Wild Theater Enounter (Part 1)


Wild Theater Enounter (Part 1)I was sitting at home when I got a call from Michelle. A week ago I hadblown and been fucked by her boyfriend before a concert while she watched.I didn’t know her before that day, and we hadn’t spoken after the show, soI was suprised to hear from her. (You can read about that fun in bisexualadult friends- the story is called “warm up before concert”)”Hey B. Did you like what we did with you?””Yes…” I said warily. One doesn’t just call a casual acquantaince andask how they liked their homosexual experience. And when asked you don’treply (“oh god yes lets do it again right now!”)”I remember seeing his dick go in your ass, and watching your ass gape whenhe pulled out- and then watching it go in again.””I remember that too Michelle” were we having phone sex?”I loved watching him rub his cock against yours, and both of you being sohard.” She was breathing heavily. I guess we were having phone sex.”Are you touching yourself Michelle?” More heavy breathing. “Michelle areyou touching yourself when you remember how he was in me up to his ballsand I was so hard and begging you to touch my dick?” I heard her moan.OK, so she wanted me to talk her off. Not a problem, as the experience wasone of my hottest yet. I was bi, but I had a real fetish for bottoming infront of women. I liked watching their reactions while I was being used byanother guy. My day with Michelle and Frank was perfect. So I talked, andbefore long I heard her sharp rapid breaths become a sigh, and I knew shehad come. She spoke again.”Look, this is great. But I called you for a reason.” I wondered if shewere licking her fingers. I remembered how she tasted, and my own erectionwas painful in my pants. “I talked about what happened with my friendJulie. Don’t be mad. I was worried that I was a freak for getting offwatching two guys fuck. But the more we talked about it the more shebecame…””Aroused?” I broke in”Curious. So there is this place that we were hoping we could all go.””You want to watch me with a guy again?””I want to show her how hot you were, so that maybe if she sees for herselfshe’ll know how I felt.””And does Frank want to play again?”There was a pause. “This would be without Frank””But Frank was hot” I remembered his smooth body, long hair, and necklaces.I remembered how the hair in his freshly washed crotch smelled so clean,for a few moments, before it got nasty. I did miss Frank.”Don’t worry B. We have something else for you.””I’m not gay Michelle.” I heard her giggle. “Really, I am bi. What’s init for me?””You didn’t seem so concerned about being bi when I walked in on yousucking Frank’s dick.” (true enough) “But don’t worry B, if you show us agood time I am sure you’ll be taken care of.””Good. After all it was your touch that brought me off.” I said,remembering how she finished me and then had me lick my cum off her hands.”Ok, well, can you meet tomorrow afternoon at the Olympic?” The Olympicwas a run down theater near the University that had a seedy reputation.”You want to meet in a porno theater? Where is the romance Michelle?””Fuck your romance B., this is about lust. Are you horny enough to show?4pm. Meet you out front” I hung up the phone and started to wack offthinking about what Michelle had planned. I stopped, as I figured I mightwant to save this cum so that I could blow a really huge load and impressMichelle, and this friend of hers Julie. I wanted her to see how much funit can be for a guy to service another guy.The next day we met outside. It was bright and sunny. I figured there wasno point in going anonymously, so I wore my hair long and not tied back. Ihad on a favorite Crade of Filth T-Shirt (“Death and Her Embrace” They werea solid band back in the day even if some of the fans became cheesey andpopular) and some loose sweat shorts, I had tied the band loose so that itcould open up easily. Instead of underwear I just had on a jockstrap.I saw Michelle, and she looked positively radiant in a leather skirt,leather jacket, and what appeared to be a Hellhammer T-shirt. Her friend,Julie, was something else. Dyed blonde hair, nosering, a sister’s of Mercyshirt, and a black skirt. She looked like a recovering goth (hey, it’s agreat phase and still gave us great music and pictures). Looking atMichelle’s smile and twinkling eyes I wondered which of us was more excitedabout this afternoon.”I knew you’d show B. I told Julie you were a little cock whore””What else did you tell her?””She said you eat pussy like a champ” said Julie. I smiled. Many menthink of oral sex türbanlı