That was super Zelly. Let’s do this every day until I leave.” Mikel said as he bent over and whispered in her ear.Mikel was leaving the village for America in ten days, to live with his cousin. His cousin lived in California and had found Mikel a job, so like most of the young people in the village he was leaving.He pulled back and out of her vagina, then unwrapped the plastic bag he had wrapped around his penis. He didn’t much like using plastic bags, but condoms were expensive, besides if he bought condoms at the chemist shop everyone in the village would soon know that he and Zelena were fucking.For Zelena the plastic bags were wonderful. They made Mikel’s penis seem almost twice as large around, and the rough texture was very stimulating to her vagina. While she lay over the potato sack, Mikel went into the shop and threw the plastic bag on top of a pile of other bags which were used to wrap vegetables. Zelena’s parents sometimes remarked that the bags seemed sticky or that they smelled funny, but they concluded that they must have been used by the fishmonger. All the bags circulated and were recycled through the village and were used and re-used by everyone.Zelena got up and pulled up her panties. She was a slender, blonde, pretty girl, unlike most other girls in town and her mother. They were all from peasant stock, but her father was tall and blonde too, claiming a relationship to the defunct royal family, who’d been eliminated in 1940. But she conformed to the local dress, longish black skirt, print blouse and always black stockings. None of this, even the clog-like shoes they all wore in summer detracted from her good looks.They finished cleaning up the shop quickly, then they kissed and Mikel went out the front door and Zelena locked it behind him.”You were a long time.” Said her father as she sat down to have supper. “What were you up to?””Sometimes it takes longer to clean up the shop.” She answered him.”I hope you’re not letting that peasant boy fuck you.” He told her. “You’ll get pregnant and have little dumpy peasant k**s and your life will be over.””You don’t want me fucking anyone.” Zelena thought. “You want me for yourself.””Stop talking like that over dinner.” Nadia, Dmitri’s wife told him. “You shouldn’t talk that filth, especially to your own daughter.” “My own daughter? Fine example you are. You and your butcher. The only way I know she’s MY daughter, is that she isn’t a dumpy peasant girl.”So the evening went on, Dmitri and Nadia always fighting.What Zelena thought was probably the truth. As soon as she was eighteen — on her eighteenth birthday, her father had seduced her — ****d her would be a better word. It had been such a fun day, and she’d had too much to drink. He’d put her to bed, then got in beside her and taken her virginity, as was the custom. Her mother had been furious when she came in and found him in her bed, not because he’d fucked her, but because he hadn’t used a condom.He’d gone türbanlı kayseri escort out next day to the chemist and bought a package of three condoms which he was still using. He washed them out each time and reused them. They were too expensive to discard after one use, he said.Nadia, Zelena’s mother, didn’t really mind that Dmitri was fucking Zelena, it was quite common in the town for father and daughter to have sex, and it gave her the opportunity to sleep with Arvand, the butcher. She “loved” her husband alright, but she didn’t like his sissy ways. He claimed aristocracy, and let her know it, and he was soft and had long thin finger, and he had a slender body. His love making was gentle and considerate, varied and with a lot of foreplay. She liked sturdy peasant men like Arvand who knew what she wanted, a nice thick penis, and she loved the feel of his thick body on top of her. He got straight to the point, ripping her clothes off, jumping on her and pounding her body for what seemed like hours at a time, while she screamed with ecstasy.Every Monday when Dmitri left early for the main market to buy vegetables, the butcher’s van could be seen parked outside the greengrocer’s shop. Nadia and Arvand went upstairs and Zelena would wait on customers.The topers at the inn loved to joke about it.”The butcher’s delivering some meat to the greengrocer’s wife.” They’d laugh.Or:”Nadia’s having a nice sausage for breakfast.”Or:”Dmitri’s wife is preparing him some left-overs for dinner.” And so on, getting raunchier and more vulgar as the day wore on. But as soon as Arvand appeared there was silence. He always had a meat cleaver hooked to his belt, and there was a huge slash in the bar counter where he’d delivered a blow to it when one of the men had said something in jest about Nadia.”Next time it’s your balls!” He’d shouted, and he meant it too.So life in the village went on. Then one day a big car appeared and