Tricked wife by a BBC

Tricked wife by a BBC
Tricked into BBC
1. Joyce and I had been married about three years. The incident I’m about to describe took place almost 15 months ago. Joyce was a virgin when we got married and neither of us had much experience sexually. I was aware from seeing other guys in the shower after gym class at school, that most if not all the other guys were much bigger than me when it came to penis size. To be quite honest, that was one of the reasons I was glad Joyce hadn’t had any premarital experience.
3. I always felt that someone who enjoyed sex from “bigger” men, might find that I did not measure up to their previous experiences, but also kind of wrote my inferiority complex as just a typical “guy thing”!
5. Joyce never said anything, but I couldn’t help but wonder if it was the reason she never seemed to have an orgasm when we were having sexual intercourse. I knew that most of the time, when I used my tongue on her, she would have several orgasms, but just not when we had sex. The truth is that she had never had an orgasm while we were fucking in the three years we had been married.
7. Joyce stayed home during the first three years we were married and worked on fixing up and taking care of things around the house. We had talked about having c***dren, but decided there was still a lot of things we wanted to do before we settled down. One day, Joyce suggested she should go to work so we could save and be able to buy some of the things we just couldn’t afford on my salary. I agreed that it might be good and was pleased when Joyce was hired in the office of a paint company and when she began making friends with a lot of the other girls in the office. She told me how much they enjoyed having lunch together and discussed their marriages and the many things they hoped to achieve.
9. One evening however, she came home with a very serious look on her face and said that we needed to talk. I was naturally concerned and we sat down and she explained that when the girls were having lunch that day, the subject of sex had come up. Several of the girls began openly discussing how much they enjoyed sex and the pleasures they received from it. I don’t know in what context it came up, but Joyce said she told them that she really didn’t think it was that big a deal and admitted the she didn’t get much pleasure from actual intercourse. She said that she did tell them that she did get enjoyment when I performed oral sex on her. She went on to say that the girls began asking her questions and finally when they got around to discussing and comparing penis sizes, none of them believed her when she said she guessed the size of my penis to be maybe no more than 5 inches. She said they all laughed, and told her that the normal size of most men’s penises was much larger. When she asked how much larger, one of them said her husband was around 7 inches, but the others all said that their husbands were at least eight inches or more in length and very thick too. They quickly concluded that the reason Joyce wasn’t enjoying sex, was the size of my penis. I was even more shocked when Joyce said she wanted to measure the size of my penis to see if she was wrong and when I protested, she told me that I would get no more sex until this issue was resolved.
11. I finally said okay and stood there while she went and got her sewing kit and took out the cloth measuring tape. I started to stroke my penis to make it as hard and big as I could before she measured it but when she held the tape up to my now hard penis, her mouth dropped open and I could see her disappointment. She announced that the results showed only four and one quarter inches and only 2 and 1/2″ around! She began to cry and said she didn’t understand why mine was so small. She said that her friends must be right, and that was most certainly the reason she didn’t enjoy sexual intercourse. She went on to say she felt “shortchanged” by my lack of size when by the account of her friends, most of their husbands were nearly twice the size of my penis! I tried to comfort her and told her I was sorry, but she wouldn’t stop crying. Finally, out of total frustration, I told her that if what she needed to make her happy was a man with a large penis, then perhaps we should find her a man with a large one for her to try!
13. I said this fully expecting her to decline, but much to my surprise, she stopped crying and asked if I really meant it that she could try a bigger one? Not knowing what else to say, I repeated that if that was what would make her happy, I would agree. She hugged and kissed me and told me I was the greatest husband in the world, and began stripping right there in the living room, pulling my clothes off until we both were naked. Once we both were nude, she lay down on the floor and pulled me to her. I was already hard and began to position myself on top to penetrate her, but she put both her hands on my shoulders, saying “No, no, that’s not what I want” and pushed me down lower until my face was touching her belly. Then I realized that what she wanted was for me to bring her to orgasm with my tongue, and so without any further hesitation, I moved down and began to tongue her clit. As I did this, she kept repeating over and over, “That’s it Barry, that’s it…. . . . keep it up,. . .use your tongue on me, that’s the only way you can really make me feel good, just keep sucking and licking it for me!” It wasn’t long before she grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face tight against her pussy while she writhed with several orgasms. Once she calmed down, I again started to position myself to penetrate her, but again she told me “No, no, that’s not any fun for me” and pushed me away. I finally got up, grabbed my clothes and went into the bedroom.
