No Lines Drawn


On Saturday afternoon, Victoria had the house to herself. She had just returned after a hard fuck with one of her studs Chris, having taken several loads from his huge dick in her pussy and ass.

As she was getting ready to take a shower, she heard a knock at the door and she sighed as she walked downstairs.

“Who could that be?” she wondered.

Upon opening the door, she saw a handsome and tall man. He wore glasses and a brown vest with a dress shirt along with a well fitting pair of khakis, carrying a laptop in his hand.

“Yes, how can I help you?” Victoria said.

“Hi,” he greeted, “I’m Jason Green. I just moved in next door a week ago.”

“Oh hi,” Victoria replied, introducing herself and nodding, “I had kept intending to come by and say hello. I’ve just been so busy.”

He smiled, Victoria noticing he was constantly trying to avert his gaze from her big tits in her plush robe.

He shook her hand and she invited him inside.

“You uh… have a lovely home here,” he said, looking around.

“Thank you,” she replied, closing the door as she walked into the sitting room.

“I’m sorry. I know this is our first time meeting one another but I did have a issue to discuss with you.”

“What’s that?” she asked, making a small frown that made Jason’s mouth go dry,

“Uh well…” he said, “perhaps it’s better I just show you I suppose…”

He set the laptop on the table and pulled up his security feed from the previous day. Victoria then saw a video of herself getting railed by her grandson Ethan by the pool out back, the freshly legal boy pounding her wet cunt with all he had in missionary, within full view of the Greens’ security cameras.

“Oh wow,” Victoria said, making herself blush, “I’m so embarrassed.”

Jason blushed as well. “Oh no don’t be. It’s just my wife so happened to see and she was afraid of what our kids might think. Personally, I have no…”

He trailed off as he noticed Victoria watching the video, absentmindedly running her hand up and down her abundant cleavage.

“… issue with it. Cindi just thought that since the children are so impressionable they might get the wrong idea.”

Victoria had to stop herself from rolling her eyes but nodded instead.

“I understand her concerns. I must say though I do admire a man who understands the need for sexual freedom.”

She followed this by a slight rub to his arm and she heard him let out a soft groan.

“Yeah, yeah,” he stammered, “I understand you have to act on your needs…”

Victoria smiled and turned her attention back to the video, seeing herself now on her side, Ethan behind her as he sawed his cock in and out of her asshole.

She glanced down at Jason’s crotch, seeing his dick was rock hard as they stood there in silence, watching the feed.

“Believe me Jason,” she said, rubbing his arm again, “I want to get this resolved just as much as you do. Do you think I shouldn’t go around dressed like this too?”

Jason turned to see her lifting her tits through her robe with her arms, the poor man practically drooling for even a single nip slip.

Victoria smiled deviously. He was obviously sex starved by that prude wife of his.

“I mean.. um…” he stammered nervously, fully eyeing her rack.

“I mean I meant no harm,” she said, her tits jiggling with every movement. “Maybe I did cross a line tho. Just something about big, juicy, fat dicks… I can’t resist opening up every possible hole for them…”

Jason nearly came in his pants hearing this, the khaki material already squeezing his dick tightly.

“Why don’t I get us some drinks?” she asked, “then we talk about this further.”

“I mean I really shouldn’t,” he said, “I still have to pick my wife from work in an hour and…”

Before he could even finish, she had pulled him over to the couch and was in the kitchen, soon returning with two champagne flutes.

“5:00 somewhere,” she giggled, Jason making a small smile in return, taking a nervous sip. “Besides we’ll be discussing this for a while won’t we. I mean, I haven’t had any complaints from any other neighbors.”

Jason gulped down another swallow, Victoria smiling and topping him off. She then leaned in, her tits almost right in his face.

“Are you sure you want me to stop my activities, Jason?” she asked softly, rubbing his thigh. “I mean I get why your wife doesn’t want me to go on doing it. Maybe she’s worried she doesn’t compare.”

“Oh no she could never…” Jason stopped himself, standing up. “Maybe I should go just go before I embarrass myself more.”

“Oh no I’m sorry,” she said soothingly, placing a hand on his chest and easing him back down as she sat beside him, “I’m sure we can work something out…”

As she reached out to refill her glass, her robe opened further and Jason could see part of her nipple. He desperately hoped she couldn’t tell he was getting harder.

“Please Ms. Reynolds…” he groaned.

“Call me Victoria, Jason. Please.”

“V-Victoria,” he stammered, “I just need you to move your activities bonus veren siteler inside.”

