SDaddy meets SBabby ( Pt. 2 )

SDaddy meets SBabby ( Pt. 2 )
continued Pt. 2

As we separated our bodies, she suggested a quick shower together and then head down for a bit of the nightlife that was to be had.
In the shower I started washing her back, as I worked my way down towards the tailbone the soap slipped out of my hands. Upon squatting down I was in line with Sunshine’s ass, with it now in my left hand I ran the soap between her ass cheeks. As I made contact she reminded me of the time, but I continued to clean her for what I had in mind to do next.
As I brought my right hand around Sunshine’s right hip to search out her Venus pebble of a clit, I ran my left hand up her luscious ass crack to the base of the spine. At that same moment, with a slight pressure of my wrist I d**g it downward separating those luscious cheeks as the side of my hand and finger tips traveled over and teasing her asshole. Those actions caused Sunshine to moan out approving her pleasure as she leaned up against the shower wall and thrusting out her hips while arching her back. As my finger tips came in contact with her hidden shining star, I noticed a shimmer in her hips. I took that as a sign from Sunshine that she was in no rush to end the moment. I had my right thumb searching out her pebble like clit with a slight circular motion as the middle finger tenderly penetrated the slippery wet folds of her pussy lips. The consistency of her wetness was sure to be Sunshine’s arousal fluids and not the shower water as it was an obvious more slippery consistency. At the moment I made contact and penetrated her pussy, Sunshine moaned out …. “ Aaahhhh ……. yes Daddy, stick your finger…. mmmmm…. in me… Daddy….. oh yeah just like that Daddy…. you make me feel good…. oh Daddy, ah yes Daddy…. fuck me…. Fuck me Daddy with …. aaaa…. aaaaa..nnnnnooother finger Daddy Pleeaase”…. as the shower water falls down cascading over our bodies and rinsing the soap suds away….. I add that 2nd finger to my Sugar Babies saturated pussy and slowly piston them in n out… all the while I now had my face centered between her ass cheeks and licking on Babies ass hole. My Sugar Baby Sunshine is getting vocal again as she lets her Sugar Daddy know just how good he is making her feel…… “ Ooohh Daddy…. yeees right there…. oooh oohhh yes…. your.. yoouuurr tongue…. oh that…. Daddy that feels good Daddy” … I hear Sunshine’s excitement building as I penetrate her ass hole deeper… with my nose pressed up against her tailbone region, it enables me the needed distance to penetrate past the anal ring of her luscious ass…. with my tongue a good inch into her body.. I purse up my lips and suck on her quivering back hole. I have my left hand firmly gripping Sunshine’s left hip and my right is alternating pussy penetration and clitoral stimulation as I feel the leg shake start. As I feel my sugar lady start the leg shake with quivers, I dig in deeper on her ass hole and with my lips mashed against it I lip eat it making Sunshine gasp for breath. On her next breath of air as if she’s gasping, Sunshine tells me she is going to cum. As I try to help my Sugar Baby achieve her orgasm, I use the palm of my right hand to massage her clit in an arousing circular motion while still eating her tasty ass. As I’m dewing what I can to bring Sunshine that nirvana feeling of a total body sensation, I hear another gasp … then….. “ Oh Jees…. ooh yeessss…. Eat it Daddy…. oh yes…. eat my ass Daddy…. that feels good….. fuck my pussy Daddy…. yes Daddy…. make me cuuu…… cuuuuuummmm Daddy…. fuck it.. fuck my pussy Dadddy….. Fuuuuuuuck yes….. I’m mmmmm there Daddy…… Fuck it … Eat me…. Eeeeee …. eaaaaat my assssssss…… Oh Fuck…. Fuuuuucccckkkk….. YES…YyyEEEESSSSS….. AAAAAHHHHHHHH” …. as I felt my hand get washed over with her pussy cum. Gradually I slowly backed off of pleasuring Sunshine til she was able to get her legs back under herself and stand. As Sunshine gained her strength back, she turned around to face me while I was still in the knelt position and with a handful of hair brought me closer to her pussy, tilted my head back…. and showered me with a golden stream over my forehead and in my mouth as I slowly pushed it back out over my chest as it ran down the front of my body. It was after that, that we rinsed off and got ready to head out for a couple hours.

As I finish writing this, I note we have not yet met …. I still have 3 more weeks, before I get to meet my sexy little Sugar Baby I call Sunshine.

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