15. She didn’t come after me right away, and when she finally came into the room a little later, I was shocked when I didn’t get the apology I expected. Instead, she said she wanted to talk with me further about the need to find another man, one with a big penis. I was too embarrassed and afraid to tell her that I didn’t really mean it when I agreed to that earlier, and so we proceeded to discuss how we might go about setting her up with a total stranger. I think I was the one that suggested she get on the Internet and surf some of the swinger sites that were available and she said that she loved the idea, and before long she was sitting at our computer looking at several swinger sites. After about two hours, she called me over and asked what I thought about her getting together with a black man. I was shocked with this turn of events and asked why she would want to do that and she said that of all the photos of naked men in the ads, the pictures of the black men clearly showed that they had much larger penises than any of the white men, and even bigger than the other married women at work told her that their white husbands had and she said that if she was going to pick another man to have sex with, why not pick one with a really big penis so that she could for sure be satisfied.
17. At first, I started to try to talk her out of it, but then I began to think that maybe this wasn’t so bad. One of the fears I had while she was looking on line for a man with a bigger penis was that if she found a man that really satisfied her, she might fall in love with him and leave me, but I couldn’t imagine that happening with a black man or at least I felt the possibility was less with a black man. I decided to encourage her, but I did remind her that she wasn’t on birth control pills and that any black man she contacted should agree in advance to wear a condom. I also mentioned that I’d like to be there to make sure she was safe and that maybe I might even like to be able to watch them together!
19. She quickly agreed entirely and said she wouldn’t want a black man to shoot his semen inside of her even if she was on birth control pills so using a condom would be a must. She surprised me when she said that would have to be something I should insist on when I made the arrangements for them to meet! I asked why I’d have to be the one to make the arrangements, and she said after all, since I was the one that couldn’t take care of his wife, it would be easier for me to explain why we needed his services, and further, if she was the one that made the contact, the men would surely think that she was a slut and she said that she hoped that I certainly wouldn’t want other men thinking that about her or her getting that kind of a reputation. I reluctantly agreed and told her that she should identify the ones that she might be interested in and I would e-mail them and explain the situation and send them a picture of her. I told her that when they responded, we could sort out who she really wanted to meet and then when I made the contact with them, I would make it clear that they would need to wear condoms when we got together.
21. She did as I asked and identified eleven black men to contact and I sent pictures and emails to each of them. I received several responses to my e-mails in the next several days and showed them to Joyce and although I could tell she was interested, she didn’t make any quick decisions right away. I figured she still had some reservations and in a way hoped she would change her mind about the entire thing. There was one particular black man that continued to pursue the matter and wrote several long and detailed e-mails for me to pass on to Joyce. In his e-mails, he told her how much she was going to love his big black cock, and bragged that he could fuck for 45 minutes to an hour, not even stopping after he had cum several times, and that he would be ready to go again after just a short rest. He said that he traveled to our area frequently and that he would really like to meet. One evening, she told me to respond back to him and to tell him that my wife wanted to meet him, but for me to explain the part about him having to agree to use condoms in advance. She said that if he agreed to wear condoms, then she would respond back directly to him. I did as she asked and told the man in no uncertain terms that this wasn’t negotiable and that he had to agree to wear condoms and if he tried to get out of it later, there would be no sex. He wrote back and told me that he had no problems wearing condoms and that I was to tell her to begin writing directly to him. I told her of the conversation and showed her his agreement for the condoms and later that evening, she told me that she had responded back to him. She wouldn’t let me read what she said in her message back to him and wouldn’t tell me either.
23. The next Saturday morning, I slept in, and when I got up Joyce wasn’t home. She left a note saying she had gone shopping and that we were going out somewhere special tonight. I didn’t know what she had on her mind, but figured maybe she wanted to go dancing or to a show. As I was walking past the computer, I decided to check our e-mail and quickly found out what the plans were for the evening. The black man that Joyce had been corresponding with had sent me a message confirming their plans to meet tonight. He told me that he had corresponded directly with Joyce and she had agreed that this was the night she was going to find out what it felt like to get fucked by a “real man” and he said that if I wasn’t prepared for what might happen afterwards, I had better talk her out of it and call the whole thing off! He then informed me that he had instructed my wife to go shopping for a new outfit, one that she would be getting especially for him. He said he had told her exactly where she could buy what he wanted her to buy and to wear. He also left detailed instructions for me. He told me that he wanted me to go out and purchase a dozen un-lubricated, latex condoms, and specified that they had to say “super thin” on the box. He stressed that they had to say, “super thin” and had to be latex condoms, not any of the a****l skin or other new synthetic ones that were on the market now and he stressed that they were not to be pre-lubricated because he had an allergy to the lubricants that most condom manufacturers used. He also directed me to buy a bottle of Johnson’s Baby Oil and said that was the only kind of lubricant he could use and that we definitely would want him to use lots of it in order for him get his big cock into my wife without tearing her open or hurting her. He told me to pour some of the baby oil into a jar and open at least three of the condoms and put them in the jar to let them soak in it at least five or six hours so they would be nice and slippery when he was ready to use them!