“Are you sure that’s what’s you want?” Victoria asked, crossing her legs and watching him drool.

“W-What do you mean?” he stammered.

“Well if you do it your way,” she said, coolly siping her drink, “you’ll never see these babies again.

She squeezed her massive tits, Jason staring in awe. His cock was harder than he could ever remember, throbbing in his pants and begging to be set free.

“Ms. R- er… Victoria, please. My wife…”

“Well, that’s just something I can’t do,” she interrupted, a darker tone in her voice, “because I fuck where I want, when I want, and most importantly…”

Jason looked down in shock as she openly grabbed his crotch.

“… WHO I want.”

Jason wanted to stop her and run but he was so horny he couldn’t. Whatever he had drank had blurred his senses, his mind only conscious of Victoria slowly undoing his pants.

“I think you’d be much happier with a… mutual agreement of sorts. Don’t you want something that benefits both of us?”

“See in this neighborhood Jason,” she said, rubbing her hand on his cock through his boxers, “we have an… understanding. And if you want to be neighborly with them, you have to adhere to the rules. I mean you did just buy that new house of yours. Imagine how silly you’d look moving already.”

“W-What rules?” he groaned.

“No cock belongs to one person, no pussy to one person, nothing is private and you act on pure impulse never on morals.”

Jason could only nod, seeing Victoria give him a wicked grin, rubbing her tits in front of him.

“I do see the way you look at me…” she whispered, “I bet you jack that big cock off to me all the time don’t you.”

“Yes!” Jason admitted, though he couldn’t for the life of him understand why he gave up his dirty secret.

“I have a proposition for you then,” she said, rubbing up and down his chest.

“Let’s hear it,” Jason smiled, lost in her seductive eyes.

“So, I keep things the way they are and the neighbors respect you in this community while you are welcome to come and fuck me anytime,”

Jason nodded, his dick aching for her servicing. Victoria smiled, blowing softly on it through his underwear, licking along the print of his shaft.

“I need your verbal agreement Jason…” she whispered, tugging teasingly at the band of his boxers.

“YES! YES!” he cried desperately, “YES I AGREE!”

“Good,” she said, reaching in and stroking his dick. “The sooner that prudish wife of yours learns, the better. Mmm… and a dick this size is absolutely wasted on a bitch like her.”

Jason couldn’t even bring himself to defend his wife, simply moaning softly as he watched Victoria’s beautiful hand slowly wank his dick inside his shorts.

She then pulled his dick out, smiling as she saw what she was working with. He was quite thick and veiny, his dick a deep red and throbbing.

As she stroked him, he began to moan softly, feeling as if he were about to cum already. She smirked up at him as slowly licked up the side of his cock to the tip, feeling it twitch.

She then stood and sat in his lap, Jason salivating as her huge tits were right in his face, instantly beginning to kiss all over them as he rubbed her smooth legs.

He then removed her robe and then slowly took off her bra, Victoria moaning as he resumed kissing and sucking on her neck while pawing at her juicy rack.

“Yes baby…” she moaned, “play with my tits…”

Jason positively loved the way they felt, eventually turning her around and making out with her as he spanked and squeezed her ass.

He then leaned down to suck her stiff nipples, licking and kissing across her beautiful soft tits as she moaned softly, reaching down to resume rubbing his long neglected cock.

Jason then began rubbing her wet pussy, kissing Victoria deeply as she continued to rub his slowly stroke his cock.

He leaned down again and resumed sucking her nipples before kissing down her stomach to her cunt, licking her deeply, prompting Victoria to moan softly as she played with her tits.

Victoria moaned louder as she rubbed his head, Jason flicking his tongue along her sweet pussy lips as he slurped on her delicious juices.

Jason was in heaven. Her push tasted amazing, wet and creamy. Her juices flowing rapidly down his throat made him never want to stop eating.

His dick was throbbing with need however and Victoria had him stand as she shifted to lay on her stomach, smiling up at him as she slowly licked up the underside of his aching cock.

“Mmmm…” she moaned softly as she began to suck him off, Jason groaning in pleasure.

He watched her as she stuffed his cock down her throat, pulling back several times, spitting on the shaft and licking around the head.

Victoria sucking him faster and faster, fondling his balls as she spat on his dick again and stroked him furiously.

Jason moaned loudly, Victoria gripping his ass as he watched her bedava bahis skilled mouth side up and down his rigid dick.

“Oh fuck…” he groaned, “FUCK YEAH!”