parked outside the dry goods store. Out jumped a beautiful woman, and all the topers in the inn fell over each other to get a look.’Nice legs.” One said. “Look at that ass. And the tits on her. Who is she?” Another cried out.”It’s Bella.” One cried out. “Bella Zhnitkoff , the chemist’s daughter!”Bella had left the village three years ago, first to Vienna, then to Paris and finally arriving in London. She’d found a good job and periodically sent money home. The chemist said she had a job showing visitors around town. She was an escort. They did wonder how she’d come to know London so quickly, but it really didn’t matter as long as the money came regularly.After she’d visited her father in the shop Bella went into the inn where one of the men bought her a drink. She talked to the guys, and laughed at their jokes, but even though they were all eyes no-one made a move on her. She was too lovely, too fragile looking, and even though at least one of them had been to school with her, it was hands off, her mini skirt had their full attention. They rarely saw a woman who didn’t wear black stockings and a calf length skirtShe stopped and had a few words with the butcher then walked down to the greengrocer.”Bella, my beauty.” Said Dmitri. “How are you? Zelena, look who’s here. It’s Bella.”Zelena came running out of the storeroom, saw Bella and ran up to her and they both hugged. There was at least two years difference between them, but they were much alike, tall, blonde with long legs. Dmitri gazed at Bella as the two girls stood talking, and he wondered how he could get Bella into his bed.The girls went upstairs and shared a cup of tea while they talked and Bella started to tell Zelena what she did as an escort in London. She told her she met men for dinner, and sometimes showed them places of interest in London, but türbanlı kayseri escort bayan then she leaned forward, and made Zelena not to tell a soul.”I meet men and they pay me to fuck.” She said.Zelena’s jaw dropped. “To fuck? Men pay you to fuck? You’re a whore then?””No I’m an escort. Whores pick men up in the street and get paid 10 pounds, that’s about 1500 kopesch. I meet men by appointment, in a private apartment or in their hotel room, and they pay me 200 pounds, that’s about 30 thousand kopesch.”Zelena leaned back in her chair, her eyes wide in disbelief.”That’s not possible. No, you’re just saying that to impress me. If I could get 3000 kopesch from one of the men in town, even your father, the chemist, a rich man, I’d count myself lucky. But 30 thousand kopesch! If I did it once a month I’d be rich.””That’s true, in this dump, but in London a flat costs 3000 pounds, that’s 450 thousand kopesch.”And so they talked on, with Zelena amazed at the cost of everything in London, but getting more and more interested in the idea of going to London and becoming an escort. Not only could she make a lot of money, but she could fuck a lot, and Zelena loved to fuck. “How many men do you have a night.” Zelena asked. “Three, four or five.” Bella answered.”Do you just fuck, or do you do other things?””Well, the cheapest thing is a hand job, you masturbate a man until he squirts.” She said. “Then there’s a blow job.””What’s that, a blow job?””You suck his cock until he comes.””Yuck. You suck on his dirty thing, the thing he pees out of?””Yes, haven’t you ever done it? Haven’t you sucked Mikele?””Never! What if he pees in your mouth?””You should try it, it’s nice and the stuff is creamy, and you don’t have to worry about a condom, you just swallow his stuff.”Zelena thought about it for a while. Mikele was gone, but maybe she’d try it with dad. She’d wash his cock first, then suck on it. Thinking about it started to make her horny.”What else is there? How do you make the most money?” She asked Bella”Fucking gets you the most money, except for anal.””Anal? What’s anal?””That’s when a man fucks your arse.”Zelena was aghast. She’d never dreamed of anything so disgusting. In the mouth was one thing, but imagining a man sticking his penis in her arse was beyond her imagination. It must hurt, for one thing, but then the nastiness of it disgusted her.”No, this is a joke, Bella. You don’t let men fuck your arse. Tell me you don’t do that.””A man will stick his cock anywhere in or on your body. Between your tits, under your arm, between your toes, and they love to stick it up your arse.””But it must hurt, doesn’t it?””It hurts the first couple of times, and if you’re lucky he has a small cock.””But it’s filthy, it’s disgusting. What do you do about that?””You have to clean yourself first, then most of the time it’s okay. And in lots of ways it’s better, you can’t get pregnant, for one thing. And it gets rid of his stuff if you don’t like to swallow it.””But can you speak any English?” Bella asked Zelena. ‘In London you have to speak English, you