25. As soon as I got dressed, I went to the local pharmacy and found “super thin, un-lubricated condoms,” and bought them along with a bottle of baby oil as he had suggested. When I got home, I followed his suggestion and opened three of them and placed them in a small jar and filled it with the baby oil. When Joyce came home, she went upstairs and put on her new outfit. I walked into the bedroom and couldn’t get over it. I felt myself start to harden almost immediately and told her she looked stunning… and she did! She looked over at the nightstand and saw the box of condoms and noticed the ones I had soaking and smiled at me and said, “I see you followed Darnels orders. He told me that if we wanted him to use condoms, we would have to follow his instructions to the “T”! Well honey, do you think I’ll get laid tonight? Are you sure that you still want to watch? I quickly replied, Yes, I know that any man would love to fuck you and yes, I’d love to watch your big black lover fuck you tonight.” She came over and kissed me but when I tried to place my hands on her ass, she pushed them away, and said “none of that for you, mister” and walked away leaving me standing there with my little dick hard as it could be! She said we were to meet her new friend at a local bar at 8:00 that night and later that evening.
27. After we had gotten dressed and arrived there, things moved swiftly. Several guys in the place, all white were hitting on Joyce but she wasn’t interested or paying any attention to them. I overheard several of them saying what a lucky son of a bitch I must be to have something like that and I was actually pretty proud, until I realized what I was really there for tonight. In a little while, a large black man arrived and walked over to our table. He introduced himself as Darnel, and before long Joyce and he were dancing away. They danced for awhile – well, I say danced, but before long it was more like a dry fuck, with Joyce rubbing her pussy up against his groin – and I saw that he had a large bulge in his trousers. I have to confess that I actually came in my pants, just from watching them together out on the dance floor. When they returned to the table, Joyce saw the wet stain on the front of my pants and pointed it out to Darnel, and they both laughed at me. Darnel said, “Holy shit Joyce, he’s an even bigger wimp than you described! What a sorry son of a bitch, if he can’t even wait to see me fuck you before he cums all over himself!” Joyce just broke out laughing and looked at me with scorn.
29. We left the bar and when we walked outside, Darnel said he took a cab to the lounge from the bus station when he arrived earlier and that I would have to drive. When we got to my car, Joyce and Darnel got in the back seat and as I drove to our home in my car, I looked in the mirror and could see him feeling her up with his hand under her skirt and I could hear her moaning. My little five and a half incher was bone hard again, as I saw Joyce’s gorgeous, shapely body being covered by her ebony lover’s hands. I couldn’t help but think about him slipping his thick black cock meat into her tight white pussy and her legs wrapping around him as he fucked her and pounded her pussy hard. As soon as we got to the house, Darnel asked where the bedroom was and they immediately went there. I locked the doors and went upstairs, not long after them and when I got there, both Darnel and Joyce had stripped. The big dark skinned black man towered above her small, shapely body and his long black cock seemed like it stuck out for miles. I watched as he eased the foreskin back to reveal a large, wet, pink knob and he told Joyce to get down on her knees and lick it for him. I watched her do as she was told and was envious of the way she opened her full, red lips and took as much of him down her throat as she could, then her head did its dance of love as she sucked him deeply into her throat. When Darnel had enough, he decided that it was time to fuck her, but before he did, he told me to go down on her to make sure she was good and wet for him. As I licked her clit, she orgasmed and came all over my face. I knew she was hot and ready for Darnel and he just shoved me out of the way and started to mount her. I was glad that Joyce remembered the condoms and stopped him, pointing out that he agreed to wear a condom when he fucked her. I’m sure if it had been left to me, I wouldn’t have remembered or had the courage to stop him in all my excitement, but I was proud that she hadn’t totally lost control and had remembered. She explained to him again that she wasn’t on the pill and that this was probably her most fertile time of the month and reminded him again that he had agreed in advance.