Victoria winked at him, sucking him a little while longer before finally pulling back and stroking his slick cock.

“I want this fat cock deep in my pussy…” she said softly, rubbing her cunt.

“B-but my wife…” he stammered weakly.

“Does your wife suck cock as good as me?” she interrupted.

“She um… she doesn’t believe in oral sex at all.”

“Then if you like my mouth, I know you’ll just love this warm wet pussy…” she teased, laying back and spreading her legs.

Jason’s mouth watered as his dick twitched, watching Victoria rub her beautiful cunt. After a short hesitation, he lined his dick up with her pussy and pushed inside, Victoria letting out a moan of pleasure.

“Oh my god…” Jason moaned as he slid deeper into her. Her cunt was amazing, like plunging his dick into warm, wet silk as he palmed her massive tits.

She was tight as fuck, her pussy gripping every inch he shoved into her.

“God yes!” Victoria moaned, closing her eyes as she lay back and listened to Jason groan in ecstasy.

He groaned and pushed more and more of his cock into her, leaning down to suck as much of her amazing tits into his mouth as he drilled her with his cock.

Jason grunted again and grit his teeth to avoid losing control. He looked down at Victoria as she looked up at him, rubbing his chest.

She could see a sexual beast was inside of him. She had had to get him to let it take over him. He groaned again as he pulled back from her milky nipples, repeatedly stabbing into her cunt with his dick.

He began to work up a steady rhythm, pumping his painfully swollen cock into her grasping pussy.

“Oh fuck… oh god…” Victoria moaned, gripping the back of his head and shivering each time his heavy balls smacked against her ass. “You like that nasty, wet pussy baby?”

Jason looked in her eyes through the sheen of sweat running down his forehead. “I fucking love it!”

Victoria smiled, sliding her hands down his back and gripping his ass.


He complied, picking up the pace and pounding his dick into her with all he had, the absolute hardest he’d ever gone. At this rate, Cindi would’ve pushed him off, stating he was hurting her.

Victoria however, took it like a pro, pleading with him to fuck her even harder. Victoria saw he was struggling with his inhibitions and decided to take over.

In a flash, she had pushed him back and was on top of him, grinning wickedly down at the shy neighbor’s face.

“I’ll say this and I’ll say this once,” she said firmly, “I’m not your wife and I didn’t expect to be fucked like her, if you want love making, you go home. If you want a sweaty, hot and brutal mind blowing fuck, you come to me. Understood?”

He nodded wordlessly, contenting himself in reaching to play with her boobs. Victoria smiled and began to ride him, gradually at first and then full speed.

Jason grunted each time her massive ass pounded into his crotch but he loved the pain just as much as the pleasure.

He howled as he gripped her hips, drilling upwards as she rode him, her tits swinging over his face.


They kept right on fucking, Jason’s reservations beginning to slip away as he slammed his dick into the heavenly cunt of the sexy slut above him.

“Oh my fucking god!” Jason cried, gripping her ass as Victoria slammed her cunt down on his swollen cock.

He found himself soon engulfed in a fiery open-mouthed kiss as Victoria’s skilled tongue clashed with his own.

“You like those big titties in your face baby?” she asked, smiling dirtily as she looked down at him.

Jason could only nod, his mouth watering for another taste. Victoria giggled at his apprehension though they were far past niceties.

“Go ahead and suck them Jason…” she cooed softly, squeezing his dick rhythmically with her cunt. “I know you can hear them calling you…”

He wasted no further time, lunging forward and savagely attacking her right nipple with his mouth, biting them softly as he lashed them with his tongue.

“FUCK YES!” Victoria cried, riding him even faster.

It got to the point where his head was smushed between the hard arm of the couch which supported their fucking and her soft warm tits.

He could feel the moisture from her pussy coating his entire crotch, his hands still gripping her ass and she bounced on his cock. She rode him brutally, shouting all forms of gross profanity.

“YES YOU FUCKING BASTARD!” she screamed at him as he stared at her from under her magnificent rack, “Imagine your bitch wife could see you now! Fucking the shore next door! HA!”

Jason felt his senses blurring but he couldn’t allow this slander of his beloved wife.

“NO! D-don’t you fucking talk about her, I love Cindi!”

“Do you?” Victoria asked with a smirk, “then why is her loving and deneme bonus devoted husband fucking me like he hasn’t experienced sex in years?”

Jason looked away, unable to answer. True, Cindi had lost much interest in anything sensual, especially since the birth of their last child three months.

