Dreams Of Paradise

Dreams Of Paradise
“It’s not over yet…it won’t be. Someone like you will never give up; you possess strength that others do not have themselves. I want you to look at me and tell me that you’ll become something greater; you have what it takes to be the most respected and feared person. What is it that you want? What would you like do? Can you make it a reality?” (Yes…I can… I know I can do so. I will use every bit of strength and energy to make sure it becomes my reality.) “Good…then wake up you are late for school…” (What…?) “[deep voice] Wake up!!”
[His eyes flash open gasping for some air as if he were being choked around his neck. Slowly as he rises his head from his pillow he looks over his room; blurry as he rubs his eyes to see clear he glances over at his alarm clock.]
Shit man! I hate this day and I haven’t even gone through it yet. [He looks over at his calendar] hmm, first day of school…great and I’m already late. Well no point on rushing it’s already 3rd period so I might as well get what I need and do as I please. (Thinking) who the fuck makes school so damn early anyway 630am, my ninja I’m in my bed snuggled up with my blanket hoping to be held by my beautiful African Queen or my Asian Delight or somebody! (Sighs…) if there’s anything I can the best option is to just enjoy it or make the best of it. Besides I got English class now so it’ll be an easy thing (smiling).

[As he rises from his bed, sitting at the edge he looks around his room. Standing up now he looks down as his tent was pitch up at 90 degrees. Laughing to his self he pats it and walks to the bathroom. He walks straight to the mirror to gaze at himself a bit; turning on the water he splashes his face with the warmest temperature. Grabbed his toothbrush and paste and cleansed his oral. As he dressed himself he took one more look in the mirror and headed out; now heading towards school he goes in his pocket and grabs his blunt and lights it. As he approached school grounds he clipped it and saved it for later in his bottled container. Walking in to his English class he was 15 minutes late; the class turns to him as he walks in through the door and the teacher turns and picks up her clipboard announcing his name and mentioning how late he is. Here she says I want you to switch desk with this student near my desk; that’ll be your assigned seat from now on and you better make sure you’re 5 minutes early before I am here is that understood as she said it firmly. He glanced at her with his red low eyes and said “umm ok no problem” smiling as he walks to his seat. Some of the classmate sees it as it he’s high but laughs among themselves, Quiet! As she spoke up in a forceful tone; the class is now silent and now he is the only one that is laughing to his self silently while has his head down on the desktop. She walks over and slaps her clipboard on his desk; his head pops up quick in response to a sudden shockwave from the clipboard. “Really…? Was that really necessary to do teach?” “My name is Ms. Brown and you will respect the rules of this classroom now mister; is that understood once again?” yes Ms. Brown I apologize for whatever I did wrong now please if you may understand this, that hurt my head really bad and I don’t like that. “You’ll get over it soon after you eat your food or whatever; now students attention up front”. He glances at Ms. Brown as she walks back over to the white poster board. Wow; he utters under his breath. Damn he thought; I would have never known this goddess is our English teacher. Her body is just so amazing in her outfit and it just fits so great what a shape. Ms. Brown is 5 foot 8 inches, she has long black mixed with brown streaks wrapped up in a ponytail; she has on this black tight fitting skirt that goes past her knees, a button down top that goes straight to the waist, black and green mix long sleeve and the heels that she wore fit perfectly as it was a lime green mixed with black designs. Ratio of her body measures even so perfect, slim body, top is a 34b waist slim, hips slim, then it’s all curvy till you cry to the heavens. He rounded it as 42 inches of amazing beats that had rhythm of its own. Getting brock as he feels it, he leans forward and begins to shake his legs rapidly. Day dreaming of having Ms. Brown all too his-self felt like the best thing any student would want].