31. He turned to me and asked if I had done as I was instructed and when I produced the bottle of baby oil and the jar with the three condoms soaking, he got a really big smile on his face and he asked how long they had been soaking. I told him at least nine or ten hours and he said “ good job Barry, that’s just the way I wanted them!” He grabbed the bottle of baby lotion first, saying, “This is the best stuff to get you nice and slippery.” He poured some of it on Joyce’s pussy and told her to rub it all over and then he had her pull her pussy lips apart and as she did it, he took the bottle and poured some more of it inside of her. He then looked over at me and instructed me to get one of the condoms from the jar. I did and he squirted more baby oil into the end and very carefully placed the soaked condom on the head of his cock and then took the bottle and squirted some more of the baby oil on his cock before he unrolled the condom over his big black cock. I wondered why he was being so careful but I just thought that he wanted to show us that he was honoring our request to protect Joyce from getting pregnant. Little did we know what he really had in mind. As a final measure he handed me the bottle and told me to put some more in my hand and then to gently rub it on the condom that now covered his big cock. When I reached for his cock, he took my hand and made sure I didn’t rub it too hard as I applied it. As I looked at his big black cock, with the ultra thin condom so covered both inside and out with the baby oil, it looked almost transparent as it was fully stretched over him.
33. At that time, neither Joyce nor I knew the effect that baby oil has on latex but Darnel knew exactly what he was doing. We now know that the use of baby oil on a latex condom, serves to weaken the latex and cause it to split! In Darnel’s case, by having me soak the condom in it for several hours, plus him putting oil inside the tip and on his cock before wearing it, and then having me coat it thoroughly outside once it was on and also squirting some inside my wife’s pussy, he made sure that the baby oil had sufficiently weakened the latex to insure it would break. Just as he planned, once he was pounding his big cock in my wife’s cunt, the condom split, and of course neither of us noticed. I had no idea that there should be any concern, and was too busy jacking off as Darnel continued to pound his cock in and out of her for nearly an hour to even think about it. I admit that I shot my own cum all over myself three times while watching them and it was a truly magnificent sight, Darnel’s black ass was powering his big black cock in and out of her willing white pussy and she was whimpering almost immediately, and then screaming again and again, nearly the entire time that he fucked her as his big cock brought her to orgasm after orgasm. After what had to be at least an hour, suddenly Darnel shoved his cock all the way in my wife’s pussy and held it there and then he began jerking and shaking and groaning as he filled her pussy full of his nigger cum- not that we knew what was happening at the time.
35. Joyce just clung to him, gasping, “Oh Darnel, your big cock feels so good in me, and those condoms are so thin and with the baby oil…oh gawd, I could feel you cumming right through the condom and it felt so good!” Darnel just smiled as he started to fuck her again faster this time, and said “So you like feeling this big black cock in you and you like being able to feel me shoot my cum inside of you? I bet you wish all that nice black cock cum was really going inside you and breeding you and making a baby, don’t you Joyce? Tell the truth….come on.” I didn’t believe my ears when I heard Joyce groan passionately as I could tell she was nearing another orgasm, and then I heard her saying “Oh yes, yes Darnell…I wouldn’t care, I’d let you do it, your cock feels so good in me, you could knock me up if that’s what you want, just so long as you keep fucking me!”
37. Now we know that Darnel already knew that was exactly what had happened and his sperm was already speeding towards her fertile eggs. After Darnel had brought her to several more orgasms without stopping and had shot his cum inside of her again, they lay together for a while. Darnel had never removed his cock from inside of her, acting like a plug keeping all of his cum inside. In a little while, he was hard again and he started moving again, and I was amazed as I watched them. It had been more than an hour and he had brought Joyce to orgasm several times and I knew he had cum several times himself and yet he hadn’t withdrawn from her not even once. He seemed to make sure they stayed “coupled” with his big cock buried deep inside her all the while. It was hard for me to believe, I couldn’t even get another erection – I had drained myself by my jacking off so many times, yet he continued to pump away at my wife’s cunt with his big black cock. I finally had to move away and went over to the chair in the corner of the room where I just sat and watched as Darnel took Joyce through another series of exhausting orgasms before finally letting himself go again! This time, I watched as his big black cock slid from her and as soon as he was out of her, he quickly got up and ran into the bathroom saying he really had to take a piss. We still didn’t think anything of it. As I sat there, I could see an over abundance of white juicy liquid running out of Joyce’s pussy and down her ass and soaking the bed, but call me naive, but I just assumed that with Joyce having so many orgasms, that it was her cum or juices that were pouring out and never gave it another thought.