yalova escort as just a prelude to sex. I think that if somebody willlet you lick their genitalia- it is your responsibility to bring them offwith your tongue. Especially women as their first couple of orgasms arejust warm up anyway. Some men get soft for a bit after you suck them off,so better to have somebody else handy if you want to get fucked. But evenso there is something so satisfying about having somebody orgasm aroundyour mouth. To lick a woman just to get her wet enough to penetrate is toskip past a whole adventure. Besides, once they orgasm you can slide in sonicely anyway. So I was glad that Michelle appreciated my training anddiscipline.”I told her you eat dick too” Michelle said when she saw my grin. “Weshould go inside. I heard that after four guys get out of work and theUniversity crowd comes in to work off the pressures of the day.”I remembered college- having to have sex every night and still wacking offa couple of times a day. I was six years out of school- and while sex hadcertainly gotten better, the perpetual horniness and rapid orgasm tensionhad faded. Orgasms became more intense, my dick stayed harder longer, anda night of lovemaking would still last for hours- but I did need to sleepin the next day!We paid for our tickets and walked in. After the bright sun outside thetheater lobby seemed almost black. It was probably for the best, as theplace was drabby and dingy. It had seen better days. Still, there issomething beautiful about a decaying building. Give me a run downbeautiful theater like this instead of a flourescent light basement boothany day. There was no time to contemplate the decline of civilization, asMichelle had grabbed my hand and was pulling me forward toward the theaterdoor.”Come on in this one. Hurry.” Michelle and I went ahead and Julie was acouple of steps behind us. I turned and looked and saw her looking at me,curiously. When we got in Michelle had me sit in the back, a couple ofseats in. I thought how the floors in normal theaters were sticky, andrealized how disgusting this place was- as I was pretty sure my shoes werenot sticking to soda pop and gummy worms. On the screen some cute Russianchick (the natural looking ones are all Russian now- the California girlsare all silicone and scars) was getting DP’ed by two guys and moaningpassionlessly on cue. Michelle and Julie sat in the aisle.”Julie, you go grab a seat behind B and a bit more inside. I am going tocheck this place out.” Michelle bounced off. There were a few guys theresitting by themselves. All I knew about porno theaters I learned fromreading Nifty, and so I was a bit surprised to not see some manwhoregetting fucked in the aisles. Well, it was early, right? Michelle cameback a few minutes later “Half the guys here had their dicks out!” sheseemed excited. What did she expect? There was sex on the screen. Shegot in my row, but moved way down to my left. So Julie was behind me aboutsix to the left, and Michelle was down about 8 to my left.”What am I, bait?” I asked.”Yes!” she said. The DP on the screen was now approaching its end. Thegirl was kneeling and the guys had their cocks out on each side of herface, wacking furiously. I turned back to Julie “I think I know how thisends” She cracked a smile.Even a passionless facial gets my dick hard. (i wondered about being aporn actor- how sad is it that you can have sex and still not get reallyhard anymore. I love my hardon, and enjoy how it feels.)Looking to either side I spread my legs and started rubbing my hardonthrough my pants.”Now don’t start wacking off” Michelle scolded. I could see she waswatching me.”Bait” I said with a smile, and she smiled too.The 4 pm tip was right. At about 4:30 a guy came in and looked around. Hewasn’t nervous, he was hungry. Middle aged, wearing a tie, and looking ina hurry. I sat back, made sure my hardon was pointed through mysweatshorts, and started rubbing my dick with my fingers from my left hand.The universal signal for come-and-get-it. He saw me, and a smile flickeredaround his face. He sat down next to me on my right.”I haven’t see you before sweetie” he said to me.”I haven’t seen you either” I turned to look at him. 5oclock shadow,greying temples. I felt sorry for the guy a bit, but knew that this wouldnot be fun like Frank. Unless he was packing a real monster he wasn’tgetting in my ass today.He reached out and put his hand on my shorts. No messing about. (Ok, thisis türbanlı yalova escort bayan a fetish of mine too. I like it when guys feel me up. Sitting downsporting a boner- or even standing up- it’s nice to have