know.””Yes, I can speak a few words. Maybe you can teach me more. Good morning. My name Zelena, who you? I like to…what do you call it Bella?””What are you trying to say? You like to fuck? I like to fuck. I like to give blowjob. I don’ like you fuck me in arse.” She laughed.”English is very funny, you’ll have to teach me the good stuff Bella.” And the two girls went on talking to each other in broken English until it was time for Bella to go. After she left Zelena thought about everything she’d heard. Tonight she’d try to suck Daddy’s cock, but she didn’t know about anal sex. She’d have to think about that. That night Zelena had just gone to bed when she heard the door open and türbanlı escort kayseri her father, Dmitri, came into her room. She felt the covers lifted as he slid into bed beside her. She rolled over to face him and they kissed, as he slipped his hand under her nightgown and started to touch her. As his hand slid up between her soft thighs Zelena stopped him.”Daddy, I’d like to do something different tonight.” She whispered.”What, you don’t want me to fuck you?” He complained.”Tonight, instead of fucking I’d like to suck your cock.””What?” He was puzzled. What else was there between a father and daughter? “Why do you want to suck me, don’t you like me fucking you?””Yes, yes I really like fucking, but Bella told me that sucking a man’s cock is really very nice and exciting. Besides, you wouldn’t have to use those rubber things, that I know you don’t like. When you squirt your stuff I just swallow it.”This sounded reasonable to Dmitri, because it was true, he didn’t like using condoms, and the thought of Zelena taking his penis in her mouth and sucking on it excited him.”You are the sweetest daughter a man ever had, Zelena. But how about you, how can you get pleasure?””Let’s see after I’ve sucked you off.” She replied, and taking his penis in her hand she felt it swelling.Dmitri turned over on his back and Zelena slid down kissing his belly until she reached his penis. She kissed it, then sliding the skin back on the uncircumcised head she kissed that too. She was starting to feel very horny, and taking the head of his penis in her mouth she started to suck on it.This was making them both very hot, but Dmitri had to instruct Zelena about the most sensitive places on a man’s penis. She thought that just taking it in her mouth and sucking on it would be enough, and it was for her, but he directed her to the sensitive places on the head, and told her to use her tongue more, and to press it against the roof of her mouth.”Oh Zelly, Zelly. That’s so good. Yes, there, there with your tongue. That’s so good.”They were both enjoying this so much they wished it would go on. While Zelena sucked on her father’s penis she tasted the liquid that oozed from it and knew he must be getting near a climax. He, meanwhile, was now fucking his daughter’s mouth with abandon. Loving the feel of her mouth, her tongue and he knew he’d soon have to let go. Then, suddenly:”Aaah, my sweet baby, it’s coming! Right there……right there….aaaaaaaaaaaaa, yes!”And he felt his sperm shoot into her mouth. Zelena felt the warm fluid hit the back of her throat, and paused for a moment in surprise, then realizing what was happening started to suck harder.”That’s enough, my love, that’s enough, just hold it in your mouth, it’s too sensitive. Aaah yes, just like that.” As the last ooze dribbled into her mouth.They lay still for a few moments, then he pulled his penis out of Zelena’s mouth, and pulling her head toward him kissed her.”Zelly my dear girl, that was wonderful. You are such a good girl, what other daughter would do that for her father. We must do that again, soon. But what can I do for you now? I cannot get hard again for a while, what shall I do for you?””You could lick me, Daddy that would feel good.””No, I don’t want to do that now, maybe some other time.””Then, with your fingers, or I brought a big zucchini up from the shop. You could stick that in me.””What? A zucchini? You bad, bad girl!” As he laughed uproariously. “You want me to fuck you with one of my zucchinis. And who shall we sell it to then? Who would you like to see eat it after it has been in your pussy?”So he pushed to fat zucchini into her hungry orifice, and between that and his fingers he brought her to a climax. As they lay together afterward, in the warmth of their fulfilled sex, Zelena was thinking. Now she’d tried giving a blow job, and it had been nice, no it had been wonderful, but she was thinking about who she would have give her her first anal sex.No, not Daddy, his penis was too big, but one of the boys in the village, perhaps. Or maybe she should go to Tortana, the big town, and pick up some one at a bar. She’d have to think about it.Report Story

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