39. After Darnel dressed, I drove him back to the bus station and thanked him profusely for helping us out. He told me that he would be back often and that I should take care of his “little mama Joyce”. I didn’t get that connection at that time either! True to his word, Darnel was a regular visitor to our home after that first night, coming into town several nights a week for the next two weeks. The truth is that Joyce and I couldn’t wait for his visits. Every time he came, I’d have the condom soaking in the baby oil just like he wanted, and they would be waiting for him when he arrived. He insisted that I continue to do it, even though I told him I didn’t think he really needed as much of the oil anymore since on the few occasions I got to fuck Joyce, I could hardly feel myself going into her because she was so loose from his big cock. He was adamant though and said if we wanted him to continue to fuck her, he wanted to continue to use the condoms soaked in the baby oil. At the end of the second week, Darnel announced that he was going to be away on business and wouldn’t be back for awhile. Joyce cried a lot of evenings after that and said she really missed his big cock. I tried to make up for my shortcomings by going down on her and bringing her to orgasm several times a night and although she loved it, she said she still missed Darnel’s cock.
41. A few weeks later, when Joyce announced that her period was late, we began to worry. We both kept saying that she couldn’t be pregnant because Darnel always used a condom and so did I on the few occasions when I got to fuck her. She eventually took a pregnancy test and, sure enough, it was positive. Joyce and I couldn’t understand what happened. One day, we received a e-mail from Darnel asking how we were doing. Joyce wrote back and told him the news and it was then that he told her that he wasn’t surprised and that he was definitely the father. I thought he was joking and said that wasn’t possible since he had always worn a condom, but one thing was clear and that was that when we talked about the possibility of Darnell being the father of the baby she was carrying, I felt that she really did wish he was the father. When I asked her about it, she admitted that the idea of having a black baby, especially if it was a boy and might be hung like his father, would be much more preferable to having one that might have a little dick like mine and grow up a little wimp like me. After she realized what she said and how much it hurt, she did tell me that she was sorry.
43. Darnel sent us a copy of an article that documents the effect of baby oil on latex and said that the reason he always ran to the bathroom as soon as he withdrew from Joyce’s pussy, was so that we wouldn’t see that the condom was broken! I knew we had been tricked by a master who’s plan all along was to breed Joyce and I had unknowingly assisted him in his plan! Joyce told me that since she was already pregnant, she wanted to continue to see Darnel and I reluctantly agreed. From then on, whenever Darnel came to visit he never wore a condom and after he was back, I never got to stick my little dick in Joyce again. I had to be content with just watching them do it, but they did Darnell did eventually get Joyce to agree to let me lick her pussy clean after Darnel was through cumming in her since she was already pregnant and didn’t really need any more of his sperm in her and I have to admit that I have come to enjoy the taste and excitement of doing that. Also, once Joyce’s tit’s began to swell with milk as a result of her pregnancy, Darnel allowed me to suck and drain them each day so that they would fill even more in preparation for the baby. He said he believed that a baby should be breast fed until age 3 and that he had read that a woman can produce enough milk for quintuplets as long as they are drained on a regular basis and said that would be my job, to see that Joyce produced lots of milk for me and the baby!
45. When the baby was delivered, the physician turned to me and said “I’m sorry, Barry, I had no idea the baby was not yours” and I could see the pity in his eyes. Joyce looked at the baby and said, “He’s beautiful, isn’t he, Barry, and just look at the size of his penis! He’s going to be hung just like his daddy” The doctor’s face reddened and he quickly walked away. When I looked down at the baby after hearing Joyce’s words – I had to admit she was right. The baby had a penis that was more than 4 inches long at birth, with very dark skin and it was pretty obvious that when he grew up, he was going to be a real lady pleaser!
47. Now Darnel spends most of his spare time with Joyce. I am allowed to feed off her breasts and help keep them drained of milk on a regular basis and I admit that I really like it. I take care of the baby while they make love and Darnel says he intends to breed Joyce several more times, wanting to leave behind a large family in case anything happens to him. I know that based on the number of times they have sex when she is most fertile, it won’t be long before she is pregnant again. Whenever I say anything negative about our life now, Joyce reminds me she still loves me, but that Darnel’s cock is the only thing that can satisfy her, and if she had to choose, she would have to pick Darnel over me.
49. Although some people may think I’m crazy for staying, I love her so much that I’ve accepted their conditions and look forward to many more years of enjoyment with what I assume will be a large family.???

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