Jason himself had always had a high sex drive but had still remained faithful to his wife.

Up until today that was.

He snapped back into attention, feeling Victoria’s huge ass slamming into his thighs as he palmed her juicy melons.

“Oh damn… she obviously doesn’t know how to work this big, juicy cock like I do…” Victoria goaded, “this dick is practically begging for me to make it explode…”

Jason couldn’t respond, paralyzed with pleasure. He soon began to fuck her back again. Deeper. Harder. Meeting her stroke for stroke.

The beast was awakening as he groaned and picked up speed, slapping her ass furiously, making Victoria shout with mixed pain and pleasure.

She gripped the arm of the couch and let him take control, fucking her furiously from beneath as he sucked her milky tits.

“FUCK!” she screamed, “YES! YES! FUCK THAT PUSSY!”

“Holy shit, this pussy is fucking insane…” Jason groaned, biting her left nipple and making her scream loudly.

They entered another deep and passionate kiss, the ferocity of their fucking not diminishing in the slightest.

“ITS SO FUCKING GOOD!” Victoria moaned, her voice becoming hoarse, “I’M CUMMING!”

Jason then experienced the most powerful orgasm he had ever seen. Some woman came, others squirted.

What came from Victoria felt like a monsoon. Her pussy gushed forth and washed over his crotch, leaking onto the couch and floor as they kept going at it, lips meeting in several fiery kisses.

Her pussy locked around Jason’s cock, making him grit his teeth as she kept spasming, cumming around his thick meat.

“Oh fuck… oh fuck…” he kept moaning, trying desperately to hold back.

He was already committing sin by cheating on his wife. But to knock up another woman? Cindi would be devastated. And what would his children think?

Finally, Victoria relaxed, her pussy relinquishing it’s iron grip on his dick as she leaned down to kiss him again, more passionately this time.

“Holy shit, that was good…” she panted, Jason simply grinning.

Despite his endurance managing to not fail him, Jason was in desperate need of cumming and began to fuck her again.

“Well damn,” Victoria laughed.

Their furious pace soon resumed, Victoria’s moans, screams and string of filthy words spurred Jason on, sweat popping from his forehead and chest as she fucked herself on his dick.

“Wanna be in charge again, boy?” Victoria asked him, Jason nodding again.

She smiled and dismounted, laying on her side as Jason stood and swiftly slid his dick back into her pussy in a sideways missionary position.

He began to fuck her hard, Victoria looking up at him as he drilled her, squeezing her left tit.

“Ohhhh fuck…” she moaned, watching his dick slide in and out of her.

Jason sped up, leaning down to suck her erect nipples before kissing her and laying down next to her and fucking her again in a spooning position.

“FUCK YES!” Victoria howled, Jason pounding at her cunt madly as she rubbed her clit.

He was in heaven, the amazing pussy seeming to know just what his dick needed. He went faster and faster, loving to hear her moan and pant in pleasure.

He began going full speed, his hands squeezing her bouncing tits as their lips locked. Her sweet pussy juice continued to ooze down his shaft, his swollen and aching nuts banging against her asshole.

He couldn’t help but wonder what that must feel like… hot and tight as it gripped his cock. Maybe he could experience it one day.

He finally could hold back no longer, his balls tingling uncontrollably.

“Oh fuck…” he groaned, Victoria smiling and reaching down to grow them softly.

“Do it Jason,” she moaned, “give me all that hot creamy cum.”

Her cunt then suddenly clamped around his dick again and he could see stars as the first hard blast of cum shot into her pussy.

His cock was buried inside of her to the root as her pussy milked him for all he was worth, Jason feeling his cum crashing into her own juices as she came as well.

They kissed and cried into each other’s mouths as they came together. As one last incredible jolt, Jason finally ran dry, pulling his limp cock from her pussy.

He was the most satisfied he could ever remember.

“Now about me keeping my ‘activities’ inside…” Victoria smiled.

“Fuck that,” Jason panted, “You can do whatever you want… so long as I get to see.”

“Mmm…” Victoria replied, wiping some of his cum from her inner thigh and licking it from her finger, “you’ve got a front row seat anytime…”

“Sounds good to me,” Jason replied, Victoria smiling as she turned around and began to suck him off again, Jason soon feeling his dick swell again in her mouth.

“Fuck, I love your cock…” Victoria moaned, licking up and down his shaft.

“And I love all your holes…” Jason replied.

“How would you know?” Victoria teased, twirling her tongue around the tip of his dick, “you’ve only experienced two so far…”

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