somebody grab it.It shows that they can’t control themselves, that there is no courtship orgame, they want dick and they think yours is nice. So I was glad to feelhis hand on me.) He turned to me. Did he want a kiss? No.”Do you suck?” he said. What a romantic.”Do I suck what?””Come on man.” I saw his right hand go to his fly. His left hand wasstill feeling my dick through my pants squeezing harder. I was pleased tosee a wedding ring on his finger. So he had to get off before going home.At least as a professional guy he would be clean.A few seconds later his cock popped out. I was pleased to see at least asolid six. Not great, but not pathetic. It had a nice curve to it. Hepulled my dick faster. “Come on and suck it man.”I wasn’t opposed, and so I went down for a closer look. His dick had beenin his pants all day- that was for sure. But he was clean and cut and hada nice shape.”Ask nicely” I said without putting my head up. In response he pushed downon me with his right hand.”Suck it fag” he hissed. Ok, somebody was certainly insecure about hissexuality. But stilll, it was a nice cock. I opened my mouth and begangiving him a better blowjob than he deserved.”What are you looking at?” I heard him say.”You mister.” I recognized Michelle’s voice. “I want to see you fill hismouth”I felt both hands pushing on my head as he pumped. Since he was holding medown I couldn’t get my tongue out to lick at his balls when I deep throatedhim. His loss. He took one hand off my head (the hand with the weddingring) and put it back on my dick. “Am I making you hard fag?”To answer I shifted my hips forward, an invitation for him to take my dickout. He obliged and started pumping it. “Are you getting off on eating mygiant cock fag?” Well, he wasn’t giant, and it wasn’t great, and there isno way I was going to cum for him, but when you have a cock in your mouththere is only so much you can say. So I made a muffled noise and startedflicking my tongue around his cock (if he would hve let my head come up Iwould have licked his head, but again- his loss). I hoped that Michellewas seeing his wedding ring as he pumped my dick. That thought alone wasenough to almost make me cum- and I had to watch it because this guy wasgetting no cum.Suddenly the guy grunted, and I felt my mouth fill with his warm cum. Hedidn’t taste bad. If he just worked onhis technique with a nice dick andgood cum I am sure plenty of guys would be happy to suck him off- but maybethat wasn’t his thing.”Drink me fag” he said. But I didn’t. I planned something better. Even asthe last bit oozed from his dickhead into my mouth he pushed me back andgot up. He looked at me, my chipmunk cheeks filled with his cum, and overat Michelle who, I saw, was sitting next to me now.”Freak and a fag” he said as he turned and left, fixing up his fly.I turned to Michelle, and Julie was leaning over the seatback to look too(I saw she had gotten closer). I smiled, and then pushed his cum outbetween my loosely sealed lips. I felt it run down my chin, and then Istarted to blow it out- making a couple bubbles and sending small globsspraying out. I let me mouth hang open as the last of his cum ran out overmy lower lip.”What an asshole” said Julie.I looked at her. “He was no Frank. But he needed to get off and we needto send a signal that we’re open for business back here.”I turned around to face the screen and look out, and realized I had alreadyhad some success. Guys had moved closer, and across the aisle one guy waslooking at the three of us (well, me really, I had the cum on my face)wacking off slowly.”Did you see his wedding ring?” I asked. Michelle laughed and shook herhead yes. Julie looked hurt. “I didn’t notice”.”That’s OK babe” said Michelle. “I think there will be more happeningsoon. And as she spoke I felt a hand on my shoulder.I turned around to find myself face to face with a massive black cock. Thekind that you see in porno but assume to be faked. I let it brush acrossmy nose as I looked up into the eyes of a big grinning man. “Let’s seewhat you got dude”I wanted to just dive in, but immediately saw the problem. While I couldget him in my mouth, their would be very real jaw strain, and the one thinghe would not want was a toothy blowjob. So I licked.As I licked I looked back to see türbanlı escort yalova Michelle licking her lips, her eyes wideopen in astonishment. I nodded to her, and she came down with me. Hertongue snaked out and together we licked this monster cock.”That’s good babies. Often it takes two of you to eat me”As I licked Michelle got more adventureous, and started to take