My friend’s girlfriend

My friend’s girlfriend
Me and my friend Jake were going to a festival. We had tickets well in advance and were going to camp in a tent over night. Over the next couple of months before the festival Jake met this girl Kate who he started dating and I saw him less and less. All his time he spent with he and he kept bailing on night outs.

About a week before the festival I called Jake to ask if we were still on. ‘Hey mate, how is it going? I was just wondering if it would be cool with you if Kate came with us and stayed in the tent with us?’

Great I thought! Now I’m going to be hanging around with my best friend and his new girlfriend all night. I wasn’t being jealous; it just got to me that Jake would always get like this with girls and wouldn’t make time for his friends.

When the day of the festival came round I drove round to Jakes to pick him up. He jumped in the car and we got chatting. ‘Is it cool if we go and pick up Kate?’

‘I suppose’ I replied.

‘You’ll really like her man she’s cool’

We pulled up outside a really nice house and Jake lent over and beeped my horn. Kate walked out of the house and down her path towards the car. She was wearing a band tee shirt and tight jeans. She had blonde wavy hair. She jumped in the back of the car.

‘Hey! So you must be Ryan?’ She said.

‘Hey Kate, nice to meet you’.

We hit the road on the way to the festival and I kept looking up into the rear view mirror and took a close look at Kate. Her wavy blonde hair sat off her shoulders, she had beautiful pale skin and plump pink lips. I couldn’t help but keep glancing up at the mirror to look at her sat in the back of the car. I’m sure she must of noticed but she didn’t seem to mind.

When we arrived at the festival we parked up and grabbed our bags and the tent from the back of the car. As she bent over go grab her bag from the boot I glanced at her bum in the tight jeans she was wearing and Jake caught me looking.

‘Got a nice arse hasn’t she?’ He laughed. Slapped her on the bum and started to walk off towards the festival. I was embarrassed and so was she. She looked back at me and had started to blush she bit her bottom lip slightly and I could feel my cock instantly start to get hard. I grabbed my bag quickly and started to catch up with Jake and locked the car.

We got into the festival and set up our tent and started to have a few drinks and play a few games. We laughed and joked for a few hours and Jake and Kate were all over each other. They kept whispering in each other’s ears and making out. When they made out I couldn’t help but watch, it turned me Jake kissing her plump lips. I started to wonder what her mouth would feel like and could feel my jeans starting to bulge.

A little later we went in to the area near the stage and Jakes favourite band were on. They were dancing together and I stood awkwardly watching the band and watching his hands slide up and down her body. I couldn’t take my eyes off her!

‘I’m going for a piss bro!’ Jake shouted in my ear so I could hear him over the music. ‘Wait here!’

Me and Kate were left there and the band were in full flow and we were dancing. She started dancing closer to me and stood in front of me and grinded against me. I was instantly starting to get hard as her jeans pressed up against my front. She stood with he back to me and pulled her arm behind her back and reached for my bulge she grabbed it and could feel I was hard stroked it a couple of times and turned round and whispered to me ‘good boy!’

She went back to dancing as normal and as she did I could see Jake in the distance walking back over with three more drinks. As he came over he gave me a drink and then he turned to her and instantly stuck his tongue down her throat and they made out. She opened her eyes whilst they were kissing looked at me and grabbed his bum. It felt so wrong this was one of my friends that I’d known for years and I could feel myself getting so hard. I wanted to fuck his girlfriend so bad!

After a few more drinks and dancing the night away to the music we headed back to the tent. We had set off early that morning so we were all pretty tired.

‘Right guys I’m calling it a night’ I said as I unzipped the tent and went inside. I got into my sleeping bag and faced the wall of the tent. They were having a cigarette just outside. After about 20 minutes they unzipped the tent and got in. I pretended to be asleep but I could hear them making out and getting undressed. I wanted to turn over so bad and watch Kate take off her jeans. They laid on the floor next to me and I could hear Jake whisper ‘do you think he’s asleep?’ ‘Yeah!’ She replied.

As I was laying there still facing the wall of the tent I could hear them kissing and then I could feel Kate’s bum against my back and I could feel her elbow on my back going up and down as she was tossing Jake off. I then felt her move lower down on my back and could now feel her back against my legs and could hear her unzipping his jeans and him groaning. I was instantly rock hard. My cock was bulging inside my boxers and was pressed against the cold floor. I didn’t want to move because I didn’t want them to think I was awake and stop. I could hear her sucking him off, the saliva in her mouth swirling around his cock. He was groaning louder and louder and then I could hear them shuffling around and could hear her on top of him riding his cock. They were fucking really hard and I heard him with a really loud groan and could feel his leg shaking as he was cumming all inside her.

She rolled straight off and he pretty much instantly passed out to sleep and I could hear him start to snore. I was so hard. I just wanted them to both fall asleep so I could jerk off and just explode I was so horny. All of a sudden I just felt a hand reach across and grab my bulge on the outside of my boxers. I was so embarrassed that Kate knew I was awake and was getting hard over them two fucking. I could hear Jake snoring and she just started wanking me off inside my boxers. It was so tight against my cock because I was so hard it almost hurt. I could feel myself getting close and I didn’t want to cum in her hand.

I jumped out of the sleeping bag, unzipped the tent and walked outside to find somewhere quiet I could finish myself off. I looked behind me and she followed me out in nothing but her band tee shirt and her knickers.

She grabbed back hold of my cock and just dropped to her knees and pulled it out of my boxers. It was so hard. She took it in her mouth and sucked it with her plump lips going up and down the shaft of my cock. She gagged on it and deep throated it. The sense of guilt flooded through me but it felt so good I didn’t want it to stop.

She got back up and I felt inside her knickers. They were soaked, partly because she was so wet and partly because Jake had finished inside her. I started to slide my fingers in and out of her and she grabbed my hand and pulled it up towards her face and started to suck my fingers tasking her pussy and Jake’s cum off of her fingers.

She lead me over to a tree and just bent over and lifted up her tee shirt revealing her perky bum. I moved her knickers to the side and pushed my cock inside of her. It was so wet I could feel my cock sliding in and out of her. I thrusted so hard and came harder than I’d ever came before. My nails sunk into her sides as I ejaculated all inside her. I rested my head on her back and could feel her leg shaking as I was shooting inside her. I pulled out pulled my pants up got back into the tent and turned over. The guilt I felt was unbelievable, but I’d never cum as hard as I did inside of Kate.

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