-School bell rings-
“Alright students that is all for today I hope that all of you learned something and will be aware that we have our first quiz this Friday so be prepared ok?”
-Collectively- “yes Ms. Brown”
“You are all dismissed, except for you mister late man, I need to have a few words with you about this lateness business”.
[He looks back to see if the class is cleared of everyone then turn towards Ms. Brown. She rises from her desk and walks over to the door firmly and closes it without making any sound.]
“Aw shit” as he thinks inside. “I don’t know what’s going to happen I don’t know why I’m shaking my heart is racing oh man this can’t be good she might threaten to fail me or some shit hmmmmm man!”
[Ms. Brown turns around and exhales as she’s walking back to the front of the classroom. She turns and looks at him firmly, points her finger at him telling him to stand up and march to the white board].
“Here” she hands him a black marker and the eraser. “I want you to write out {I will not be late in Ms. Brown’s class} and after you are done with that you are going to sign it for the next class”.
“But Ms. Brown what about my other class I still got to go to it too”.
“Should’ve thought about that when you were late to my class, also not showing up to the first or second classes that you missed too?”
[He nods his head not agreeing with her but knowing that something very different is approaching soon to this school year.]
[Ms. Brown walks back to her desk and takes her seat, looking over her notes for the next class to come up. Prepared as usual she is, she completed all of her work and assignments. Looking over at her student his is still writing almost completely filling up the white board with the punishment. She looks at him differently without him noticing, she examines him as he’s standing, tall 6’4 slim but athletic and by the showing of his clothes that he has on she can see how toned he is, White Basketball shorts and a purple shirt with a pair of white Nikes. She gazes at him for a bit just to imagine him with his clothes off; she stared for a few moments then felt a pulse that shivered her body making her give up a soft moan].
“Moans lightly yes…yes”
“Ms. Brown?”
“Ms. Brown you good yo?
“Oh yes so good…”
-thinking to himself: “this is very interesting Ms. Brown is very very horny right now. Hmm might be my time to take something of it and just say I did it, yea I can do that and then there’s trouble hmm ok so flip it I won’t do anything”.
-Claps his hands loud-
[She snaps out of her day wet dream].
“Oh my goodness what was I thinking!?”
“Uh it must’ve been something pretty good because you were…umm you were moaning Ms. B”
“I am so embarrassed; you shouldn’t have heard that at all. I know students like you would love to go and tell all your friends how you stood in a classroom and witness your teacher moaning like you haven’t watched porn before you little pervert”.
“Well damn! Ms. Brown why I got to be all that and a can of beans, and no I am not a blabbermouth person. If it was a mistake that you have done that in the presents of me then cool I understand everyone slips up its part of being mature about situations ya feel me?”
“Huh, you know I would’ve never thought you would be that kind of person and I am sorry for abusing you with my words. I didn’t mean it I just got a lot going on and I thought that all students talk because come on who wouldn’t want to see something like this?” (That’s the same shit I was thinking as soon as I woke up this morning ugh flippin A).
“You’re absolutely right Ms. Brown and I agree but I’m not a social person of things between me and others. I’m more to myself if anything, barely got friends but for some reason the most beloved by the minors and the majors so I’m fine with just letting what happened here remain here ok?”
[She smiles and laughs a little] “Ok I have no problem with that. My question to you is do you have a girlfriend of any sort because if you do then she is a very lucky girl to have you?”
[Laughs and smile] “Nah Ms. B I don’t have a girlfriend, my last wasn’t any good so I just decide to just enjoy my solo for as long as I can ya know?” I bet you really do make your man proud every time, I mean you got the looks, the intelligence, personality (somewhat still got to learn hers) and you do strike me as the loyalist so yea he’s happy”.
[Ms. Brown busts out in to a loud laughter as she looks at him and pointed her finger].
“hahahahaha, honey first off I would like to say thank you for the compliments that is real gentlemen like and mature of you. Secondly [she lifts up her hand spreading her fingers apart] boy I am not married I am a free woman doing my own thing and feeling good doing it.”
“Well alright then and your welcome. I can’t say it’s a shame that no one is able to get to you but also a good thing due to somebody might change it all for you”.
“Oh yea; who then?”
“I don’t know but someone will I’m just generalizing ya know”. Besides it usually does take one”
[Ms. Brown turns back to her desk and looks at her phone].
(Looking at Ms. Brown for a while has really gotten to me as she looks back at me it’s like she has these I want you inside me and very deep eyes. Man I’m getting brock just thinking about it, just the feeling of her soft looking skin and her fragrance smells so wonderful it’s like tropical fruits and Aloe Vera. Grrrr… the things that I would love to do to this woman here mm mm mmm.)
“Alright I believe you’ve had enough and your punishment is…up…oh my (softly) wow…it’s so big look how its poking out; and he’s not even paying attention to it like I’m not sitting here. EH EM! Student”
[He turns his head, holding the marker to the board as he replies].
“Yes Ms. Brown?”
“What is that you got going on in your head and in your southern area?
[He looks down and suddenly turns away from her]. “Ms. Brown I am sorry I forgot where I was at the moment.”
[She gets up from her desk and approaches him telling him to turn his body towards her. He does as she says and he looks down at her noticing how close his buddy is to her belly].
“Seems like someone is very excited there and why is that now?” [Without notice, she grabs his buddy firmly through his shorts and puts her finger at her lip telling him to remain silent. His eyes opened up then went back low as he nods his head in agreement. As she’s holding onto his buddy she pulls it while walking towards the door, forcing him to walk with her. She locks it and puts an out for lunch sign on the handle of the doorknob. Walking back to the front of the classroom with him still in her hand she places him on her desktop and lifts his shirt up slightly and slid his shorts down and saw the wet mark print on his boxer from being excited. Pulsating as she gazes upon it from the outside she gets excited. Pulling his underwear off of it she gasp and exclaims to him: “you’re so big look at this, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to fit it anywhere” she longs out her tongue ready to take his buddy in her mouth, he’s feeling the excitement as its getting closer and closer as he feels her warm breath from her breathing].
-School bell rings- -knocking at the door-
“Damn” they both uttered as the heard the bell and the knocking at the door.
“Ms. Brown are you there?”
(Whispering) “Ms. Brown what are we to do now, what if there is a whole class lined up outside?”
“Shhh, do not say anything at all they’ll go away ok and if not we’re just going to have wait it out”.
-More knocking at the door-
[He turns and looks at Ms. Brown…”man fuck this” he grabs her ponytail and grabs his buddy with one hand shoving it in Ms. Brown’s mouth].
(Muffled) “mmm mmm (pops off buddy) (whispering) wow so it’s like that is it? Going for my throat ok I’ll show you”
[She stands up and pushes him back on her desk, pulling down his shorts and boxers completely off of his lower half. Her head hovered over buddy as she gripped it with both her hands and stuck her tongue out, letting her saliva get it wet. Both her hands slowly start to massage his buddy up and down as he feels it getting wetter as if she forced her katty on him. Slowly she eases her tongue on the head of buddy and lets it slide all on her tongue until it reaches inside her mouth. His toes curl and his blood pumping all throughout his body more leading to his buddy. Trying to hold back the noises he was soon to let out from the excitement and pleasure. A mighty grip of her teeth clamped down on his buddy forcing out a sudden gasp and exhaling. She then looked at him seductively as she lightly moans on his buddy as she saw his face expression. She releases her teeth then began a fast pace head rush. The noise from her mouth sounded like wet beat boxing; the intensity grew faster from every stroke she was giving. His legs shaking and words uttered to himself “I can feel it…” she looked at him keeping the pace steady as he released a load of cum down her throat; She moans while he releases, making her continue till it’s all gone. His body jumping out of control from her continuing to get it all from him; she giggles to herself as she watches his motions enjoying it while she continues. Reaching his hand out, he grabs her head and pulls her off of buddy].