the headinto her mouth. I could see the pleasure on her face, and I heard himsigh. I licked my way down his cock- it seemed like a foot but wasprobably only ten inches. Ten magnificent inches…I got down to his ballsack- nicely shaved. I licked and started to suckhis skin into my mouth, squeezing it oh so gently with my gums. He moanedsome more. I felt a hand on my cock. I looked down and saw Julie’s hand(black fingernail polish of course) on me. She was pulling my pants down,and started to finger my ass while she played with me. I glanced at herface, and saw that she was also entraced by our new friend and his dick. Idove deeper into his balls, getting him to spread his legs a bit. Seeingher opening, Julie leaned in and extended her tongue to get a taste.He now had three people working his erection (well, I had shifted to hisballs and started to try rimming, but we were all down there). As excitedas I was I knew there was no way I was going to be able to take his dick,and trying would spoil what was shaping up to be a good evening. Luckily Ididn’t need to try. Julie stood up, releasing my cock, and facing the guy.”I need to have you inside of me” she said, and abruptly turned around,sliding her skirt down and moving her panties to one side. She shoved herass back to us, and the guy looked pleased .”Baby, trust me, you’re gonna want to loosen up first.” I saw the opening,but was too slow. Michelle leaned over the seat, and stretched her neck toreach Julie’s pussy. I saw Julie had jet black public hair (dyed?) and aclit ring. She pushed back into Michelle’s mouth and squeeled. Obviouslythese two had played before.This left his big black cock for me alone, and I was not going to waste theopportunity. Untangling myself from between the two women and turningfully around, I once again faced his dick. This time I opened wide and heslid in. I worked my tongue in his slit, happily lapping the precum.He reached out and started fondling Julie’s ass cheeks as Michelle kepteating her pussy. By Julie’s reaction I knew that Michelle was a skilledmuff muncher. (What an amazing girl!) I heard a squeak from Julie, andguessed that was an orgasm. Then she said “we can play any day Mich- letme see if your friend is really that good.” Finally! Pussy! I couldrestore the taste balance in my mouth. (Guys were good, but so werewomen.) But I was too slow again. As I got off his cock he pushed me toone side.”Your cock sucking got me ready, now I want to fuck.” I looked atMichelle, as we were both out in the cold. She slid over to me as he linedhimself up around her soaking wet pussy. I went in to kiss Michelle’sglistening face, and was rewarded by the taste of Julie’s pussy juice.We heard Julie start grunting and making noises, and knew that he wasslowly penetrating her. While I felt excitement in my ass, I was glad thatwasn’t me. I reached out and started caressing Michelle’s tits. Even whenwe had gotten intimate before with Frank, I had never really had a chanceto embrace her. I love holding a woman. They are so soft, and their bodyyields in just the right places, enveloping me as I caress. Men are sharp,angular, rough, and always apart. With a woman you can totally melt insideher. She stood up and came around to my row, and before she could sit downI slid my hands up her skirt. Her underwear was SOAKED! I slid it downher legs, and used my knuckle to massage her vulva. I could feel herwetness covering my hand.”Prove to me you’re really bi- let’s see how you fuck” she said to me.Then she turned, and sat herself down in my lap. I put my arms around herand we started to french as I felt her pussy slide down around me. Thisfeeling- being inside a woman, having your tongue in her mouth, and herchest crushed against you as she starts to move- this is the most intimateposition- and I could never give it up.Beside us we heard Julie gasping as she was being taken. I felt somethingbrush my cheek, and Michelle and I broke liplock. There was a guy in theaisle next to us with his fly open.”You two are so hot- please suck me”This time I wasn’t waiting, and I gobbled his dick down. In a few secondsmy nostrels were up against his pubes and I had him down my throat. I feltMichelle’s arms get tighter around my back as she increased the speed ofher bouncing.She leaned in and kissed my cheek, and I slid his dick around so that itwas poking into my cheek- causing it to puff up as she kissed it. Herthroaty moan told me she was coming, and a few seconds later I felt myballs get drenched. This was paradise.

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