“Ms. Brown, no more please [panting] that felt so amazing and it also felt like you were taking the soul out of me.”
“Thank you [giggling] I really hoped you enjoyed that one. Also I hope you learned your lesson about being late to my class too. I will drain it all out of you”.
“I won’t be. Question I may ask? Do you do this to all of your students who are late or anything in this nature?”
“No, I don’t and consider yourself lucky because I just found something I can do while on my lunch break and spare time. This will end in the result of you will keep your mouth shut about what happened here and between us alright?”
“Yes ma’am.”
“Good, now hear this when I’m ready I will call for you so be prepared at any moment understood? Mmm I can’t remember the last time I ever had such fun like this with one person and the secret makes it more exciting oh yes. By the way, you have some very sweet cum there been eating fruits have ya?”
“Yeah, it’s something I favor a lot to. Ms. Brown I have to say the moment I walked into this classroom and saw you I was already like whoa got to have her fast. I was just amazed by everything you are its like ooo I really want to feel you Ms. B [laughing lightly]. I will keep this between us I actually do like the whole relation we got going on and I’m willing to make sure no one knows. It does feel good to do this.”
“I’m glad now here let me write you a pass to your next class so you won’t get in trouble as much. Listen here, here’s my number I want you to contact me after school so we can talk more. Maybe I’ll even so much as invite you over to my place who knows?” [Smiling]
“Right, who knows [smiling]; Thank you Ms. Brown and I shall hear from you later on and hope to know you very well.”
“Oh you’ll know, now run along to your next class before it’s too late. I’ll hear from you later”.
[He walks out the classroom stumbling and a little wobbly. Trying to fix his posture he brushes off of a person’s shoulder].
“Man move out of the way if you’re not gonna walk fella geez”.
“Excuse me young man! You are to speak to me properly and respect my authority here on this campus. What is your name? Where is your I.D? Where are you coming from?”
“Well damn man at least let me answer the first question before you rush me with the others. You’re one to talk yourself without properly addressing who you are”.
“I am the head director of the English department Dr. Hoffman, now if you’ll excuse me I have to see my colleague Professor Brown. She a foxy lady and you wouldn’t know how to handle that young chap so be on your way to class and allow big men to step in and show you bucks how it’s done”.
“Foxy Lady, Young Chap, Bucks? (Thinking to his self) hahaha what a joke, go head though. Go right ahead Mr. Hoffman and while you’re at it don’t let the Panther bite [clicks his teeth and points at him]”.

[Walking off he started to recap on what just went down a few moments ago].
“I got myself a goddess! I don’t know what to do I want to tell my friends [what friends?] but then I want to just go back in there and just ram in her katty in front of (mocking) Dr. Hoffman. Not worth blowing this whole thing when I just got it so I’m going to see how this semester rides out just to be sure and have it secured. I am going to make this one beautiful interesting thing”.

“Ms. Brown, you are one challenge I accept”.
[To be Continued…]


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